What Am I Inside Of? (GAME)



    QT NATION6 時間 前

    Feck why don't Rhett and link come to Florida

  2. Brianna Olson

    Brianna Olson12 時間 前

    I watched you when I was 9 and now look at you guys😢😫

  3. InnFocuss

    InnFocuss日 前

    Rhett could have wine almost immediately if he listened to link say “It looks like a cyclops bird” in the last round

  4. Not Nahte

    Not Nahte日 前


  5. Caitlin Harbach

    Caitlin Harbach2 日 前

    Rhett’s face at 11:36 😦

  6. Chomppow 101

    Chomppow 1013 日 前

    The title of this video is what I ask myself every Saturday night

  7. Blue Bird

    Blue Bird5 日 前


  8. Zane Moon

    Zane Moon5 日 前

    I was eating while watching this

  9. SkullDoggoDoes AvakinLife

    SkullDoggoDoes AvakinLife7 日 前

    For the fish head I would have said Dr. Demento as a clue 😅

  10. L I am

    L I am10 日 前

    No one: My mind watching: that’s what she said 😈

  11. Lucas Fink

    Lucas Fink14 日 前

    I thought it was a chicken

  12. ツJalks

    ツJalks14 日 前

    What am I inside of think about that deeply....

  13. Alex Lassaline

    Alex Lassaline14 日 前

    They should have gotten pre-footage during their vasectomy

  14. The Phat King

    The Phat King15 日 前

    rhett doesnt look like hes doing okay...

  15. Kobe Angeles

    Kobe Angeles15 日 前

    I knew exactly what the pool noodle was immediately

  16. Breanna Moats

    Breanna Moats16 日 前

    I think they should make a show on tv or a movie they should they would make a funny movie

  17. LYLW !!

    LYLW !!16 日 前

    Link always screws himself

  18. Ethan Fortnite

    Ethan Fortnite16 日 前

  19. jade carey

    jade carey17 日 前

    They are helping each other too much

  20. Karynna Hill

    Karynna Hill17 日 前

    Rhett got like 30 free hints on that last one

  21. Carlo loke lim

    Carlo loke lim17 日 前

    i dont get it, is this some kind of inside joke?

  22. Emilinaline

    Emilinaline18 日 前

    i knew the pool noodle was a pool noodle right away, but sadly i don't think this is a useful talent.

  23. Tess McFlyy

    Tess McFlyy19 日 前

    This episode is amazing.. Link is by far the best.

  24. XxIBN123zXx Gaming

    XxIBN123zXx Gaming19 日 前

    Can u try it in poop?😂💩

  25. Serj Tankian Fan

    Serj Tankian Fan21 日 前

    I wonder what kind of stuff they would put it in, if this wasn't a family show..... like you know a past midnight show... :p

  26. bob bob

    bob bob22 日 前

    Ur mom

  27. Mr. KMM

    Mr. KMM22 日 前

    What happened to ur beard?? Looks like a sheep

  28. Lunch

    Lunch23 日 前

    This entire vid is one big innuendo

  29. Lunch

    Lunch23 日 前

    The inside of that noodle is giving me such a hard on rn I don’t have a problem...

  30. Defalt

    Defalt23 日 前

    I got the fish and the noodle immediately. Saw the fish but thought it was a chicken at first though lol And then I got the chicken immediately

  31. Ben Braceletspurple

    Ben Braceletspurple23 日 前


  32. cletus macflapjack

    cletus macflapjack23 日 前

    Seeing a pink hole and Link turned arround afterwards is quite disturbing

  33. xXSGT_ NoahXx

    xXSGT_ NoahXx23 日 前

    Sick vid bro

  34. PiPiSenpai

    PiPiSenpai23 日 前

    What am I inside of? Family edition

  35. Neighbourhoodmom -Megan-

    Neighbourhoodmom -Megan-23 日 前

    1:03 Rupaul consulting with judges music???

  36. Beatrix Poley

    Beatrix Poley23 日 前

    9:38 anyone else see a scary face, almost like a Skeksis?

  37. *Space Rays*

    *Space Rays*24 日 前

    i think almost all of us thought of other stuff when he said "I'm inside of something"

  38. Brandi Mariah

    Brandi Mariah24 日 前

    *girl that’s a BOOTY HOLE!*

  39. tracywoodard3

    tracywoodard324 日 前

    1:18 your welcome

  40. The Nerdy Panda

    The Nerdy Panda24 日 前

    "it's a man made hole that wasn't made for this game." -Link 2019

  41. dxverge

    dxverge24 日 前

    Their language slowly gets more and more dangerous

  42. Elvaldo BRYAN

    Elvaldo BRYAN24 日 前

    The fish ia a atlantic salmon maybe

  43. Arcudi Elizabeth

    Arcudi Elizabeth25 日 前

    The fish made me gag

  44. PowerMango

    PowerMango25 日 前

    didn't this start as a podcast channel?


    ROJHOSNS25 日 前


  46. Syd I guess

    Syd I guess25 日 前

    Bruh that whole time I thought that fish was a chicken

  47. ThisAint ItChief

    ThisAint ItChief25 日 前

    You wanna know what else was an inside job

  48. Scorch Kadien

    Scorch Kadien25 日 前

    Your mom

  49. boneless human

    boneless human25 日 前

    Ur mom

  50. VeRm UnKnOwN

    VeRm UnKnOwN25 日 前

    Do you ever wonder what is going on inside someones head

  51. Weirdoness

    Weirdoness25 日 前

    I was not expecting that beginning.

  52. Depressed Tdoroki

    Depressed Tdoroki25 日 前

    Omg you guys miss an opportunity for a better dad joke “today’s episode is an inside joke” it would have been a way better dad joke dang it!

  53. Sky Blue

    Sky Blue25 日 前

    Yo I'm in wi ston Salem that's fire! NC REPRESE T

  54. RedShadow Wolf

    RedShadow Wolf25 日 前

    Your mom😎

  55. Mc_owl 07

    Mc_owl 0725 日 前

    It’s a goldfish

  56. Amber

    Amber25 日 前

    Ngl rhetts hair is looking more greek statue like than I have ever seen before

  57. Trei Tobin

    Trei Tobin25 日 前

    6:07 I thought it was a chicken lmao

  58. I am Greg

    I am Greg26 日 前


  59. Nala Mc

    Nala Mc26 日 前

    A bagina

  60. Nala Mc

    Nala Mc26 日 前


  61. Giovani Carneiro

    Giovani Carneiro26 日 前

    This has potential.......