We Hydro Dipped a Nerf Blaster 100 Times! (100 Layers Challenge)


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    SUBSCRIBE if you think I should HYDRO DIP something 1,000 times 😄

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    im subed ato all your chanels!!!

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    I love your videos tell Bri I love her stew

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  5. Sayyaf

    Sayyaf18 日 前

    Preston can u do 1,000 Layers pls

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    bradie brackman20 日 前

    Hey I love you Preston

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    Preston 100 NERF 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    Preston vs Noob1234

  9. Arken Alain

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  10. Jon Aoki

    Jon Aoki2 日 前

    The Nerf gun is beautiful

  11. wolv3rine49

    wolv3rine492 日 前

    why is barney such a cringey boomer fr fr

  12. Zachary Earls

    Zachary Earls2 日 前

    Take apart the nerf gun before you paint it

  13. Tiffany Mercy Suwita

    Tiffany Mercy Suwita3 日 前

    sorry but im liking pretzon's art much much better barney

  14. Jody Bumgardner

    Jody Bumgardner3 日 前

    Hahaha! This video is so funny! Also, the Nerf Blaster looks really cool to me! :)

  15. Garrett Grow

    Garrett Grow5 日 前

    i loved the 90th on the gun.

  16. Evelynn Pundrich

    Evelynn Pundrich8 日 前

    My Evelyn video

  17. Mary Love Lara

    Mary Love Lara8 日 前

    Barney Hydro Dips The Shoes Way Cooler

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  19. Anas Achir

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    I got a red subscribe button! But I’m not going to subscribe

  21. Hi Hi

    Hi Hi14 日 前

    I think at 1:56 you can see maddies face

  22. TMoble

    TMoble15 日 前

    I saw somebody with Preston styles merch on when I was playing Roblox this morning

  23. Carl Mitchell-Turner

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  24. EveryThing Stop motion and more

    EveryThing Stop motion and more16 日 前

    waste of sprew paint

  25. EveryThing Stop motion and more

    EveryThing Stop motion and more16 日 前

    my sub butten is grey



    Do a hydrodip challenge against unspeakable



    hydro dip your tesla

  28. Megha Kadam

    Megha Kadam19 日 前

    Cool Preston

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  30. Temitayo Ayeni

    Temitayo Ayeni19 日 前

    Hydro dip your house

  31. DDT_9k

    DDT_9k20 日 前

    Not only can you hear but u can see the sarcastic words spitting out of Mattie's mouth

  32. edward frans

    edward frans21 日 前

    How many times everyone says "OOOOOOHHHHHHHHH"

  33. edward frans

    edward frans21 日 前

    how i have I not seen this

  34. Ishaan Sangha

    Ishaan Sangha22 日 前

    Preston is better

  35. Bryant Barrett

    Bryant Barrett22 日 前

    Who else saw the zaxbys ad before this?

  36. Innocentia Leeuw

    Innocentia Leeuw22 日 前

    Preston's nurf gun is perfect

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    Hydrodip your merch

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    Sev Chan23 日 前

    Who else saw the dip master ad

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    69 layers nice 👍

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    Sohan Saka23 日 前

    No Kidding I love Preston😍

  41. ash maximus

    ash maximus24 日 前

    You guys need bronze😑

  42. ash maximus

    ash maximus24 日 前

    I want a video when they did a million hydro dips

  43. yu zhao

    yu zhao24 日 前

    Let’s make this video to 1MILION LIKES! To help Preston out and also see him dip his CAR!

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    I mean channel

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  47. Michael Lance Steenberg

    Michael Lance Steenberg27 日 前

    This was literally Hilarious. 🤣🤣🤣

  48. Ahmed Hussain

    Ahmed Hussain28 日 前

    I love how he loves dipping nerf guns But he doesnt know the name of a single one Not even a STRYFE

  49. SaschaLBH

    SaschaLBH28 日 前

    go barnie

  50. henriet Dickson

    henriet Dickson28 日 前

    I love about the person plays videos

  51. henriet Dickson

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    All the present plays videos are so interesting I love all the present videos

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    Greg Waldock29 日 前

    John legend

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    we want your tesla to be hydro dipped

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  55. Miah Smithcondi

    Miah Smithcondiヶ月 前

    Prestons one is cooler

  56. Giacomo Faltas

    Giacomo Faltasヶ月 前

    Barney I hate you for trying to make me like yours more.

  57. Jennifer Muller

    Jennifer Mullerヶ月 前

    i love your dipped gun nick is a looser go PRESTON i hop it is a firer gun win it Preston


    XANDER JOEヶ月 前

    and i want his gun 😂😂


    XANDER JOEヶ月 前

    preston wins

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    Some fans you only give him 73k likes and other Vids have 400k likes bruh so leave a like

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    Looks so awesome it looks so cool

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    I love it

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    barneys is better

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    I think preston

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    Go Preston

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    Preston wins

  68. Prashant Kumar

    Prashant Kumarヶ月 前

    Nerf evader thanks Preston 🥰

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    Judelyn Aaron PHヶ月 前

    prestons better

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  71. Jacob Kovalsky

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    The 9th dip looks like borderlands

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    ive been subscribed 4 10 yrs

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    There is no way i can say i don't like the video. Video=😁

  74. Jasmine & Jada Byrd-Mena

    Jasmine & Jada Byrd-Menaヶ月 前

    Preston:Only 99 more to go. Me:ONLY?!?!?

  75. The red ghOst vloGs

    The red ghOst vloGsヶ月 前

    Thats a big chungus

  76. Yeet Yeet

    Yeet Yeetヶ月 前

    Preston wins

  77. Yeet Yeet

    Yeet Yeetヶ月 前

    31 looks like fortnight

  78. The ghost Drawers

    The ghost Drawersヶ月 前

    I like the show better

  79. Limit Phil

    Limit Philヶ月 前

    When Barney said 'fire nation' you know you thought of avatar the last airbender

  80. Joshua Biju

    Joshua Bijuヶ月 前

    But barney said he never hydro dipped before.

  81. Carl and Elin Ballesteros

    Carl and Elin Ballesterosヶ月 前

    I am watching this 12:17

  82. Carl and Elin Ballesteros

    Carl and Elin Ballesterosヶ月 前

    At 31 I like it it’s weird but cool Preston

  83. Hassan Merican

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    I love you preston

  84. Malaki Crichfield

    Malaki Crichfieldヶ月 前

    5:54 loot lama

  85. le minh

    le minhヶ月 前

    preston can you hidro dip your wife and your tesla pls

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    Preston plays I watch your JPreporter videos we have a special shout out that we did for you and if you click on this we will give you $3000

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    Yes I know that jesus is coming back

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    Preston 😑 you defenetly won like bruh.

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    Preston won the challenge 🌵🌵🇱🇷🤑

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    I subscribed 😁😁😁😁😁

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    You could Hydro dip your Mruch

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    nerf gun won today

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    A phone cover

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    My favorite is Preston but kind of buoys because I love nerf by the way nice scavenger

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    Mark Tamerヶ月 前

    Do another granny video

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    Ok barney I will pick barney

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    We need more bed wats

  103. Grace Davis

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    Preston won

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    Can you spray paint your car

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    Bro can you extend your merchandise till India please I want to wear them so much by the way i am your biggest fan

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    Plz bro