1. Yes Theory

    Yes Theory11 ヶ月 前

    Thank you again to all of you who went and commented on Will Smith's video when we first challenged him. This all happened because of you and we dedicate this video to our amazing Yes Fam Community. We're forever dedicated to making content that empowers you to live your best lives. We love you!

  2. Jeff Vokey

    Jeff Vokey4 日 前

    I fucking cried watching Aamar jump.....I really hope all your dreams come to reality which I can honestly see they already are. I am sure your father will eventually see what you have made for yourself and the joy you emit through these videos!! I am so happy for Yes Theory.....congrats you guys Big Hugzzzzz

  3. Nikolikotiko Fortnite

    Nikolikotiko Fortniteヶ月 前

    Im jealous

  4. Nikolikotiko Fortnite

    Nikolikotiko Fortniteヶ月 前


  5. Pistol

    Pistolヶ月 前

    I love you to <3

  6. Wilson Rivera

    Wilson Riveraヶ月 前

    Yes Theory let’s do this? Lmao I only see one guy doing it

  7. cyber cookie

    cyber cookie日 前

    ye and theres aa

  8. Qowisma Harfoe

    Qowisma Harfoe日 前

    You guys are the BEST

  9. mobilesolutionsfl

    mobilesolutionsfl2 日 前

    Would've liked to have seen Will jump.

  10. Sam Burroughs

    Sam Burroughs3 日 前

    matt is so hot and is he single

  11. Jacobo Bustos

    Jacobo Bustos3 日 前

    das my birthday lol sep 25

  12. Milo the Jack Russell

    Milo the Jack Russell4 日 前

    I’ve done a bungee jump once in Switzerland when I was only 20. I’m glad I did it back then because now I couldn’t have done it even if I wanted to do it again due to my spinal injury a few years ago. Carpe diem is indeed, to all of you, youngsters. Youth may fades but the memories live.


    SUMESHKUMAR00094 日 前

    That was great. Salute. Editing awesome. 12:30-12:40 and 13:10 double awesome... Salute to Will Smith for accepting challenge. But why Smith's jump made like an average video?

  14. Rui Miguel

    Rui Miguel4 日 前

    OMG, INSANE! I don't even iknow where to start since REAL friendship goals, love, passion, history, video, editing. This channel its just sureal and you deserve SO SO MUCH MORE SUBS than 4.23M (at this point in time). And, most of all, they are SO completly RAW even on camera that I must talk about it. ikd, i'm really amazed with this. I'm honestly so glad that i find your channel. I relate so much bc before this I already have started seeking discomfort and you just made it so much real! Ty you all, love you!

  15. Liam McGreehan

    Liam McGreehan4 日 前

    I thought he wasn't connected

  16. how many holidays

    how many holidays5 日 前

    I just went and watched Will’s too and, whilst I know it’s not a competition, I can’t get over how much better your story is. Sure, the edit plays a big part (whoever did this - RESPECT) but I think it’s also the fact that this has been a three year journey just made it one of the most epic videos I’ve ever watched on JPreporter. Found you guys about three weeks ago and feeling sad that I’m almost up to date now!!

  17. hacker gamer

    hacker gamer6 日 前

    This channel deserves 70 million subscribers

  18. Queen Queen

    Queen Queen6 日 前

    These dudes are awesome

  19. MaryJane

    MaryJane7 日 前

    I'm willing to watch two consecutive 15 seconds unskipable ads for Yes Theory. Yes That's how much I love them!!!

  20. Syed Aiman

    Syed Aiman8 日 前

    Yes theory deserves 200+ million subs and more

  21. Shean Sta. Ana

    Shean Sta. Ana8 日 前

    You guys are INSANE!

  22. Beth Ann Ferguson

    Beth Ann Ferguson10 日 前

    You guys should totally watch Max Reisinger his videos are all about your guys motto seeking discomfort 😋

  23. Leander Rumor

    Leander Rumor11 日 前

    guys can you fly me to la and i will go skydiving to

  24. Aqeel Mohamed

    Aqeel Mohamed11 日 前

    12:31 is one of the best part. JUST. WOW.

  25. Arnav Joshi

    Arnav Joshi11 日 前

    Ammar gives out happy Markiplier vibes

  26. leaf village hidden in the hood

    leaf village hidden in the hood11 日 前

    Should turn this into a movie.

  27. AJ and Associates

    AJ and Associates11 日 前

    Guys reach out to Tom Cruise and do something crazy like jumping off a building or barrel rolling on a helicopter... best wishes


    INSIGNIA12 日 前

    one of the best youtube channel i have ever came across....FEELING LUCKY

  29. kkamikazzi

    kkamikazzi12 日 前

    Its always the white dudes man

  30. TheBigNoob, Big Boss

    TheBigNoob, Big Boss15 日 前

    9:54 hey its not the end of your lives, chill your booty

  31. Miguel Galarza

    Miguel Galarza15 日 前

    You got me at 12:30 also at 12:38

  32. Altaranalt

    Altaranalt15 日 前

    These guys must be looking back on their lives when they're old with the biggest smiles on their faces.

  33. ARAH

    ARAH15 日 前

    12:58 Will Smith actually gave spoilers for yt rewind 2018

  34. ARAH

    ARAH15 日 前

    *Will Smith bungee jump* Internet: WOAH! *Ammar bungee jump* Internet: WHO(A)?

  35. Back 2 Life

    Back 2 Life16 日 前

    This took some freaking major balls man!! Made my heart start pounding at home 😂

  36. Kaizer Test

    Kaizer Test16 日 前

    That dude has the hugest balls I've ever seen! .......that didn't sound right.😑

  37. Cuarcs Mentality

    Cuarcs Mentality16 日 前

    This teach something About life ❤❤

  38. Cuarcs Mentality

    Cuarcs Mentality16 日 前


  39. Arin Gokdemir

    Arin Gokdemir16 日 前

    When the alarm clock sound faded in over the dark canyon... genius touch of editing.

  40. Lionel Messi

    Lionel Messi17 日 前

    Am i the only enjoying how carlton is there?

  41. Jayla Shaw

    Jayla Shaw17 日 前

    The connection and the bond that they have is just the best to me man ‼🥺🥺❤

  42. Jayla Shaw

    Jayla Shaw17 日 前

    10:13 when he said he wished his family was there with him but it's okay bc he has a squad close to him that's like family my eyes started to water I really almost cried 🥺🥺🥺😭❤

  43. Imran Hamid

    Imran Hamid17 日 前

    what a great video and hero

  44. paulo coelho

    paulo coelho18 日 前

    Melhor vídeo de todos The best video ever

  45. Malumcorrea

    Malumcorrea19 日 前

    Why am I in tears right now????!

  46. ShamiXX XoXo

    ShamiXX XoXo19 日 前

    "This literally started from us in the bedroom"

  47. Marco A.

    Marco A.19 日 前

    bel airs prince is cray cray

  48. Black Widow

    Black Widow20 日 前

    I have 4 names that come to mind when it comes to inspirational people especially guys who grew up in the 90s Will Smith Jason Momoa Jim Carey Robin Williams (unfortunately he didn’t realize it)

  49. Fake Adult

    Fake Adult21 日 前

    How lucky should will Smith be? He got 2 meet Thomas!!

  50. Eugenijus Med

    Eugenijus Med22 日 前

    I’m just literally cried of happiness

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    Frank Soucek24 日 前

    The 1 Year Mark is approaching!!! You should try to top it every year!!!! LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE!!!

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    \ / \ / \ / \ /

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    Well the genie grants wishes

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    Soupaman9326 日 前

    Fucking badass

  58. Just we

    Just we26 日 前

    I cried for their experience especially their friendships,their bonds is really 💪 that's the real definition of friendship goals

  59. honey random

    honey random27 日 前

    So inspiring! Every time I watch a Yes Theory video I just wanna go out there and rock the world

  60. NoahMaynardTV

    NoahMaynardTV28 日 前

    Um yes please

  61. Silva De Hedgehog

    Silva De Hedgehog29 日 前

    Are you scared? Amnar: Yes Definitely Absolutely

  62. Ness

    Ness29 日 前

    Ohhh so that's why Will Smith was in Rewind lmao

  63. Devoo 2Timez

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    Damn I cried🤘🏽

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    Big will

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    makes me wanna cry