Weather: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)


  1. BlueTemplar En Taro Brian!

    BlueTemplar En Taro Brian!13 時間 前

    "We predict a heavy fog of nepotism for the next semester."

  2. Joseph Walker

    Joseph Walker日 前

    After watching this I got rid of my accuweather app and downloaded the noaa app

  3. Pablo A

    Pablo A日 前

    13:07 Fucking Cathartic

  4. Pablo A

    Pablo A日 前

    11:52 “And at this point you can probably guess what’s coming” This sentence is depressing, accurate but depressing Though I have to admit I’ve been waiting for Trump to pop up for 11 minutes

  5. Rafał Hrynkiewicz

    Rafał Hrynkiewicz2 日 前

    All this makes me even more to enjoy living in Poland. Year after year the saying: "United States is the wealthiest Third World country" is becomes more and more relevant.

  6. Rafał Hrynkiewicz

    Rafał Hrynkiewicz18 時間 前

    @Felix Philippe What fascists?

  7. Felix Philippe

    Felix Philippe20 時間 前

    don't worry, the fascists in your country will get you there soon.

  8. Filming life to Remember it.

    Filming life to Remember it.2 日 前

    Oh. We like "Flashy-flashy Boom-Boom." Oh. Sorry. We thought this was gonna be a porn video.

  9. The Noobest Girl

    The Noobest Girl3 日 前

    Wow. Just wow. America is getting more and more corrupted by the minute, isn't it?

  10. Kierra Nodel

    Kierra Nodel3 日 前

    My birds got proportionally louder as I turned this up to hear over them. Either they really hate the sound of John’s voice or they recognize their own kind and were trying to communicate.

  11. ChesterSnap

    ChesterSnap3 日 前

    Note to self: don't ever use Accuweather's services again

  12. Lily Burrell

    Lily Burrell3 日 前

    If you can’t give family members of McDonald employees free kids books, you can’t let myres in the national weather service

  13. Lily Burrell

    Lily Burrell3 日 前

    Remember when England named the snow storm beast from the east. It wasn’t a proper storm but snow!!!! ❄️ ⛄️

  14. Miss Amazon

    Miss Amazon3 日 前

    Whether the weather be cold, or whether the weather be hot. We'll weather the weather, whatever the weather, whether we like it or not!! 😉

  15. Jack Pipe

    Jack Pipe3 日 前

    It's really impressive that this guy can get nearly 5 million people (at the time of writing) to click on a video called 'Weather'

  16. AbstractAudition

    AbstractAudition4 日 前

    I cant tell 'weather' or not thisl matter when we are all hiding on the mountain tops because a bunch of do-nothing fkwits melted the ice caps for fun.

  17. TheCritic

    TheCritic4 日 前

    "it felt 19" sounds like one of the worlds worst defenses given in cord

  18. Clark Tierney

    Clark Tierney4 日 前

    Here is an Englishman still supporting through his stupid fuckingly groomed eye brows a. Colony in IRELAND. FUCK YOU, ENGLISH FUCK. Get the FUCK out of IRELAND, and STFU you fuckin* pissant. Take your prissy aunt fucking British accent American audiences find so fucking intriguing and kill yourself. Asshole. No, I don’t want to hear from shithole Americans, and their bullshit. Get the fuck out of IRELAND.

  19. Felix Philippe

    Felix Philippe20 時間 前


  20. James Neave

    James Neave4 日 前

    Meanwhile, in the UK, no stupid graphics or hyperbole. 🙄

  21. James Neave

    James Neave4 日 前

    I should imagine _every_ member of the WMO get more than they give!

  22. Pat Pearce

    Pat Pearce4 日 前

    Britain did lose ww2 for accepting help. What happened to the empire!



    Ok... So what storm name means that storm ain't shit?!



    2:20 What book was that?!

  25. emmett stone

    emmett stone5 日 前

    Half of this entire series is just “why bureaucracy is bad” but he never says that overtly

  26. Felix Philippe

    Felix Philippe20 時間 前

    think you've misunderstood it.

  27. Sujeong Kwak

    Sujeong Kwak5 日 前

    What can we do to prevent Barry Myers from getting the position?

  28. Con nor

    Con nor5 日 前


  29. Garland Zhang

    Garland Zhang6 日 前

    john oliver's thumbs have creases in them

  30. Valentin Li

    Valentin Li6 日 前

    The way the Myers talk about some town's people getting killed like they were nothing. Or getting European meteorological data, which saved US American lives, as bad is just chilling. They clearly see their business and money above human lives or as service to their countrymen.

  31. NoirRaven

    NoirRaven6 日 前

    That impression was obnoxious even for you.

  32. Lord of Onion Rings L

    Lord of Onion Rings L6 日 前


  33. Ben Burke

    Ben Burke6 日 前

    6:11-6:21 Greatest Eddie Vedder impression ever!

  34. Shakes First

    Shakes First6 日 前

    You want a fuck knuckle that does the weather? Try Tim Bailey in Australia. He is not a meteorologist. He's just some self important "Do you know who I am?" wanker. If he says it's raining outside and it is raining? I'll put on my sunscreen and give my umbrella to the garbage chute. Weird thing is, this guy is every type of c()nt, but CNN (The recent owners of Channel 10 in Australia), are letting him get away with 20 years of being a cunt. And yes I know, CNN owns an Aussie TV network, but they beat Murdoch's son out of it. That's a good thing.

  35. Olly

    Olly6 日 前

    You have elected corporate America's bitch to be your President...Bernie or Warren are your best hopes of bringing government back to the people...

  36. Felix Philippe

    Felix Philippe20 時間 前

    warren, not so much.

  37. JokeCubed

    JokeCubed7 日 前

    So, the United States relies on an organisation called NOOA for it's weather? I suppose it makes sense, since in the bible Noah was the only one who knew that a world-destroying flood was coming, and was able to prepare for it.

  38. Butt Soup

    Butt Soup7 日 前

    And they made poor Jimmy Stewart sell his peanut farm

  39. Emily Panpaya

    Emily Panpaya7 日 前

    The way Oliver worship government and his efforts in promoting bigger government intervention / function in people's lives is scary to behold. This is outright Communism. Capitalism value individuality and personal responsibility much more.

  40. Lachlan Ward

    Lachlan Ward7 日 前

    Spoilers! Fuck you for ruining Anna Karenina! Jesus man.

  41. farfangled

    farfangled7 日 前

    Wait there's an app called Weather Underground, named after the terrorist group, which was itself named after a line from a Bob Dylan song?

  42. Gualter Alves

    Gualter Alves7 日 前

    The first weather forecaster could get some pointers from the Hippy Dippy Weather Man...


    VACATETHE487 日 前

    Fuck AccuWeather Important forecasts that are beneficial to the general public is something that should never cost anyone a dime to figure out. It's appalling. Watch Force Thirteen instead if you need in your face graphics packages that tell you what the weather will be.

  44. Jenifer R.

    Jenifer R.7 日 前

    I'd love to comment, but it is November 2019 and about one quarter of my country is on fire... But hey! Best of luck to everyone else! Cheers from Australia.

  45. Felix Philippe

    Felix Philippe20 時間 前

    don't let these corrupt fucking trogs in parliament get away with this shit. they are killing us.

  46. Jenifer R.

    Jenifer R.3 日 前

    @Danny Caracciolo Please tell me you are joking.

  47. TheZeroAssassin

    TheZeroAssassin5 日 前

    @Danny Caracciolo It's almost summer, it's hot as shit, many places are in drought, and everything is combusting. But apparently Climate Change isn't real. And it';s not even summer yet

  48. Danny Caracciolo

    Danny Caracciolo5 日 前

    Wait how did you guys get set on fire!!!

  49. Mr. Notlob

    Mr. Notlob8 日 前

    If u been watching LWT for several time u realize that every big company in the USA is fucking evil.

  50. Felix Philippe

    Felix Philippe20 時間 前

    it's literally built into the system.

  51. itookallthenames

    itookallthenames8 日 前

    what's with all the dislikes? Is that from MAGA hats who saw "weather" in the title and just smashed the thumbs down in a sort of mass Pavlovian fit?

  52. Luana Audio

    Luana Audio8 日 前

    For anyone trying to escape AccuWeather, I highly recommend Fuc*** Weather app. Great forecasts with a lot of swearing 🖤

  53. S. Gray

    S. Gray9 日 前

    Capitalists: competition is good Also capitalists: competition is very bad when I lose. All capitalists are so effing stupid.

  54. 31webseries

    31webseries9 日 前

    I though that guy died years ago, then I realized "No, that was on a Simpson's Halloween special." So, good for you man!

  55. America Silva

    America Silva9 日 前

    Its almost freakin 2020! Women should NOT be afraid to report bc of retaliation! Wtf 😣😣😣

  56. Sherry H.

    Sherry H.9 日 前

    I want that meteorologist on a national program! He’s a great antidote to fake cheeriness & * BIG SMILE * “Have a nice weekend!” (Personal note: W. Michigan is where I born & grew up - thus EXTRA fun!)

  57. Snowsleds Online

    Snowsleds Online10 日 前

    Talking about weather, seems we can look upto snowfall in a couple of states. Get a snow sled now; snowsledsonline .com

  58. Niranjan Prakash

    Niranjan Prakash11 日 前

    5:05, they Michael Bay-d the shit out of weather!

  59. Thalass

    Thalass11 日 前

    I use the weather app from Environment Canada. Might as well get the data from the source!

  60. Adam Gardiner

    Adam Gardiner11 日 前

    Wow yet another rich asshole CEO who wants to make us pay for life saving information. It's time to start shooting these people in the face along with Republitards. I'm kidding of course except I'm not.

  61. Calvin Bottoms

    Calvin Bottoms11 日 前

    If you’re wondering, literally every decision DT makes is designed to harm the United States. Sabotage is not just a song by AC/DC .

  62. stephen m

    stephen m2 日 前

    No, I don't think he is inherently seeking to harm the US or anyone specifically. He's just looking to line his own pockets and those of his supporters and friends which has the side effect of harming everybody else.

  63. rockemack

    rockemack3 日 前

    He’s a nationalist, why would he try to harm the United States? Why is harming the USA considered the worlds highest evil?

  64. Felix Rewer

    Felix Rewer5 日 前

    fake name I see, I am too late.

  65. Spark

    Spark7 日 前

    @fake name Damnit beat me to it

  66. fake name

    fake name10 日 前

    Correct, it's also a song by the Beastie Boys.

  67. Brad Conklin

    Brad Conklin12 日 前

    Trump is a steaming pile of shit in every way, and please John, no more Pearl Jam imitations.

  68. SkywalkerWroc

    SkywalkerWroc12 日 前

    3:20 Good job Europe!

  69. RetroLPGames

    RetroLPGames12 日 前

    great episode! too bad the "source of friction" joke didn't get any laughs :D

  70. Leo

    Leo12 日 前


  71. trnrbrnr

    trnrbrnr13 日 前

    I was surprised that he didn't bring up Rick Santorum's earlier efforts on behalf of Accuweather earlier to privatize weather information.

  72. Steve Jarvis

    Steve Jarvis13 日 前

    If the news was delivered that way it certainly would be more entertaining haha.

  73. PrettyBoiBozo

    PrettyBoiBozo13 日 前

    Ok boomer

  74. TheChiller007

    TheChiller00713 日 前

    deleting these two apps now from any of my devices

  75. Rokas Charlapavičius

    Rokas Charlapavičius14 日 前

    "We're not alive..." :D