We Tried To Re-Create This Giant 30-Pound Burger • Eating Your Feed • Tasty


  1. Mystical Wonder

    Mystical Wonder2 時間 前

    This is officially the best episode ever

  2. Infractum Animo

    Infractum Animo16 時間 前

    Andrew is like a genius villain...

  3. Infractum Animo

    Infractum Animo16 時間 前

    Let's all admit it, Rie is everyone's bestfriend.

  4. Elizabeth Loschiavo

    Elizabeth Loschiavo日 前

    I am appalled at the state of that burger

  5. Elizabeth Bubello

    Elizabeth Bubello2 日 前

    I feel like this is the exact same thing as Alvins besides they don’t know what they’re doing

  6. James Lo

    James Lo3 日 前

    Andrew needs to surround himself with another Asian since Steven went to the Watcher 😂😅😭

  7. Alyssa P

    Alyssa P3 日 前

    no meat burger?????

  8. Meggy C

    Meggy C4 日 前

    As a vegetarian I appreciate this

  9. musicalpanda10

    musicalpanda105 日 前

    Imagine if Alvin reacted to this😂😂

  10. Mad max

    Mad max5 日 前

    The Ultimate Burger lets see how many likes i can get in a word of that

  11. Mad max

    Mad max5 日 前

    The two watching Alvin Alvin: hey guys why you watching me huh? Rie : 👀 he heyy Alvin you can hear us Alvin : yeah why Rie : the two is making a big burger too Alvin : ohhh can i taste🍔🍔 The two : 👀😱

  12. Breeze Sammy

    Breeze Sammy5 日 前

    So when the three of them bited the burger andrew ate a salad

  13. Your Very Gay Dad

    Your Very Gay Dad5 日 前

    All the vegetarians look away

  14. Topsyturvy10

    Topsyturvy106 日 前


  15. Audhal H

    Audhal H7 日 前

    Half of the video is just Andrew saying : „just like Alvin did“

  16. blue-chaos96 striker

    blue-chaos96 striker7 日 前

    How about using a super hot iron?

  17. Commander Josh

    Commander Josh7 日 前

    I prefer Alvin's big burger then THIS

  18. zerojit morningstar

    zerojit morningstar8 日 前

    Make fluffy- jiggly cheese cake



    14:46 wow bad cut

  20. The_ Aufklärungspanzer_V

    The_ Aufklärungspanzer_V9 日 前

    Burger cake

  21. Graham R

    Graham R9 日 前

    it looks like you took a burger, and than put it in a hydraulic press.

  22. GD Chris/Regret4fall

    GD Chris/Regret4fall9 日 前

    You lost me at fake meat 😂😂

  23. gerardo perez

    gerardo perez10 日 前

    These people are actually copying themselves 🤦‍♂️😂

  24. Daniel John

    Daniel John11 日 前

    “I’m a baker”-Andrew

  25. Rena Dango

    Rena Dango11 日 前

    I need this burger in my life.

  26. AJ

    AJ11 日 前

    Who else read patty time as party time?

  27. Mirian V

    Mirian V11 日 前

    Why is the girl being so annoying and negative

  28. Bunny Cortland

    Bunny Cortland12 日 前

    This video embodies the chaos that we love about eating your feed

  29. Steve Medinas

    Steve Medinas12 日 前

    I laughing so HARDDD ITS SO UGLY 😂 at least you tried

  30. Dumpling Doodle

    Dumpling Doodle12 日 前

    When it said "patty time" i thought it said "party time" and I was just like HELL YA 😂

  31. Angel Bray

    Angel Bray13 日 前

    Me: *cringes at the relish*

  32. corrie sacdalan

    corrie sacdalan13 日 前

    I just saw how much raw beef they got and i thought of what the cashier was thinking when they saw a line of raw beef coming towards them.🤣😂


    GAMESTER13 日 前

    Alvins version was better'

  34. Aryan Hemmat

    Aryan Hemmat13 日 前

    the kind of things i watch at 5:00am

  35. Queenstown

    Queenstown13 日 前

    Tasty: Makes viral vid of burger Also Tasty: I'll fuckin' do it again

  36. Sandra Arroyo

    Sandra Arroyo13 日 前

    Is no one else gonna comment about how nikki went like "onioyeyeyeyens" 9:29

  37. Val Garcia

    Val Garcia14 日 前

    Rie is top tier waifu material

  38. Holly Lin

    Holly Lin14 日 前

    *”Rie is crying because she can’t believe how good it is”*

  39. carol ramos

    carol ramos14 日 前

    since it is a fake meat burger I dont wanna watch it anymore, bye guys

  40. Dilara A

    Dilara A14 日 前

    We all know Andrew, Adam is your very best friend 🥰😎 You love him 😉 Rie is your bestfriend too and i think Niki your bff too👯‍♀️

  41. Night Glower

    Night Glower14 日 前

    It’s funny how much chaos is happening at the end 😂

  42. Ty Handsom

    Ty Handsom15 日 前

    Still not better than Alvin's

  43. Dilip Saha

    Dilip Saha15 日 前

    Why don't you make Chinese roll wrapper??

  44. RahmadianFi ST

    RahmadianFi ST15 日 前

    You Need Call The Alvin

  45. Royanna Francisco

    Royanna Francisco15 日 前

    niki 's face in the thumb nail tho😂😂

  46. Roli Moli Girka Joshi

    Roli Moli Girka Joshi16 日 前

    That's one big burger.

  47. Dhruv Suman

    Dhruv Suman17 日 前


  48. Jade Obsession

    Jade Obsession17 日 前

    i wonder how much food gets wasted from stuff like this

  49. itS aN aVAcaD0 tHaNKs!

    itS aN aVAcaD0 tHaNKs!18 日 前

    This is a perfect burger 🍔 to give that guys on the show Driver Divans and Dines 😂😂😂

  50. Macy Taco

    Macy Taco18 日 前

    I love how Andrew and Nikki play numbers and act like elementary school baking prodigies. None of my friends will play numbers with me 😢

  51. Gregorius Pudya

    Gregorius Pudya18 日 前

    tasty : what a giant burger! . . . Epic Meal Time : hold my fckin' 64,538 calories of 84 cheeseburger cheeseburger!!

  52. Abubakr

    Abubakr19 日 前

    Make 30 pound burger Alvin : hold my spatula

  53. Kujo Jotaro

    Kujo Jotaro19 日 前

    Are they for real

  54. Dizzy Spell

    Dizzy Spell19 日 前

    Why the fuck is Rie crying!?!?!? I DONT UNDERSTAND

  55. phantom2 _

    phantom2 _19 日 前

    im crying ries crying nikkis crying adams crying were all crying

  56. phantom2 _

    phantom2 _19 日 前


  57. Dhruv Suman

    Dhruv Suman17 日 前

    Thats actually 2:40

  58. Rumour Frey

    Rumour Frey19 日 前

    This is so chaotic

  59. hoppy Blox

    hoppy Blox19 日 前

    Why was everyone crying tho😂😂

  60. rosella flower

    rosella flower19 日 前

    I see rie, I click

  61. Ameya Gaitonde

    Ameya Gaitonde20 日 前

    So many "that's what she said" jokes in there! 😂