We Made A Giant 25-Pound Ramen Bowl For A Sumo Wrestler • Tasty


  1. Tom Kao

    Tom Kao9 分 前

    Also didn’t know that kansui existed, personally I’d just make my own alkaline salt.

  2. TheClover | Pack Openings

    TheClover | Pack Openings16 分 前

    Why do I think weird but you 2 would be a great couple

  3. Adrienne Faye Dellota

    Adrienne Faye Dellota27 分 前

    Someone: I think Inga and Alvin should be together Another person: I think they should make more videos together Me: tf

  4. Chemicalreactr- Chan

    Chemicalreactr- Chan45 分 前

    5:43 time to make sum noods

  5. Thomas Lim

    Thomas Lim時間 前

    Shipping Alvin and Inga so much!!!!! 😭❤️😍

  6. acroline

    acroline時間 前

    I thought they were going to use instant noodles or something.

  7. Xnaa Naa

    Xnaa Naa時間 前

    imagine cooking for a group of sumo wrestlers after a fight...

  8. Emma Buckley

    Emma Buckley時間 前

    5:45 ...

  9. Ivan Andrei Alcantara

    Ivan Andrei Alcantara2 時間 前

    Time to make some *NoOdS*

  10. Yuanita Handoko

    Yuanita Handoko2 時間 前

    I hope they're dating they are so cute together 😍

  11. veriko nizharadze

    veriko nizharadze2 時間 前

    naruto needs this 😌

  12. Rose M

    Rose M3 時間 前

    Is it just me or do i ship Alvin and inga like if u agree

  13. Akmal

    Akmal4 時間 前

    emmmm..sweet couple

  14. Mrwoofytoofy ;-;

    Mrwoofytoofy ;-;4 時間 前

    13:30 *Eggie jr has joined the game.* 13:50 *Eggie jr tried to swim in lava.*

  15. Jorell Morales

    Jorell Morales4 時間 前

    Inga sounds like a familiar cartoon character

  16. windrimondo

    windrimondo4 時間 前

    They smash?

  17. hey bang

    hey bang5 時間 前

    Eggie jr is too cute to be eaten

  18. Kielpolo 14

    Kielpolo 146 時間 前

    He out of nowhere says “ᴹʸ ᵇᵒʸ ᵍˡᵘᵗᵉⁿ”

  19. Jordan Bronson

    Jordan Bronson6 時間 前

    *@**1:32** " We have a very healthy diet ". Hmmmmmm* 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  20. Dansherwin 9

    Dansherwin 96 時間 前

    Yo Alvin thot he was going to eat some of it 😂

  21. Adrian Tupas

    Adrian Tupas8 時間 前

    I ship it👍👍

  22. treekee

    treekee8 時間 前

    If u just listen to the audio and not watch the vid, its uhhh, well umm, uhhhhhhhh

  23. jeslyn Y

    jeslyn Y8 時間 前

    Alvin and Inka shoud get married...with a giant wedding cake of course !!!

  24. silvano lopez

    silvano lopez8 時間 前


  25. SeNioRaLPHa playgames

    SeNioRaLPHa playgames8 時間 前

    7:13 nudes or nodes or noodles or noods?? Hmmmmmmmm

  26. Ethan Bedora

    Ethan Bedora8 時間 前

    Team up with Matt stonier and make food for him

  27. Julhannen Lithonius

    Julhannen Lithonius9 時間 前

    17:03 we need more of this

  28. Julhannen Lithonius

    Julhannen Lithonius9 時間 前

    NOO!!!!!! EGGIEEEE!!!!!!!! 😭😭😭

  29. Sukiramiki

    Sukiramiki11 時間 前

    The sumo wrestler is so cute!!!!

  30. kristopher crane

    kristopher crane11 時間 前

    The pigs feet are fucking disgusting.

  31. nadia draws

    nadia draws11 時間 前

    17:10 spy kids: asian style

  32. Eric Jimenez

    Eric Jimenez12 時間 前

    She and Alvin make a cute couple

  33. crystal hughes

    crystal hughes12 時間 前

    This is a Beautiful Dish. Love it 😊

  34. Denomic Yt

    Denomic Yt12 時間 前

    imagine dropping that

  35. Fri3nd's

    Fri3nd's13 時間 前

    Life o Boris would me mad. He flushed away the meat in jelly.

  36. Flash Is Better Than Supes

    Flash Is Better Than Supes13 時間 前

    Make a meal for Matt Stonie PLEEEASE

  37. Mos Def

    Mos Def13 時間 前

    "Thank you mom" I see what you did there 😉

  38. nadia draws

    nadia draws14 時間 前

    is it bad that at 2:30 i immediately thought of “you got a friend in me.” 😂😂

  39. Nada Jaber

    Nada Jaber14 時間 前

    Where are you naruto 😂😂😂

  40. Swishing Star.

    Swishing Star.14 時間 前

    Her: Don't smack it Him: How else check if it's smooth Her: ...

  41. reinier santos

    reinier santos14 時間 前

    7:26 OH DAMNNNNN 😉

  42. euqirnE niuqaoJ

    euqirnE niuqaoJ14 時間 前

    Lift some weights bud

  43. Alex Moon

    Alex Moon15 時間 前

    XD eggie actually sounds like how you'd say baby in korean

  44. yixuan

    yixuan15 時間 前

    real talk though.... i wanna taste that ramen....

  45. Råįhäñ M

    Råįhäñ M16 時間 前

    OMG her voice is so cute ❤️

  46. Pääsky Kissa

    Pääsky Kissa16 時間 前


  47. FirePrincess Hino

    FirePrincess Hino17 時間 前

    What's next a giant pocky?

  48. Zion Robinson

    Zion Robinson17 時間 前

    She has the most cutest voice like seriously

  49. Kirboi

    Kirboi17 時間 前

    *time to make some noods*

  50. Ben M

    Ben M17 時間 前

    She's adorable.