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  1. Rayon Williams sports tv

    Rayon Williams sports tv7 ヶ月 前

    Got a Nissan from.a dealer..only thin wrong with it wen I go in reverse it give a shaking sound at times or a hourse sound. Dont kno as yet why ..but the brake rotors ste very rusted



    losttitlekit.com This is how i got my title with just a bill of sale!

  3. Damien

    Damien10 ヶ月 前

    Insurance companies consider the value of your car and the price to fix it. It’s like a normal person fixing their car. If you own a 3k car and you have to pay 1k for repairs. It might be worth just getting a new car.

  4. Lataria Brown

    Lataria Brown10 ヶ月 前

    I’m glad to see this video

  5. Darcie Hurd

    Darcie Hurd10 ヶ月 前

    Also if a car has been considered"Totaled" the next time it is in a wreck and you dealing with insurance you'll get way less money for property damage on that car cause it was rebuilt..

  6. Alex Latte

    Alex Latte10 ヶ月 前

    Thanks man, your explanation is gold. Where are u located?

  7. cojo5500

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    Sorry for the late reply brother....I'm located in San Antonio, you can email me for direct address Cojo4155@gmail.com

  8. cojo5500

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    @Jordan Rosiek Delight was the building adjacent to us...if you look closely you will see another sign to the right that says Kelley Autoplex...

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    Alex Latte Delight Auto Sales San Antonio, TX. Google says permanently closed! 😬

  10. webman1956

    webman195611 ヶ月 前

    What about the people that do a shitty job on the repair and then sell it? Sounds like something to worry about to me.

  11. Gato Minino

    Gato Minino11 ヶ月 前

    My car its blue title and has been givin me so much issues replace almost everything and I think the motor its givin up after 170k miles I'm the 2nd owner but when I got it I think the first owner only change the oil like 2 times ...

  12. AutoWorld

    AutoWorld年 前

    Insurance companies sell total cars without applying for a salvage sertificate here in va. I mean they sell total cars with clear title, with no brand on it. It's illigal for rebuilders like me but it's not for them. What is the most interesting, I sold a truck, bought from insurance company as a clean title truck. The buyer went to DMV to register the truck and was told, your truck is salvage and the dealer you bought it from has to pass salvage inspection. The title was a regular clear title with no brands on it and the car like this has been registered without passing salvage inspection easy, but not now.

  13. Jessica Callahan

    Jessica Callahan年 前

    Man, that just answered some serious questions I have had for a long time! I've been thinking about buying a car with a rebuilt title for many years. I keep seeing them for sale for a great price and the milage is low and they are NICE! Been too scared to do it! Now I feel dumb for not taking advantage of the amazing value! Thank you! Awesome video!

  14. Angel bluerider

    Angel bluerider年 前

    or they can take it to a mechanic for pre purchase inspection to make sure car is good.

  15. Emm Lawn &. Power washing

    Emm Lawn &. Power washing年 前

    I’m from San Antonio where can I go get my air bags reprogram

  16. Hiyena

    Hiyena年 前

    Appreciate you droppin knowledge bruh.

  17. Young Lo1804

    Young Lo1804年 前

    Thanks for clarity .... everything you said is facts and I bought a clean title that had gasket issues and blew up on i95.

  18. joseph emmanuel

    joseph emmanuel年 前

    I don’t really comment on here but I deserve all my respect , just like me I started mine almost a year but honestly is my pride! Big up bro! If you have any email that I can contact you please let me know

  19. Francisco Ramírez

    Francisco Ramírez年 前

    Man I really appreciate your help and you are so right because Insurance want to take money but they don’t want to lose money and I want two thank you man God bless you keep being honest and I hope the best for you man

  20. Lord Kingdom

    Lord Kingdom年 前

    Where u located

  21. kguss1

    kguss1年 前

    Great information!!! The guy that i want to buy a 2015 Durango from has been honest and the report and pictures show he has. I ran Carfax and it was salvaged from being hit by deer, then fixed, then rebuilt title, and all inspections were passed! I’ve been having doubts for idk what reason bc we have been talking to independent seller and also test drove it. He has agreed to let us take it to auto place tomorrow to check it out. And that he’s letting us do that says a lot. My question is how do i go by finding a warranty on it?

  22. Trodex

    Trodex年 前

    I'm looking at this car that has a rebuilt tittle but it was considered a total loss by the car fax report. It there was never a salvage tittle for it. It went straight from clean tittle to rebuilt on the same day. But it was a total loss. Why would that be. The picture at the auction look fine. Can anyone explain why that is? Thanks!

  23. Velo City

    Velo City年 前

    I do the same business and that is exactly what I do! Thank you!!

  24. Jam Y

    Jam Y年 前

    i just bought a rebuilt nissan here in canada..thanks for being honest

  25. G Miller

    G Miller年 前

    good video man

  26. James Tomblin RS - 78596

    James Tomblin RS - 78596年 前

    Thank you so much brother! You just helped me out a lot! Gob bless you!

  27. JF R

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    Axe a question? Ask. Thanks.

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    can you send us your store address or website

  30. O P

    O P年 前

    Hey cojo I found a dealer with a 2018 scat pack rebuilt title dealer says it's been hit from the "passenger side" but when I ask for the vin number to look up info on accident they say car has to pass inspection before they can give me the vin

  31. Devoy Williams

    Devoy Williams年 前

    yea don't buy it unless it passed inspection

  32. Ess!e Bug

    Ess!e Bug年 前

    Great information! Thank you for this :)

  33. Praise Tinungki

    Praise Tinungki年 前

    Hey man! I am looking to buy a rebuilt title car that I was told by the owner that it had a garbage bag that caught fire by the exhaust. Is it worth to buy a car like this? 2016 Mazda3 i Grand Touring, for $7k.

  34. Praise Tinungki

    Praise Tinungki年 前

    The person selling says they are a Mazda mechanic of 19 years, and the car runs fine, and they also had the front end and windshield replaced.

  35. P Jay

    P Jay年 前

    so a car with a rebuild title, can it still have frame / any structual damage or what is the process of the inspector giving a rebuild title to a salvage title car?!

  36. cojo5500

    cojo5500年 前

    a shorter version is that it has to repaired and proper paperwork filled out showing it was repaired, called a rebuilders statement. once filed with the state, if satisfied car is re-designated as rebuilt

  37. cojo5500

    cojo5500年 前

    ok, 1st a car has to be in an accident, theft or flood to become salvage... It has to be deemed "Salvaged" 1st, that is done by your insurance company. once they make there assessment of the damage, they render a value of repair, if that repair value exceeds a certain percentage of the value of the car then they do what's called "Totaling" the car... that's what Totaled means. once they pay you, they take your wrecked car, give it a salvage designation and they put it in a salvage Auction. Dealers buy from Salvage Auction. Get vehicle repaired, once repaired you can file a title transfer to have pink salvage title, repurposed to a blue "Rebuilt title" or whatever color the documents are in your state. Rebuilt Title means it has had repairs or modifications but was previously in accident, flood or theft. hope that clears it up✌

  38. That Dad Life

    That Dad Life年 前

    The insurance companies are not a scam. They or a body shop writes the most accurate estimate from the damage of the accident. I manage a collision shop in sc and insurance companies prefer not to total vehicles. They will use the cheapest parts they can find to repair it though. If the estimate is greater than 75% of the value of the vehicle, its considered a total loss. There is a very accurate system we all use to calculate the damage of the vehicle. Its not a scam.

  39. AutoWorld

    AutoWorld年 前

    Recently I bought a car. ACV was ~14k. Estimated repair cost by insurance was ~4k. Insurance could spend 4k on it but instead they've lost 10k.

  40. cojo5500

    cojo5500年 前

    Chris I respect your defense of it but I'm not the only one that feels this way, you know they total cars that can be repaired with minimal cost, how do I know cause I've repaired those so called "totaled" vehicles, but I will not say all are, maybe the ppl you deal with are honest, I will respect your perspective based on that.

  41. ZiplocRadio

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    God bless you brother great words ,

  42. Mister Sarajevo

    Mister Sarajevo年 前

    In other words, there's plenty of great cars that are tarnished by being branded a "rebuilt title" due to insurance companies being too goddamn cheap.

  43. Ron Harris

    Ron Harris年 前

    i agree insurance is crooks

  44. Erick Gallardo

    Erick Gallardo年 前

    Thanks for this video. I had no idea what a “rebuilt title” meant, now I’m informed and am still giving it a chance. Appreciate ya man.

  45. cojo5500

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    Erick Gallardo Thanks brother....facebook me Rashad iman if you need any car related info

  46. Calvin Band

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    Why don't you tell me at first what is a fucking rebuilt title and then explain all the other shit later, you taking too long to tell me what a rebuilt title is, I'm checking out going to another video

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    Wise man!

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    Great video man , good luck on your buisness !

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