1. Madelyn

    Madelyn時間 前

    The reviews made me laugh so hard for some reason😂

  2. Nina Motamedi

    Nina Motamedi時間 前

    I fucking died of laughter when you flipped the pancake

  3. Marissa Cooper

    Marissa Cooper4 時間 前

    I am chicken

  4. Juno Corbett

    Juno Corbett9 時間 前

    The pancake on the plate took me outttttt😭

  5. Lolo Brown

    Lolo Brown日 前

    Aaaahhhhhh I luv her but the pancake got to me 😂. It was the vanilla extract

  6. Felicity Orndoff

    Felicity Orndoff日 前

    I’m just now realizing her voice sounds like Aang from Avatar

  7. Gali Alvarez-Quepons

    Gali Alvarez-Quepons2 日 前

    love how she just never mentioned her hair

  8. Samantha Gonzalez

    Samantha Gonzalez2 日 前

    I literally crack up every time I watch her. She's the funniest thing every

  9. Natasha Dev

    Natasha Dev2 日 前

    Organizing skills

  10. Joseph Cifuentes

    Joseph Cifuentes2 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="406">6:46</a> im dead

  11. Chanpreet Kaur

    Chanpreet Kaur4 日 前

    this is the first video I've seen of yours & I'm so glad to have stumbled upon it. You are such good vibes.

  12. Cattrendy Chesee

    Cattrendy Chesee5 日 前

    Sorry but Joanna Ceddia is funnier than you...tho your still interesting!😃

  13. Grace Santiago

    Grace Santiago6 日 前

    She’s the new bob ross

  14. Shakti Lakhani

    Shakti Lakhani7 日 前

    they aren't watercolours. its actually gouache. i love your videos btw

  15. Teresa Johnson

    Teresa Johnson7 日 前

    Emma Chamberlain just a tip for Painful Pustules try using Eye Drops apply a few times or more a day...🤗

  16. Pillow Popcorn

    Pillow Popcorn8 日 前

    Thats how i actually cook pancake everytime i flipped it

  17. Hallie Whitfield

    Hallie Whitfield8 日 前

    That art was so good

  18. sunshine

    sunshine9 日 前

    "i wish you were here, babe" bahaha love u emma

  19. n3xa._

    n3xa._10 日 前

    where’d you get your paints and the painting book?

  20. Lana Chehab

    Lana Chehab10 日 前

    the trophy in the back like: 👁👄👁

  21. zoie carter

    zoie carter11 日 前

    where’s the e necklace from ??

  22. Emily Brown

    Emily Brown11 日 前

    we love positive emma

  23. Liya Patel

    Liya Patel11 日 前

    but i still like you so i subscribed

  24. Liya Patel

    Liya Patel11 日 前

    stop saying bad words you look bad haha

  25. Adams Girls PlayTime

    Adams Girls PlayTime11 日 前

    I am six I’m not allowed to do my make up to put a picture in a few my make up on the piece of paper

  26. Meadow Kelsch

    Meadow Kelsch11 日 前

    Does anyone else miss the sister squad No just me ok

  27. Malia Fuimaono

    Malia Fuimaono12 日 前

    by the way why did she not talk about whats rong with her hair or did she still not know

  28. Edina Saliji

    Edina Saliji9 日 前

    she changed the color on down part

  29. Taylor Warrior

    Taylor Warrior12 日 前

    **casually skips over the fact that she dyed half of her head blonde**

  30. Arin Çelebi

    Arin Çelebi12 日 前

    who else noticed the cat at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="605">10:05</a>

  31. none ur business

    none ur business12 日 前

    does anyone know what app she used to edit?

  32. Taylor Shyane

    Taylor Shyane12 日 前

    what photo editing app does she use?

  33. Nicole Newell

    Nicole Newell13 日 前

    Emma:I ready to be a mom make breakfast for them wake up early take them to school and go to work Me:I wish I adopt a kid not make breakfast not wake up early not take them to school not go to work might kill them lock them up. Period.

  34. Lailah Smith

    Lailah Smith13 日 前

    what app was she editing her photos on?

  35. Trisha Bowden

    Trisha Bowden13 日 前

    You are like one of my fav youtuber.you r very funny love u!

  36. Chad Clinard

    Chad Clinard14 日 前

    Her dermatologist should be fired

  37. S Williams

    S Williams14 日 前

    When did she bleach her hair? She didn’t make a video about it

  38. Casaundra Yoder

    Casaundra Yoder14 日 前

    I love all your video

  39. Peggy Beka

    Peggy Beka14 日 前

    I actually wanted to so what she did to my hair but I don't know how

  40. Ilovestefen

    Ilovestefen15 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="75">1:15</a> spongebob trying to teach squidward the technique

  41. Emily Roberts

    Emily Roberts15 日 前

    i have a idea to do when your bored just watch Emma she has some of the best content on here

  42. Chaylyn Bernier

    Chaylyn Bernier15 日 前

    literally no one: emma: writes love letter to burrito place 😂❤️

  43. Natalia Irias

    Natalia Irias16 日 前

    did you do your hair bloneddddd

  44. hruaiy _127

    hruaiy _12716 日 前

    u used to be a cheerleader wowwwww never know that haaaaaa

  45. Freshavacajo DL

    Freshavacajo DL16 日 前

    I regret all those times I hated on Emma back when she started popping off- all that time wasted hating when I could’ve been loving😔🤚🏼

  46. maryelizabeth

    maryelizabeth17 日 前


  47. maryelizabeth

    maryelizabeth17 日 前

    HEY GUYS i am in my bed, as well, quarantine vibes lul

  48. Hey its Bradley

    Hey its Bradley17 日 前

    Hahahahaha the review about the Macadamia Milk😂😂😂

  49. Alice Kaye

    Alice Kaye17 日 前

    who else is binge watching all of emma's video

  50. Galia Mixon

    Galia Mixon18 日 前

    love this!!

  51. Nutella Noella

    Nutella Noella18 日 前

    where is the sweatshirt from

  52. Johanne Juelsgaard

    Johanne Juelsgaard18 日 前

    just did a (way too expensive) online shopping spree :pp all inspired by some of emmas latest videos and her fucking awesome style!!

  53. bana jajaja

    bana jajaja18 日 前

    Conmigo no te sentirías aburrida! Eres hermosa Emma, me encanta tu humor y tu voz. Todo el éxito del mundo (L)

  54. Emma Webb

    Emma Webb18 日 前

    can you film with weston and kaylin again

  55. sidney carpenter

    sidney carpenter19 日 前

    CEO of thinking everything is “weirdly relaxing”

  56. Frankie Stigwood

    Frankie Stigwood19 日 前

    my name is frankie


    CHRISTY's WAY19 日 前


  58. Eile Lacroix

    Eile Lacroix20 日 前

    bruh id spend all of my money on those paintings, Emma is on some Van Gogh shit and idk if thats how you write it lmao

  59. *hufflepuffs are particularly good finders*

    *hufflepuffs are particularly good finders*20 日 前

    I feel like the splits is a useless skill for any girl to have. That may just be me trying to convince myself that I’ll use that skill in any place other than dance, though😂

  60. Alyssa Bondurant

    Alyssa Bondurant20 日 前

    I just ordered the same paint that you are using in this video and I can’t wait to use it!

  61. Stephanie Fu

    Stephanie Fu20 日 前

    Is no one else gonna talk about how many sunglasses she has?? No? Okay. 😂

  62. Gulafsha Pathan

    Gulafsha Pathan20 日 前

    I wonder how many times she would’ve said “Fu*k it* bts 😂 especially while painting and cooking

  63. Wall Street

    Wall Street20 日 前

    Why is that cat on the dining table 🤢

  64. Chloe James

    Chloe James20 日 前

    Bro when did she dye her hair..?

  65. Ryan Eleona

    Ryan Eleona20 日 前


  66. Foxil Gamer YT

    Foxil Gamer YT20 日 前

    Boring😑😑😒😒 😪

  67. Letitia Anderson

    Letitia Anderson21 日 前

    I love it when her cat just shows up in the background

  68. i dont have a name

    i dont have a name22 日 前

    you put me in a good mood when i think of hating myself

  69. Lilly Leather

    Lilly Leather22 日 前

    James should do her make up when they are alowed to meet up again

  70. That Girlie Over There

    That Girlie Over There22 日 前

    I’m currently painting my wall so that’s where I’m at

  71. Natalie Rivera

    Natalie Rivera22 日 前

    Your food reviews 😂😂

  72. joe mama

    joe mama22 日 前


  73. Næp Sæck

    Næp Sæck22 日 前

    Where did I go wrong? Maybe it would have gone better if you made two instead of one with that amount?

  74. Caroline Allen

    Caroline Allen22 日 前

    When you realize you make a list of things to do when your bored when your bored* LOL

  75. Roberto Morales

    Roberto Morales22 日 前

    where did you get your art supplies?

  76. frankiee

    frankiee22 日 前

    hi emma, im ur cat lmao 😂

  77. JUST x BLAKE

    JUST x BLAKE23 日 前

    I'm sorry but why does the painting look like James Charles with a wig on

  78. Taylor humber

    Taylor humber23 日 前

    You should make a video about your time during cheer

  79. ASMR. im sick of internet.

    ASMR. im sick of internet.23 日 前

    teach editing video

  80. ASMR. im sick of internet.

    ASMR. im sick of internet.23 日 前

    ur voice is. . . remarkable

  81. stinkypinky mustafa mmn

    stinkypinky mustafa mmn23 日 前

    Emma you need to listen the paint u used is gauche paint not watercolour and that's why it looks like acrylic paint im not hating u ily