1. 1 Million Tests

    1 Million Tests年 前

    Hey guys! What do you think about your result? Btw, what kind of music do you like to listen? 👉5:06

  2. sophbot and stuff

    sophbot and stuff14 日 前

    Am pumped :³

  3. e w

    e w18 日 前

    1 Million Tests Pop And sad...

  4. agha asrivatama

    agha asrivatamaヶ月 前

    Im white and ya it soow fite for me

  5. noaradicc

    noaradiccヶ月 前

    I got purple and it fits me

  6. Anime Channel

    Anime Channel2 ヶ月 前

    what the heck its true omg im white and its true pls reply

  7. Marisa Van Greuning

    Marisa Van Greuning2 時間 前

    i like three things at the first geuston

  8. Doobler Pickle

    Doobler Pickle2 時間 前

    4:48 For all the Avatar: The Last Airbender fans!!

  9. taiwo oshodi

    taiwo oshodi2 時間 前

    I got 26

  10. kittydwaz UWU

    kittydwaz UWU3 時間 前

    Ok i got blue aura and i dint know this before but i alway did think i did have a blue aura and i was right so thank you

  11. Smart Phone

    Smart Phone3 時間 前

    I got white

  12. •Crystal Gacha•

    •Crystal Gacha•3 時間 前

    I got White 😊

  13. Anaina Nanu

    Anaina Nanu3 時間 前

    I got white ❤👍👍

  14. Clara Gonzalez-Hurtado

    Clara Gonzalez-Hurtado4 時間 前

    I got white

  15. Olivia Singh

    Olivia Singh4 時間 前

    I got the purple aura who else did?

  16. Sonia KAMBOJ

    Sonia KAMBOJ4 時間 前

    So many people got white, but I got purple and I'm happy with it cause apparently I'm unique.

  17. Yolandie du Toit

    Yolandie du Toit5 時間 前

    I got white and 31

  18. Aliaa Adel

    Aliaa Adel5 時間 前

    I got 25 points so I think it is a mix between purple and white IDK 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  19. aye yo!!

    aye yo!!5 時間 前

    This make me feel like i don't know myself..

  20. Gacha Ellea X

    Gacha Ellea X5 時間 前

    me seeing that almost every one got white aura:👁️👄👁️ Also me: Gets purple aura👁️👄👁️

  21. Gurchetan Doraha

    Gurchetan Doraha5 時間 前

    Fuck this

  22. Rene Pring

    Rene Pring5 時間 前

    I got white and im so happy to have the white when i listen to the mining of it i love it💖

  23. Sol Virt

    Sol Virt5 時間 前

    Me got 28!!

  24. ThatKidGacha Walker

    ThatKidGacha Walker8 時間 前


  25. Sowjanya Karun

    Sowjanya Karun9 時間 前

    White aura😘😘 Yes I'm..

  26. JAmoonlight BTS

    JAmoonlight BTS9 時間 前

    Got white

  27. CubeGod Plays

    CubeGod Plays10 時間 前

    Apparently my Aura is purple.

  28. Bella and Billie

    Bella and Billie10 時間 前

    I got white arua

  29. GryfinnClaw and the SlytherPuffs band

    GryfinnClaw and the SlytherPuffs band11 時間 前

    i like to listen to melancholy music cuz im weird lol also i got white aura



    No I didn't have any qualities related to blue exept 1. I should get purple.

  31. Angel Anyangwe

    Angel Anyangwe11 時間 前

    My number was 37 I got the blue aura I think my aura related to me what about urs?

  32. Ayra Iman Mohd Khairi

    Ayra Iman Mohd Khairi12 時間 前

    27 white I can't belive I got that..who else got the same?

  33. Yaser X Kenshin

    Yaser X Kenshin12 時間 前

    this is not true purple aura doesn't describe me at all. im more of a if you piss me off ill hit you no matter what guy

  34. e m o t i o n a l .

    e m o t i o n a l .12 時間 前

    27 Stars... I got the white aura! 🙈🤍👌🏻.

  35. Doretta Bollinger

    Doretta Bollinger12 時間 前

    51 so Blou?

  36. Saim Khalid

    Saim Khalid13 時間 前

    Everyone in the comment section WHITE, purple and red 🙄 Am i the only one who got blue? 😅

  37. Adriana Singh

    Adriana Singh14 時間 前

    I got purple.who else got that?

  38. :Lex:LaShay :ot7:ARMYBrat

    :Lex:LaShay :ot7:ARMYBrat15 時間 前

    I thought id be red but apparently im purple and im ok with this

  39. Priya Jais

    Priya Jais15 時間 前

    I got purple

  40. Lpskitty functv

    Lpskitty functv15 時間 前

    I got white and it is true. That is me! I am like what all of the Aura's are. Wow. Just wow. I never really believed in this kind of stuff until now.

  41. Laura Contreras

    Laura Contreras15 時間 前

    I got white. Just made it to white with a score of 26

  42. Spiritual Serenity

    Spiritual Serenity18 時間 前

    33 which is me!

  43. Spiritual Serenity

    Spiritual Serenity18 時間 前

    Oops 32

  44. Abhishek Sarkar

    Abhishek Sarkar19 時間 前

    Got a total of 28 stars.. a white aura 😊

  45. Maha Tawfik

    Maha Tawfik20 時間 前

    Can i ask a question WHAT IS AN AURA????

  46. Alex Muntean

    Alex Muntean20 時間 前

    I just got white

  47. Srinidhi Pinnamaraju

    Srinidhi Pinnamaraju21 時間 前

    I got white aura

  48. Federico Nicolae

    Federico Nicolae21 時間 前


  49. Silver-Silent

    Silver-Silent22 時間 前

    I got white and I’m so happy it fits my personality and I’m surprised I got that! ~UWU~

  50. Nimalee Jevirajasingham

    Nimalee Jevirajasingham22 時間 前


  51. Prateechee Nayak 8d

    Prateechee Nayak 8d22 時間 前

    I am purple

  52. heskri alinab

    heskri alinab23 時間 前

    Whose here after watching hunter hunter anime

  53. Kai AMV

    Kai AMV日 前

    I have no aura, I'm very very very unlucky person 😀

  54. Arvy Calubag

    Arvy Calubag日 前


  55. AwwwThatsMintocs

    AwwwThatsMintocs日 前

    Seems like a disproportionate number of people got white. BTW I got white.

  56. Chelly Pooh

    Chelly Pooh日 前

    Purple where you at💜💜💜

  57. Magaret Madeleine

    Magaret Madeleine日 前

    Anyone got blue aura too? 💙

  58. Karen S. ARARAT

    Karen S. ARARAT日 前

    i got white

  59. Adrija Chatterjee

    Adrija Chatterjee日 前

    Purple aura

  60. Skyliar

    Skyliar日 前

    Blue! ^^ Comment if you’re also blue :3

  61. Karlsomething48

    Karlsomething48日 前

    3:23 why would i dream about being in your houdr

  62. Cocoy Tiongco

    Cocoy Tiongco日 前

    I got white and after watching this i feel more myself i was in a wave of stress and this cleared it out tysm

  63. Ankita Pradhan

    Ankita Pradhan日 前

    Mine is white 😍

  64. Zyriya Bowers

    Zyriya Bowers日 前

    I got white agan

  65. Syeda Alishba Shah

    Syeda Alishba Shah日 前

    Mine is white

  66. Lunar-Wolf Rose

    Lunar-Wolf Rose日 前

    I got purple...but i dont have a balance..

  67. DeadBoss 5071

    DeadBoss 5071日 前


  68. Meenu Soni

    Meenu Soni日 前

    I got purple

  69. Jasmine Johns

    Jasmine Johns日 前

    I got white

  70. Alberto A. Mananay Jr.

    Alberto A. Mananay Jr.日 前

    I got the purple aura

  71. Kpop world

    Kpop world日 前

    8:23...... i dont remeamber my answers from the last time a took this test since it was a year ago but why do i keep getting this as my result? i dont think im pure and white is a pure color so why is myura white? wait a minute, my dreams are important? how when all my dreams are about a hot Asian i think i know who but im not sure because although the person im thinking of is a kpop idol, he never shows that side in my dream. instead its the side where he is father like and innocent and always smiling. why i have feelings for him is still unclear but i he is my twin flame i will personally get a job as soon as possible and save my money to go to South Korea to meet him. i dont know where exactly, but there is 3 places i would like t go while visiting South Korea. N Seoul tower, what ever the cherry blossom park is called, and Han river. they look peaceful and romantic.

  72. edrian abubo

    edrian abubo日 前

    26 blue represented me most favorite colour red

  73. Lamar Eltaboli

    Lamar Eltaboli日 前

    WHITE aura Jokes: what would u do without me? No one: Not a single soul: Me: WhAt WoUlD yOu Do WiTh OuT mE!

  74. Dana Fogleman

    Dana Fogleman日 前

    Purple for me

  75. Kiyana Park

    Kiyana Park日 前

    I got a purple...

  76. Black Light

    Black Light日 前

    So I was looking at zodiac signs and I’m a cancer and it tells me to pay attention to my dream I have a white aura as well I got exactly 32 stars and this tells me to pay attention to my dreams

  77. Jaye Nathaniel

    Jaye Nathaniel日 前

    I got White Aura

  78. Hezh

    Hezh日 前

    Purple aura "sigh"

  79. Hezh

    Hezh日 前

    I dont have dreams now maybe once a month dreams dont occur to me

  80. Hezh

    Hezh日 前

    Im not sure about my personality It changes depends on the people

  81. Hezh

    Hezh日 前

    Well im gentle to my classmates but I always punch my brother at home

  82. Ophelia Sadie

    Ophelia Sadie日 前

    The guy who voiced this video reminds me of the old bright side narrator.

  83. What's my Name

    What's my Name日 前

    I checked my aura I see strong blueee

  84. Dennis Winters

    Dennis Winters日 前

    I have 31 points so I went with white so ya but I do have depression ) . ) And I have to have red cause I have anger and fear but I did also get white

  85. R.L Davies

    R.L Davies日 前

    I got white

  86. [ 陳 ]AmzerMatronic :3

    [ 陳 ]AmzerMatronic :3日 前

    I got purple. That's like the opposite to me

  87. Sunny Payawala

    Sunny Payawala日 前

    Im Blue!