What Happens When You Stop Smoking?


  1. Anish Vadiya

    Anish Vadiya34 秒 前

    Now I am 28 I used to smoke 15 cigerate/day on average and use to do oral continuous chaini khaini nicotine pouch for almost 7 years , I stopped smoking and oral use of chaini khaini nicotine pouches completely before 7 month and 9 days . I feel very comfortable after this much time . But first 3 month was like hell , I use to wake up in night at any time in 2 hr or 3 hr after sleep , sometime tremors , sometime tingling , sometime sweating , sometime mild headache , sometime anxiety , sometime I got angry in small things . But I feel all withdrawal symptoms were mainy due to chaini khaini nicotine pouches ... smoking cause you withdrawal symptoms but not like oral use of nicotine pouches . NEVER EVER USE ORAL NICOTINE .

  2. Tanner Loehr

    Tanner Loehr6 時間 前

    Lungs don’t always be irreversible damage

  3. Cassandra Toone

    Cassandra Toone19 時間 前

    Me watching this while having a cigarette

  4. Kindred Marvis

    Kindred Marvis22 時間 前

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  5. RayZ Yolo

    RayZ Yolo日 前

    I have been tobacco free since September 13 2019 I feel great (25 October 2020) date posted

  6. Anon Kat

    Anon Kat日 前

    been smoking for 12 years (a pack of 20's consumed in less than 3 days). Finally quitting, start saving money, and start getting healthy. I tried to quit before, I was clean for 3 months, I replaced smoking with motorcycle ride to clear my head, but a strong trigger got me back. Please seek help when traumatized, don't be like me who went back to my vices.

  7. Todalio

    Todalio日 前

    Starting my 4th week without cigarettes after smoking for 10 years. Best decision of my life so far.

  8. med tn

    med tn日 前

    15 days smoke free :D you can do it guys I still get cravings but am sure eventually they will go away good luck everyone and wish me luck to stay off the cancer sticks cheers

  9. Matthew Massey

    Matthew Massey日 前

    After 4 years of smoking due to my job I woke up and decided to stop, 10 days strong so far I’m just hoping I can keep it up.

  10. Djurj Christian

    Djurj Christian日 前

    i smoked only 2 times in my life

  11. Doxmer

    Doxmer日 前

    Im at 40 hours, headaches are going crazy

  12. Aries Tolentino

    Aries Tolentino日 前

    24 hours since I last smoke. I hope I can make it. When I feel the urge to smoke I focus my attention on other things. I’ve been a smoker for 16 years now.

  13. Mardea Tan

    Mardea Tan日 前

    Please help me dad has been smoking for 10years now I've told him to stop but I caught him just now he's already addicted to smoking 😭😭😭

  14. TopHatSkeleton

    TopHatSkeleton2 日 前

    haha jokes on you i have been smoking for 2 weeks and im addicted

  15. Karthik V

    Karthik V2 日 前

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  16. OG Smile

    OG Smile2 日 前

    Its like stopping to drink Chocolate Drinks D:

  17. Lol

    Lol2 日 前

    I would smoke those Belmonts😋😋😋😋

  18. bLASTER 1

    bLASTER 12 日 前

    can i ask what's the background music?

  19. Tyee Joseph

    Tyee Joseph2 日 前

    Hey, I really appreciate the video I’m trying to quit smoking but it’s not cigarettes can you please do a video like this for weed?

  20. Reeve

    Reeve3 日 前

    I used to be smoking but then i started smoking and now im not smoking :-/

  21. love bell

    love bell3 日 前

    Successfully I m stopped smoking from last 65 days but in Between I m suffered lot of health issue mentally went illness anxiety is very worst severe headache nausea and weakness all the things happened finally went for brain MRI scan also but everything is normal from last 4 days I'm feeling normal life thank god 🙏 my suggestion is it's hard to leave but be prepared you should be strong in mentally. It's then it's possible to leave.

  22. DragonSky

    DragonSky3 日 前

    If you can't quit smoking at least change to a healthier thing such as vaping or even weed which is definitely better than that disgusting cig

  23. Dutch Gamer

    Dutch Gamer3 日 前

    I don't see the first 20 minutes as quiting nor 2 hours. If you have a job and are a smoker you won't be able to smoke within this time anyway

  24. Manolis Acab1312

    Manolis Acab13123 日 前


  25. Jeremiah Edisto

    Jeremiah Edisto4 日 前

    FDA calls for the lowering of nicotine in cigarettes. There is a publicly traded company called 22nd group (XXII) that is on the verge of getting the final FDA approval for a combustible cigarette that has “only” 5% of the nicotine that a conventional cigarette has, that’s 95% less nicotine. 22nd group has had millions in government backed and paid for studies showing that this particular low nicotine cigarette reduces smoking up to 50%. These low nicotine cigarettes help you quit smoking and the FDA themselves paid for and approved the studies proving it. thehealthmania.com/study-explains-the-scientific-way-to-quit-smoking/6109/

  26. Evie Mae

    Evie Mae4 日 前

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  27. Wail Teach

    Wail Teach4 日 前

    My father was extremly heavy smoker about 6 packs per day for 37 years, he said he'll quite and he did it just like that. He was a hardcore badass for 6 years until he passed. Apprently all these years of hardcore smoking his bofy couldn't function properly he was a living nicotine human being, but he wad determin, rest in peace

  28. Jenny Flores

    Jenny Flores4 日 前

    I just smoke a lot of weed

  29. Lit

    Lit4 日 前

    Its been 20 days without cigarette, started at 12 now i'm 16. I regret even starting it. Please never start if you haven't! I'm 100% sure i can recover my self pretty quickly

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    Off the Dome5 日 前

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  31. kelvin mcgrath

    kelvin mcgrath5 日 前

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  32. Zachary Foster

    Zachary Foster5 日 前

    Motivation: Smoking causes impotence and shrinkage Still want that cigarette?😏

  33. Reckless 20

    Reckless 205 日 前

    1:55 - yeah this is great, but these symptoms don't magically dissapear right after 72 hours. They last for a long time after...

  34. Leah Dengler

    Leah Dengler6 日 前

    i stopped smoking on monday but today (thursday) i smoked a cigarette... i felt like the dumbest person ever but its ok. i know it will be. if you cant stop immediately, thats ok. youll get through this

  35. vidiyo box

    vidiyo box6 日 前

    it's a torture not having a cig after smoking weed

  36. GymBag4U

    GymBag4U6 日 前

    Some more Tips to quit Smoking gymbag4u.com/how-to-quit-habits-like-smoking-drinking/

  37. Atolee GD

    Atolee GD6 日 前

    You will destroy your whole body to just have a good taste in mouth ?

  38. faisal hassan

    faisal hassan6 日 前

    i’m a basketball athlete and i can’t run because of smoking. how can i keep myself busy for me not to crave for a cigarette?

  39. weety

    weety7 日 前

    dont QUIT smoking it's a good health in life . JOIN ME?

  40. Brandon Dennis Ptasznik

    Brandon Dennis Ptasznik7 日 前

    Okay I’m 17 I smoked for a wile and I just recently stopped 1 does that mean with the blood clot eat that a smoker should keep doing it so it does clot? And 2 I feel sick a lot now and my body aches a little if anyone knows let me know please

  41. Hilmi Önal

    Hilmi Önal8 日 前

    I started smoking in 2014 and smoked nonstop for 6 years until this past August. Thank God I quit using acupuncture & bioresonance. Soooo happy.

  42. ATG IMM

    ATG IMM9 日 前

    Can you do one for e cigs

  43. Tilly

    Tilly9 日 前

    I started smoking on off when I was 19 and I’m 21 now, I’ve cut down drastically and can go weeks without having one, I’m hoping to quit completely even when it comes to social smoking!

  44. Avi

    Avi9 日 前

    I started off with vapes and thought how can people be addicted. Trust me it’s more than the nicotine that controls you, its the constant triggers and your brain flicks a switch saying its ok to keep smoking after you said you will stop ! Don’t start!

  45. Naif Alshehri

    Naif Alshehri10 日 前

    Day 16 of quitting smoking and I already hate the smell of the cigarettes. As any other person who tried many times to quit but I failed. What i did is I avoid my smoker friends as much as i can without hurting their feelings. At work i just don’t go to the smoking area and tell all my smoker friends that I quit smoking so they help me by not asking me to join them in a smoking breaks at work . I think my biggest problem was that my friends and people around me most of them are smoker . I’m not gonna smoke again ever.

  46. Virat John

    Virat John10 日 前

    People who are thinking hard don't believe in Online article or video let me tell you only first day is hard I was also chain smoker If you pass first day then you can pass all day without any hard withdrawal symptoms.just remember whenever you want smoke if you smoke you have to start all again.

  47. searching

    searching10 日 前

    3 months thank you Allah.. i just quit like that

  48. Graeme Wight

    Graeme Wight11 日 前

    You go mental thats what happens lol Shit raving stark bloody balmy. But eftir ahwee hwile it gets better.

  49. Djenx

    Djenx11 日 前

    i love how the guy (or girl) in the thumbnail is drawn to appear as the worst nicotine fiend

  50. momby sims

    momby sims12 日 前

    What happens if you stop smoking? Me : You will be a gud person..

  51. Sehej Dang

    Sehej Dang13 日 前

    3 years of smoking now 6 months clean babyyy!!!

  52. Gameism

    Gameism13 日 前

    This video contradicts neuro-medicine.

  53. Grey Bear

    Grey Bear6 日 前

    Explain how, instead of just being a troll.

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    Bella fashion14 日 前

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  55. Aqib Manzoor

    Aqib Manzoor14 日 前

    I’m watching this video while smoking 😂

  56. The CEO Of Crack Cocaine And Amphetamines

    The CEO Of Crack Cocaine And Amphetamines14 日 前

    2 seconds off the cigarettes boys going for a new high score, 2 minutes, wish me luck.

  57. Shubham Rawat

    Shubham Rawat14 日 前

    i quit 9 months ago but i came here to tell you guys during detoxing time i got headaches everyday for 3 month after quitting. I was so afraid that i went for ct scan and results were none. today i realise the headache were due to the detoxification. so guys don't worry about headache if you quit smoking

  58. "The R1 Spammer"

    "The R1 Spammer"14 日 前

    1 month without smoking guys! :)

  59. Bulšit Angel

    Bulšit Angel9 日 前


  60. martin dennis

    martin dennis14 日 前

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  61. Aboudi Majzoub

    Aboudi Majzoub14 日 前

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  62. zacburn

    zacburn15 日 前

    I quit 19 months ago after over 55 years of smoking. Could have never done it without patches. Even after all this time I still get strong cravings. What makes it hard is I never really wanted to quit. I enjoyed it. Take my advice and just never start and you can avoid all this pain.

  63. Cartoons Elastica

    Cartoons Elastica15 日 前

    Voicecrack at 0:22

  64. Luna Artemis

    Luna Artemis15 日 前

    Would the benefits still be the same if your using a vape pen? and if you are using a vape pen will you still go withdrawal effects? I feel like crap day 6..

  65. Jamir Grigsby

    Jamir Grigsby15 日 前

    TONIGHT IS MY LAST NIGHT VAPING/smoking! I will return to this video with progress! Thank you. I need to go back to how it was before I even started smoking! 🙏🏽GOD BLESS!

  66. Patricia Anderson

    Patricia Anderson15 日 前

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  67. Deepa Dey

    Deepa Dey16 日 前


  68. Guardian Of The Seraphim

    Guardian Of The Seraphim16 日 前

    Please if you value your loved ones, never start to this shit .

  69. Guardian Of The Seraphim

    Guardian Of The Seraphim16 日 前

    Thanks i will try better suicide methods

  70. Black Crewmate

    Black Crewmate16 日 前

    When you stop smoking thé amount smoking you do stops

  71. samantha allen

    samantha allen16 日 前

    22 days now and smoke free! No cravings at all! Well hardly any! 😛

  72. InfoVator

    InfoVator17 日 前

    Believe it or not my leading desire to quick is actually Erectile Dysfunction and it wasn't even listed in the video 😌.



    Aigh imma out

  74. Ramessh V S

    Ramessh V S17 日 前

    If you stopped smoking, it means God accepted your loved ones prayer

  75. Tweaky Robin

    Tweaky Robin15 日 前

    Lol sure

  76. Fiber theGreat

    Fiber theGreat17 日 前

    6 months down, just a life time to go. I watched this video everyday before and after quitting, so thank you for helping me AsapSCIENCE

  77. Anonymous Anonymous

    Anonymous Anonymous18 日 前

    If you really want to quit smoking , I would highly suggest fasting with us on the month of ramadan (30 days ) this can really help all of you with Allahs Help. Try it out you'll be pleased :) 😃 Peace !

  78. Hasioc

    Hasioc18 日 前

    Hey! I really enjoy your videos! Can you make a videos, about what happens when You quit social media? Everybody please like this so they can see this comment 💖

  79. Jojo Tank

    Jojo Tank19 日 前

    My grandfather was a heavy smoker for 70 years (he died at 95) and a lot of my family members were heavy smoker for many many years and died at surprisingly old ages so i dont think that smoking is THAT bad and the media is being a little bit overdramatic with their "research" (like smoking 1 cig could cause permanent damage)

  80. fvck y0u

    fvck y0u19 日 前

    I've gone 2 weeks without it and I feel dead inside

  81. Vicevilla

    Vicevilla16 日 前

    bruh don't go back to it. Of all the drugs you could try, cigarettes are by far the worst one, and believe me, that urge to smoke will be gone in no time.

  82. Kayla Cox

    Kayla Cox20 日 前

    One month smoke free i feel alive again ♥️

  83. Godless Society.

    Godless Society.20 日 前

    I only smoke one pack of citrate from Friday evening to Sunday evening and then I stop for 5 days and do the same again. I don't find quitting smoking is that difficult. I can quit smoking anytime.

  84. Moeyy H

    Moeyy H20 日 前

    I’m 13 and really wanna quit I’m planning to completely quit by my birthday in 1 week I know I’m young and after I quit I don’t plan on starting again

  85. Eva HOLBOVÁ

    Eva HOLBOVÁ22 日 前

    Everytime I go around someone who is smoking, I would love to vomit in his / her face, but I rather hold my breath and survive it somehow

  86. Aqib Hussain

    Aqib Hussain22 日 前

    I’m 18 years old and I live in the uk I’ve been smoking even since year 10 and I can’t stop it’s really hard I also vape a lot I need help ppl 😫😭

  87. Vercancy Wu

    Vercancy Wu22 日 前

    man, you are a legend of drawing.

  88. Dmitry Sokolov

    Dmitry Sokolov22 日 前

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  89. Mamar Sebai

    Mamar Sebai22 日 前

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  90. Makwan Guru

    Makwan Guru22 日 前

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  91. Jay Bee25

    Jay Bee2523 日 前

    Started smoking weed at 14 now I’m 17 and I vape cbd oil and smoke cigarettes only when drinking weed is no good will only hold you back but it’s a good buzz 🤣

  92. W L

    W L23 日 前

    I started smoking when I was 12 and stopped when I was 15 now I'm 19 haven't touched a cigarette since even vapes. Now I' consume cannabis by vapour and edibles for both and its legal in my country so I don't need no stigmatization in the comment section.

  93. Invictus

    Invictus23 日 前

    I'm on 48 hours right now. Please pray for me, i dont want to damage my body anymore!

  94. Trebor Robosa

    Trebor Robosa23 日 前

    I watched this to quit smoking, now im clean for 2 years... 😀😀😀


    ALNAAJM23 日 前

    2 months since I quit, been smoking for 7 years and now im still not used to the whole healthy lifestyle like i feel my daily routine is missing something and i dont know what to replace it with, but hopefully its just a matter of time till i get back to normal.

  96. freddie mars

    freddie mars23 日 前

    I quit 6 months ago, best thing I ever did. Was it easy, no. Can you do it, yes. Lots of gimmicks out there but will power and wanting to quit are key. Believe me you will feel much better. Do it today, don't keep waiting like I did.

  97. Mini Banana Man

    Mini Banana Man25 日 前

    I smoke weed

  98. Mon_Ghost lol

    Mon_Ghost lol23 日 前


  99. Jared Paul Gomez

    Jared Paul Gomez25 日 前

    It's 1 year and 4 months now since I decided to quit smoking (after smoking for 16yrs).

  100. SEVERE

    SEVERE26 日 前

    Watching this while smoking a cigarette

  101. Siu Harry

    Siu Harry26 日 前

    Three weeks already!!! Started to feel fatigue and dizzy

  102. Enrique R

    Enrique R26 日 前

    I smoked a fish yesterday. It was very good

  103. Wavy Worlds

    Wavy Worlds27 日 前

    Just watch porn when you wanna hit a cig to relief stress

  104. Joe Dirt

    Joe Dirt27 日 前

    I Have One YEAR without smoking but lately I’ve been craving a menthol cigarette :(

  105. Niki Slechten

    Niki Slechten27 日 前

    1st day without smoking after 14 years. Havin kind of a hard time but its worth it