What Will You Eat For $100? | People Vs. Food


  1. REACT

    REACT29 日 前

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  2. Daniel Grace

    Daniel Grace24 日 前

    This is one challenge I can assure you guys that I'll win this everyday!!!!!

  3. fun & games reviews

    fun & games reviews26 日 前

    Fbe bring me on one those "will you do this for $100" I promise I will beat him

  4. The Farting Cookies

    The Farting Cookies26 日 前


  5. Shelly Powell

    Shelly Powell27 日 前

    Yeah and life is strange before the storm

  6. Unknown Yes I’m unknown

    Unknown Yes I’m unknown27 日 前

    REACT sup

  7. Recovery Rabbit

    Recovery Rabbit12 日 前

    When cooked properly, frog legs are delicious ngl

  8. pluto is a planet

    pluto is a planet12 日 前

    I'm Aussie you don't put that much Vegemite on

  9. legendary bacon

    legendary bacon12 日 前

    That’s too much vegemite on toast

  10. Gabriela  Avila

    Gabriela Avila12 日 前

    I’ve actually eaten crickets before and they taste like nothing so I would’ve got the bowl and put all of them down my throat 😂😜

  11. Karman Wilmot

    Karman Wilmot12 日 前

    me too 🤣👍! I actually won a fear factor contest and got $50. What I ate was much worse than what they ate!

  12. Skeleton

    Skeleton13 日 前

    React: Vegemite on toast Australians: You aren't supposed to put that much on toast. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  13. PumpDoes9

    PumpDoes913 日 前

    FBE: What will you eat for a 100 dollars Coffee: Am I a joke to you

  14. Gavin Fitch

    Gavin Fitch13 日 前

    “Oh nice, a dirt like taste.. my favorite” had me fkn dyin

  15. Arica Eileen

    Arica Eileen13 日 前

    There’s waayyyy too much Vegemite on that toast 😳

  16. Dan The Piano Man

    Dan The Piano Man13 日 前

    The genesis mini isn’t even worth $100 so really the other people won lol

  17. Nelson Ramos

    Nelson Ramos13 日 前

    Ya'll tortured them with that Vegemite. You put ways too much on that toast for them. New vegemite consumers can't take that much lmao

  18. naml

    naml13 日 前

    10:14 they could’ve used that for a try not to eat challenge eat everything and not take any punishment

  19. Jasmine Williams

    Jasmine Williams12 日 前

    I would

  20. Darkdoom2334 Gamer

    Darkdoom2334 Gamer13 日 前

    3:35 did not beep

  21. FDN productions

    FDN productions13 日 前

    Spoilers the Asian guy wins the sega game console

  22. Fernanda !!!!

    Fernanda !!!!13 日 前

    What’s vegimite🤔😂

  23. Moca Loca

    Moca Loca13 日 前

    Marmite with vegetable?

  24. Harrison Penno

    Harrison Penno13 日 前

    yeast extract in a spread. (they put waaayyyyyy too much on that toast)

  25. killertrap fame 10000 Gaming

    killertrap fame 10000 Gaming14 日 前

    put me on this ill eat crickets any day

  26. MemeNewsNetwork

    MemeNewsNetwork14 日 前

    Ohhhhh nooooo... too. much. vegemite.

  27. A L P H A

    A L P H A14 日 前

    *strait up the cofee* *B*TCH*

  28. Li'l t Byrd

    Li'l t Byrd14 日 前

    4:28 🤣


    LANDON SHUCK14 日 前


  30. HeyIt’s Liv

    HeyIt’s Liv14 日 前

    MMmMMM TrEe

  31. why did u click on this

    why did u click on this14 日 前


  32. Tau TK

    Tau TK14 日 前

    U could jus by a PS4 and order FIFA 20

  33. why did u click on this

    why did u click on this14 日 前

    @LionKingPro LKP or get a wii

  34. LionKingPro LKP

    LionKingPro LKP14 日 前

    @Li'l t Byrd or get a ps4 and get any sports game

  35. Li'l t Byrd

    Li'l t Byrd14 日 前

    Or get a ps4 and get nba 2k20

  36. Emeeko 6

    Emeeko 614 日 前

    Thats not how you vegemite, unless your me. Gimme a spoon and a jar! haha

  37. Oscar Hawkins

    Oscar Hawkins14 日 前

    Im Australian so vegimite on toast is so nice

  38. Unarmed Toaster

    Unarmed Toaster14 日 前

    I strongly disagree

  39. Rodney Nash

    Rodney Nash14 日 前

    I know it's amazing but they put so much and I put I with butter but ok

  40. Mel All

    Mel All14 日 前

    Oscar Hawkins I strongly agree

  41. malia

    malia14 日 前

    I literally would eat majority of these happily.. like love olives and zucchini and tomatoes and wouldn’t mind them in ice cream. The frog legs are good love em. Vegemite is meh. I also used to eat paper as a child so

  42. gamepopkid ,

    gamepopkid ,14 日 前

    I want that Genesis

  43. Epok97

    Epok9715 日 前

    I still have my OG sega genesis.

  44. tee kay

    tee kay15 日 前

    okay im not even australian and i know for a fact that you used too much vegemite lol

  45. Iris Rensink

    Iris Rensink15 日 前

    I thought they had to eat the gameconsole........ 😑

  46. dFuse _mArv

    dFuse _mArv13 日 前

    lol youre dumb

  47. Indy Sulzmann

    Indy Sulzmann15 日 前

    Bro In England we eat Marmite every morning it’s not that hard

  48. Jamestopboy

    Jamestopboy15 日 前

    Maybe YOU do. Being in England myself, I can assure you I do NOT.

  49. Mr. Noob

    Mr. Noob15 日 前

    If i was Eric and you Give a Fricking Fbe Merch I will eat 15 Ghost Pepper

  50. Evie Symons

    Evie Symons15 日 前

    The girl with the black wavy hair looks like j-lo!!

  51. Mr0987654321abcde

    Mr0987654321abcde15 日 前


  52. Cushion Awesome

    Cushion Awesome15 日 前

    Issac butterfield entered the chat

  53. Olivia Sue

    Olivia Sue15 日 前

    The vegemite is ALL WRONG

  54. Jenny VanderPas

    Jenny VanderPas15 日 前

    *Frog legs are a foreign food? You can find them all over at restaurants in Wisconsin. They are usually fried and they taste a lot like chicken.*

  55. Li'l t Byrd

    Li'l t Byrd14 日 前

    How do you make your letters so bold

  56. Olivia Sue

    Olivia Sue15 日 前

    Jenny VanderPas dame in Missouri

  57. Sufiyan Bilimoria

    Sufiyan Bilimoria15 日 前

    he's gonna be mad when he finds out about the hundred bucks

  58. Jasmine And Sky

    Jasmine And Sky16 日 前

    Omg y’all should do this in Atlanta we never get fun stuff like this I love ice cream so I would be good

  59. Buddy Ruals

    Buddy Ruals16 日 前

    I love me some frog legs

  60. Akasha Jones

    Akasha Jones16 日 前

    You put to much vegimit on the tost

  61. future1997

    future199716 日 前

    This has been my concern for YEARS. Does the reactors and cast members NOT GET PAID? Like do they do this for free?

  62. Adrian Alvarez

    Adrian Alvarez16 日 前

    future1997 if they did it for free i dont think they would be doing the show😂

  63. GLBizzie

    GLBizzie16 日 前

    Bruh the Free Punishment Card would be more useful than 100 Bucks coz they said IN ANY Episode.. There will be worse than those spicey food coming up for Eric.. What a fool he is and so is Austin.. ONE Cricket ffs..

  64. Ebial.

    Ebial.16 日 前

    You give Edward a hundred bucks you COWARDS! Look at him eating a spider just to cuddle a doggy ;-;

  65. Nobody

    Nobody16 日 前

    i mean he won the sega genesis

  66. Megan Sims

    Megan Sims16 日 前

    That was way too much vegemite. That’s too much for most of us Aussies, let alone someone who hasn’t been eating it their whole life

  67. •Queeny•

    •Queeny•16 日 前

    3:33 U didn’t OOF that word.

  68. Saraya D

    Saraya D16 日 前

    You added to much vegemite and it needs to be toast with butter and a SMALL amount of vegemite

  69. Olivia Sue

    Olivia Sue15 日 前

    Saraya D THANK YOU

  70. Annabella Kearns

    Annabella Kearns16 日 前

    Omg I am from Australia and you don’t put so much Vegemite on to make it darn black you put butter then a small I say small bit of Vegemite that taste delicious

  71. TheGuyUSaw 2Day

    TheGuyUSaw 2Day16 日 前

    Honestly, I was rooting for Edward the entire time.

  72. purplegrrl711

    purplegrrl71116 日 前

    Too much vegemite on bread

  73. Wulfric Nick

    Wulfric Nick16 日 前

    I was about to comment this, but then again, it is a Punishment kind of challenge... Also, it was supposed to be TOASTED not, just a slice of bread.

  74. Andres Castillo

    Andres Castillo16 日 前

    umm i will raise the price up to 250 but put really disgusting things 😈

  75. ClubAmerica92

    ClubAmerica9216 日 前

    I can’t be the only one that was rooting for Edward to win

  76. bleue52 ღ

    bleue52 ღ17 日 前

    Lmao kendelle is great

  77. Sean Abijay

    Sean Abijay17 日 前

    I would eat red pepper for a $100.00 dollars

  78. Thata S

    Thata S17 日 前

    What’s vegemite? Sorry I’m from Japan .-.

  79. Thata S

    Thata S16 日 前

    Ersa Vinky Thank you for telling me ! 😊

  80. Ersa Vinky

    Ersa Vinky16 日 前

    black Australian food spread made from leftover brewers' yeast extract with various vegetable and spice additives

  81. Carla Mulder

    Carla Mulder17 日 前

    I would draw the line at the frog legs. Screw the prize.

  82. Mimi uwu

    Mimi uwu16 日 前

    deadass tastes like chicken

  83. Meatydingo

    Meatydingo17 日 前

    Tastes like Chicken 🤷

  84. Michaela Suorsa

    Michaela Suorsa17 日 前

    Its $100!! I’d do it, they’re stupid

  85. Michaela Suorsa

    Michaela Suorsa17 日 前

    bleue52 ღ did you even watch the video?? They said if they ate it they’d get $100..

  86. bleue52 ღ

    bleue52 ღ17 日 前

    @Nako lmao nah it's desperate

  87. DeveloperGamePoint

    DeveloperGamePoint17 日 前

    There's actually nothing wrong with it FBE said they don't need to but I'm just saying watch the video first.

  88. Nako

    Nako17 日 前

    Andy W no it’s stupid

  89. Andy W

    Andy W17 日 前

    It's not stupid.. it just comes down to how desperate you are for the money..

  90. Brandon Bishop

    Brandon Bishop17 日 前

    Im Australian and just saying you dont put that much vegemite on that 😂😂

  91. Sandy Dowling

    Sandy Dowling16 日 前

    Brandon Bishop every time! If they spread it properly I think waaaaay more people would actually like it! It’s yummy when prepared properly 👍

  92. Ameer Meqbel

    Ameer Meqbel17 日 前

    4:20 “not gonna lie it doesn’t taste like a Edible plate it taste like a plate” me: oh your telling me one of my favorite characters eats plates?

  93. FluffypurplepOp

    FluffypurplepOp18 日 前

    Bruh why do they have to spread on Veggiemite like it’s Nutella!? I can’t 😑

  94. My Name Is Irrelevant haha

    My Name Is Irrelevant haha18 日 前

    I once ate a regular cricket for no reason

  95. Akira Jackson

    Akira Jackson18 日 前

    Mom: “Finish your plate” Me: “say less” (4:00)

  96. Lee Anna

    Lee Anna18 日 前

    im going to be honest, it doesn't taste like an edible plate, it tastes like a plate. LOL