What is Happening OUTSIDE Of Wano? (Blackbeard's Ancient Weapon) - One Piece Discussion


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  2. SKT T1 Faker

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    Coby carrying boa. And then the vivi are fake bois thats not how oda draws

  3. Chinnu Zou

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    Clickbait is 👌

  4. Don Dharani

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    And I like BB

  5. Don Dharani

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    Well that's my theory

  6. Don Dharani

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    Shanks..obviously shanks informed goresei about bb taking action that he will make a raid on mariejoa..whenever shanks speaks it is obviously about bb..shanks is the only character that is seriously thinking about bb and god valley incident

  7. Don Dharani

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    FINALLY captain buggy ...is the only character that will be making a huge uproar..well to me bb and buggy are same..but the difference is bb is creepy and calculated..buggy is just fluke and funny..the only. Conclusion I can come with buggy is he either become king of a country or will get a bounty of billion

  8. Don Dharani

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    About the remaining warlords..mihawk(slashes)everyone in his way,weevil will surely make that place a mess..if he truly had whitebeard strength

  9. Don Dharani

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    We will know what will happen in wano..obviously

  10. Don Dharani

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    Well to me coby capturing boa Hancock...is possible but he only captures her and leave the island as it is..but there will be a huge war will be taken place..between the Amazon Lily girls and marines..well the thing that comes to mymind is that wonder woman film..whenever Amazon Lily comes up..

  11. Don Dharani

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    Well I think that shitty BB will probably get what he wanted or he will raid in mariejoa but I don't. Think he will raid in whole cake island..because it's like a more civilized than cp..he will most likely know the truth about the secret inside the celestial dragon places..

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="566">9:26</a>, i see...

  13. Wellom Master

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    I don’t think Aokiji is in sword, since sword is likely at least known by Sazazuki, and Aokiji wouldn’t join cause a that

  14. Tim Muszalski

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    Boa could handle cobby but it’d be a very hard fight. If fugitora is going after boa as well she’ll lose. While I 190% believe that if it was just one of them she’d escape but together they just have too many bases covered. Cobby can make a a path with kings haki minimizing the harm to the Amazons fugitora can best boa.

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    This video makes sence good shit bro

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    Lmao those hips are broader than Coby's shoulders

  17. Zombyra Entertainment

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    Is that Vivi in the thumbnail? Why does she have Gear Third boobs now?

  18. Hansel Barlowe

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    I can recognise Boa's booty from a mile and that is totally hers

  19. Avolution

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    Coby has fake power the same way Sakura from Naruto had fake power, out of nowhere they can beat people who have been fighting non stop with super prirates with just a little bit of training. I don't care how much Coby learned or trained he shouldn't even be able to take Smoker let alone Boa. I hate Coby for that and the fact that he's grown into someone he doesn't even resemble.

  20. V.K Sümï

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    I honestly clicked coz of pic

  21. Monkey D. Wolf

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    It would be dope if they caught Boa and the Celestial Dragons enslaved her again and it drove Coby to leave the Navy and Join the Revolution

  22. Mind

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    Thumbnail on point

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    I nees to research hanock on pixiv. I said for research!




  25. Bleng Diabloed

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    Coby is a REAR admiral for a reason.

  26. Watch out for Woozi and his guitar, he's coming

    Watch out for Woozi and his guitar, he's coming11 日 前

    oh that was actually a typo that Oda made in the manga

  27. Talon Skye

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    That Nami goodness makes this video top tier for me. 🙏🏾

  28. Rendell Pena

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    might be a little late on this video but I think this is also the perfect time for Oda to remind us how strong the Shichibukai are. No possible reason for Mihawk to lose, Hancock was shown sitting on her throne with a confident smirk to remind us that no one fucks with the Kujas. I believe that this move by the World Government to disband the Shichibukai will be one of those slip ups that will eventually lead to their downfall and the revelation of the secrets of the void century.

  29. Jack Zaikos

    Jack Zaikos22 日 前

    i think they might be refering to sabos body... if they think he's dead black beard will seek the flame flame fruit

  30. your mom

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    i would rape nami

  31. TheMattew777

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    Personally I don't think the Navy will capture any of the Warlords except Kuma who is kinda their bitch already. Mihawk and Buggy for obvious reasons, Coby is not on Hancock's level yet and Weevil because, whilst dumb and annoying, is strong.

  32. Kagotom

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    dude,fucking spoiler for the love of god what the fuck are you doing,spoiler in the thumbnail and title

  33. Tekka579

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    Kolby ain't beating Hancock..

  34. Dancing Potato

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  35. T M

    T M26 日 前

    If its only coby Hancock can destroy him From what we saw she probably the 3 strongest warlord

  36. Dev Gupta

    Dev Gupta26 日 前

    Sabo is NOT dead. He has been framed for the assassination of Cobra and the kidnapping of Vivi. I don't think they're safe. Sabo, Lindberg, karasu and morley did engage greenbull and fujitora, but they called it off when they got wind of what happened with Cobra. This theory doesn't explain why Sabo hasn't made contact with Dragon yet. My guess is, maybe he can't. Maybe he can not afford to with Vivi on his hands. The Marines can tap into den den mushi signals. Who knows? Maybe they can track his location if he even tries to use a den den mushi. As far as Blackbeard is concerned, I have no fucking clue what he is up to. I don't get a good feeling about this. It could be an ancient weapon. It could be anything. My problem is, how come Neptune has no clue as to what happened outside the reverie at Marijois??????

  37. Daniel Golden

    Daniel Golden28 日 前

    Why were you using some images from fan made hentai comics??


    GREATEST28 日 前

    Who clicked because of the thumbnail?

  39. SpicyWater

    SpicyWater29 日 前

    You know, the best hope they have of capturing Hancock is a gay marine.

  40. ToyoMartel

    ToyoMartel29 日 前

    hope hancock gets executed

  41. SuppaTenshi

    SuppaTenshiヶ月 前

    Anyone who thinks Coby can beat Hancock by himself is completely clueless about One Piece and should probably go watch Boku no Pico instead.

  42. Zyriniele Sarmiento

    Zyriniele Sarmientoヶ月 前

    Maybe fujitora will go to wano... Maybe hes a sword also... They will redirect to wano with coby and boa... Maybe

  43. Hoo Haa

    Hoo Haaヶ月 前

    If you ask me at some point I feel as if we're going to hit a massive war between the Pirates, the World Government and Marines, and the Revolutionary Army by the end of all this and where in the end a new world order will be formed. Not sure what kind order it will be but I do feel that by the end of all this, a truly new world order will be formed by the end of One Piece as well as an end to the great pirate era...

  44. Jack Fede

    Jack Fedeヶ月 前

    Is this the manga or tv show I’m confused

  45. woodamck

    woodamckヶ月 前

    The fan service in this vid is golden

  46. Xennis Zay

    Xennis Zayヶ月 前

    About Coby becoming an admiral.. Remember Coby is always far behind luffy... Because luffy serves as his Motivation his Idol.. Thats why i believe when luffy achieve his dream, Coby is still halfway to his dream and would pursue more since luffy already reach his goal proving nothing is imposible.. I believe there would timeskip be a timeskip (luffy is probably dead) showing Coby as an admiral. But this is only my thoughts.. Because i just cant see him jump that high that he is almost luffy level where he is just starting his true journey.

  47. A B

    A Bヶ月 前

    Bro that Hancock art is cursed as fuck

  48. Veteran Keyboard Warrior

    Veteran Keyboard Warriorヶ月 前

    Wtf is that Thumbnail 😂😂😂

  49. Lekok

    Lekokヶ月 前

    It's unbelievable that some people think coby isn't strong enough to beat boa. Sure luffy destroyed him before the time skip but that luffy was the same one that defeated boa's sisters that had haki. She goes with them wherever she goes so I don't think boa is that much stronger than pre time skip luffy, which coby at this point during the story ( post time skip) should be miles ahead of pre timeskip luffy.

  50. maejestic

    maejesticヶ月 前

    They would fight until the end on amazon lily and even if they loose Hancock would offer herself with her head held high in order to protect the island. I also think that the newspaper will twist Sabos actions and well, i just hope Vivi is fine and we won't be surprised with a sudden: Princess of Alabasta died kinda thing

  51. Herbert Anungazuk, ii

    Herbert Anungazuk, iiヶ月 前

    Y’all aren’t ready for Sogekings return.

  52. Sutor

    Sutorヶ月 前

    What I just see is Ass Ass Ass.

  53. AJ Archibald

    AJ Archibaldヶ月 前

    If you're going to try to capture Mihawk you have to send at least an admiral, two if you want to be successful. Either Greenbull pulled up and has a perfect ability to beat Mihawk. Zoro will have an perfect opportunity/ plot to become the strongest swordsman and get revenge for his master.

  54. Sean J

    Sean Jヶ月 前

    Blackbeard wasn't that big before he got whitebeards power .... did he grow... in that picture at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="56">0:56</a> he looks a lot bigger than everyone else. I dare say he looks to be up there in size now with big mom / kiado.

  55. Uchiha Madara

    Uchiha Madaraヶ月 前

    Since they abolished the warlord system I think they will probably capture some warlords because if they won't the world government would lose their image, therefore, there is a high chance of boa getting captured but I still don't want Koby to capture her I mean that would be the shittiest moment a one-piece fan can ever imagine she was more powerful than the straw hats before the time skip cause she already knew Haki and Koby was just a chore boy, getting boa defeated by Koby probably I will lose my shit

  56. 323starlight

    323starlightヶ月 前

    The way they react suggests that the article said Sabo was killed. So it’s likely he either made it look like he died, or him dying was just a cover up.

  57. Daniel Dsouza

    Daniel Dsouzaヶ月 前

    The claim is to take the flame flame fruit after Sabo's death

  58. Yoo Anto

    Yoo Antoヶ月 前

    Mohawk is just overhyped overrated I can see oden beat him before also kaido is a joke beaten by oden white beard defeated many times

  59. Texas Red

    Texas Redヶ月 前

    Everyone talking about Boa but come one, Vivi is pretty top tier

  60. Afif Ariffin

    Afif Ariffinヶ月 前

    I think you just underestimate hancock way too much bro?? She s not that weak for coby to beat. If there s admiral that s a diff story but coby?? Did u watch stampede how hancock kicked bullet stomach like nothing????

  61. My name ain't Jeff

    My name ain't Jeffヶ月 前

    *Clickbait!* So much cake in the thumbnail I thought it was a baking video.

  62. Amit Herenj

    Amit Herenjヶ月 前

    I really don't think hancock that much weak she hate government and she is also supreme king so she is not going to surrender to navy that easily and lot of people think coby is strong but he is only in marine for 3 years and kuja are warriors woman are not weak. Man.

  63. one piece

    one pieceヶ月 前

    That ass. My dick is iron when saw dat ass.

  64. Kenrick W

    Kenrick Wヶ月 前

    Just leave the queen out of the main story man, she’s cool the way she is post time skip, having someone capture her or defeating her just messed her character up.

  65. Clint Henarios

    Clint Henariosヶ月 前

    Coby will go down when he faces Boa.

  66. Elias Nunez

    Elias Nunezヶ月 前

    If that all happens I feel like if that happened after the war at least wano Luffy would try to save them

  67. Otaku Sanghi

    Otaku Sanghiヶ月 前

    Only here to see that Hancock booty

  68. MadMan56

    MadMan56ヶ月 前

    Sabo and buggy get captured and they work together to escape. That would be good.

  69. TheRadNinja46

    TheRadNinja46ヶ月 前

    Bruh the way he says Marejois however you spell it

  70. Junhao Tan

    Junhao Tanヶ月 前

    coby touch hancock, then he need to fight luffy

  71. Basement Guy

    Basement Guyヶ月 前

    I mean it would make sense if fujitora went, seeing as he’s basically immune to Hancocks ability.

  72. Quan Nguyen

    Quan Nguyenヶ月 前

    Bruh of course Kobys growing fast, those are beginner gains man. He growing faster than all those yonkos then, shanks and all that, doesn't mean he strong

  73. Dan Smith

    Dan Smithヶ月 前

    Mad theory but. Blackbeard frees joker, gets him to join his crew and turns up in wano at the very end to finish off kaido/big mom and steal their devil fruits.

  74. Dark Ash Gekkouga

    Dark Ash Gekkougaヶ月 前

    It would be cool if the straw hat grand fleet + the revolutionary army go to the marie joa to save sabo, vivi, and hancock as the final war of one piece. Then just like how naruto end, luffy will have to save hancock from being forced to marry a dumba** motherfu**ing celestial dragon. Amd at the end luff and hancock got married

  75. Roronoa Zoro

    Roronoa Zoroヶ月 前

    Mihawk not getting captured, sabo will not die (i don't think oda would repeat a similar event), hancock maybe gets captured (to develop coby character) , blackbeard maybe is going to whole cake island ( where i think katakuri will be fighting them ), AND THIS IS NOT SHANK'S SON 😂😂

  76. Monkey Spank

    Monkey Spankヶ月 前

    BB is going to take shirohoshi

  77. Sam Pak

    Sam Pakヶ月 前

    I was high af and had the random thought that BLACKBEARD is actually an undercover marine..

  78. Troll of 229: Ant the variable

    Troll of 229: Ant the variableヶ月 前

    That azz phat lmaoo

  79. MoneybagsJo

    MoneybagsJoヶ月 前

    Hancock low diffs Koby if Fujitora isn't there. Without Fuji confirmed in that fight the most likely scenario is Hancock wins easily.

  80. Aadii YAar

    Aadii YAarヶ月 前

    My Theory Is This That Coby will Capture Boa Hancock but when Luffy knew It that Is Captured by Navy Then luffy Will Rush To Rescue because He Know About Hancock Secret..

  81. BobbyMarley

    BobbyMarleyヶ月 前

    World gov’n blames sabo for the death of someone at reverie but sabo escaped. Thats the part of the scoop Morgans read and the govn told him to hide that fact. Sabo isnt captured