Welcome To My Parents' House - NSP


  1. MsPeachyKeen

    MsPeachyKeen時間 前

    Why is the part 'What's your favorite Juice!' the part that's stuck in my head lol

  2. Phantom Crypt

    Phantom Crypt時間 前

    i was humming this before coming home. youtube knows to much... O_O

  3. Claire Naughton

    Claire Naughton2 時間 前

    Such a sassy rascal, aren't you, MARVIN~

  4. spooky_swirl

    spooky_swirl2 時間 前

    Does anyone else think this guy sounds alot like Danny from GameGrumps?? Either way, i love this song

  5. Addison Mosher

    Addison Mosher2 時間 前

    OMFG I was listening to some of your songs and I was like hmmm this sounds like Danny form game grumps. I forgot you had a band. fdfgghgdsfds

  6. Maxwell Eckenrode

    Maxwell Eckenrode3 時間 前

    Yo, she's totally digging it.

  7. Chris Brown

    Chris Brown3 時間 前

    Commander Meouch is becoming more and more of a furry with each animation.

  8. Tomo Key Cookie

    Tomo Key Cookie4 時間 前

    Ninja Brian almost made another last second steal, at least Danny learned from the last disaster.

  9. fishy

    fishy4 時間 前


  10. Renée Lauzon

    Renée Lauzon5 時間 前

    This is one of those few times Danny actually came close to having the girl but once again Ninja Brian is there to take care of her lol

  11. ღ yeet ღ

    ღ yeet ღ5 時間 前

    it took me this long to see the painting matching Dan's face at 3:39, that is way too cool omg

  12. Tavion Harris

    Tavion Harris6 時間 前

    How did I find this?

  13. bob_the_eel

    bob_the_eel9 時間 前

    God this was hilarious 😂 10/10

  14. Ivbrem Kinjardii

    Ivbrem Kinjardii10 時間 前

    every. frame. a. wallpaper.

  15. Cum Socks

    Cum Socks11 時間 前

    Couldn't help but laugh the whole time.

  16. Deroxus

    Deroxus11 時間 前

    "We met up on the dance floor" I must say that looks awfully like a bar...

  17. Obama Gaming

    Obama Gaming11 時間 前

    I would watch this anime

  18. Brian Steele

    Brian Steele15 時間 前

    134k likes. This is so underrated.

  19. Jexus Domel

    Jexus Domel16 時間 前

    "a king must have his castle", just perfect

  20. Reggae Lion

    Reggae Lion18 時間 前

    This is literally the best music video ever, definitely my favourite music video, and absolutely on of my favourite videos ever

  21. TheReaper739

    TheReaper73919 時間 前

    1:58 Let's face it. She stayed because he has a dog.

  22. Elijah y e s

    Elijah y e s19 時間 前

    The alternate universe where Danny asks the black girl from the resteraunt out

  23. Kevin the Kek Collector

    Kevin the Kek Collector20 時間 前

    This, but unironically...

  24. Nick's Theory

    Nick's Theory20 時間 前

    That ending is so fucking funny

  25. NegativeJam

    NegativeJam20 時間 前

    I think the fact that she rolls with it at every turn is showing she’s a damn keeper lol.

  26. Hunter Trandem

    Hunter Trandem21 時間 前

    You can’t help but feel sad for her every time something worse happens to ruin the mood, but she still smiles, she really is a keeper.

  27. Golden Saber

    Golden Saber22 時間 前

    Love how they made commander meowch so buff

  28. Gil Lang

    Gil Lang22 時間 前

    1:00 "I bet ur feeling horny now" the girl: 👁👄👁

  29. David Wicke

    David Wicke23 時間 前

    What is the picture in the parents room? (t=3:39)

  30. lordnech

    lordnech23 時間 前

    Im i hearing the lyrics right, Dan's dad ate all the ham in the fridge? Is their kosher ham? Just checking.

  31. xxMyChemicalSuicidexx

    xxMyChemicalSuicidexx日 前

    Best part is how long he ACTUALLY lived with themXD

  32. Sooo Turtles

    Sooo Turtles日 前

    I get Emperor’s New Groove vibes from this and I’m loving it!!

  33. Logan Henry

    Logan Henry日 前

    Anyone else see the face in the picture to the right on him when he's yelling at 3:39 ?

  34. lonely bag

    lonely bag日 前

    from having a mansion to living in your parents house.

  35. Dr. Coomer Clone

    Dr. Coomer Clone日 前

    Fucking beautiful

  36. RobsLenses

    RobsLenses日 前

    Yooo!!! This is the greatest!!! I love the song and video!!! I haven’t laughed out loud at anything in a minute, but that ending had me 😂😂😂 great job!!!

  37. spartan113ish

    spartan113ish日 前

    For once the girl didn't leave after getting weirded out or pick someone else over Dan. Guess still living with your parents has its perks.

  38. patrick blake

    patrick blake日 前

    Im so happy right now

  39. Cam B

    Cam B日 前

    The animation is so good tho

  40. Hector Caballero

    Hector Caballero日 前

    0:20 Bartender Ninja Brian shaking the drink is my favorite moment in this whole animation

  41. Dude

    Dude日 前

    Alright, I can’t wait for the sequel Her parents house

  42. Yote Butt

    Yote Butt日 前

    Me: holy fuck I got into college! I can turn my life around and of have fun doing it too! Tuition: and here is our housing plan...

  43. Ally Kenny

    Ally Kenny日 前

    Dan making the same face as the wall art at 3:39 is PERFECTION

  44. Joseph Suh

    Joseph Suh日 前

    Watched the behind the scenes. Artist himself confirmed that Ninja Brian and the girl was dancing as platonic friends at the end.

  45. disneydork100

    disneydork100日 前

    The animation gives me life, and the song is giving that life REASON

  46. KawaiiPinkPunkStar

    KawaiiPinkPunkStar日 前

    Got some Weird Al vibes from this, haha. Awesome song/video! Loved it.

  47. OD_Gaming_ yeet

    OD_Gaming_ yeet日 前

    why is ninja Brian so pissed all the time

  48. NeekOtaku

    NeekOtaku日 前

    The song complimented by the animation is literally an artistic masterpiece. This is what I strive to be like when I get more artistic experience-

  49. Nutella Flavor

    Nutella Flavor日 前

    There's a singer that sounds exactly the same as our dear Danny but he's japanese, search for example "black rover - city raven mix"

  50. Bishop Thomas

    Bishop Thomas日 前

    That woman is just so chill. You can tell she's surprised but is like, "Eh, he's a nice guy. Let's see how this goes."

  51. Talley the Legendary Loser

    Talley the Legendary Loser日 前

    this song is hella fucking funny

  52. Maxbuerrox

    Maxbuerrox日 前

    Imma die alone

  53. Wayward

    Wayward日 前

    I kinda wanna hear Danny and Brian do a Metallica Fuel cover

  54. Connor Parker

    Connor Parker日 前

    I like how shoocharu draws dan to look so young, but Dan is actually in his 40s

  55. Conzola

    Conzola2 日 前

    Holy shit this is one of the funniest things I’ve watched in some time and also this animation is top tier

  56. TurboBuRick

    TurboBuRick2 日 前

    Great job NSP! Love it!

  57. AntsMcGee

    AntsMcGee2 日 前

    I wouldve loved if Avi actually had a line at the end there, but all in all fantastic jams

  58. C

    C2 日 前

    1:58 I love how she seems genuinely excited to meet the dog. The ending of the video should totally have been her just hanging out with Danny, his parents, the dog and Bryan completely embracing the family dynamic.

  59. Trainboi

    Trainboi2 日 前

    I want a girl that looks at me like she looks at dan after he makes pizza rolls

  60. Bongo Fresh

    Bongo Fresh2 日 前

    So many fuckin’ Fruits

  61. Nickolas Barmenkov

    Nickolas Barmenkov2 日 前

    The bass solo at 2:33 is just... wow

  62. ZheCloud

    ZheCloud2 日 前

    The video is fantastic. I love how the picture in the dads room is basically Dans face when he's screaming. @Shoocharu you absolute genius.

  63. bloodmoon0746

    bloodmoon07462 日 前

    I don't know what I just saw, but I'm glad I did😂🤣

  64. Malik Bruton

    Malik Bruton2 日 前

    Ah yes , Dan's fever dreams of being with a ebony queen have beem animated finally

  65. Gabriel Toussaint

    Gabriel Toussaint2 日 前

    a guy taking u to his parents house is kinda hot LMAOOOOO

  66. Carlos Felix

    Carlos Felix2 日 前

    The high schoolers anthem

  67. SteamPunk

    SteamPunk2 日 前

    0:17 this is the most intense bar tender I have ever seen, but also looks like he's gonna rob you

  68. RowinMarkov

    RowinMarkov2 日 前

    "And you ate all the ham in the fridge when you said that you wouldn't" But... Dan is jewish, my confusion rises.

  69. Shwaznut_

    Shwaznut_2 日 前

    The like to dislike ratio is one of the lowest I've ever seen on JPreporter

  70. Kayleigh Haines

    Kayleigh Haines2 日 前

    Danny can you sing please do you believe in life after love - cher In your own way? I love your voice and your band and game grumps and power hour. I respect and understand if you don't have to sing what I request. Its not my favourite song or anything, I just heard something and remembered that song, searched for its name and thought you'd enjoy it idk. Have a great day, Dan!

  71. Eddie Garcia777

    Eddie Garcia7772 日 前

    Showed this to my Non-NSP friends, and they loved it. I was looking at them the entire time to see if they were experiencing it as I had my first time. Totally effective! Lmao

  72. Isaac Benzing

    Isaac Benzing2 日 前

    The painting near the end absolutely killed me

  73. Javier Borrero

    Javier Borrero2 日 前

    Me bragging to my friends in 1st grade: 1:44

  74. FrozenWolf 6

    FrozenWolf 62 日 前

    *ninja brian the best wingman lets be real here*

  75. Tyberius

    Tyberius2 日 前

    That beat. mmmmmmmmmmm, that funk. So Uhhhhh

  76. iwearhats

    iwearhats2 日 前

    I don't think I would be comfortable drinking liquor out of a bottle labelled "høm-høm" :p

  77. Bender Bending Rodríguez

    Bender Bending Rodríguez2 日 前

    The fruits part of the song kills me everytime 🤣🤣 *so mant fuckn fruits ahh*

  78. кคקק๏гtєг

    кคקק๏гtєг3 日 前

    Brilliant animation. Awesome song.

  79. Shmey

    Shmey3 日 前

    Her: "You know, he's cute. He's funny. He's (mostly) cool with his parents. But... He's not gettin' laid tonight..."

  80. The Dispenser

    The Dispenser3 日 前

    This made my day. No, year. Cross that, decade!

  81. Peter Marsella

    Peter Marsella3 日 前

    "welcome to my parents' house, let's use our inside voices" Is one of my favourite lines in this song

  82. Drev

    Drev3 日 前


  83. Shawn Knock

    Shawn Knock3 日 前

    I love how chill the girl is with everything, it's so cute

  84. Ping

    Ping3 日 前

    today's day i found out that ninja brian is a theoretical physicist who's held research positions at MIT and Harvard on string theory and supersymmetry, and now he does this for a living this is a man that we should all fear

  85. Quinton King

    Quinton King3 日 前

    Danny is consistently a massive loser in every song, but it's always a different way, and otherwise he's super cool. I feel that.

  86. Zeekar

    Zeekar3 日 前

    0:19 i just fucking realized all the bottles have danish words on them bro i was wheezing for a solid minute this is great

  87. Helle T

    Helle T3 日 前

    I looked through so many comments to see if anyone else noticed! :D ... I think I'll pass on most of the drinks, though XD

  88. Chicken John

    Chicken John3 日 前

    2:35 lol he's in the window then behind the couch in next shot never noticed 🤣

  89. BorringGuy

    BorringGuy3 日 前

    I wanna see someone perform this props and all

  90. Go Kart Man

    Go Kart Man3 日 前

    the only thing better than this masterpiece of a song is the work put into this animation, great job!

  91. robert hume

    robert hume3 日 前

    I just found these guys, and I can't stop laughing. How have I not heard of these guys before, they are great. Love the songs and the animation, awesome work.

  92. Owen Embree

    Owen Embree3 日 前

    Is it me or does Danny radiate cronk from the emperors new groove

  93. Alivia Seay

    Alivia Seay4 日 前

    Am I the only one who wants a song about big tiddie goth gf's

  94. Sydney Schmidt

    Sydney Schmidt4 日 前

    2:32 Brian hiding behind the sides of the couch 😂




  96. LordDraconical

    LordDraconical4 日 前

    Animators ability to reinvent cartoon danny each time is legendary. Love it

  97. TannerBarbecue

    TannerBarbecue5 時間 前

    Wow drac you watch nsp? This it the last place I thought I would find you!

  98. Glitched Casual

    Glitched Casual23 時間 前

    Yep in mansion party it was non-round Danny like there was no round parts of him not even his hair

  99. Sebastian Poetting

    Sebastian Poetting4 日 前

    I love how she just went with it like, this is cute

  100. 17PercentBiggaMario

    17PercentBiggaMario4 日 前

    This song is brilliant and hilarious. I was laughing at every second line but also enjoying the BOP of a song. Danny's voice is so clean it's amazing, and you can make out everything he says incredibly clearly, unlike a lot of artists, so the jokes in the lyrics you don't need to look at a lyrics sheet to hear. Love it, fantastic work boys. Also, I went to buy a CD of the album but they seem to only have it digitally, what's up with that?

  101. InShane162

    InShane1624 日 前

    Only thing that could make this better is if they got Avi to say 'Is it on Spoofy?' During the credits

  102. Richard Koch

    Richard Koch4 日 前

    Man, Ninja Brian is the best wingman.

  103. Sunbro

    Sunbro4 日 前

    What's your favourite juice-ah?