We Hired a Real Hypnotherapist to Analyze Our Darkest Dreams


  1. Tamar Devorah

    Tamar Devorah時間 前

    Lololol, I never thought I'd see Mark third-wheeling

  2. Salt Burg

    Salt Burg3 時間 前

    This one was really interesting, thank you for the experience!

  3. Raiuza x

    Raiuza x6 時間 前

    Give Ethan courage he lacks a lot of that

  4. Actual Evil

    Actual Evil7 時間 前

    this is wholesome lol

  5. LesterBunny 21

    LesterBunny 2111 時間 前

    This whole thing is such a roller coaster... Would love to visit her someday

  6. Navish Perera

    Navish Perera12 時間 前


  7. Shy Dragoness

    Shy Dragoness13 時間 前

    Shes so fucking weird

  8. Frankie Gaza

    Frankie Gaza22 時間 前

    U n' us an(n)us = unus annus .... Probs should sleep now....

  9. Gemma Diaz

    Gemma Diaz日 前

    23:48 OW MY HEART

  10. King Ban

    King Ban日 前

    I’m reminded of how much I love mark and Ethan in this video 😂😂

  11. King Ban

    King Ban日 前

    Instructions not clear, left foot is now my nose

  12. Gemma Diaz

    Gemma Diaz日 前

    6:26 knew he was gonna say that😩

  13. brookie namjinsopevminkookrules

    brookie namjinsopevminkookrules日 前

    Things we learned: Mark is a Masochist

  14. brookie namjinsopevminkookrules

    brookie namjinsopevminkookrules日 前

    Great, now I’m sad because Mark...

  15. um hi?

    um hi?日 前

    Unus Annus !!!!

  16. F

    F日 前

    This is one of the Unus Annus videos that needs to be preserved just for the memes

  17. Jessica Taylor

    Jessica Taylor日 前

    1:58 - 2:09 is just attacking mark and Ethan about lemons Therapist-you've seen a lemon. especially lAtely Ethan-I'm slightly afraid Therapist-of what, of a lemOn?

  18. BvbForever

    BvbForever日 前

    Mark: I'm irrelevant Hypnotherapist: GoOoDd!

  19. Kitsune Fox

    Kitsune Fox日 前

    This was deep

  20. Jpoun22

    Jpoun22日 前

    "He wasn't good enough because of somebody else's expectations." the way she said it, along with what she said just hit me hard, it's one thing to know this, it's another to hear it out of somebody else's mouth.

  21. Martin Renteria

    Martin Renteria日 前

    You guys are so funny I swear 😂💀

  22. Logan Walker

    Logan Walker日 前

    I’m guessing you’ll never see this but all these videos are helping me get over my fear of death as it’s ok to let good even though the moment will pass and these videos will be gone I will still have enjoyed them

  23. Nini Ruiz

    Nini Ruiz日 前

    This video hit deep in my emotions

  24. Skeptical Satyr

    Skeptical Satyr2 日 前

    "I don't know what word(s) will impact you" *_trumpet solo_*

  25. Sepia Smith

    Sepia Smith2 日 前

    Death is weird for me because... I'm not afraid of death necessarily, I'm afraid of dying because I'm afraid of pain. As for the actual concept of death, I've reached an acceptance because (1) nobody can prove whether there is something after. I have no control over it. if there is something, I guess I'll find out and deal with it like being born. (2) if there is nothing... then I won't exist to have an opinion about it. which I like a lot.

  26. panther vegeta

    panther vegeta2 日 前

    Try harder try harder try harder try harder try harder

  27. Captian Crazy

    Captian Crazy2 日 前

    This episode simotaneously terrifies, confuses, and hurts me all in one and all i can say is, from the bottom of my heart: oof

  28. Panda YAS

    Panda YAS2 日 前

    “i’M sCarEd” “Of a lemon?” Her response had me dying xD

  29. Jocelyn Rae

    Jocelyn Rae2 日 前


  30. y a n n a h

    y a n n a h2 日 前

    no one : mark : *smacc* 9:52

  31. staring into space

    staring into space2 日 前

    l e m o n s

  32. Polty The Ravenclaw

    Polty The Ravenclaw2 日 前

    I fell asleep listening to her talk.

  33. BradBowl_Llama

    BradBowl_Llama2 日 前

    Me: *Cave Johnson flashbacks*

  34. DeadVenom Gaming

    DeadVenom Gaming2 日 前

    Liza: be confident and nice and calm Mark:*gets ignored* Also Mark: *slowly moves pillow and gets distracted by simple stuff around him*

  35. NeverletyoufallNever

    NeverletyoufallNever2 日 前

    8:35 I can hear Mark's thoughts... "Don't touch me."

  36. Clara Nadine

    Clara Nadine3 日 前

    First minute and Mark is already being ADORABLE

  37. mclain kirkley

    mclain kirkley3 日 前

    Am i the only one that chants along with the intro??

  38. nightmare muffin

    nightmare muffin3 日 前

    muffin muffin

  39. Amanda Jensen

    Amanda Jensen3 日 前

    15:58 it looks like Mark has a boner xd

  40. Kayla Sanders

    Kayla Sanders3 日 前

    anyone else think this lady was weird?

  41. Minecraft Cupcake

    Minecraft Cupcake3 日 前

    Lemon.. My dirty side: o-oh god..

  42. MegaChickenfish

    MegaChickenfish3 日 前

    It's a weird combination of meditation and just positive self-thought, very strange, but probably effective.

  43. u rite kief

    u rite kief3 日 前

    Hypnotherapist: "In a way, when we sleep, we get closure. We're closing the day" Me: watching at 6 AM "huh. that makes sense"

  44. Mattea Arroyo

    Mattea Arroyo4 日 前

    Why do people think Mark is a jerk for being Confident????? Like, is it so wrong to be happy???? Y’all are just rude!

  45. Solid Steak

    Solid Steak4 日 前

    I was very much into trying to experience this, but your sh!tty childish sound effects ruined the whole thing. The video was already good without them. Overedited Edit: This lady is amazing, she genuinely wanted to help you both. Thank you to her

  46. Sunday Girl

    Sunday Girl3 日 前

    Well, you wouldn't experience this anyway, even without the sound effects, because they cut up the session. The video would be well over an hour long, and the inductions were tailored to Ethan and Mark specifically. There are plenty of options on JPreporter if you want a small taste of what hypnosis feels like.

  47. MrFluffyWaffles

    MrFluffyWaffles3 日 前

    Solid Steak if you want to experience it, why don’t you go to this place and hire this lady, this is an unus annus video, of course it’s going to be “childish”

  48. Zauna Cat

    Zauna Cat4 日 前

    Oh God me too mark 😂 I loved this so much

  49. xlXRetroGamerXlx

    xlXRetroGamerXlx4 日 前

    *Well that’s nice...* 😂

  50. 8SemiCat8

    8SemiCat84 日 前

    I too, wanted to see the snake :(

  51. Immortal Twinkie

    Immortal Twinkie4 日 前

    Why is that hypnotist so mean to my poor baby mark 😡🤬

  52. Dylan Bock

    Dylan Bock4 日 前

    That lady ignored mark the whole time

  53. Baran C

    Baran C4 日 前

    Therapist: There’s failure in the other room. Someone who is afraid of failure: Fuck!

  54. Annalisa Zara

    Annalisa Zara4 日 前

    Can't we have more of this? It was so interesting

  55. K. A. U.

    K. A. U.4 日 前

    I was also excited for a snake and disappointing when there wasn't.

  56. Nagisa Azuma

    Nagisa Azuma4 日 前

    *Mark being the least favorite child for 14 minutes*

  57. I_kill_phill

    I_kill_phill5 日 前

    Tgis was soo deep wholy cow

  58. TurtleDoes

    TurtleDoes5 日 前

    Are we allowed to add these to playlists temporarily I don’t want to break the rules. I’ll delete it off it when the channel ends.

  59. Lady Seashell Bikini

    Lady Seashell Bikini3 日 前

    Don't worry, adding it to a playlist is not the same as saving and re-uploading. Once they delete the videos, it will automatically be deleted from your playlist.

  60. Noiceable

    Noiceable5 日 前

    Mark: "like i'm irrelevant.." Lady: GoOd!!

  61. Gabrielle Martinez

    Gabrielle Martinez5 日 前

    No one: Literally no one: Ethan at 4:36: lemons

  62. GippyHappy

    GippyHappy5 日 前

    I don’t get why everyone says Mark didn’t get enough attention in this. Obviously he was a little jealous at first but it wasn’t his turn, and if they want to make the most of the session they need to do it more individually. Then he got his turn and it was all about him. I would say the therapist was very balanced in her approach.

  63. Lady Seashell Bikini

    Lady Seashell Bikini3 日 前

    Exactly. In fact, the therapist even focused on Mark while Ethan was still in the chair during what was supposed to be Ethan's post-talk. I think Mark got overall more attention than Ethan did.

  64. Nicholas Lamek

    Nicholas Lamek5 日 前

    mark looks like a mum bringing a child to the doctors and explaining evrything that is wrong