We Tried EVERY Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Flavor


  1. Ashden Green

    Ashden Green2 分 前

    tysm for the great content ;)

  2. Beth Barkley

    Beth Barkley日 前

    Did Link for real give Cherry Garcia a 17?? What a monster.

  3. Leanna Fairfax

    Leanna Fairfax2 日 前

    they forgot shoffa

  4. Silas Voer

    Silas Voer3 日 前

    I watch GMM when i wake up at 3 AM and want to go to sleep again

  5. Wunderful

    Wunderful3 日 前

    10:08 hey, I know that guy XD

  6. Danii Decay

    Danii Decay3 日 前

    The cinnamon buns was SO GOOD

  7. kat pierce

    kat pierce3 日 前

    anyone else waiting for the schweaty ballz flavor?

  8. Immanuel Olufade

    Immanuel Olufade3 日 前

    Casting directors be like

  9. scarlet night

    scarlet night4 日 前

    In England the flavours are like cookie dough, fish food, a brownie one and limited edition one like birthday cake or cone plus the healthy ones

  10. scarlet night

    scarlet night4 日 前

    In England the flavours are like cookie dough, fish food, a brownie one and limited edition one like birthday cake or cone plus the healthy ones

  11. frol tunz

    frol tunz4 日 前

    Chocolate fudge and cheesecake is the best idc what you say

  12. GINGER ale 4201

    GINGER ale 42014 日 前

    Rhen and Lerrys ice cream

  13. Michael McNeff II

    Michael McNeff II4 日 前

    I actually brought peanut butter world after seeing this. It’s damn good!! Definitely go try it.

  14. Block and Doodle

    Block and Doodle5 日 前

    My friend Erik really likes the Tonight Dough. He's very upset that you guys placed it second... please move it to first place so I can see the smile on his face.

  15. Sean Dolan

    Sean Dolan5 日 前

    Gimme S'More Rhett: 69

  16. Morgan

    Morgan6 日 前

    This is crazy 😂 we only have like 15 flavours in Australia

  17. Natalie Paige

    Natalie Paige6 日 前

    My favorite is chocolate therapy bc I haven’t tasted to many flavors bc a lot have nuts and I’m allergic, I also like brownie batter core

  18. Louise St. Andre

    Louise St. Andre7 日 前

    I like these guys but they like peanut butter a little to much. They did the same thing when they tasted all the cheesecakes at the cheesecake factory. I think one with peanut butter won.

  19. Raoul Duke

    Raoul Duke8 日 前

    3:37 Alot, 21 I see what u did there, Link

  20. Ryan O’s

    Ryan O’s9 日 前

    3:14 He said it! He said the thing!

  21. Lily Church

    Lily Church9 日 前

    Peanut butter world is ELITE

  22. Awesome Dude

    Awesome Dude10 日 前

    Why is Gus Johnson in here

  23. Halie Guenthner

    Halie Guenthner10 日 前


  24. Lingquan Li

    Lingquan Li10 日 前

    We do have red bean ice cream bars, green bean ice cream bars, eight rice and beans congee ice cream bars back in Asia. I hope Rhett likes them. Besides, taro ice creams are so good!!!

  25. Sean McVety

    Sean McVety10 日 前


  26. The life of Anastin

    The life of Anastin10 日 前

    1:19 random arm

  27. Joy1977

    Joy197710 日 前

    Hmm far too much chocolate and peanut butter for my liking!Bring back the Vermonster!!!:)

  28. Riley hr

    Riley hr11 日 前

    I said 27 before he said it at 6:42 that surprised me

  29. 1ZR1BZ1

    1ZR1BZ112 日 前

    if youre down with caramel, americone dream is one of the best undercover ice creams on the market right now

  30. 1ZR1BZ1

    1ZR1BZ112 日 前

    im nejkkid in my own house

  31. levi

    levi13 日 前

    This was probably really expensive

  32. L.A Magundayao

    L.A Magundayao14 日 前

    Link: "It's a meh" 72 Also Link: "It's Good!" I'ma give it a solid 50...

  33. maddie kiss

    maddie kiss16 日 前

    you forgot chunky monkey

  34. Whiterun Guard

    Whiterun Guard16 日 前

    You missed it then cause here it is 8:33

  35. Lumpiest of Coles

    Lumpiest of Coles17 日 前

    Glad I found you guys some years ago and let me tell you guys, you’ve helped me get through a lot of tough times in my life and I find happiness and joy in your guys videos so I wanna day thank you guys for being you!!!

  36. removed glasses

    removed glasses17 日 前

    My favorite is the tonight dough by far, and I'm so glad Rhett and Link affirmed that opinion because dammit its one of the best

  37. Kylie Schultheis

    Kylie Schultheis17 日 前


  38. lu ck

    lu ck20 日 前

    love peanuts

  39. Listen Tome

    Listen Tome21 日 前

    It makes me laugh how Everytime Rhett is surprised about how low link rates

  40. Gabriel Felix Muñoz

    Gabriel Felix Muñoz21 日 前

    that was expensive

  41. Wolfclan

    Wolfclan21 日 前

    Coffee ice cream is amazing

  42. Kaii Atsu

    Kaii Atsu22 日 前

    Jen n berry

  43. josh finley

    josh finley22 日 前

    I'm sorry because of links lack of liking anything he shouldn't do these challenges lol

  44. Brandon k

    Brandon k22 日 前

    My top 3 are Cannoli, chunky monkey, Phish food

  45. Lucas Wald

    Lucas Wald23 日 前

    Phish Food is elite

  46. Durand Adventures

    Durand Adventures23 日 前

    I don’t know how their stomach’s handle all the sweets or food they eat. It’s amazing! I wish my stomach can handle it.

  47. Bill Karim

    Bill Karim23 日 前

    The problem with these is that if Link has a preference issue...ie, I don't like mint in my chocolate...he'll basically sabotage that flavor with like a 10

  48. Bignash83

    Bignash8323 日 前

    But I can have yogurt and cheese

  49. Bignash83

    Bignash8323 日 前

    I’m lactose intolerant

  50. Bignash83

    Bignash8323 日 前

    Congratulations 🍾 on your 1700 episodes guys

  51. HeyItsBrxce

    HeyItsBrxce23 日 前

    11:42 “summon buns”

  52. elsje fiederelsje

    elsje fiederelsje24 日 前

    They only agree on peanut flavor. Hahahaha

  53. Amanda Ellis

    Amanda Ellis24 日 前

    now you'll have to do a Haagen-Dazs one as well!

  54. Candice Team Breezy

    Candice Team Breezy25 日 前

    Where's red velvet?

  55. Hannah Hickenlooper

    Hannah Hickenlooper26 日 前

    They’re so cute together

  56. Kyle Stuart

    Kyle Stuart27 日 前

    3:12 did Link wink after saying 69? 😂

  57. Swag Dragons

    Swag Dragons27 日 前

    Ben and Jerry's won

  58. Moneyballhayes

    Moneyballhayes28 日 前

    10:08 what was gus Johnson doing there😂

  59. wassap124

    wassap124ヶ月 前

    what about the AMAZING "One Love"?

  60. riley b

    riley bヶ月 前


  61. KickRocksBud

    KickRocksBudヶ月 前

    I terribly disagree with their favorites Mine are phish food, cookie dough core, and chocolate cookie core,

  62. Sarah

    Sarahヶ月 前

    Hahaha everything but the... is my favorite I can’t believe they didn’t like it

  63. Carlos Permito

    Carlos Permitoヶ月 前

    who was waiting for hunk-hulka burnin fudge and stark raving hazelnut j like infinity war 😔

  64. lol khars

    lol kharsヶ月 前

    *What's the Doughboy afraid of*

  65. Jim Vanderpoel

    Jim Vanderpoelヶ月 前

    Can't stand ben and jerry ice cream is good ben and jerry are douchebags

  66. Abbigail Brown

    Abbigail Brownヶ月 前

    i wanna know the lactose-free flavors... who else?

  67. Nicholas Kozer

    Nicholas Kozerヶ月 前

    There is only two that they haven't tried yet is Stark Raving Hazlenuts and Hunka-Hulka Burnin' Fudge.

  68. Lundi Monday

    Lundi Mondayヶ月 前

    Does anybody remember Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Butter Core? Or was that a figment of my imagination?! Cause no one ever talks about it and I can’t find it anywhere 😐

  69. Mak-Reviews

    Mak-Reviewsヶ月 前

    I want some of this icecream now.

  70. Dylan LFY

    Dylan LFYヶ月 前


  71. Dylan LFY

    Dylan LFYヶ月 前


  72. The Chair

    The Chairヶ月 前

    Link either loves everything or hates everything

  73. Harm C

    Harm Cヶ月 前

    Phish food is my all time fave

  74. Lmao_watch_me_be_depressed

    Lmao_watch_me_be_depressedヶ月 前

    When they gave vanilla so low I was like wtf I would’ve given it 89 I love vanilla

  75. WeirdJellyfish

    WeirdJellyfishヶ月 前

    My dream

  76. papaingus

    papaingusヶ月 前

    my fav will always be peanut butter cup

  77. Hambo

    Hamboヶ月 前

    Link hates ice cream

  78. Victor Cummins

    Victor Cumminsヶ月 前

    does anyone remeber the rett and link channel with all the music videos

  79. Cameron Colly

    Cameron Collyヶ月 前

    Eh, what about for people that done like peanut butter?

  80. Robert Fulham

    Robert Fulhamヶ月 前

    I love watching these taste tests just to see how incorrect Link is consistently.

  81. Hadi mansoor

    Hadi mansoorヶ月 前

    what is your most favourite Bens and Jerrys Ice cream flavour? Mine is cookie dough.

  82. Zeh Zahl

    Zeh Zahlヶ月 前

    9:20... LOLOL!

  83. SLEANDER09 Gaming

    SLEANDER09 Gamingヶ月 前

    This is what I want to watch at 4 am thanks JPreporter

  84. Vincent Loves games

    Vincent Loves gamesヶ月 前

    why was there no core secshin

  85. chanelle k

    chanelle kヶ月 前

    oh my god. a few years ago I was OBSESSED with yall, and would just binge all your videos. i wish i was happy like i was back then

  86. Tony Martinez

    Tony Martinezヶ月 前

    This is probably the most American thing I've ever seen

  87. Alanna Weaver

    Alanna Weaverヶ月 前

    We gonna ignore link said “ 69” and winked

  88. LemonShell_ Gaming

    LemonShell_ Gamingヶ月 前


  89. Bchompoo

    Bchompooヶ月 前

    I think B&J is good, but kind of too sweet (at least for me). I like chocolate flavor.

  90. Chris Blaze

    Chris Blazeヶ月 前

    Chunky Monkey and Cherry Garcia are my favorites

  91. ne mi

    ne miヶ月 前

    This makes me happy coz I love love peanut butter

  92. 46lespaul

    46lespaulヶ月 前

    I can't stand peanut butter anything it's in my opinion a very unsatisfying flavor but to each their own

  93. Dilan Cummings

    Dilan Cummingsヶ月 前

    Ya'll sleepin' heavy on Milk n Cookies. 95 at least.

  94. Dr.ProPenguin

    Dr.ProPenguinヶ月 前

    Now Netflix and chilled

  95. UltimateZack

    UltimateZackヶ月 前

    How to get lactose and tolerant kids

  96. Ashley Groft

    Ashley Groftヶ月 前

    The tonight dough and mint chocolate cookie are my absolute favorites!

  97. Ablah

    Ablahヶ月 前

    this is not a great message

  98. FMS-Envy

    FMS-Envyヶ月 前

    Guy on the right must have bad taste buds I totally disagree with all of his

  99. Jeffery Muffins bob marley

    Jeffery Muffins bob marleyヶ月 前

    a dream job

  100. gray stripe

    gray stripeヶ月 前

    I saw gus

  101. marilynn vicente

    marilynn vicenteヶ月 前

    Uploaded 6 months ago! Where have I been?