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  1. Ladylike

    Ladylike5 ヶ月 前

    Hi y’all! This is my video that I produced. I have actually been planning this video for a long time - all spring, actually. We shot it on April 24th. If you go to my Twitter you can actually see that I tweeted about shooting this video before Saf’s video even came out. It’s wedding season - there is gonna be a lot of wedding content happening everywhere. Sometimes stuff like this just happens, but I’m not going to kill a video just because of a coincidence - because everyone is allowed to try things. Hope this helps, thanks! -Kristin

  2. K3NDR4 B

    K3NDR4 B日 前

    april 24th is by birthday! lmao

  3. Yasmine Ebid

    Yasmine Ebid15 日 前

    Thank you for being like this to clear up all the drama instead of just being petty about it like some other content creators lysm

  4. Raphaela Jasmine

    Raphaela Jasmine15 日 前

    I haven’t said anything, but I do understand why many would... Thanks for addressing it, Because this has happened before, and no one said anything 😂

  5. Colin Emma

    Colin Emmaヶ月 前

    But Kristin, there are so many coincidences

  6. Cordy Pape

    Cordy Pape11 時間 前

    i love the bond/friendship these girls have them crying over each other i just wow

  7. Alisas Dreamworld

    Alisas Dreamworld11 時間 前

    They all are Goddesses. And damn,Susie is amazing.

  8. Julia Hartman

    Julia Hartman日 前

    Davin and Chantel, do u feel that you are at a point in your current relationship that u could get marred ?????

  9. Mocha Chocolate Surprise

    Mocha Chocolate Surprise日 前

    This made me so emotional 😭😭😭😭😭

  10. Sljunkara Hoe

    Sljunkara Hoe日 前

    better name for the video *Devin crying* *for* *21:55* *minutes*

  11. BrookeRowanSawyerYT Patterson

    BrookeRowanSawyerYT Patterson2 日 前

    Where's freddieeeeeeeee?!?!?!

  12. Faye Harling

    Faye Harling2 日 前

    that stella york dress on kristen omg😍

  13. Holly Willis

    Holly Willis2 日 前

    2:13 Kristen looks like a mum trying to show teenage kids what a turtle eating a pea looks like or ext😂

  14. Emma Durbin

    Emma Durbin3 日 前

    The people who disliked this video are just jealous because they will be forever alone

  15. Lucy Hughes

    Lucy Hughes4 日 前

    Imagine if your period came in the middle of showing off a dress

  16. Kamryn Slaugh

    Kamryn Slaugh5 時間 前

    Well then I would make sure that I went in a month not on my period

  17. Serena Smith

    Serena Smith4 日 前

    Any time any of them came out *LE GASSPPP*

  18. Jessica Chase

    Jessica Chase4 日 前

    Awww everybody needs a devin in her life:)

  19. Kathleen Holme

    Kathleen Holme6 日 前

    I'm only 14, but now I want to go wedding dress shopping.

  20. India Chariton

    India Chariton6 日 前

    The dress Chantel got from Devin was absolutely perfect. She looked incredible (she always does but ya know)

  21. xydoit

    xydoit7 日 前

    On Chantel everything looks great




  23. X iiShanahii X

    X iiShanahii X8 日 前

    0:21 Chantel: kitchen! Edit: sksk she also says "mama kitchen" 🤣

  24. Talya Alsuhaibani

    Talya Alsuhaibani11 日 前

    im in love with susie

  25. Lio Murdest

    Lio Murdest11 日 前

    I'm kind of upset nobody tried the black dress.

  26. Carls Mojo

    Carls Mojo11 日 前

    Me: Yeah I never want to get married and wear a wedding dress. Me watching this video: I want to get married, wear the dress and be loved. Who would of thought? 😂😭

  27. michaella widjaya

    michaella widjaya12 日 前

    You should buy wedding dresses and turn them into casual wear. Like if u agree

  28. Wemo78

    Wemo7812 日 前

    St devan of road rage !!!

  29. Ethic Ethnic

    Ethic Ethnic12 日 前

    I wish Freddie was i this episode!

  30. Chloe Bailey

    Chloe Bailey12 日 前

    Devin looks like Anna from Working Moms

  31. Meredith Brown

    Meredith Brown12 日 前

    the way that even *I* cried when y'all cried!

  32. Bethany Leon

    Bethany Leon13 日 前

    I won't even be having a traditional wedding that would have me in those kind of dresses. But I would so go with my girlfriends and just to try on such beautiful dresses.

  33. Deborah L

    Deborah L15 日 前

    Kristin. Holy

  34. Deborah L

    Deborah L15 日 前


  35. keiren martinez

    keiren martinez16 日 前

    I'm crying 😂😂😢

  36. Tiger Lilly 109

    Tiger Lilly 10917 日 前

    I might not know these girls personally but even I’m crying watching this there just such gorgeous girls

  37. Katie Cook

    Katie Cook17 日 前

    Honestly I think because Kristin has already been married, she has this "wedding confidence" and every. single. dress. She put on I was tearing up omg 😭

  38. Isabel Salas

    Isabel Salas19 日 前

    I’m crying rn because my headphones are broken

  39. Kiarah Merrill

    Kiarah Merrill19 日 前

    Honestly Kristan when I saw the dresses one your where they were form fitting I was not drawn to your stomach and I was like yesss so cute

  40. Estefania Zamora

    Estefania Zamora19 日 前

    Actually Kristen got the best dresses

  41. mika omeasoo

    mika omeasoo19 日 前

    This vid got me FEELING SOME TYPE OF WAY

  42. Stephanie Abarca

    Stephanie Abarca20 日 前


  43. Sakbar30

    Sakbar3020 日 前

    Chantel: r we gonna cry? Devin: or r we gonna cry a lot? Me: well, devin

  44. chicken noodles

    chicken noodles20 日 前


  45. Porshala Strawn

    Porshala Strawn21 日 前

    I'm convinced this was a cover & Devin is actually getting married 🤷🏾‍♀️

  46. Sophia Knowles

    Sophia Knowles21 日 前

    Bleh cupcake!!! Kristin-2019

  47. Imogen Thornfield

    Imogen Thornfield22 日 前

    someone puts on a veil: Devon: starts crying

  48. Imogen Thornfield

    Imogen Thornfield22 日 前

    Chantel looks so beautiful!

  49. hazel kitty4

    hazel kitty422 日 前

    13:16 my daddy Mr rockafellaconakimellon

  50. hazel kitty4

    hazel kitty422 日 前


  51. Ella Moore

    Ella Moore23 日 前

    Devin looks so much like Emma Watson

  52. Maia Harding

    Maia Harding23 日 前

    omg my birthday is april 25!!!!!

  53. Sakbar30

    Sakbar3025 日 前

    People when they go dress shopping: I wanna look pretty Chantel: I WANNA LOOK HOTT

  54. Courtney Howard

    Courtney Howard3 日 前

    I AM Chantel when it comes to that 😂 mine is going to be a custom design and I told the designer "Xena meets Aphrodite"

  55. Naomi Yokoi

    Naomi Yokoi26 日 前

    Are we going to cry? Or are we going to cry a lot? -high school students probably

  56. Frenchy PooWho

    Frenchy PooWho26 日 前

    Those dresses are so pretty and I'm glad that places are getting more inclusive so brides can actually enjoy the experience without going into full depressive mode. Granted at 41 I think my chances of getting married are about the same as winning Mega Millions so although it's not going to happen for me I can still enjoy watching them try on dresses.

  57. Jordan Brown

    Jordan Brown26 日 前

    Kristin’s 4th dress has my quaking... that’s everything I want in my wedding dress. I HAVE to know what it’s called and who made it?

  58. Violet Candy

    Violet Candy26 日 前

    I want to get married now... I'm thirteen🤣

  59. Lexi Frame

    Lexi Frame27 日 前

    whew i actually cried at devans fitting :,) whew

  60. Ζωη Α

    Ζωη Α27 日 前

    Devin is me just crying every time anyone goes out looking too cute

  61. Lexy Nieves

    Lexy Nieves28 日 前

    When kristen said "oh really " she looked like she wanted to punch chantel in the face

  62. JayBeh Kay

    JayBeh Kay28 日 前

    I love that first dress chantel tried on

  63. Geeky Chic

    Geeky Chic29 日 前

    I want the shop to have gifted them these dresses 😭

  64. Maya Isabella

    Maya Isabella29 日 前

    Devin: I want everyone to say “oh my gosh devins a goddess” “like we already know that but now we’re just really establishing it” Me:😂 Also devin: ya that’s the type of dress I want Susie: ya ok lets go over here* out of nowhere pulls out the perfect dress* I’m magic Me and devin:🤔😮

  65. 78Crunchyforever

    78Crunchyforeverヶ月 前

    Susie is SUCH👏A👏DAMN👏MOOD👏

  66. Tarsha Micola Von Furstenrecht

    Tarsha Micola Von Furstenrechtヶ月 前

    Susie is a goddess she is amazing