Wearing A Wig In Public To See If My Girlfriend Notices Me


  1. Jules & Saud

    Jules & Saudヶ月 前

    This was payback for Julia spying on me. How do you guys think I did?😂❤️

  2. Bartolo Lopez

    Bartolo Lopez8 時間 前


  3. Ashanda Whyte

    Ashanda Whyte20 時間 前

    Jules & Saud you totally did it

  4. unicorn Bff Bff

    unicorn Bff Bff日 前

    U did great

  5. Princess Pineapple

    Princess Pineapple3 日 前

    Pretty good and hilarious good job I’m proud of you😂❤️

  6. Reviews And more

    Reviews And more6 日 前

    Jules & Saud omg I can’t event type I’m laughing soooo hard 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💙💙💙💙👏👏💙😂👏😁😁😁🤣🤣

  7. Alexis Puniwai

    Alexis Puniwai11 分 前

    Saud you look dope in that wig 😂😂😂

  8. Saul Hernandez

    Saul Hernandez2 時間 前

    is Justin Bieber older then you

  9. Nadia Leyja

    Nadia Leyja8 時間 前

    You guy should start prank wars

  10. Mallory Bremer

    Mallory Bremer12 時間 前

    I subscribe hope I can get a shoutout in your next video love you guys

  11. jacinta luz echeverria duran

    jacinta luz echeverria duran12 時間 前


  12. jacinta luz echeverria duran

    jacinta luz echeverria duran12 時間 前

    REVENGE!!!!!haha xD

  13. Halima Javadi

    Halima Javadi19 時間 前

    Goldfish? That’s cute😂😂


    NOE PARRA22 時間 前

    You did awsome Saud,Julia didnt see it coming. Awsome

  15. Jannet Huezo

    Jannet Huezo22 時間 前

    Did you notise she didbthe same things

  16. Sara Smith

    Sara Smith23 時間 前

    You look like your going trick or treating costume

  17. paige maddison

    paige maddison日 前

    Can y'all do a callab with the ace family

  18. Pedro Lopez

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  19. emberlynn logo

    emberlynn logo日 前

    Hi can i have a shoutout please i have been watching your videos four 2years i subedcriped and liked the video and i turned on the notivacashons

  20. Trinity Conner

    Trinity Conner日 前

    #love Jules and saud

  21. Deborah Gribble

    Deborah Gribble日 前

    Antonio looked like Larry

  22. Keaira Rose

    Keaira Rose2 日 前


  23. Family, Fun and Toys!

    Family, Fun and Toys!2 日 前

    "I look like a baby justin beiber" omg lol

  24. Samantha Rivera

    Samantha Rivera2 日 前

    She was a special day for a second chance

  25. Samantha Rivera

    Samantha Rivera2 日 前

    She well now you from the ear

  26. abur ndiege

    abur ndiege2 日 前

    Justin Bieber

  27. Cathy Costlow-Hammonds

    Cathy Costlow-Hammonds3 日 前

    I really like your channel

  28. Juliauna Thurmond

    Juliauna Thurmond3 日 前

    Hi luvyou guys

  29. Broken ,lost

    Broken ,lost3 日 前

    Saud looked like if he was someone in naruto because he fell and ran with his hands like there’s when they run

  30. Samantha Vlogs

    Samantha Vlogs3 日 前


  31. Delia Viz

    Delia Viz3 日 前

    Suad I think you should do the say yes to Jules for 24 hours and you can't say NO

  32. Jadi-ann Hibbert

    Jadi-ann Hibbert4 日 前

    U look like Bruno Mars, I love u guys, my notifications r always on and ur the cutest couple

  33. Amour Jones

    Amour Jones4 日 前

    Is Saud a boy or a girl

  34. DevilAriana

    DevilAriana3 日 前

    Amour Jones boy

  35. God Child

    God Child4 日 前

    U look like a person lol😆

  36. Kurinrinki Rinmomoto

    Kurinrinki Rinmomoto4 日 前

    The wig makes me remember justin vy hdlbhy chvjvkdjfkgjfhfyy

  37. Zara Bansidhar

    Zara Bansidhar4 日 前

    I saw 1 video of you Guys yesterday and I subscribed! I love you😍👑❤️

  38. Kayann Kildare

    Kayann Kildare4 日 前

    Do a Viagra prank plz plus notification has been turn on. new subscriber😘😍😛

  39. And iara Alexandra and gabby friend for ever

    And iara Alexandra and gabby friend for ever4 日 前


  40. And iara Alexandra and gabby friend for ever

    And iara Alexandra and gabby friend for ever4 日 前

    Okay Jules is talking with a new boyfriend and she cheating😡🙄

  41. meredith shelton

    meredith shelton4 日 前

    Saud u should do a video where u are moving out

  42. Aaron Ramirez

    Aaron Ramirez4 日 前

    DAAAAAMMMMMMMM😲😲😁 you really do look like Justin and that looks real bro😂😂😂

  43. Natalie Batrez

    Natalie Batrez4 日 前

    What type of fan is that

  44. Jacobe family !

    Jacobe family !4 日 前


  45. Braydi & Bri

    Braydi & Bri4 日 前

    y’all should go to a haunted house during october!!

  46. Carmen Munroe

    Carmen Munroe4 日 前

    Is saud trans or not so

  47. Jeanae Fowler

    Jeanae Fowler4 日 前

    He looks like Bruno Mars with the sunglasses on lol

  48. Windy Parker

    Windy Parker5 日 前

    U brother is so cute

  49. Courtney Avendano

    Courtney Avendano5 日 前


  50. Valeria Pacheco

    Valeria Pacheco5 日 前

    Antonio is soo cutee breng him in all the vid plzz

  51. Ava Wallace

    Ava Wallace5 日 前

    “i look like judge judy.” ahahahhahahahaha funniest thing i’ve heard all day. 😂😂😂

  52. Makeup By Eva

    Makeup By Eva5 日 前

    is it just me or does saud look like benji krol with that wig lmao

  53. Mia Bre

    Mia Bre5 日 前

    Sauds over dramatic



    Saud u look Danny davido

  55. Memoria Clay

    Memoria Clay5 日 前

    Hi ❤️😁😊☺️🤗😎❤️

  56. Brandy Failach

    Brandy Failach5 日 前

    Lol haha the wig is so big and you look like Justin beber

  57. Lily Sophia

    Lily Sophia5 日 前

    U do realize that She could have said I can’t wait to see to a friend like jeez no hate tho