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  1. John Pappadopoulos

    John Pappadopoulosヶ月 前

    I regret going to school

  2. n/a n/a

    n/a n/aヶ月 前

    I wish I would have dated more guys (& girls)& not just the 1 douche I dated in HS. I passed up so many other nice dudes for that jerk. Also, wish I would've been in band & maybe more clubs & activities.

  3. Amanda Volker

    Amanda Volkerヶ月 前

    I regret putting my time in petty high school drama that doesn’t even matter anymore and letting people who were toxic run my life. Not being my true self because I was too afraid on what people would say about me. Now? I’m confident in my own skin

  4. Ohem1

    Ohem1ヶ月 前

    Asking for more help.

  5. The Pessimist

    The Pessimistヶ月 前

    Mass Murder-Suicide

  6. KHaR18

    KHaR18ヶ月 前


  7. Drew Smithson

    Drew Smithsonヶ月 前

    Just want to comment, didn't watch video. Having a 3 some in high school to lose my. Virginity. I am a good looking guy but was super awkward with how to 'get the girl'. I was a best friend funny guy and was a virgin. Well one day it came up among my group two girls said 'well, we will be happy take your virginity if you want to?' And I clarified, llike..both of you. .together? And they confirmed. But my dumbass was too shy and nice to take the hint of how friggin amazing that would be and I bashfully declined. And we all stayed friends and still flirted. But holy shit do I regret not taking them up on that. I think about it weekly. Lol Edit: we were 17-18 and they were not ugly girls either. One maybe could argue a little thick bit the other was definitely 8+. I would have been happy to sleep with either one of them but was just so shy that my brain shut off and didn't know what it was doing.

  8. John Doe

    John Doeヶ月 前


  9. Abbyisthecoolist

    Abbyisthecoolistヶ月 前

    I also wish I would have went to a bigger high school. I graduated with 60 people. We had basically no classes to choose from and very few AP classes. The got rid of the only two fun classes my freshman year of high school- home economics and wood shop.

  10. Abbyisthecoolist

    Abbyisthecoolistヶ月 前

    I had the biggest crush ever on a guy who was one year older than me in my physics class. He was a senior. He was super smart (valedictorian), was athletic (played basketball), popular, had tons of friends, and so nice and funny. I flirted with him all year and he flirted with me back, which at the time I didn’t realize because I never had had any experience with dating. I remember laughing at his jokes and his friends elbowing him teasing him like “look she’s laughing at your jokes!!!!!”. He followed me on twitter and would favorite my tweets. I don’t have a Twitter anymore and don’t know if it’s still like this but at the time you could look at all the tweets someone has favorited and when I would look at his, the only tweets he would favorite were mine. When it came close to prom, a mutual friend was like he soo likes you and I know he wants to take you to prom. I panicked because I was insecure about wearing a dress for no reason (I have body dysmorphia) and the next time I saw him in class I was like “I’m not going to prom!” And he got quiet for the rest of the period. He went to prom alone and still won prom king. Towards the end of the year he invited me to his grad party. I didn’t go, again I was too scared to go. I was scared he would ignore me and I wouldn’t have anyone to talk to there. Still my biggest regrets from high school. He’s in an Ivy League med school now and still handsome as ever. Maybe one day our paths will cross again and I can tell him this.

  11. Ace Hardy

    Ace Hardyヶ月 前


  12. Aislee Love Greenwood

    Aislee Love Greenwoodヶ月 前

    Honestly, I did it all right: I didn't do drugs or alcohol because I knew that would ruin my life. I didn't waste time doing my hair/makeup in the morning for two hours because I knew I was beautiful. If the other kids were wrong, I didn't waste time worrying about what they would think of me and just told them so. I expressed my weirdness and no one made fun of me, because I was confident. Don't waste time trying to fit in: be a calm gift to the world and be sturdy in who you are. Others will adjust to _you_ if _you_ decide to be firm about who want to be. I wasn't bullied for being different: I was initially challenged, but when others would have caved due to embarrassment, I just went forward and continued to be myself, and eventually, everyone else began to come to me for advice, because they saw that I was happy and that I seemed to have it all figured out. Don't waste your time making yourself miserable to please others, and pretty soon they'll all be looking at you wishing that they were that incredible. That they were that confident and put-together. I'm not saying this to brag: I'm saying this so you'll do the same.

  13. finchborat

    finchboratヶ月 前

    I have several. -Not sticking around in FCA (I was in it during the final portion of Freshman Year and the start of the following year; I would have stuck around long term had I known how insane things would be in the 2nd half of high school and that God was the only way out; Faith would've helped me navigate through quite a few things in those days) -Not getting my driver's license sooner (got it spring break of Junior Year) -Not taking AP Gov instead of Desktop Publishing Senior Year (mainly to have the AP Gov teacher; wasn't something I completely regret not doing) -Not participating in Close Up (week long trip to DC) during Sophomore Year (went to DC with my dad right after the year ended while we visited my older brother, but it wasn't the same; the next year, it was my dad's turn to bring students to DC and he didn't really push the Close Up offer to anyone in my AP World class; plus, I was the only one interested; none of the people who went the year before wanted to do it for a 2nd straight yr) -Not saying yes to a girl when a classmate tried to get me with a girl who either would go out with me or be my Valentine during Freshman Year (didn't do it because I would've felt bad for those who didn't get accepted by me; he brought me over to a group of cheerleaders from our class) -Asking out a girl who sat with me on a couple of occasions during a couple of mornings during Freshman Year (looking back, those were signs of interest on her part; I knew her since elementary school; she found a BF during college and they're still together; they had their first child last year out of wedlock) -Not sitting in the 2nd chair cello spot the first day of Sophomore Year (I was the 1st chair the year before, but lost it because of a senior who wasn't in orchestra the year before but came back (she was sitting in the 1st chair spot); a classmate who I respected/admired was the 2nd chair at the time and I didn't want to push him to 3rd chair where I was all of Sophomore Year) -Not sticking with using hair gel (the thicker my hair got, the harder it was to manage and organize; I used it quite a bit during Sophomore Year, but hardly at all after that; looking back, I should've continued to use hair gel; one classmate told me I looked hung over one morning during Senior Year and part of it was because of how my hair looked) -Not recording all the football team's highlights whenever they were on TV (I recorded some, but I could've recorded more highlights shown on the local news) -Not being quiet about being a Patriots fan (I got picked on a lot over that during Senior Year and on a few occasions the year before; the first half of Senior Year would've been more peaceful had I kept my mouth shut about them)

  14. Aislee Love Greenwood

    Aislee Love Greenwoodヶ月 前

    All throughout my final year, I had theoretically planned on orchestrating and taking part in a flash-mob, but I never ended up doing it. I was really disappointed with myself. My one true regret in life.

  15. Gazirra1

    Gazirra1ヶ月 前

    I wish I woulda believed my teachers and not my dad regarding my intelligence. My teachers were encouraging me, saying that I'm quite smart. My dad said I was "slow" and told me I only had two options after high school, a "special" program, and the military. I chose the military

  16. Asow

    Asowヶ月 前

    I wish I wasn't a virgin (still am). I wish I never went to an all-boys school.

  17. Aislee Love Greenwood

    Aislee Love Greenwoodヶ月 前

    Honestly, if you want some advice, just be confident and chill with girls, and don't expect anything out of them. They'll like that. Not all of them will get in bed with you for it, but that's normal, so don't get too worked up if several pass you by when you felt like you were doing everything right.

  18. Aoki Mika

    Aoki Mikaヶ月 前

    I wish I'd just be able to go to school- But my brain says no...

  19. tony mendoza

    tony mendozaヶ月 前


  20. Raechael W

    Raechael Wヶ月 前

    I’m actually taking French now for a purpose and I’m still upset I’m not learning Spanish and so is everyone else but I’m already learning French and I’m gonna finish it

  21. sonoftherepublic

    sonoftherepublicヶ月 前

    regret not having another opportunity allowing me to avoid high school

  22. Sharp Style Fortune

    Sharp Style Fortuneヶ月 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="100">1:40</a> Say that to my social anxiety.

  23. gucci bear

    gucci bearヶ月 前

    100th like

  24. Victoria Cooper

    Victoria Cooperヶ月 前

    Coming out of the closet. I had no reason to not come out till I was 18 since my school had an lgbt straight alliance club. I wasn't comfortable in my own skin at the time so despite me always accepting lgbtq+ people, it took me a while to feel comfortable about being lgbt myself. It's not that I thought it was an issue. I think it's more that a lot of people still tend to see it as a big thing. Nowadays I'm very open about my sexual orientation. I just wish I was as confident in high school as I am now.

  25. Rachel Taylor

    Rachel Taylorヶ月 前

    I wish I had asked out my best friend. And not worrying what people would think.

  26. Romina Gresely

    Romina Greselyヶ月 前

    I wish I could've taken auto mechanics.

  27. SkellyAce

    SkellyAceヶ月 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="110">1:50</a> I don't go to most things because I have social anxiety, and sensitive hearing. I do enjoy TTGG though!

  28. Becky Guajardo

    Becky Guajardoヶ月 前

    I regret not doing more school functions and dances. Only had to 2 homecomings, football game, and 0 proms (I never finished)

  29. Leatherface Madman

    Leatherface Madmanヶ月 前

    I regret not figuring out I had depression and getting help instead of missing out on socializing, making friends,joining clubs and sports because I blamed everything on being too tired to do anything because I couldn't sleep. The kids were always so nice and trying to be my friend and include me but I couldn't understand anything because I was always so tired and depressed with this wierd fog around me so I became withdrawn. But I'm way better now and I still have my 20s and the rest of my life. Can't regret high school forever I guess.

  30. Aislee Love Greenwood

    Aislee Love Greenwoodヶ月 前

    💗 You're doing great! Hope you have a smile on your face today, because (as cliche as this sounds) you're beautiful and you deserve warmth and happiness! Sending you love from a friendly stranger who appreciated your comment! You may not feel like it, but you make the world a better place just by being here. Thank you!

  31. MADDOH

    MADDOHヶ月 前

    What do you regret not doing in high school? PAYING ATTENTION IN MATH CLASS.... college was a bitch!

  32. Blake Bierbaum

    Blake Bierbaumヶ月 前

    Sports is another one. I did freshman football and that's all. Wish I did track or did cross country. Running is a powerful sport, as simple as it may seem.

  33. Blake Bierbaum

    Blake Bierbaumヶ月 前

    Wish I went to prom as well. I let the fact of not having a date and the finances of it all prevent me from going. Memories are priceless. Just glad I had a group of friends who were as anti prom as I was.

  34. Blake Bierbaum

    Blake Bierbaumヶ月 前

    Definitely glad I stood up for kids who were too scared or just didn't feel they could stand up for themselves. A lot of ppl in high school were just on a warpath for no good reason.

  35. Jennifer Smallwood

    Jennifer Smallwoodヶ月 前

    I wish I was a little bit taller. I wish I was a baller. I wish I had a girl who looked good; I would call her.

  36. Michael

    Michaelヶ月 前

    Beating more ppl up. I was treated like a king for like a week when I beat up my bully. Wish I would've done it to other people that bullied me

  37. Michael

    Michaelヶ月 前

    @Tacocat it's bigger than that. It's about showing the bully & everyone in the year group that you can't be pushed around

  38. Tacocat

    Tacocatヶ月 前

    Today's "zero-tolerance" won't allow for that sadly

  39. Michael

    Michaelヶ月 前

    asking a girl out, having a first kiss

  40. Smokey McPot

    Smokey McPotヶ月 前

    Double quote is love Double quote is life

  41. 1992Xaldin

    1992Xaldinヶ月 前

    Oh gods, sorcerers_apprentice hit my issue dead on the head.

  42. Lil Trappz

    Lil Trappzヶ月 前

    We’re forced to do french. Smh ur lucky if u do Spanish

  43. Lil Trappz

    Lil Trappzヶ月 前

    Merci amigo

  44. n/a n/a

    n/a n/aヶ月 前

    Meh.. if you don't speak it daily, you don't remember how to speak it anyway. I took 2 years of it & don't remember much. Plus the Spanish they teach in school isn't exactly like what they spe as k out on the streets. Plus...now you have Duolingo. Try it out. It's a free app.

  45. Lil Trappz

    Lil Trappzヶ月 前

    Yeah but more people speak Spanish where I live would’ve made sense for me to learn that instead of french

  46. Theodoros PETRIDIS

    Theodoros PETRIDISヶ月 前

    French is a beautiful language

  47. REASON

    REASONヶ月 前

    Fucking bitches instead of falling in love

  48. Judith Riley

    Judith Rileyヶ月 前

    I regret not beating the heck out of the most popular girl since she tormented me for 4 years

  49. Moth Boi

    Moth Boiヶ月 前

    LAUNDRY SERVICE same here



    Holy shit I feel you bro. Even the 4 years thing (1st-5th grade.) It eventually led to anxiety and depression. Currently in therapy, so I'm hoping it gets better.

  51. I Got The Munchies

    I Got The Munchiesヶ月 前

    Judith Riley it’s ok your prolly doing better than her in life now

  52. PP-chan the innocent anime girl

    PP-chan the innocent anime girlヶ月 前

    High school doesn't exist in France

  53. Hempsu Playz

    Hempsu Playzヶ月 前

    it doesnt exist in finland either

  54. The Nightcore Fox

    The Nightcore Foxヶ月 前

    Hello humans

  55. Aislee Love Greenwood

    Aislee Love Greenwoodヶ月 前

    @Flat/Jack Flat's Hello, Apartments And Pancakes! 😄 I was gonna say "Hello Fox," but that was already taken, so it's your turn to be hello'ed! (Do you see what I did with your name?)

  56. Flat/Jack Flat's

    Flat/Jack Flat'sヶ月 前

    Hello Fox

  57. I Got The Munchies

    I Got The Munchiesヶ月 前

    Regret not fuckin a lot of the chicks who like me now coulda did it back then smh

  58. MrRyukage

    MrRyukageヶ月 前

    For me,It's not coming out sooner.

  59. Noodle Games

    Noodle Gamesヶ月 前

    Ok then