We Went Camping In Our Backyard


  1. Gamz Lover

    Gamz Lover6 時間 前

    There she goes that beautiful giraffe

  2. Wolfe Chan

    Wolfe Chan日 前

    My mom would never let me go camping 😔

  3. Angel Hipp

    Angel Hipp日 前

    Perm is like one of those kids always wanted to go camping and really just wanted to sleep in a tent and didn't want the whole outside part

  4. Angel Hipp

    Angel Hipp日 前

    They make tents that are shaped like houses and they have a multi different rooms

  5. rebecca hopper

    rebecca hopper2 日 前

    Soo.. u haven't been watching for a while, and I jus opened up this video, and went " what the FUCK is that" that is a full greyhound, isn't it?

  6. FrenchFryLlama

    FrenchFryLlama3 日 前

    I mean it’s a perfect fit you have like a 6 person family and Kermit is crazy running around so yea a nine person tent for about nine peeps

  7. Toy box Twins

    Toy box Twins3 日 前

    Eh heh

  8. FerbHasBrainZ

    FerbHasBrainZ3 日 前

    Since kErMiT is the bOsS, he should get the WhOLe tEnT

  9. sara gonzales

    sara gonzales3 日 前

    Jenna, I’m still waiting for the canoeing video

  10. Sara and Brandon

    Sara and Brandon3 日 前

    Anyone else want her to link that tent cause I want one😭

  11. Millie Spicer

    Millie Spicer4 日 前

    This might sound shocking but I've never had smores , like at all

  12. Ruby Kittykitty

    Ruby Kittykitty4 日 前

    When I watch this video I thought it was stupid

  13. Meg 501

    Meg 5014 日 前

    2:24 he stared into my soul

  14. Connor Dokis

    Connor Dokis4 日 前

    Wait it’s summer where you are? BRO ITS THE FUCKING MIDDLE OF WINTER IN ONTARIO!!!😂

  15. Haylee Romanchuk

    Haylee Romanchuk4 日 前

    Now I’m convinced that marbles is like perry the platypus

  16. Saber Productions

    Saber Productions4 日 前

    like how are you still alive..

  17. Hailey Wood

    Hailey Wood4 日 前

    "We used to go the Adirondacks" *is super honored to live Upstate New York in the Adirondacks*

  18. Roses R Red

    Roses R Red5 日 前

    Love your house 🏡 decorating on Christmas will look awesome

  19. Chloe Shulman

    Chloe Shulman5 日 前


  20. Elizabeth Hager

    Elizabeth Hager5 日 前

    Please canoe in the pool!!

  21. Roopali Mishra

    Roopali Mishra5 日 前

    I want a friendship like that.

  22. Melissa Foss

    Melissa Foss5 日 前

    My dog Lucy is a foot freak too! PS I'm also a crazy dog person. I have 3. You win ❤

  23. mintépeach

    mintépeach5 日 前

    5:01 julien being a meme for 2 or 3 seconds

  24. Kim Marie

    Kim Marie6 日 前

    no joke, I'm doing this, this weekend

  25. Edith Bitterdew

    Edith Bitterdew6 日 前

    "Nick Cage movies" me: .about to put it spider verse, a movie Nick Cage is in "oh"

  26. Aislin and Gracie’s Channel

    Aislin and Gracie’s Channel6 日 前

    “One time my dad didn’t brush my hair for 11 days. My mom was very mad.” -Jenna Marbles, 2019

  27. Penelope Smith

    Penelope Smith6 日 前

    nobody: jenna: we're gonna attract bears

  28. Thatderpypichu 2004

    Thatderpypichu 20047 日 前

    It's not and instant tent, it's an Instent

  29. Maddy Hatter

    Maddy Hatter7 日 前

    Bames is back lmao

  30. Annie Barrionuevo

    Annie Barrionuevo7 日 前

    I would watch a whole video of Kermit spazzzing out in the tent

  31. Cringe Lord

    Cringe Lord7 日 前

    Tent corner: Exists Kermit: ATTACK!

  32. Ashley Alvarenga

    Ashley Alvarenga8 日 前

    18:30 ,,, it's December, can y'all do it again??? P. S. Love y'all!!

  33. Alexis B

    Alexis B8 日 前

    Wait why can't vegans eat honey? Purchasing honey helps support beekeepers, which in turn helps the bee population. I am confusion

  34. xXemmagigXx

    xXemmagigXx8 日 前

    "Oh.. thats not it.." i was dying

  35. Saania Salahuddin

    Saania Salahuddin8 日 前

    Is that vegan marshmallow

  36. Hatice Guneri

    Hatice Guneri10 日 前

    the fact that jenna is wearing the camo outfit she bought for julien lmao

  37. Emily

    Emily10 日 前

    in terms of clothing, Jenna walked so Billie Eilish could run

  38. Chaantal xo

    Chaantal xo11 日 前

    "One time my dad didnt brush my hair for 11 days, my mom was vERY mad" 💀💀💀💀

  39. Jack Honsinger

    Jack Honsinger11 日 前

    that tent is nooiiice

  40. Marialexa Gamero

    Marialexa Gamero12 日 前

    Nobody: No one: Jenna: Kermit: Peach: Marbles: Bunny: Julien: me be like