We Try the Ultimate Real vs Candy Challenge


  1. 딸기생크림초밥_

    딸기생크림초밥_日 前

    1:24 in asia spicy chiken feet is very famous food you guys eat that because it is very delicious!

  2. Saemi

    Saemi日 前

    im from iceland and started eating shark when i was 1 years old

  3. scrvnchies

    scrvnchies日 前

    Ok but cooked shark tastes good-

  4. GageyyBoyy

    GageyyBoyy日 前

    Sara is definitely into Joey or at least blowing him on the low.



    Fun fact snakes have 300 ribs

  6. Strawberry_

    Strawberry_日 前

    “Dog bones” Me : *HOW DARE YOU EAT A LITERAL DOGS BONE I WILL KILL YOU FOR KILLING A INNOCENT DOG* Video : “shows dog food” Me : *”oh”*

  7. Ali Al-Zohaere

    Ali Al-Zohaere2 日 前

    They serve burnt blood pudding in my school

  8. itsa me mario

    itsa me mario2 日 前

    im from Iceland i think that the shark tast amazing

  9. Eva Petkovska

    Eva Petkovska2 日 前

    this is a clip from hidden in plain sight

  10. Mr.LukaG

    Mr.LukaG2 日 前

    Yes I'm from Georgia and you just tried georgian food yasssssssssssss!!!

  11. Gilbert Espiritu

    Gilbert Espiritu2 日 前

    Imagine after filming the video he became a vampire for drinking blood

  12. Melody Chen

    Melody Chen2 日 前

    Danny: You got chest hair you can do this! Me: 🤣

  13. MY Canada

    MY Canada2 日 前

    7:05 DON’T DO DRUGS!

  14. Nicholas Boudreau

    Nicholas Boudreau2 日 前

    like me if you love vat 19

  15. Bradyn Booy

    Bradyn Booy3 日 前

    Jamie walked by trying to find Danny in this video

  16. StickScreenProductions

    StickScreenProductions3 日 前

    Adams face at 8:16

  17. Cristy Tucker

    Cristy Tucker3 日 前

    Ive aten a dog treat and cat food so dog bone isnt bad

  18. Dabson2.0

    Dabson2.03 日 前

    This sene is in the hide in plain site

  19. TOXIC Gameboy

    TOXIC Gameboy3 日 前

    I feel like I’m eating pee Me: how do you know what pee tastes like

  20. KennedyxTime

    KennedyxTime4 日 前

    1:41 THE CURTAIN

  21. Benzui

    Benzui4 日 前

    if you want to say Hákarl correctly and easily just say how-caw-rl

  22. Austin iseminger

    Austin iseminger4 日 前

    Remember that the second part is the same part Danny’s boss found Danny in

  23. oof oof

    oof oof4 日 前

    2:27 me who has been eating chicken feet and know how to eat it: the expert

  24. jiminie park

    jiminie park4 日 前

    1:41 they're doing fun but do you know what's happening in the backstage?😂

  25. TheFakeFox301 _

    TheFakeFox301 _4 日 前

    Wait hows danny in the video if this was when he was hiding??

  26. RockyApollo Dogos

    RockyApollo Dogos4 日 前

    Did any body notice that number 6 ball is a snake and a snake is the devil also the number 666 is the devils number🤔😳

  27. Jason Blooey

    Jason Blooey5 日 前

    Having eaten both real and candy cow tails, I highly prefer the real. The candy tastes awful!

  28. shy wolf

    shy wolf5 日 前

    This is the same day of hide and seek

  29. TiaCreates

    TiaCreates5 日 前

    Bruh did they even cook that foot for u

  30. Wet Spaghetti Noodles

    Wet Spaghetti Noodles5 日 前

    1:28 Jaime looking for Danny

  31. Auki Shariko

    Auki Shariko5 日 前

    C U R T A I N S *C U R T A I N S*

  32. Mr. Trolili

    Mr. Trolili5 日 前

    Danny: *yOu hAVe tO eAt cHiCKeN fEeT Me, An Asian kid: But chicken feet is really good...

  33. Mariam Dzamukashvili

    Mariam Dzamukashvili5 日 前

    ეეეე ჩურჩხელა სად გაიჩითა😃😍

  34. Musicube

    Musicube5 日 前

    I took me a month to find this video

  35. Wellelow XwX

    Wellelow XwX5 日 前

    8:43 in indonesia we put cow tail in our soup and its su gwood and we also fry it owo

  36. Honey bee

    Honey bee5 日 前

    Chicken feet is actually yummy

  37. yo boy freestyle

    yo boy freestyle5 日 前

    it was on my birthday

  38. latisha

    latisha5 日 前

    9:22 ship.

  39. WormMan :3

    WormMan :35 日 前

    Did any one watch the hiding in plain sight video with the chicken feet part in it

  40. Cammy C

    Cammy C5 日 前

    Wait this was the video they were shooting when Jamie interrupted in hidden in plain sight 12

  41. Bernie Sweetland

    Bernie Sweetland6 日 前

    i love dog treats and i am the ladys duter in the pictuer.

  42. Fluffy Cloud

    Fluffy Cloud6 日 前

    I don’t think a cigar is edible

  43. Oliver Ryan Line

    Oliver Ryan Line6 日 前

    How do i eat chicken feet?

  44. enzoknol darici

    enzoknol darici6 日 前

    Hidden in plain sight ahahhaha

  45. Estefania Barraza

    Estefania Barraza6 日 前

    Everyone one the right side gets the real one...........

  46. נועה גאלסולקר

    נועה גאלסולקר6 日 前

    1:36 who saw it in hidden in playin sight like ------------------------>

  47. iiStvphanie

    iiStvphanie6 日 前

    Cow tail is so good I eat it any other day in soup 😋

  48. Tudor Maier

    Tudor Maier6 日 前

    I like eating dog biscuits...

  49. Spartan Gamer

    Spartan Gamer6 日 前

    This is Danny’s karma from constantly slacking

  50. Maryam Hamayun

    Maryam Hamayun6 日 前

    For those people wondering YES this is the video where Jamie tried to find Danny

  51. its sofia

    its sofia6 日 前

    I am from georgia 🇬🇪

  52. tally ade

    tally ade6 日 前

    I have had cow tail it was so yummy

  53. Joe Orpwood

    Joe Orpwood6 日 前

    Jamie hunting noise intensifies

  54. Skivige Gaming

    Skivige Gaming6 日 前

    They filmed this during hidden in plain sight. When Ben said the chicken foot peeking around the corners that is how Jamie found Danny

  55. Loey 2k11

    Loey 2k116 日 前

    The karma danny gets for not working: *eat a damn canndle*

  56. Forsaken Fishing

    Forsaken Fishing6 日 前

    Shark isn’t even bad it’s just flake ?

  57. Eggo Waffle Holder

    Eggo Waffle Holder6 日 前

    *Gets to chicken feet* Cue jamie interrupting with a giant spoon

  58. Demon the Gamer

    Demon the Gamer6 日 前

    We in indonesia eat grilled chicken feet and i tasted it and it's delicious try eating it i bet you enjoy it

  59. Empress Muzana

    Empress Muzana6 日 前

    We ate cow tail, we put in kare kare(filipino dish)

  60. Please Enter Name

    Please Enter Name6 日 前