What Bill Gates hopes we learn from coronavirus

  • 2020/05/26
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  1. Vox

    Voxヶ月 前

    Watch our 2015 interview with Bill Gates right here: jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-9AEMKudv5p0.html

  2. Reaper Z

    Reaper Z23 日 前

    @Someone 234 Nothing, that myth was disproven in 2019 as false

  3. Someone 234

    Someone 23423 日 前

    What was Bill Gates doing on Jeffrey Epstein's plane?

  4. User 122 3

    User 122 326 日 前

    The covid 19 vaccine is poison don't take it

  5. Reaper Z

    Reaper Z27 日 前

    @James Tyler No.

  6. 7

    7ヶ月 前


  7. Ëd Balboa

    Ëd Balboa10 時間 前

    He hopes for globalization and greater monopoly,,, '-'

  8. Simon Robinson

    Simon Robinson12 時間 前

    Bill Gates Epstein mate enough said

  9. DR 650

    DR 65013 時間 前

    Hmmmm, covid 19 is a desease HEY !DR GATES LOL

  10. Vaibhav Kumbhar

    Vaibhav Kumbhar17 時間 前

    Lilliputians must tie up the gulliver, OLD or NEW!

  11. swarna jena

    swarna jena17 時間 前

    Sir Billgate i want your contact

  12. blustamove

    blustamove17 時間 前

    Even Vox’s fans don’t trust this guy lol.

  13. Mugunthan Ganesan

    Mugunthan Ganesan20 時間 前

    No vaccine slogan.. Bec u had broke it hard....

  14. Zvi Krochmalnik

    Zvi Krochmalnik21 時間 前

    You hear the person contributing to it! False lie Anything that comes out of his mouth! in the Link all the truth>> @_Tns

  15. I couldn’t think of a name

    I couldn’t think of a name19 時間 前

    Zvi Krochmalnik how is he contributing it

  16. Micro Chip

    Micro Chip21 時間 前

    What Bill Gates don't want that we learn: He gets much richer in that crisis 😉

  17. SiiickGravity

    SiiickGravity16 時間 前


  18. I couldn’t think of a name

    I couldn’t think of a name19 時間 前

    Micro Chip how?

  19. LuckyM

    LuckyM22 時間 前

    The world doesn't need that people are rich like Bill Gates. A single person should not be so powerful . This world doesn't need that hedge fund like blackrock control almost all global economy influencing entire nation's politics and no one is able to truly protest to end this .capitalism is not compatible with democracy. should be eradicated and put limit to personal wealth. I think 50 million dollar is the maximum. No more billionaires or multibillionairs.

  20. CummyBot

    CummyBot12 時間 前

    Blackrock isn’t a hedge fund lol

  21. Silvano Sandrin

    Silvano Sandrin22 時間 前

    Gesù è Grande, non vorrei essere nei panni di quelli che sfruttano l'umanità per il loro tornaconto personale, non ci sarà scampo per voi, potete uccidere le porsone ma mai potete uccidere le loro anime Che Dio abbia misericordia di voi e delle vostre anime

  22. Basile Ok

    Basile Ok22 時間 前

    CRIMINAL !!!

  23. Lewis Christie

    Lewis Christie日 前

    If you want the 'spicy comments', sort by new

  24. Parekh

    Parekh日 前

    Stop these wet markets at once, how many people are suffering. Injustice to all not only animals

  25. just a cat a cat a cat a cat

    just a cat a cat a cat a cat日 前

    “Well, I hope this draws the world together” No, no it didn’t at all... it made the world more separated and it shows how corrupted the world is

  26. SiiickGravity

    SiiickGravity16 時間 前


  27. Ben Logan

    Ben Logan日 前

    Might be time for denuclearisation

  28. dana b

    dana b日 前

    your vision is sickening bill gates your id2020 and your plan to alter our genes with vaccines. you are a sick sick man. smart but sick

  29. SiiickGravity

    SiiickGravity16 時間 前


  30. TheResurrectionOfMars

    TheResurrectionOfMars日 前

    Why is he laughing and smiling all the time when talking about a pandemic killing thousands?

  31. Vince Evans

    Vince Evans日 前

    In tonight’s new world order news the devil spews pure lies to your soul

  32. Vince Evans

    Vince Evans日 前

    The moment Baalzebub Gates dies God will sing as this worm is cleansed off of our beautiful garden planet.

  33. Detective Halverson

    Detective Halverson日 前

    Arrest them all! Criminals.

  34. Clorox Bleach

    Clorox Bleach日 前

    Headed for the comments but I can't seem to find the spicy ones? Tell me what's going on.

  35. Kandy King

    Kandy King日 前

    I like turtles

  36. Tae Yone

    Tae Yone2 日 前

    Bill je bent een vaan de grootste oplichters in de wereld ze moeten jou opsluiten en nooit weer vrij laten

  37. Wuzov

    Wuzov2 日 前

    Stop with the testing and corona virus will disappear, the tests are so bad and not accurate, we were living with this virus for years and nothing happened....

  38. SiiickGravity

    SiiickGravity16 時間 前

    Wuzov Even if testing was indeed inaccurate, it would still be a good thing. I don‘t get your point

  39. Wuzov

    Wuzov日 前

    @Bjarne the tests are innaccurate and corona was here from before its not plague or something deadly, more and more people are becoming aware that its a lie

  40. Bjarne

    Bjarne日 前

    Yes, because if we stop testing, the virus will get bored and leaves earth.

  41. Ariondys Gray

    Ariondys Gray2 日 前

    the guy who thinks the world is overpopulated is soooo concerned... sure Bill, we believe you, goo Eugenics!

  42. Abdulalim Omar

    Abdulalim Omar2 日 前

    As I have said, the first thing is to be honest with yourself. You can never have an impact on society if you have not changed yourself. Great peacemakers are all people of integrity, of honesty, but humility. Nelson Mandela

  43. Zachary DiBaggio

    Zachary DiBaggio2 日 前

    When you come for the comments but they delete the comments so you are left listening to the guy who erased the comments

  44. JOHNNY SINS scenes

    JOHNNY SINS scenes2 日 前

    BILL GATES killed a BILLION people in 2020. 💉💉💉👹👹👹👹😷😷😷 The man who created the CORONAVIRUS.

  45. CummyBot

    CummyBot12 時間 前

    Spevtre25 in his dmt induced hallucinations

  46. Spevtre25

    Spevtre25日 前

    And where is the evidence?

  47. Spevtre25

    Spevtre25日 前

    Why so many emojis?

  48. L Lawliet

    L Lawliet日 前

    Umh no he didnt

  49. Apollonian Slumber

    Apollonian Slumber2 日 前

    Bill Gates wants a New World Order. And more money.

  50. CummyBot

    CummyBot12 時間 前

    MrDjgalas why would he do that that’s so evil of him giving away money 🤬😡

  51. Spevtre25

    Spevtre25日 前

    Palpatine Hahaha

  52. MrDjgalas

    MrDjgalas日 前

    And that's why he is going to give all of money to charity after his death ;D Makes perfect sense.

  53. Daniel Toma

    Daniel Toma2 日 前

    Bill Gates is an evil form of life with absolutely no love.

  54. FBI

    FBI2 日 前

    **Happy Taiwanese noises**

  55. Chuck Pestacchi

    Chuck Pestacchi2 日 前

    If you believe it or not, our world is & has been at a world wide war. The enemy has released a biological weapon & now we have to clean up from the havoc. Calling it a Pandemic is a joke, a cover up.

  56. Y Smith

    Y Smith2 日 前

    He already knows everything about, He has a patent on it!!!!

  57. thetoughones

    thetoughones2 日 前

    Conspiracy theorists believe creating a pandemic will make bill gates or doctors wealthier but guess what, Jeff Bezos is the wealthiest man in the world and he is not exploiting healthcare, he is just exploiting the technology & internet.

  58. Larissa Spinola

    Larissa Spinola2 日 前

    That capitalism has failed

  59. Henry Wong

    Henry Wong3 日 前

    Why can’t bill Gates or Jeff bezos contribute something money to help universal basically income so people in need can really have a decent life

  60. CummyBot

    CummyBot12 時間 前

    Bjarne yeah I think he is leaving 10 mil to each of his children and the rest is going to his foundation

  61. I couldn’t think of a name

    I couldn’t think of a name19 時間 前

    Henry Wong bill gates is helping with malaria and polio in Africa.

  62. Bjarne

    Bjarne日 前

    Well, they do. I don't know about Bezos, but Bill Gates donated half of his wealth some years ago and he wants to donate all of it after his death.

  63. Vince Evans

    Vince Evans日 前

    Because they are satanist & selfishness is its first tenant

  64. Blastboys // Octave

    Blastboys // Octave2 日 前

    They don’t have enough money. If they did, they would give 20$ to every person in extreme poverty and they would lose all their money

  65. Gabriel Ngotho

    Gabriel Ngotho3 日 前

    Came here specifically for comments about this evil man..

  66. Malayan Grago

    Malayan Grago3 日 前

    A brilliant man.

  67. M4RKO ツ

    M4RKO ツ3 日 前

    Even though Bill Gates is made a saint in the U.S in the eastern/southern european countries we really know who Bill Gates really is

  68. Lungani Twala

    Lungani Twala3 日 前

    Anyone actually should hope we learn from Covid-19

  69. Sauce Pois

    Sauce Pois3 日 前

    Not once he talked about global climat change

  70. Indra Maulana

    Indra Maulana3 日 前

    I came here just to see the chaos

  71. Mzwandile Mpunzi

    Mzwandile Mpunzi3 日 前

    This is Ludacris!! So now the world must listen to this 👹

  72. David Rohr

    David Rohr3 日 前

    Dear Vox team, would it be possible to present this interview without romantic piano music in the background? This really keeps me from processing what is said.

  73. aloe vera

    aloe vera3 日 前

    I dont care

  74. Aries Martes

    Aries Martes3 日 前

    Are you a doctor pizzagate????

  75. Revanth

    Revanth4 日 前

    Sort by new to find the juicy comments.

  76. Kandy King

    Kandy King日 前

    Thank you much better

  77. Justin Phomar Ramos

    Justin Phomar Ramos4 日 前

    Salamat po means thank you in filipino I'm Filipino american

  78. Commander Vile

    Commander Vile4 日 前

    Bill Gates was on E[]P[]S[]T[]E[]I[]N Island.

  79. Kandy King

    Kandy King日 前


  80. Commander Vile

    Commander Vile2 日 前

    @Joy S Search on google for Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein. You will find pictures of them actually hanging out together. They were "Business partners". When Bill Gates was confronted by reporters about Epstein after his arrest he said he "Didn't know who Epstein was." Also, he would later retract that statement and say "He made a mistake by associating with Epstein." If you dig further into the subject, you will also find several employees under Microsoft being arrested for CP. Goodluck.

  81. Christopher Anderson

    Christopher Anderson2 日 前

    @Joy S Shaun Attwood.

  82. Joy S

    Joy S2 日 前

    Source of news?

  83. Christopher Anderson

    Christopher Anderson3 日 前

    So was prince Andrew

  84. Lungelo Zondi

    Lungelo Zondi4 日 前

    Go away bill gates

  85. Walther Gumba

    Walther Gumba4 日 前

    Salamat Po🇵🇭 -filipino language

  86. Kevin Andal

    Kevin Andal4 日 前

    He MENTIONED Taiwan as a Country, Mother China will get angry.

  87. Francis Behnen

    Francis Behnen2 日 前

    No, he said place

  88. Gary Huckleberry

    Gary Huckleberry4 日 前

    When Gates was asked if he is sincere, he claimed, "I never tell a 'Fauci'."

  89. rishav

    rishav5 日 前

    Mr. Gates how many people would you test your vaccine upon?? Which is apparently not approved.

  90. Pursuits of Life.

    Pursuits of Life.5 日 前

    A man hopes for international cooperation and public welfare and there's people wondering about spicy comments smh

  91. Laoch

    Laoch3 日 前

    you are so naive

  92. Aaron

    Aaron4 日 前

    Are you serious? Stockholm Syndrome is strong in this one.

  93. Philip March Alquizar

    Philip March Alquizar5 日 前

    He hopes to learn more on money making.

  94. Justin Spell

    Justin Spell5 日 前

    God help us!!!!!

  95. Pankaj Bhatt

    Pankaj Bhatt5 日 前


  96. Link Hero of Spirits

    Link Hero of Spirits5 日 前

    I have so much respect for Bill he seems like such a great guy

  97. Abu majid Al masala

    Abu majid Al masala3 日 前

    You're more like tingle you freak

  98. Aaron

    Aaron4 日 前

    Stockholm Syndrome is strong in this one...

  99. manojlo010

    manojlo0104 日 前

    I hope u joking

  100. Graham Clay Clay

    Graham Clay Clay5 日 前

    I liked to know why he smiles the whole time

  101. Kandy King

    Kandy King日 前

    He made a vaccine that take away sadness and used it on himself. Won’t let have anyone else have it.

  102. Aaron

    Aaron4 日 前

    Because he comes from a bloodline of evil

  103. Julie Casey

    Julie Casey6 日 前

    Covid911-Insurgence video a must see to believe.

  104. Arash the Boss

    Arash the Boss6 日 前

    Bill gates acts more like a doctor giving advice, rather than someone actually giving money for help. To him it's like having 1000 $ and giving away only 1$ and talking about it like it helped a lot! 🙄

  105. LifeOfJames

    LifeOfJames3 日 前

    @Charls go back to sleep

  106. Charls

    Charls5 日 前

    Arash the Boss How many billionaires are doing what he is doing? He doesn’t have to help people, he wants to do it. I don’t get why he gets so much criticism.

  107. Gary Karr

    Gary Karr6 日 前

    somebody go have a long walk with this tyrant

  108. Sujatha Chandramohan

    Sujatha Chandramohan6 日 前


  109. Ben Ngumi

    Ben Ngumi6 日 前

    I came here for the comments 😂😂

  110. thatone gingerguy

    thatone gingerguy6 日 前

    oooh lots of jokes about spicy comments but no actual comments to be found. Guess I gotta do it then :) Bill used the people in developing countries as guinea pigs to test his vaccines. Bill gates made a deal with the government on contact tracking 2 months before the corona virus hit. Bill gates wants to blot out the sun.

  111. Aaron

    Aaron4 日 前

    Yes. Exactly. Then people with Stockholm Syndrome will come on here and say it isn't true because they don't wanna feel uncomfortable. They rely on that mechanism of the human mind to keep going with their plans.

  112. brain waves! Just Me

    brain waves! Just Me6 日 前

    🤔✌🏼Do not forget that Covid-19 =5G. Same symtoms. So stop 5G. REALY 3.5 GIGAHERTZ . CLASS 2 YOU GET ALSO CANCER FROM IT! Do your own fact checking💞✌🏼😗

  113. Oruj Karimov

    Oruj Karimov日 前

    Radio waves cannot spread virus or any other kinds of germs and this is a fact. Also, 5G is a radio wave and it has lower frequency than visible light.

  114. L Lawliet

    L Lawliet日 前

    Uhm no lol

  115. Vic Stein

    Vic Stein7 日 前

    Hey Bill! How about you be a good boy and take your money and go and enjoy yourself without worrying about us. You are causing a lot of harm in the world. Maybe you are bored? Give all your money back to people and get yourself a real job. You are not God! I know you will delete this but it gives me some relief from all the stress you causing the world.

  116. Charls

    Charls5 日 前

    Vic Stein What is he doing bad for the world?? He does so much for poor people in Africa etc.

  117. Fabio Fatigati

    Fabio Fatigati7 日 前


  118. L Lawliet

    L Lawliet日 前

    Hahahahaha credeteci voi complottisti hahah

  119. Fabio Fatigati

    Fabio Fatigati4 日 前

    @Alessio Rossato 👏

  120. Alessio Rossato

    Alessio Rossato5 日 前

    Ma basta della semplice gente che si ribella e il caro Bill potrà morire assassinato da centinaia di persone. Idem per i politici corrotti.

  121. WoahRocky

    WoahRocky7 日 前

    bill gates is our biggest enemy YALL WAKE TF UP

  122. Elijah Sabo

    Elijah Sabo7 日 前

    Bill Gates is a killer

  123. Oruj Karimov

    Oruj Karimov日 前

    Source: my friend told me and “trust me”

  124. EWS 134

    EWS 1347 日 前


  125. Olivia Veniti

    Olivia Veniti7 日 前

    He has a hand in all this. He invests so much money into big pharma. Gotta have a new virus to sell your vaccines. Y’all watch fall cabal all 10 episodes. Warning you can’t unsee.

  126. dxvt

    dxvt5 日 前

    Okay Karen

  127. K monk

    K monk7 日 前

    Lol, almost as many down as up votes!

  128. K monk

    K monk7 日 前

    Pure evil in person!

  129. Alfa Sports 1684

    Alfa Sports 16847 日 前

    He is behind this whole thing

  130. Henry

    Henry7 日 前

    They translate it into the Hindi language, but not into Spanish.

  131. Ree Gee

    Ree Gee7 日 前


  132. hayzzel H.

    hayzzel H.8 日 前

    Seriously, would negative things help? Srsly, we are in the middle of a pandemic and we still think of negativity. This is a war which all of us should help each other, grow up people please, we need each other to grow and succeed. No hate, just love, peace💓