1. Dilson Cunha

    Dilson Cunha7 時間 前


  2. MR Yamaha

    MR Yamaha16 時間 前

    Me first time smoking weed 2:05

  3. Kamy Hannan

    Kamy Hannan17 時間 前

    Lets be honest if they actually fought mike will kill Jericho one hook his heads going of

  4. Apple GAMES

    Apple GAMES22 時間 前

    Mike Tyson ist better

  5. Salam Ahmad

    Salam Ahmad23 時間 前

    Jim ross

  6. Abishek Rai

    Abishek Rai日 前

    I used to watch mike on our black and white tv

  7. Willard Sargent

    Willard Sargent日 前

    Waiting to make sure our great-grandkids kids remember Mike Tyson

  8. Willard Sargent

    Willard Sargent日 前

    We love it Mike we love it keep going Mike God bless Mike God bless

  9. Zephyr

    Zephyr日 前

    i cant keep laughing that guy with face paint looks like he should not be there

  10. William James

    William James日 前

    Here after the Talk is Jericho podcast. Jericho really kicked the shit out of Gooch.

  11. Serwio Graal

    Serwio Graal日 前

    Minute 1:26 hhahahaahahaha

  12. Dr Yeet45

    Dr Yeet45日 前

    When Tyson stuck his head out and said your wrong man I laughed so hard 1:26

  13. Jeremy Hilton

    Jeremy Hilton日 前

    Tyson is so high and trying so hard not to laugh at all this phony acting!

  14. Ki

    Ki2 日 前

    2:34 that dude smiling loving every second of this

  15. Billy McCarthy

    Billy McCarthy2 日 前

    A lot of brain aids in these comments

  16. faisal 11176

    faisal 111763 日 前


  17. Mana pukana

    Mana pukana3 日 前

    Mike Tyson was like a kid there lol

  18. Fight for Nation

    Fight for Nation3 日 前

    Tyson behaved like 🥴🍺Drunk 😂

  19. James 22

    James 224 日 前

    Load of bill shot



    Tyson Holyfraud 3!



    Mike still ripped as fuk!

  22. seema thakur.

    seema thakur.4 日 前

    Brawl.. Call brock baby

  23. Jason Peters

    Jason Peters4 日 前

    Tyson should keep away from this lot if he wants to keep his gredabillty circus

  24. Mercedes Benz

    Mercedes Benz4 日 前

    You have to be imaginative to watch fake wrestling

  25. Harvey Specter

    Harvey Specter4 日 前

    thats why its rigged...no one would speak to mike that way lol

  26. D_Dan Production

    D_Dan Production5 日 前

    Bull shit

  27. Aj Valencia

    Aj Valencia5 日 前

    You a sucka man you deserved it you wrong you stole the championship.......you wrong man!!!!!!

  28. سلطان الغزلان

    سلطان الغزلان5 日 前


  29. سلطان الغزلان

    سلطان الغزلان5 日 前

    Hahaha mockery I swear to God

  30. TEEZEE B

    TEEZEE B5 日 前

    Great acting

  31. lay T

    lay T5 日 前

    Firstly I want to know if mike Tyson still Supports the BOZO in the WHITE House

  32. nev billett

    nev billett3 日 前

    Is Bozo a new name for Americans ?

  33. Kandahar Anar

    Kandahar Anar5 日 前


  34. Kandahar Anar

    Kandahar Anar5 日 前


  35. ivan alvarez

    ivan alvarez5 日 前


  36. Ty O

    Ty O6 日 前

    Henry!!!!! Take care of mikes light work! Don't apologize mike, that guys a douche.

  37. trevor mcmanus

    trevor mcmanus6 日 前

    Mike be lookin at his ears like a summer corn on the cob

  38. 发发哥

    发发哥6 日 前


  39. rajiv pinto

    rajiv pinto6 日 前

    Mike tyson and stone cold confrontation is the best ever💪! Recreating it like this is a complete joke!! 😂

  40. rajiv pinto

    rajiv pinto3 日 前

    @nev billett I would rather call it a recreation failure

  41. nev billett

    nev billett3 日 前

    It's supposed to be a joke, don't you like a joke, what the hell have you got against jokes, are you a jokeist

  42. Phapz Rham

    Phapz Rham6 日 前

    Mike Tyson is very strongest in the ring

  43. Angel Cataquet

    Angel Cataquet6 日 前

    I'm a Tyson fan but this sucks.

  44. Jan Kowalski

    Jan Kowalski6 日 前

    It is so stupid.

  45. SirGibz

    SirGibz7 日 前

    Why did mike tyson go on a shitty fake wrestling ting hes better than that man

  46. Nasim Ali

    Nasim Ali7 日 前

    Wow nice drama👍👍👍

  47. Riqtube

    Riqtube7 日 前

    Ya know...I feel like I've seen this angle with Tyson before...

  48. htown andre

    htown andre7 日 前

    Mikes acting is so bad lol he's just having fun. But it took everything in ol buddy to not break character, he wanted to laugh so bad

  49. Justin Ebright

    Justin Ebright7 日 前

    They're getting a bit long in the tooth, why did no one offer them a pudding cup and a chance to go watch Matlock for a while? That normally calms things down after a bit. (Says the guy typing who knows that they both could still beat his butt no problem, long in the tooth or not)

  50. Boxer

    Boxer7 日 前

    The real winner is mike Tyson’s shirt


    BARDOCK7 日 前

    "SHUT UP!" "NO!" 😂


    DR BEAINI7 日 前

    What a joke like come on they could have done the scene better what is that a comedy

  53. Bennedict Bagus

    Bennedict Bagus8 日 前

    Mike Tyson Looks Like Goldberg💪💪

  54. Anthony Kramer Jr.

    Anthony Kramer Jr.8 日 前

    2:13 I think Mike Tyson is on drugs and acting like a fool, Don't do drugs kids because this shit will happen to you.

  55. queenlida

    queenlida8 日 前

    After seeing how ripped mike Tyson’s eyes are and him screaming “YOUR WRONG MAN”... I will smoke a blunt

  56. queenlida

    queenlida8 日 前

    Mike Tyson and his “retired gentleman club”... how can you not love them!! 🐐 🐐 🐐

  57. Robert Cantu

    Robert Cantu8 日 前

    Chris Jericho walks like he ran through a 🌽 feild backwards

  58. Malik Suleman Awan

    Malik Suleman Awan8 日 前

    Cool. Drama. Good script. Entertaining. Could b a great fight.

  59. Louie Paul

    Louie Paul8 日 前

    Vitor belfort with iron mike

  60. Rob Brown

    Rob Brown8 日 前

    Gotta Love Iron Mike... Jericho is a living legend... This was hilariously😂 brilliant🤔... Mike Couldn't get his shirt off... And both of them can't act for shit.. But.. I love these guys

  61. vStealz __

    vStealz __8 日 前

    For the people who’s talking about Mike Tyson’s shirt how about you try and do it? Bet you can’t

  62. OverBro

    OverBro7 日 前

    Yeah, I expect Tyson could do it, But maybe it was an off day?

  63. Kevin Garcia

    Kevin Garcia8 日 前

    On one side you have legendary killers and on the other legendary actors

  64. SMOFF1992

    SMOFF19928 日 前

    Who's the guy next to Mike Tyson in the white shirt with the weird stuff around his eyes?

  65. RX- 24

    RX- 248 日 前

    I have no idea

  66. Frost Soul7755

    Frost Soul77558 日 前

    It's all fun and games till Mike puts up his Duke's and brandishes his teeth while looking at your ear ....

  67. Happy Monday

    Happy Monday9 日 前

    Someone could acedently step on Henry, and funny part is he could probobly beat the shit out of all granpas there

  68. Ken Stewart

    Ken Stewart9 日 前

    Sorry but y'all trying to reenact that run in Tyson had with Stone Cold, sorry leave it alone, it can't be duplicated.

  69. Shemar McCall

    Shemar McCall9 日 前

    i died this whole video

  70. Black Wyvern

    Black Wyvern9 日 前

    Mike has turn to be an actor. What a sight ^^

  71. iNvYasHa

    iNvYasHa9 日 前

    Bro that shirt strong😂😂

  72. Raynoldo Thangkhiew

    Raynoldo Thangkhiew9 日 前

    Respect triple c!

  73. Frans bauer

    Frans bauer10 日 前

    Hahaha how can you not love this 😂👌👌💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 mike tito and the cringe king, dreams come true

  74. Biggie Texas

    Biggie Texas10 日 前

    Tyson should of made a lil hole in his shirt and rip it apart from there lolol

  75. Christo Thomas

    Christo Thomas10 日 前

    it looks like a hell lotta acting !

  76. Ritin SwitchBlade

    Ritin SwitchBlade10 日 前

    ThIS So FaKe

  77. Hak im

    Hak im10 日 前

    This Tyson's t-shirt is not a "made in China".

  78. Nishant patel

    Nishant patel10 日 前

    😂😂😂Bad acting by everyone

  79. Plexpara

    Plexpara10 日 前

    1:25 love how mike Poppin in again...you're wrong man

  80. Plexpara

    Plexpara10 日 前

    look like they had some fun doing this.i bet they all had a "try not to laugh" challenge running.

  81. lujauna Turley

    lujauna Turley10 日 前

    Boxers will get killed !

  82. Sense Of Self

    Sense Of Self10 日 前

    Lol wtf

  83. ecosam

    ecosam11 日 前

    In real smash tyson all one box

  84. மந்திரவாள் நட்ராஜ்

    மந்திரவாள் நட்ராஜ்11 日 前


  85. Yell-ow I'm Me

    Yell-ow I'm Me11 日 前

    Mike Tyson needs Hulk Hogan to show him the trick.