We Took Neighbor Drag Racing and It Was an Epic FAILURE lol... Here's the Problem!


  1. Tyler Henderson

    Tyler Henderson日 前

    You might have melted the rear bushings from the fire

  2. Nate

    Nate5 日 前

    That thing if rowdy

  3. Getting Nervous

    Getting Nervous6 日 前

    You took way too long for shifting 😄.

  4. thebudman67

    thebudman679 日 前

    Dude... You really need to brace that rear end.... And build it up a little bit.... You can see the rear flexing under power.... It's not long for this world man...

  5. turbanwearersblow

    turbanwearersblow12 日 前

    Beats on this car like a rented mule... “something is definitely wrong with this car” 😂😂😂 also being on fire several times probably needs some suspension work

  6. Carlos Rivera

    Carlos Rivera12 日 前

    is it possible to run water wetter on the heat exchanger since in theory it is similar to a radiator system??

  7. Dominik Zitsch

    Dominik Zitsch13 日 前

    You should bring this to ford nationals in Carlisle next year. Blow the tires in the burnout competition!!!!!!!

  8. Kris XLilHeffX13

    Kris XLilHeffX1312 日 前

    Yes keep it going Cleetus and neighbor need to come to PA !!

  9. Kris XLilHeffX13

    Kris XLilHeffX1313 日 前

    Cleetus please bring project neighbor to the 2020 Carlisle Ford National's it's in Pennsylvania one of the biggest car shows on the northeast. Here check it out please Watch "2018 Carlisle Ford Nationals - Official Recap" on JPreporter jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-UghlgTN_erg.html We would love to see project neighbor inperson since we live so far away. Thanks fans from P.A.


    SKERTSQUAD15 日 前

    is it just me or was that fat Drake?

  11. Raymond Ellsworth

    Raymond Ellsworth16 日 前

    Are the dad bod shirts sold out or what? Seems like my droid isn't loving the webpage at this point

  12. hpkntnw

    hpkntnw17 日 前

    Did neighbors engine get changed again or just different valve covers? It looks different.

  13. David Kelm

    David Kelm17 日 前

    kinda like a porkapotamus

  14. Barry Smith

    Barry Smith17 日 前

    After all those burnout fires, did anyone check the rear suspension grommets?

  15. david worsnop

    david worsnop18 日 前

    Stop giving cletus diabetus!

  16. Tony Deroche

    Tony Deroche18 日 前

    Cleetus: how is this clutch still alive? Me: cause, murica!

  17. SirReginald96

    SirReginald9619 日 前

    Love seeing Cooper in the recent videos

  18. bullshitass videos

    bullshitass videos19 日 前

    I think the car is fast but it shifts hard you cant lie


    KOLEKKAZ19 日 前

    If it's on fire, get OUT! Solid advice there brother.

  20. Rev Head

    Rev Head19 日 前

    dad bod drake lol

  21. assmonkey garage

    assmonkey garage20 日 前

    The clutch prolly ain’t alive anymore lmao

  22. Nameless

    Nameless20 日 前

    His smushed face makes me wanna kick his ass

  23. PeterGozinya

    PeterGozinya20 日 前

    You need to go to adtr.net they’ll have anything you could possibly need for beefier crown Vic suspension parts

  24. Rick Schroeder

    Rick Schroeder20 日 前

    Can’t find the dad bod shirt on the website???

  25. Gail Young

    Gail Young20 日 前

    probably need to change the oil

  26. Wijibo

    Wijibo20 日 前

    Hindsight is always something something.

  27. David Steen

    David Steen20 日 前

    Wasn't it a "Burnout Tune"? The guy made it so it would fall over at the top so it wouldn't smash off the limiter???

  28. Max Oh

    Max Oh20 日 前

    Damn on the dyno those rear wheels were getting mad positive camber and toe in. Is the rear axle flexing? I’ve never seen a solid axle do that.

  29. First Last

    First Last20 日 前

    Nice title, learn to speak English morons.

  30. Damon Justus

    Damon Justus20 日 前

    49 on trending 👀👀👀

  31. John Scripter

    John Scripter20 日 前

    Pro tip if the water is warmer than your fingers its at least 98 degrees.

  32. Chase Ponder

    Chase Ponder20 日 前

    should be a 135mph car with 875 wheel and that weight.

  33. MEOutdoor Adventures

    MEOutdoor Adventures20 日 前

    When are we gonna see Neighbor grab all 5 in a burny. I wanna see him give leeroy a run for his money🤙🏻🔥

  34. Bike Life_93

    Bike Life_9320 日 前

    You should have turned on the roof bar when you ripped it the first time😂

  35. black Samurai S

    black Samurai S20 日 前

    Does the lightbar work

  36. Colin Davies

    Colin Davies21 日 前

    Brother that need a serious suspension upgrade, she wallow's like a boat!!! How you didnt get seasick driving that1/4 i dont know!!! Id have blown chunks.🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮

  37. Top Gear & Grand Tour

    Top Gear & Grand Tour21 日 前

    Oh brother

  38. throttle bottle

    throttle bottle21 日 前

    some of us just "eat too good" sans sugars....

  39. Paul H. Kircher III

    Paul H. Kircher III21 日 前

    Be back with Steve-O and John.

  40. Whipgasm Video

    Whipgasm Video21 日 前

    Cooper is the next dad to the plate

  41. Whipgasm Video

    Whipgasm Video21 日 前

    The dad bods are in full effect

  42. Junior 249

    Junior 24921 日 前

    keep up the good work guys...you rock..

  43. WILL THE Thrill

    WILL THE Thrill21 日 前

    666k views. Wow

  44. Snooken Recordings

    Snooken Recordings21 日 前

    Fix a better suspension and as you do that fix more steering angle. Somewhere like 50-60 degrees

  45. Eric Cartman

    Eric Cartman21 日 前

    #50 on trending street

  46. Richard Dunlap

    Richard Dunlap21 日 前


  47. Greg Huff

    Greg Huff21 日 前

    It's a Ford it needs coils

  48. Hanzo Inferno

    Hanzo Inferno21 日 前

    The vics come in auto stock but he might have the Allison manual swap from the mustang.

  49. Big Ole357!

    Big Ole357!21 日 前

    What about a Northstar Caddi? My 04 DTS ( 300 HP ) has blown away Stangs, Firebirds, Camaros, Chargers, Challengers and too foriegn cars many to list...

  50. RealBlueSteel

    RealBlueSteel21 日 前

    The term sir is epic fail, grammar be damned.

  51. Travis Hartley

    Travis Hartley21 日 前


  52. BetaTahnU

    BetaTahnU21 日 前

    We need more videos

  53. Tony Downs

    Tony Downs21 日 前

    Cooper cracks me up!

  54. flyonbyya

    flyonbyya21 日 前

    Coop at 13:30... “We shoulda done this before yesterday” JPreporter star or legit Racer Which one does Cleet wanna be ??? When the 2JZ competitor ran 7.55, and put Cleet on the trailer. The answer to that question was answered...emphatically !!!

  55. deez nuts

    deez nuts21 日 前

    E P I C F A I L U R E

  56. Carson Mcnamer

    Carson Mcnamer21 日 前

    🤣 didn’t someone put a tube on that so it’s shit in the top end so you don’t smack the rev limiter?

  57. Jake Jackson

    Jake Jackson21 日 前

    BC coilovers and some cut knuckles up front to increase angle for drifting and to help with the body roll and weight transfer for drag racing

  58. Dragracer843

    Dragracer84321 日 前

    ADTR.NET for all your Panther platform suspension needs

  59. Ashish ji

    Ashish ji21 日 前

    Like share and must subscribe the channel jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-UIi5q4aLsyg.html

  60. E`en Joe`nce

    E`en Joe`nce21 日 前

    Wallowing about like a Silver-Cross pram!

  61. Scotty Jones

    Scotty Jones21 日 前

    Poor old car !!!

  62. _Chainz _

    _Chainz _21 日 前

    Hell yeah 🤘

  63. l i l a c _

    l i l a c _21 日 前

    Where you been, Cleetus?

  64. Naki Droneography

    Naki Droneography21 日 前

    Here I am listening to them saying their hands are in 90° water (thinking Celsius) haha super human!!!

  65. Linux Jedi AKA Big Evil

    Linux Jedi AKA Big Evil21 日 前

    Bruh lol 9/10 men gets dad bods from beer guts not soda....

  66. Jason Meyer

    Jason Meyer21 日 前

    Mtdew ftw!

  67. RANDOMS WHY NOT??? ??

    RANDOMS WHY NOT??? ??22 日 前

    The clutch is running on Mountain Dew power💪💪

  68. Sherry Ameigh

    Sherry Ameigh22 日 前

    Compression is dropping rings are going smoking on big end

  69. Sean Anon

    Sean Anon22 日 前

    0:38 why is JPreporter not only showing me random pages that are unlike any that I follow, but all of them have a THOR’s hammer in them. This is just fucking weird... and a little scary... (Edit) 5:03 Don’t talk about my girlfriend like this..

  70. Eric Cartman

    Eric Cartman22 日 前

    #26 on trending street

  71. Mista Nino

    Mista Nino22 日 前

    Man get rid of the heavy steel wheels trust me they weigh a ton

  72. Frederick Asbury

    Frederick Asbury22 日 前

    Left rear on the dyno moves forward a lot!!! all the fire may have smoked a bushing "Yeah Buddy"

  73. Matthew Dupuis

    Matthew Dupuis22 日 前

    Watch that rear end SQUIRM on the dyno! Stock suspension lyfe, I guess.

  74. Boredom

    Boredom22 日 前

    *r E s P e C t V e T e R a N s*

  75. David Gray

    David Gray22 日 前


  76. David Gray

    David Gray22 日 前

    sign to help out camping world keep there flag

  77. Yoshua

    Yoshua22 日 前

    That nose lift of the dyno...

  78. My Corvette Life

    My Corvette Life22 日 前

    Poor Cooper never gets seat time.

  79. Smileyman

    Smileyman22 日 前

    Hey man how do I get my dad bod shirt ?

  80. Kandi Wolfe

    Kandi Wolfe22 日 前

    Gawd l L♥️VE horsepower!!

  81. Connor Hayward

    Connor Hayward22 日 前

    Whose the fat Drake

  82. Binx Negale

    Binx Negale22 日 前

    6:35 bigger version of Drake. "Cleetus do u love me, are u racing"

  83. Chubbysumo

    Chubbysumo22 日 前

    omg its on the trending page!

  84. naz salabarria

    naz salabarria22 日 前

    I’ll smoke you in my hatch

  85. Shuggousi, Knowledge and Madness

    Shuggousi, Knowledge and Madness22 日 前

    The biggest troll of JPreporter: Read More

  86. Casey Ronson

    Casey Ronson22 日 前


  87. Casey Ronson

    Casey Ronson22 日 前


  88. Derrick Kuni

    Derrick Kuni22 日 前

    Haha that damn tuning 🦒 at it again!!

  89. Joe Truitt

    Joe Truitt22 日 前

    Go down the track with the cop lights going. It be funny

  90. Kama Djatta

    Kama Djatta22 日 前


  91. wilcoh3

    wilcoh322 日 前

    Usually when I drive this thing it’s on fire Pure Gold

  92. life lacked

    life lacked22 日 前

    Hahhaha I wonder how many LS motors have been replaced

  93. Jake Self

    Jake Self22 日 前

    Dang son check out that bad ass camouflage paint job on that truck over your shoulder in the beginning..... 👌

  94. Stephen B

    Stephen B22 日 前

    Hmm can we wear dad bod shirts if we don’t have a dad bod yet?

  95. Luke J

    Luke J22 日 前

    Cleetus,, checkout south african spinning. jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-pawuUjqJhiE.html

  96. Tommy Stearns

    Tommy Stearns22 日 前

    cleetus, neighbors suspension is set for drifting not straight line racing and that's why he keeps trying to get sideways.. reset the suspension and tune him for the strip and I guarantee you'll get a better reaction time

  97. H. D prospecting

    H. D prospecting22 日 前

    What's dripping from under the front on let off on the second pull??

  98. Stephen Davidson

    Stephen Davidson22 日 前

    Am I the only one that’s picking up on some tension between Cleetus and James?

  99. Hunter Sherrick

    Hunter Sherrick22 日 前

    Then fix the ac cleetus ur got the money just do it lol

  100. shane ball

    shane ball22 日 前

    Cooper with new shirt idea day late and a doller short

  101. birdhaus2021

    birdhaus202122 日 前

    Once a drifter, always a drifter.

  102. James Self

    James Self22 日 前

    Do a gigantic weight reduction shes heavey as a whale