What's Wrong With This Donut?


  1. Jon Snyder’s survival channel

    Jon Snyder’s survival channel8 時間 前

    It’s called gummy that’s what’s wrong lol 😂

  2. Andrew Olson

    Andrew Olson3 日 前

    Gummy and coffee is gonna be the future I can tell

  3. Arijana Janevska

    Arijana Janevska3 日 前

    I don't like the 13whit the ninja👎

  4. Tristangamer901

    Tristangamer9014 日 前

    (5:04) bloopers

  5. Lily The Fish

    Lily The Fish5 日 前

    Is anyone bothered by the fact that he put his afro in the "wet" paint? 0:48

  6. raven 88

    raven 885 日 前

    Caffiend marshmallows also known as heroin

  7. Chicken Strips

    Chicken Strips6 日 前

    Title what’s wrong with this donut Me: I can’t eat it

  8. Golden Gamer

    Golden Gamer6 日 前

    5:16 we all can agree that Eleven ate the eggo

  9. Ultimate Gamer

    Ultimate Gamer6 日 前

    #11 I would just use two different bowls

  10. Sarah Sterly

    Sarah Sterly7 日 前

    I got this in a mystery box and it wasn't good

  11. JrMinted JRG

    JrMinted JRG8 日 前

    What if I like soggy cereal

  12. Christian Moore

    Christian Moore8 日 前

    Death wish is a real band

  13. Minikarma

    Minikarma8 日 前

    Teacher: please don’t do this again Me: already dipping my caffeinated marshmallows in coffee

  14. Dixie Playz

    Dixie Playz9 日 前

    No one: Their hair: | / __ | \ |

  15. Myra adnan

    Myra adnan9 日 前

    I'm not going to shcool

  16. WatashiwaGamer

    WatashiwaGamer10 日 前

    If you look at the first person with the sonic bomb you can see some legs behind

  17. Jessie Patton08

    Jessie Patton0810 日 前

    waffle hit his expiration date

  18. The Haypuff Channel

    The Haypuff Channel11 日 前

    Title: What’s wrong with this donut? All of the video: CAFFEINE.

  19. Pyro Artic

    Pyro Artic12 日 前

    Go make a big version of this please, in 'this could be awesome'

  20. Bennett Deas

    Bennett Deas12 日 前

    *roach manslaughter **_Jim_*

  21. Bennett Deas

    Bennett Deas12 日 前

    Extreme tuck

  22. Abigail Pavlovsky

    Abigail Pavlovsky12 日 前

    Is it weird I was expecting the gummy egg to taste like an egg

  23. Lisa

    Lisa12 日 前

    Vat 19: “ face it we don’t all sleep as much as we should” Me ( at 2:00 am watching videos for the thousandth time) : whaaaaat?

  24. Vintriloquism

    Vintriloquism12 日 前

    Js stands for Joe Sama

  25. Patti Woolcott

    Patti Woolcott13 日 前

    My first coment

  26. Nelson Bagets Padilla

    Nelson Bagets Padilla14 日 前

    4:02 wut happen?? LOL it was cut so fast

  27. Jeremiah Eloy

    Jeremiah Eloy14 日 前

    Can I get a free donut please

  28. Adelynn Corn

    Adelynn Corn14 日 前

    14:02 rewind button

  29. Skylar Hill

    Skylar Hill14 日 前

    Half of these products aren’t even on the website

  30. Sugar BionicWolf

    Sugar BionicWolf14 日 前

    Actually I like soggy cereal

  31. Supreme Kid

    Supreme Kid16 日 前

    You should do worlds largest energy gummy bear

  32. John Swedish

    John Swedish16 日 前

    Please stop it with my dad’s company

  33. Erinn Johns

    Erinn Johns16 日 前

    2020 anyone?

  34. Toy Fix-ups

    Toy Fix-ups16 日 前

    Video: “What’s Wrong With This Donut?” Me: “You mean a whole bunch of “breakfast” items that are either gummy/marshmallows or another way to eat coffee?”

  35. OliMation

    OliMation18 日 前

    Imagine having a tea infuser pee in your water and make it tea

  36. olivia's world

    olivia's world18 日 前

    close ur eyes at 14:23

  37. ayeyuh yuhaye

    ayeyuh yuhaye18 日 前


  38. Sheeba

    Sheeba18 日 前

    Imagine using/ eating all of these and ONLY these products in the morning... Thats a lot of gummy!

  39. GD Heavy

    GD Heavy19 日 前

    I’ve had the gummy waffle and it tastes kinda weird

  40. Deleted channel

    Deleted channel19 日 前

    Was that Eric?? Didin’t he leave?

  41. Disco Rage

    Disco Rage19 日 前

    I'm planning to buy stuff from vat19.com, I'm still a kid tho, so i have to ask my parents.. *i am hoping that i'm allowed to buy stuff*

  42. Leonida Rumin

    Leonida Rumin20 日 前

    You are sooo SMART ;)

  43. Jodiann Morrison

    Jodiann Morrison20 日 前


  44. Jodiann Morrison

    Jodiann Morrison20 日 前

    Don’t drink the coffee he Peed in there

  45. Bio Manz

    Bio Manz23 日 前

    Lel the atomic bomb alarm clock sounds like a challenge

  46. Bryan Hernandez

    Bryan Hernandez24 日 前

    My favorite part it's the last part of the video it's funny

  47. Diana Ruth Vales

    Diana Ruth Vales24 日 前

    The last product commercial was pretty funny😂

  48. Babydoll Matt

    Babydoll Matt24 日 前

    I love the voice over with the ninja Mug.

  49. Ali

    Ali24 日 前

    Is no one gonna talk about the ninja cup commercial?

  50. Crystalclaireaj

    Crystalclaireaj25 日 前

    when you realized your watching ads

  51. Unsavedfiles

    Unsavedfiles25 日 前

    What have I come to just watching sixteen minute long ads

  52. Lilanime23 Wsp

    Lilanime23 Wsp25 日 前

    14:20 ur drinking his poop water

  53. XtremeSky

    XtremeSky26 日 前

    Guys i still cant figure out whats wrong with that donut. Ive done research studies and still have found nothing please tell me whats wrong with it

  54. iiDankMeme

    iiDankMeme27 日 前

    No joke i got a liquid plumr ad from vat19 while watching this vid

  55. Ray Ivey

    Ray Ivey28 日 前

    I just woke up going to the bathroom to throw up :)

  56. Joeven

    Joeven29 日 前

    X F

  57. Kenya Hewitt

    Kenya Hewitt29 日 前

    That donut is so good I ordered that a few months ago 😋😋

  58. Max Phillips

    Max Phillips29 日 前

    Vat19:We don’t always sleep as much as we should Me: Watching this at 2 in the morning

  59. GracieGames Underwater

    GracieGames Underwater28 日 前

    Max Phillips lol 😂

  60. - ZERØ -

    - ZERØ -ヶ月 前

    Most of this is either energy drinks, gummy candy or energy drinks.

  61. christine armijo

    christine armijo26 日 前

    - ZERØ - why'd you say energy drinks twice

  62. Diyari Adeem

    Diyari Adeemヶ月 前

    Saw Cards shirt are you from St.Louis?