We Tried EVERY Krispy Kreme Donut Flavor


  1. Shiftless Lazycrat

    Shiftless Lazycrat57 分 前

    Unhealthy concept, even for a channel that makes millions for asinine concepts.

  2. south jersey renovation

    south jersey renovation時間 前

    Link and the chocolate bar has me dying.

  3. Shiba 19

    Shiba 193 時間 前

    alr today I'm going to be showing you guys how to get diabetes today

  4. Mal Ahm

    Mal Ahm6 時間 前

    They should just use a 10 point scale but use decimals. Honestly that would be more accurate for Link 😂

  5. robert caldwell

    robert caldwell6 時間 前

    I was eating gyro sandwiches at the Cazba restaurant on the Miracle mile. PC Beach. Oh ,do gyros !

  6. Bam Bam Chuleria

    Bam Bam Chuleria7 時間 前

    They should’ve done special donut category. With the reeces pices one and such special donuts that I can’t remember, donut holes and the mini ones!

  7. JGuitarman23

    JGuitarman2310 時間 前

    5:53 continues to unhinge jaw and take an unnecessary large bite

  8. Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Just Some Guy without a Mustache11 時間 前

    Link: “Don’t forget, things are better with holes.” Rule 34 artists: Write that down!

  9. Tyller Harrell

    Tyller Harrell11 時間 前

    😭😭why did link deep throat the bar tho 💀 and I’m glad rhett said sumt about is scoring cause lord behold it was not adding up at all

  10. Jasmine LeFlore

    Jasmine LeFlore23 時間 前

    "This is what you watch during quarantine?" - My confused mother

  11. Kade Keysor

    Kade Keysor日 前

    I like to think it is just one super lanky guy feeding both of them at the same time

  12. Bequi M

    Bequi M日 前

    I wish i liked Krispy Kreme 😭 ive tried it multiple times and im just not into it. But watching them eating so many looks SO GOOD

  13. Abigail Bracy

    Abigail Bracy日 前

    ORIGINAL GLAZE all the way!!!

  14. gleaming999

    gleaming999日 前

    Check Your Sugars!

  15. Angel Ish

    Angel Ish日 前

    Cake batter is my favorite 😂 and strawberry filled or raspberry filled .

  16. Carol Wessel

    Carol Wessel2 日 前

    Back here again at Krispy Kream's - R.I.P Vine

  17. Max Shrapnel

    Max Shrapnel2 日 前

    feed yourselves

  18. Prathana Ramsundar

    Prathana Ramsundar2 日 前

    Totally agree! Original glaze is the best 😌

  19. Brennen Steele

    Brennen Steele2 日 前

    My Krispy Kreme has Reece's peanut butter donuts!! SO GOOD! OMG YUMMY!!!

  20. cfreemful

    cfreemful2 日 前

    Diabetes anyone?

  21. Big Papi

    Big Papi2 日 前

    Link deep throating donuts

  22. Joaly Rodriguez

    Joaly Rodriguez2 日 前

    Ok but strawberry sprinkled is sooo good and I’m not a fan of strawberry

  23. DareToBeDeviant

    DareToBeDeviant2 日 前

    -One- Two week's worth of sugar in a matter of minutes for each of these guys. >.

  24. Bullshit TM

    Bullshit TM2 日 前

    1. Didn’t know the blueberry cake one wasn’t universal 2. Didn’t know it wasn’t called Angel Kreme everywhere

  25. Thomas McCarty

    Thomas McCarty2 日 前

    Who else came straight to the comments after Link defiled the bar?

  26. Tegan

    Tegan2 日 前

    I agree but never had chocolate cake one

  27. Mya Lilly

    Mya Lilly2 日 前

    9:24 thats it.

  28. Maya Wallace

    Maya Wallace2 日 前

    Like how we just watched them eat doughnuts for an entire video

  29. max JetDog

    max JetDog3 日 前

    Cotton Candicle Randicle

  30. Benny JT

    Benny JT3 日 前

    Strawberry Filled... Nobody: Link: I really like this raspberry filling 🤣🤣

  31. Lucy Harvey

    Lucy Harvey3 日 前

    link really deep throated a eclair......

  32. Neha A

    Neha A3 日 前

    Is anyone not a fan of the original glazed Krispy Kreme donuts?

  33. Shell Jewell

    Shell Jewell3 日 前

    Things that aren't better with holes Shoes The Titanic Pockets ..... Should I continue

  34. Amar Mehta

    Amar Mehta3 日 前

    Boston Kreme. I have spoken.

  35. r c

    r c3 日 前

    Link with the chocolate glizzy

  36. Anaiah T

    Anaiah T3 日 前

    I am watching 2 grown men eat Krispy cream donuts. What has quarentine come to

  37. Short History

    Short History3 日 前

    My dad: whatcha watching? Me: 2 grown men eating donuts and rating them.

  38. Patrick Gettelfinger

    Patrick Gettelfinger3 日 前

    What about blueberry cake I thought that was one of the mains

  39. Curtis Eisemann

    Curtis Eisemann3 日 前

    my faveorite donut at krispy kreme is the cake batter filled

  40. Evan Ponce

    Evan Ponce3 日 前

    Could be an unpopular opinion, but I think chocolate donuts are my least favorite of all time.

  41. Chloe Colopy

    Chloe Colopy3 日 前

    Link over a donut: "its too much pressure i cant do this anymore" Every gen z at home: escuse me?

  42. Chloe Colopy

    Chloe Colopy3 日 前

    Nobody: Link: *deepthroats a bar* "I had to CaLiBrAtE it" Everyone backstage: ;-;

  43. Pork Tube

    Pork Tube4 日 前

    I love this video

  44. Colby Edmiston

    Colby Edmiston4 日 前

    They need to redo this episode with hurts donughts. Epic donughts for an epic show.

  45. Spidey Plays

    Spidey Plays4 日 前

    “This is getting clownish”😂😂😂

  46. rosemary j

    rosemary j4 日 前

    My favorite donut is the second-place winner, but to me, it reminds me of Boston creme pie in a donut form though.

  47. Jack Scott Denton

    Jack Scott Denton4 日 前

    Original glazed is my favourite, the only one that comes close in the UK is Lotus Biscoff.

  48. Jack Scott Denton

    Jack Scott Denton4 日 前

    When Link deep-throated the chocolate bar....

  49. Lovelyjasminek

    Lovelyjasminek4 日 前

    Where was the blueberry

  50. Grimzy

    Grimzy4 日 前

    The perfect job doesn’t exi-

  51. Nia Joby

    Nia Joby4 日 前

    12:49 there was no peanut butter donuts. if there were you would have picked them

  52. Melanie Jo Drums

    Melanie Jo Drums4 日 前

    Do this with Voo Doo donuts.

  53. Borene999

    Borene9994 日 前

    If i could id take powdered with custard filling any day.

  54. Katie Chard

    Katie Chard4 日 前

    I really like the blueberry cake donut at Krispy Kreme

  55. Sabrina

    Sabrina5 日 前

    "Old man donut". My favorite and I'm none of those things Rhett... maybe in my heart.

  56. WTF Productions

    WTF Productions5 日 前

    Dunkin is better

  57. Lex Adams

    Lex Adams5 日 前

    The glazed chocolate cake doughnut is my favorite and go-to!

  58. Julia Matić

    Julia Matić5 日 前

    I tell myself that they packed another half of every donut they bite and took it home just that my heart would be in place.

  59. Joel ONeal

    Joel ONeal5 日 前

    Today was the first day went to Krispy Kreme

  60. KJ P

    KJ P5 日 前

    Why does the dude on the left have a man bun now?

  61. John Falsarella

    John Falsarella5 日 前

    Tim Hortons is SUPREMEEEEE


    LEAVE MINETA ALONE!!! :35 日 前

    Im having Krispy Kreme donuts and Dairy Queen ice cream for my bday

  63. Gabby Ester

    Gabby Ester5 日 前

    So butts wouldnt be as good without the hole...? 😭😭😭😂😂😂 I’m sorry I’m sorry

  64. blinds2112

    blinds21125 日 前

    Link @7:14 "There's an emptiness that I feel inside" ....I felt that.

  65. ꧁ Moon Blossom ꧂

    ꧁ Moon Blossom ꧂5 日 前

    I’m getting sick just watching this lmao SO M A N Y DONUTSS

  66. Starlight Jinx

    Starlight Jinx5 日 前

    You made me order two dozen of KK donuts. Ugh.

  67. DAT DUDE

    DAT DUDE5 日 前

    They were using gloves They be safe

  68. SaltOnSite

    SaltOnSite5 日 前

    link: “i call this a boston creme. don’t at me.”

  69. Hussey

    Hussey6 日 前

    Powder sugar has a taste. i taste something lmao

  70. Pannacotta Fugo

    Pannacotta Fugo6 日 前

    Here in Mexico we have arroz con leche donuts at Krispy Kreme and their awesome

  71. kay sin

    kay sin6 日 前

    “You can choke on it, that’s exciting”

  72. King Of the Beast

    King Of the Beast日 前

    kay sin that’s what she/he/they said

  73. John Williams

    John Williams6 日 前

    Where is the blueberry cake glazed doughnut???? By far the best!!!

  74. Luke Shearer

    Luke Shearer6 日 前

    Rhett- "Not my favorite- 57" Link- "I really liked the bar- 14"

  75. Susy Hunter

    Susy Hunter6 日 前

    They should’ve done this with Keith from the try guys

  76. Noorahs Galaxy

    Noorahs Galaxy6 日 前

    both of them before they eat the chocolate iced kreme filled =7:23

  77. DustyRoseMusic

    DustyRoseMusic6 日 前

    i so jealous thems tasting donuts!!!! dang

  78. anthony_tomanek

    anthony_tomanek6 日 前

    Link: You can choke on it, that’s exciting

  79. Quinton Ragin

    Quinton Ragin6 日 前

    10:06 Glizzy Devourer

  80. Adrizzle

    Adrizzle6 日 前

    10:05 Link really went for it

  81. Tina Chen

    Tina Chen6 日 前

    If Krispy Kreme made a chocolate chip doughnut I would go nuts to eat it.

  82. Zoe Cowan

    Zoe Cowan6 日 前

    just saying, if a cake donut wins i’m going to be upset

  83. Jeffrey Arroyo

    Jeffrey Arroyo6 日 前

    10:04 super duper pause moment had me dying lmao

  84. Faith Rodriguez

    Faith Rodriguez7 日 前

    I would be unbelievably sick eating that much doughnut. 🤮🤮

  85. drewski west

    drewski west7 日 前

    dear lord the part around 1:01 - 1:11 about getting the FRESH ones in NC is so damn true. i grew up and still live a couple hours away from your hometown bros

  86. Tavannah 242 _242

    Tavannah 242 _2427 日 前

    10:05 link just deep throat a bar

  87. Tavannah 242 _242

    Tavannah 242 _2427 日 前

    Link gag reflex is 100

  88. Tavannah 242 _242

    Tavannah 242 _2427 日 前

    Man Americans lucky to have krispy krem but me as a Bahamian we only have Duncan doughnuts 🍩

  89. JN ER

    JN ER7 日 前

    Maybe if Link had 'calibrated' that chocolate bar a little more he might have got some creme lol...

  90. grant

    grant7 日 前

    Watching this while on a diet :(

  91. Ayah

    Ayah7 日 前

    I guess you could say the first place donut is hole-y

  92. Damola Agboliams

    Damola Agboliams7 日 前

    I don't like the original glaze. I also generally don't like doughnuts but I'm willing to try #2 and #3

  93. Quichrlyn

    Quichrlyn7 日 前

    new favourite thing: look at whoever is not talking in any youtube video with 2 people on screen at the same time



    my favorite was the krueller

  95. t1ghe

    t1ghe7 日 前

    The UK has a biscoff donut that is just amazing! Reece's, Oreo. One with dried strawberries on it. Where were these? All Krispy kreme obviously.

  96. A_ Gilani

    A_ Gilani7 日 前

    The classic is just great, it's like a pillow you can bite that's sweet, that is the most accurate description.

  97. Criz Sauza

    Criz Sauza7 日 前

    Rhett has really gotten buff. he definitely got that socal in his system.

  98. Yuhei Sasaki

    Yuhei Sasaki7 日 前

    Does anyone listen to the Banana’s podcast?? cause their voices are weirdly similar to these guys 🤔

  99. Aoi Asahina

    Aoi Asahina7 日 前


  100. Ella Morgan

    Ella Morgan7 日 前

    Link low key reminds me of my grandma 😂

  101. Ella Morgan

    Ella Morgan7 日 前

    I swear I could smell the doughnuts