What Driving in Japan is REALLY Like


  1. Abroad in Japan

    Abroad in Japan5 ヶ月 前

    NOTIFICATION SQUAD: Bears, missiles, abandoned buildings, Donald McDonald, stunning Japanese countryside and an abusive Natsuki on a beach. WHAT MORE could you possibly want from a video?! This video was a technical challenge and a nightmare to produce, but I hope it was worth it! WHICH remote location should we drive to and explore next?! 🍺(P.S. Well done if you make it as far as the abandoned cafe).

  2. protomanca

    protomanca2 ヶ月 前

    🤣🤣 Please more cheap special effects. You haven't run from a crashing F14 in a while. About due, right?

  3. DJ Visuals

    DJ Visuals3 ヶ月 前

    You need to change your tyres they look worn out. Looking forward to going back to Japan !

  4. Phuck Hugh

    Phuck Hugh4 ヶ月 前

    Is it diffucult to find parking. especially in areas like Toykyo?

  5. Tyson Pena

    Tyson Pena4 ヶ月 前

    I literally thought it said "What its like dying in Japan" lol whoops 😬 there's a video idea Chris ...jk lol Another great video thank you!

  6. Jojw Travels

    Jojw Travels5 ヶ月 前

    Luv you man

  7. Ignatius

    Ignatius日 前

    Probably be weird as hell if i moved to japan and took my bmw 430i with me

  8. Kris K

    Kris K2 日 前

    Take me with you, that looks amazing! 😭

  9. Samantha Zhang

    Samantha Zhang3 日 前

    I read "Natsuki's got a few bears ready" and I'm like "wait what?" lol

  10. trolltothebank

    trolltothebank3 日 前

    I saw a Mercedes s class in Tokyo - guy could BARELY make the corners.

  11. Michael Bunnyhops

    Michael Bunnyhops4 日 前

    the cafe looks like somekind of japanese anime i watched :-o "entire japan looks like this anime movies i watch"

  12. Amonited

    Amonited4 日 前

    18:45 - Wtf that sound effect haha

  13. Juha Immonen

    Juha Immonen4 日 前

    How can one be on the right side of the road if they're driving on the left???

  14. RGI The Anime Figure Guy

    RGI The Anime Figure Guy4 日 前

    This was a fantastic vid! The editing is incredible and the CG effects of the explosion and missile were so cool! Thanks for sharing your new car with us Chris and letting us be part of your fun trip to see Natsuki! Incidentally I know you love to do documentary type vids, I watched this episode of Top Gear a few years ago which featured some stuff about Japanese car culture, would be awesome to see you do a vid on this! As I think you and Rissotaro would have a blast! jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-lw1E5AQFb_U.html

  15. Melisa Valdez

    Melisa Valdez4 日 前

    Wooo😱😱😱😱, the song of the 3:10 is terrible. They probably want you to commit suicide.

  16. Z O

    Z O5 日 前

    In Spain: Ronaldo Macdonaldo

  17. nautiiluz

    nautiiluz6 日 前

    How come every video of a British mid-aged man driving a car, talking into the camera on the passenger side of the car, looks like a goddamn top-gear car review ?

  18. Saunders Mitchell

    Saunders Mitchell6 日 前


  19. qxANGELxp

    qxANGELxp6 日 前

    7:13 That is the most Japanese thing about this video.

  20. Jilleman

    Jilleman7 日 前

    Being from the UK, driving in Japan must be easy as you can just continue driving on the wrong side of the road ;)

  21. NeroKoso

    NeroKoso7 日 前

    Didnt know Trump has his own mascot.

  22. Dery

    Dery7 日 前

    Honda, the power of dreams. 🇯🇵

  23. jeffrey troublefield

    jeffrey troublefield9 日 前

    Non alcoholic beer is like kissing your sister. Taste the same but just isn't right.

  24. nagchampa

    nagchampa9 日 前

    That energy drink was Bacchus D, you can find it in a lot of Asian supermarkets in arts of Australia

  25. Little Cheii

    Little Cheii9 日 前

    haha Natsuki is a great friend!

  26. 600theescoreand6

    600theescoreand69 日 前

    Nonalcoholic beer? You should have made him drink the Bikkle.

  27. White_Okami31

    White_Okami319 日 前

    nothing more beauitful then the japanese coutryside

  28. Tim L

    Tim L10 日 前

    Haha brilliant! Good personality for a youtube channel. The friend is hilarious, 0,0%

  29. Wonkie Eiiball

    Wonkie Eiiball10 日 前

    Nooo! I can’t believe you diss’ed bikkle 😲

  30. Kim Fitzgerald

    Kim Fitzgerald10 日 前

    I love the way the sirens on Emergency Service vehicles also sound polite !

  31. Michael Lesko

    Michael Lesko10 日 前

    It's Ronald McDonald though

  32. Jason Kwong

    Jason Kwong11 日 前

    Great video. It is not very British to complain about a little rain at the beach XD, you have truly turned Japanese.

  33. lol stop

    lol stop11 日 前

    Japan. The country of "full stop or pay up" and absurdly slow speed limits.

  34. Tut Tut

    Tut Tut11 日 前

    Never buy milk products from Asia, that asari milk... ewww

  35. Chris Helton

    Chris Helton11 日 前

    In the US, that abandoned cafe would’ve had all its windows broken, been looted, and graffitied.

  36. Metaph

    Metaph11 日 前

    Nah, I say don't overgeneralize. There are a lot of towns here with a population that wouldn't do that.

  37. bb 123

    bb 12311 日 前

    chris eating traditional japanese food since 90's: McDonalds

  38. Quinn Curry

    Quinn Curry11 日 前

    That intro was out of this world

  39. Bayu Kresna

    Bayu Kresna11 日 前

    I want that car now, soooo bad 🤣🤣🤣 Missile Button? I press it every day to my neighbor 👍

  40. redshift912

    redshift91212 日 前

    Not gonna lie, that’s definitely me when I’m impregnating Donald McDonald

  41. Max

    Max12 日 前

    But what was in the back?

  42. Vincent

    Vincent12 日 前

    Toyota Starlet!!!! I had a Starlet for a few years. I had a EP91. It had a automatic roof window, huge speakers and sub in the back build in. A big ass exhaust and a 1.5 Paseo motor in it. It was a beast! But I got older and had meetings for work. I liked my car alot but going to a important meeting in a small blue terror car wasnt a good entry lol. So I sold it and now someone else is happy with it! I the most important thing! He was blue with white rims, white spoiler and a few white stickers! So I called him Smurf! Long story short. I had a Starlet to! lol.

  43. Kerim K

    Kerim K12 日 前

    get miata

  44. Sarah Kelly

    Sarah Kelly13 日 前

    Let’s all be honest here. Natsuki is the real star of this show.

  45. zakwanarif

    zakwanarif13 日 前

    Imagine waking up in the morning to this view 1:37

  46. invaderzam

    invaderzam13 日 前

    Chris has some really nice arms in the thumbnail

  47. Max

    Max13 日 前

    Loved my fit. changed to i20 after changing country.

  48. Jonathon Horner

    Jonathon Horner13 日 前

    FYI the law has changed in Scotland. No drink and then drive. Not even a little bit

  49. M A

    M A13 日 前

    1:40 I'm so sad Shazam still kinda find this track

  50. Dani

    Dani13 日 前


  51. Enrique Navarro

    Enrique Navarro14 日 前

    I'm wondering if they have the "crack school" from South America, where we are used to call the good players crack :D

  52. Sav Skitzo

    Sav Skitzo14 日 前


  53. Frank Chen

    Frank Chen14 日 前

    #ASKABROAD I have seen 軽自動車 (light vehicle) with miserably small engines and yellow license plates (sometimes white from what I have seen during a trip) and this claim that proof of access to a parking space is not required. Is it still true? I mean why would you have to buy a car as big as a Honda Jazz/Fit as a bachelor when ownership of a light vehicle is a lot easier.

  54. H WEI

    H WEI14 日 前

    I did everything I need to go to Japan in 2020, Whoops...

  55. Eileen

    Eileen14 日 前

    I would’ve just named the McDonald man “Ronnie”

  56. Seb Birch

    Seb Birch15 日 前

    The opening at the beginning with the ambiance, music and scenery was just so beautiful and breath taking

  57. Ronielle Punzal

    Ronielle Punzal15 日 前

    I was low key expecting Spice Girls to play when he turned on the radio 😅

  58. Dawa Penjor

    Dawa Penjor15 日 前

    Wanted a Honda until 16:54. Now I want a Tesla.

  59. Kei

    Kei15 日 前

    I feel like I have to name my future kids Ronaldo McDonaldo now

  60. Ashu

    Ashu16 日 前

    Your skills in photography is seriously amazing, the intro with the drone shots, the scenery. Absolutely gorgerous mate, really gave a very peaceful, calm but enjoyable mood

  61. Padmanabh

    Padmanabh16 日 前

    Can we rent bikes?

  62. The bro koro

    The bro koro18 日 前

    3:13 that’s a thug life meme right there🤣

  63. AJ W

    AJ W18 日 前

    Bickle sounds like the one that should be Called Pocari Sweat

  64. AJ W

    AJ W18 日 前

    Lonard McDonard

  65. Damian Harding

    Damian Harding18 日 前

    Every employee of bikkle gave thumbs down

  66. E. B. C.

    E. B. C.18 日 前

    Looks like a good life.

  67. Poet Productions

    Poet Productions19 日 前

    Natsuki's first impression of the car was savage. Oof...

  68. ernesto raad

    ernesto raad19 日 前

    My guy thanks for the video. What 's the intro's soundtrack?

  69. Johnston Maggie

    Johnston Maggie19 日 前

    Yang pilih Allah like yang pilih Dajjal abaikan.

  70. Marc Mcdaniel

    Marc Mcdaniel20 日 前


  71. Red thered

    Red thered20 日 前

    Lmao pulling up to natsuki is the greatest ending/surprise 🙌 ever


    V3NOMXIII20 日 前

    The intro is breath taking

  73. Alexandr Vinogradow

    Alexandr Vinogradow21 日 前

    Always wanted to visit Japan) this kind of videos gives me some kind of encourage that I can do it)) thanks for nice videos)

  74. Richard Yamato

    Richard Yamato21 日 前


  75. Master Paulo

    Master Paulo21 日 前


  76. RWC RWC

    RWC RWC21 日 前

    Bikkle is fucking delicious, you MONSTER.

  77. moltenbullet

    moltenbullet21 日 前

    Some poor Bikkle executive to his manage: Sales-uo are dropping-gu. The Manager: NANI?!? NANDESUKA? ANO BAKA-ME!

  78. Yak

    Yak21 日 前

    So if you drink a NA bev... you'd probably still smell of 'beer' right?

  79. ShWeePs

    ShWeePs21 日 前

    3:10 What you doing Chris? That was a BOP!

  80. Sean Bilodeau

    Sean Bilodeau21 日 前

    Natsuki is so great!

  81. Mark Semple

    Mark Semple21 日 前

    hey Natsuki knows how to converse with brits, talk about the weather. :P

  82. Kevder AB

    Kevder AB22 日 前

    so good editing hahahah

  83. flon faurillo

    flon faurillo22 日 前

    Natsuki is really cool

  84. Giant|2obot

    Giant|2obot22 日 前

    I dont understand, How Is Donald Mcdonald somehow much easier than...Ronald Mcdonald.....

  85. Salty Sage

    Salty Sage22 日 前

    When is the Abroad in Japan and the Bald and Bankrupt collab?

  86. Luna

    Luna22 日 前

    those drivers coming to drive you home in your own car is GENIOUS

  87. Moore Claude

    Moore Claude22 日 前

    When someone loves you, the way they talk about you is different. You feel safe and comfortable.

  88. Jaywye

    Jaywye23 日 前

    1:12 Beautiful.

  89. mason z

    mason z24 日 前

    Music is so good love it

  90. Marcus Tiberious

    Marcus Tiberious24 日 前

    Japanese Sca Music who whould have thought

  91. Kim Sandberg

    Kim Sandberg24 日 前

    Honda Fit was my first car. Actually its called Jazz in Europe. Because it was supposed to be called Honda Fit + ta, and if you combine those 5 letters it means P***y in Swedish. Noice.

  92. x XOvOX x

    x XOvOX x24 日 前

    Damn the production level shot through the roof this year

  93. Manu

    Manu24 日 前

    It's funny that JPreporter suggested me this video right after the one from Tev&Louis (two french foreigners living in Japan and quite famous youtubers in France (especially Tev who has almost 800k suscribers), and it's funny how they went for a litteral opposite of what you bought at their "working car", they just bought a flashy orange Audi roadster... it's quite funny to see how opposed your philosophy about cars in Japan are.... 😁 (The video in question is named "ON A ACHETÉ UNE VOITURE AU JAPON ! " and BTW it would be awesome if you guys could do something together as you're all famous foreign youtubers in Japan 😊)

  94. Gringotts

    Gringotts24 日 前

    arigoto, arigota gozaimasu, hey, hey ,hey, HEY i was listening to that!

  95. Brian Tucker

    Brian Tucker24 日 前

    6:03 Japanese people don't care about appearances with cars. 16:54 Japanese friend bullies you for driving around in a Honda Fit Hybrid

  96. Coorslite

    Coorslite24 日 前

    Man, they need Daikou taxi here in the states.

  97. Christian Wier

    Christian Wier24 日 前

    The Japanese drive on the left side of the road which I like to call the right side

  98. Rem

    Rem24 日 前

    Question: Does anyone drive motorcycles in Japan? I never see them in any videos. It seems they are like a stereotype that Yakuza are the only people that drive them. lol

  99. Rem

    Rem23 日 前

    @dennis wright Thanks for the answer.

  100. dennis wright

    dennis wright23 日 前

    i ride a motorcycle here and a lot of other people do too. its just not as common here as in america

  101. Patrick R.

    Patrick R.24 日 前

    1:42 melody sounds like Tell it to My Heart

  102. DK knight

    DK knight25 日 前

    Buying a car in japan is one thing with the steps required for a parking spot, but what if you were to import a car from the west? How would it REALLY be like driving an American sized vehicle in japan would be a another great video idea...

  103. matthew spence

    matthew spence25 日 前

    5:05 I would kill for a car like that

  104. Liam Hebden

    Liam Hebdenヶ月 前

    ahh... the expensive tactics of making poor people poorer... "we need a bridge to get more works for our companies here quicker"... possibly

  105. Liam Hebden

    Liam Hebdenヶ月 前

    Oh... I never had one

  106. Gino Tarabotto

    Gino Tarabottoヶ月 前

    Hey, A in J. How`s it going, so you swapped your UK licence for a Japanese with one quick question 8 years ago? ... Nice man. Now, what about if I wanna exchange my California licence for a Japanese, what`s the drill? thanks dude.

  107. dennis wright

    dennis wright23 日 前

    you cant. you have to take a driving test. and before that you have to take the written test

  108. dafff08

    dafff08ヶ月 前

    people might get turned off by spoilers, however the more i get spoiled the more i want to visit japan.

  109. dave van beers

    dave van beersヶ月 前

    Whahaha I liked that song. 😂😂😂

  110. Henry Stone

    Henry Stoneヶ月 前

    I love the shoutout samurai and train photos to your previous Driving in Japan video