We Made A Giant 25-Pound Ramen Bowl For A Sumo Wrestler • Tasty


  1. its zena

    its zena時間 前




    He looks very nice and wise

  3. P5 G

    P5 G8 時間 前

    This two sumo wrestlers reminded me of the fat brothers from naruto


    MNC GUBBIE9 時間 前

    RIP Eggie

  5. Faith

    Faith15 時間 前

    Who else just wants to give yama a hug? 🥺

  6. Dusty animations

    Dusty animations15 時間 前

    College students when they have parties:

  7. Animator Emily

    Animator Emily17 時間 前

    I have a giant bowl and plate

  8. Lucid Phoenix

    Lucid Phoenix18 時間 前

    "You vs the guy she tells you not to worry about" omg 😂

  9. kawaii Wolfie playz

    kawaii Wolfie playz19 時間 前

    Inga : eat your vegitables children . Alvin: thanks mom

  10. A d

    A d20 時間 前

    Dude yama is the best

  11. Stine Mari Lindberg Andersen

    Stine Mari Lindberg Andersen23 時間 前

    This is how manny times Alvin sed Huge!

  12. Adnan Ashraf

    Adnan Ashraf日 前

    We think that our body is fit because we eat good food. ...........But when we watch this video we will become exposed

  13. Ken’s Vlog

    Ken’s Vlog日 前

    11:19 for a cutie eggie voice❤️

  14. Marcus Roy

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  15. Randoms O9

    Randoms O9日 前

    Omg I loved that Awwww

  16. Teny Haryati

    Teny Haryati日 前

    that was a lot of high fives between inga and alvin haha

  17. Mitchel Hong

    Mitchel Hong日 前

    15:23 The return of pork baby

  18. Mitchel Hong

    Mitchel Hong日 前

    EGGIE Junior is also very cute ☺️😊

  19. Mitchel Hong

    Mitchel Hong日 前

    RIP EGGIE you will not be forgotten 😭😔😢🥺😣 🥚we love you EGGIE

  20. Isaac

    Isaac日 前

    I would've thought they would make giant char siu, like roll 2 or 3 piece pork belly into 1.

  21. jeanine galia

    jeanine galia日 前

    4:45 Albert throws it out but Inga says no waste 10:29

  22. Mr. Fbi

    Mr. Fbi日 前

    I ship the fuck out of them

  23. Dan Ortiz

    Dan Ortiz日 前

    It's a RaMEN, not Rafetuchini. Use Men thin noodles

  24. A J

    A J日 前


  25. Akhil Velagapudi

    Akhil Velagapudi2 日 前

    So... did they just get their humongous bowl stolen???

  26. Yukta's Piano

    Yukta's Piano2 日 前

    Can you make giant food for matt stonie

  27. Lawand Kurd

    Lawand Kurd2 日 前

    It looked delicious until he put on pork

  28. Fatima Rahimi

    Fatima Rahimi2 日 前

    Inga is absolutely adorable :3

  29. R Chow

    R Chow2 日 前

    Inga and Alvin looks cute together. They should colab more !

  30. Thomas Pholsena

    Thomas Pholsena2 日 前

    Yama is the sumo wrestler from John Wick 2

  31. ITZzAlix X

    ITZzAlix X2 日 前

    People: how many food have you made big Alvin: *yes*

  32. Kawaii Wolf

    Kawaii Wolf2 日 前

    Eggie jr got a tan

  33. Dao Yang

    Dao Yang2 日 前

    I'd like to think the Sumo wrestler just went to sleep after that interview, woke up 3 days later to eat the big bowl of ramen to go back to sleep for another 3 days.

  34. Tana Musasiwa

    Tana Musasiwa2 日 前

    Alvin has a serious crush on inga

  35. Bubbles The Bubble

    Bubbles The Bubble2 日 前

    Eggie sent me through a rollercoaster of emotions

  36. Vaibhav Mojidra

    Vaibhav Mojidra2 日 前

    She's cuteeeeee isn't she?

  37. [JC] Viva La

    [JC] Viva La2 日 前

    Ramen Guy would be proud 😋

  38. Luck Kevin Castro

    Luck Kevin Castro2 日 前


  39. Luck Kevin Castro

    Luck Kevin Castro2 日 前

    Dam he is fat as shit

  40. TheFatihTrio

    TheFatihTrio2 日 前

    He IS a sumo wrestler

  41. Stoney_Eagle

    Stoney_Eagle2 日 前

    Quite a magic duo if I'm honest

  42. kim_ soo

    kim_ soo2 日 前

    I WANT IT.

  43. CosmicOwl

    CosmicOwl2 日 前

    Eggie, the cute egg baby that was cooked to death.

  44. Captain Chaos

    Captain Chaos2 日 前

    Eggy Jr. : 2019 - 2019 Cause of Death : Multiple Blunt Concussions To the Head Eggy Jr, Like His Uncle. Eggy Sr. Had many Bright Creations In Mind. And Wanted To Become An Astronaut Or A Commercial Person. Eggy Jr Was Happy, And So He's To Rest Above Us. And Look Down On Us. To Keep us Safe And Well. Amen. R.I.P : Rest In Peices

  45. Captain Chaos

    Captain Chaos2 日 前

    Eggy : 2019 - 2019 Cause of Death : Multiple Blunt Concussions To The Head May we Remember Eggy In Heaven. And To Thy We Pray. Amen R.I.P : Rest In Peices.

  46. Callum BTD

    Callum BTD2 日 前

    That man literally has tits

  47. Xuyen Phuong

    Xuyen Phuong2 日 前


  48. Mya’s WRLD

    Mya’s WRLD2 日 前

    i’ve always wanted to eat traditional ramen like this but i’m stuck with top ramen, it’s still very delicious tho

  49. Callum Wittenbrink

    Callum Wittenbrink3 日 前

    Should’ve called the egg Shelly

  50. Kpop is my life

    Kpop is my life3 日 前

    21:46 i can totally see the love for inga in his eyes!!!! My ship is still sailing!!!!

  51. Hydra

    Hydra3 日 前

    i ship it

  52. MadMorgan 72

    MadMorgan 723 日 前

    The sumo looks like he could eat that whole thing in one bit

  53. MadMorgan 72

    MadMorgan 723 日 前

    Bite not bit

  54. Rain Meneses

    Rain Meneses3 日 前

    I would like a giant mochi

  55. SolslingerPlayz

    SolslingerPlayz3 日 前


  56. Zoe Fallah

    Zoe Fallah3 日 前

    alvin shoot your shot with inga we all already know

  57. ange sowo

    ange sowo3 日 前

    alvin:so inga welcome to the show inga:thank you thank you me:😍😍😍 cuteee

  58. Bob Joe

    Bob Joe3 日 前

    Best big food made end of discussion

  59. kevin sanchez

    kevin sanchez3 日 前

    Spinel: Noodle zone... *LAUGHS* You've Got to Be Kidding me-e-ee-e 🤣

  60. O B E S E M A N

    O B E S E M A N3 日 前

    His reaction is when you finnaly beat elite four

  61. Jenny Sandria

    Jenny Sandria4 日 前

    Awww that "goodnight" ^_^

  62. Minaye tefera

    Minaye tefera4 日 前

    Inga looks like your younger sister like rie