1. Tatiana Cajina

    Tatiana Cajina14 時間 前

    my name is Tatianna !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Laura Valdez

    Laura Valdez17 時間 前

    I am so happy you guys are so happy

  3. Najah Jbara

    Najah Jbara18 時間 前

    So happy for u guys😊

  4. Aysha Roblox

    Aysha Roblox18 時間 前


  5. Demi Hayes

    Demi Hayes20 時間 前

    if someone would of found out were ur house is u just showed the keys all they have to do is take a screenshot of the key and go to a 3D printer and make a copy of the key and then they can get in your house. not to worry you or anything but u might wanna change your keys and locks

  6. CyberTingz

    CyberTingz23 時間 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="597">9:57</a>

  7. Deep hug

    Deep hug19 時間 前

    Hey y'all I'm Alaia and I'm 13 I'm in year 8 and I'm TEAM Katie All day everyday x

  8. Audreyland Channel

    Audreyland Channel日 前

    You should put the picture In The living room

  9. Mandy good job McKinney

    Mandy good job McKinney日 前

    Truck named Tatiana: TV named Tatiana:

  10. Sara Rahman

    Sara Rahman日 前

    Pls do more of these vids xxxx Ps .....love yous

  11. Kaitlyn 46

    Kaitlyn 46日 前

    So are they together or no




  13. Ravon Ranallo

    Ravon Ranallo日 前

    @weirdwolfie no I am changing my ways



    Title of the intro song ?

  15. Ag dolly Girl123

    Ag dolly Girl123日 前

    Wait we were pranked

  16. Mody2K

    Mody2K日 前

    The hate in this vid🤣

  17. Athena Hardie

    Athena Hardie日 前

    Beside your bed

  18. aurora kadwell

    aurora kadwell日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="279">4:39</a> jeez i neerly cried

  19. aurora kadwell

    aurora kadwell日 前

    u guys scared me so bad omg

  20. May_ThisBe

    May_ThisBe日 前

    Do you have like, a front door ? I remember in the empty house tour you went in through the garage as well, so I was wondering about a classic front door you might not have shown us ? ☺️

  21. Mira Manzeck

    Mira Manzeck日 前

    Who is here after the breakup vid?

  22. Luna Magallon

    Luna Magallon日 前

    I liked all your vids you guys should play fortnite together like it would be so cute "couple goals"

  23. Elisha Foster

    Elisha Foster日 前

    Hey y'all I'm Alaia and I'm 13 I'm in year 8 and I'm TEAM Katie All day everyday x

  24. Rose Cardenas

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  25. Sadria Moore

    Sadria Moore日 前

    You guy should make merch with that photo when josh had his fight

  26. Serenity Amos

    Serenity Amos日 前

    Omg I fell for it I was crying well you guys got me

  27. Tazzzee

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  28. Sophia Greig

    Sophia Greig日 前

    U guys should do a house tour?

  29. Sophia Greig

    Sophia Greig日 前

    I’m so happy for u guys ❤️❤️

  30. Jadan Christensen

    Jadan Christensen日 前

    Remember when they first just hit 1M in like October?

  31. Zahraa Alramadan

    Zahraa Alramadan日 前

    Josh having a red nose : corona virus

  32. BlackMamba24831 KB

    BlackMamba24831 KB日 前

    Yo if you guys have a kid you should name it jatie 😱😱😱that would be coool who agrees😁

  33. Stephanie McAlpine

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    Above your Bed

  34. Lucia Friedman

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    You should put the picture near the closet

  35. Papaya Films

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    Mr Kate please

  36. Simon Kiflom

    Simon Kiflom日 前

    I’m not gonna lie it’s a bad time to buy a house. If the recession proceeds then your house is gonna be half the value of what you brought it for in 18-24 months. However, congratulations it’s a very nice house.

  37. Lexi Meyers

    Lexi Meyers日 前

    You should use the extra room into a gym

  38. Sadie Hall

    Sadie Hall日 前

    I am actually so confused, first they break up, then they get back together, then they move in together???

  39. Leah LoSasso

    Leah LoSasso2 日 前

    Congratulations Josh and Katie I’m so happy for you both!!!!!

  40. Brave Gem

    Brave Gem2 日 前


  41. Mia Best

    Mia Best2 日 前

    You have to do a video of your house organizer Like how you you guys going to decorate the house

  42. Miran Miran

    Miran Miran2 日 前

    Are you guys foling your subscribers what is happening guys jaite vlogs.?

  43. Riker Johnson

    Riker Johnson2 日 前

    R.i.p bed

  44. Alice Orbell

    Alice Orbell2 日 前

    i got soo scared i thought you guys broke up on that last video and i was just watching it the i went onto ur channel and then OMG u did brake up!! love u guys

  45. Nicole Weber

    Nicole Weber2 日 前

    Are you going to sell the pink and white water jugs again?

  46. Emma Duchateau

    Emma Duchateau2 日 前

    No one: Literally nobody: Josh and Katie: Let’s move in together even if there’s the Corona virus 🦠

  47. Tatiana Ives

    Tatiana Ives2 日 前

    Congrats ❤️❤️❤️

  48. Tatiana Ives

    Tatiana Ives2 日 前

    I love you guys so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  49. Joshabel Sierra

    Joshabel Sierra2 日 前

    When they said the were breaking up I was crying cause they are my favorite couple but now that I found out it is a prank I am unsubscribing cause they played with my emotions

  50. Joshabel Sierra

    Joshabel Sierra2 日 前


  51. Melody

    Melody2 日 前

    OMG perfect couple! you guys are so adorable together, love the house, couple goals.


    CHEER IS LIT2 日 前

    Weren’t they taking a break

  53. Charlie H

    Charlie H2 日 前

    nope it was a prank

  54. Isamar

    Isamar2 日 前

    Do any of these youtube girls get married first? They just become this experiment so the guy can kick them the curve when they're done.

  55. Winner Chicken Dinner

    Winner Chicken Dinner2 日 前

    Put your pic in your room on top of bed

  56. Winner Chicken Dinner

    Winner Chicken Dinner2 日 前

    Can i have shoutout

  57. Destiny Fairhurat

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  58. KingHarley

    KingHarley2 日 前

    I’m so happy for you well done

  59. Felix Charlesworth

    Felix Charlesworth2 日 前

    I was so scared that you guys did break up I nearly cried 😭😅

  60. Winnue Hejdhd

    Winnue Hejdhd2 日 前

    Yalll leave them alone

  61. Soph_ia

    Soph_ia2 日 前

    Maybe you should put the proposing picture on top of ur bed so every morning you wake up u remember it

  62. Lucas VELEVSKI

    Lucas VELEVSKI2 日 前

    So what the fuck happened where they joking about breaking up could someone tell me plz 🤷‍♀️

  63. K'dence Slightom

    K'dence Slightom2 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="452">7:32</a> put it on you closet door

  64. K'dence Slightom

    K'dence Slightom2 日 前

    Josh: Grinding over this bed Me: Wait...

  65. Isobrim Plays

    Isobrim Plays2 日 前

    So there was no point in making your clickbait breakup video then...

  66. Flame Boy

    Flame Boy2 日 前

    Didnt they break up?

  67. Maddison Wolfe

    Maddison Wolfe2 日 前

    I love how they post a lot like thank you Jatie❤️

  68. T-steady16

    T-steady162 日 前

    house tour soon?

  69. Jamire Curtis

    Jamire Curtis2 日 前

    My sisters name is Tatiana

  70. JallyCat Warrior

    JallyCat Warrior2 日 前

    I love how you named your TV Tatianna 😂😂😂 I love it so much!!

  71. VscoGirl_AndIOOP

    VscoGirl_AndIOOP2 日 前

    Like didnt you guys just make a video that said you guys are breaking up and not moving in together like OMG

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    Put the picture above your bed

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    @jatievlogs Put the picture above your bed and frame it with your youtube plaques

  74. Gracyn Catalanotto

    Gracyn Catalanotto2 日 前

    wait did they break up or not??

  75. Francesca V

    Francesca V2 日 前

    Is it just me or did he say walking closet instead if walk-in closet

  76. Rai Rainbow

    Rai Rainbow2 日 前

    People here before 100k👉❤

  77. Benjamin Kim

    Benjamin Kim2 日 前

    they moved in a day after they said they weren’t going to lol. Glad it was a prank tho

  78. Savannah Lee

    Savannah Lee2 日 前

    Tf is this shit

  79. Moke Muhsin

    Moke Muhsin2 日 前

    We broke up next day were moving in together in a new house



    Didn’t you break up wtf

  81. Azana Irotumhe

    Azana Irotumhe2 日 前

    U should put the picture above ur bed it wiil look good too

  82. Mattie Ruehrmund

    Mattie Ruehrmund2 日 前

    I don’t know if the break up thing was a prank or not but I still think is some bs that they made that video then the next one they post is them being all happy and moving into a house... now they’re talking about having a kid??? So confused.

  83. Hamid Vahidi

    Hamid Vahidi2 日 前

    Those ads omfg...