1. Yes Theory

    Yes Theory年 前

    Thank you again to all of you who went and commented on Will Smith's video when we first challenged him. This all happened because of you and we dedicate this video to our amazing Yes Fam Community. We're forever dedicated to making content that empowers you to live your best lives. We love you!

  2. Josh S-TV

    Josh S-TV4 日 前

    I, ROBOT

  3. Leif Osburn

    Leif Osburn8 日 前

    I laughed so hard at that 😂

  4. Alex Scapin

    Alex Scapin25 日 前

    Hy, I’m from Italy so sorry for the probably stupid question I’m gonna ask you... bungee jumping from an helycopter on the grand canyon as you did is it something that everyone can do or was it a kind of special occasion just for Will’s 50th birthday... I mean if I’m coming there for holidays is it sonething that i can try? Thanks 🙏 I’m dure it would be the best exoerience of my life... I’d do anything to do it... thank you again

  5. Es cala

    Es calaヶ月 前

    September 24 is my birthday

  6. Goga Atieno

    Goga Atieno2 ヶ月 前

    Challenge Ellen ...Ellen Degeneris

  7. paristha acharya

    paristha acharya8 時間 前

    I like Ammar so much❤ he is genuine guy❤ and oh god yeah! Will Smith is down to earth, love him❤❤

  8. Tendolma Riwoche

    Tendolma Riwoche23 時間 前

    Hahahah the whole video screams oh my heart 💔

  9. Itsamii the Wolf

    Itsamii the Wolf2 日 前

    12:31 in that moment i thought he was dead, it scared me

  10. Akanksha Ghotkar

    Akanksha Ghotkar3 日 前

    The reaction dat stayed on my face was - Fucking my mouth was opennnnnnnnn😰😰 Awesome.man...jz fucking awesome

  11. Delara Shajari

    Delara Shajari3 日 前

    WHAT?!? Thomas and Matt didn't jump!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  12. Pritam Chatterjee

    Pritam Chatterjee3 日 前

    I need this shit to get outta my head real bad🖤🔥...you guys just seem like light in the dark sometimes for me🖤😌....keep doing what you do n rise above n beyond everything

  13. Tobias Mandrup

    Tobias Mandrup4 日 前

    Respect to the rubber for carrying this mans gigantic balls

  14. Ian Acharjee

    Ian Acharjee4 日 前

    "We helicopter Bungee jumped" oh ok oh shit "With will smith" Um holy shit OK "Over the grand canyon" tf how you guys come up with this shit

  15. Kyiah Rose

    Kyiah Rose4 日 前

    The boys at the beginning flopping all over the bed

  16. Iron Giant

    Iron Giant4 日 前

    I wanna do that

  17. Josh S-TV

    Josh S-TV4 日 前

    Only a video game

  18. BIG Jenny Yes

    BIG Jenny Yes5 日 前

    Will smith’s birthday is on my moms bday and a day before mine

  19. Rafael Esguerra

    Rafael Esguerra5 日 前

    I see this potentially becoming a meme im late as heck but meh

  20. Heini Weihe

    Heini Weihe5 日 前

    9:08 Law of Attraction at work! :) Dream big and believe in your dreams and they'll sooner or later manifest into reality

  21. Dez Tacheene

    Dez Tacheene5 日 前

    LOVE from the NAVAJO NATION out of INSPIRATION I am going. YesTheory! Thank You my Angel would be proud! Fern. 💕

  22. UrMomGei

    UrMomGei6 日 前

    12:30 i thought he died lmao

  23. CC

    CC7 日 前


  24. Kennsa

    Kennsa7 日 前

    Anyone know the song or track that is played 3:20?

  25. Angelica Salazar

    Angelica Salazar7 日 前

    3:00 doesn’t he look like the dude off catfish?😂

  26. le 2000

    le 20007 日 前

    You are so cool

  27. Bobo Gamer

    Bobo Gamer7 日 前

    Did Martin Lawrence come to Will’s birthday?

  28. Wolfpaco 10

    Wolfpaco 108 日 前

    12:30 I thought he Hit the floor😂

  29. Mark

    Mark9 日 前

    3:00 this guy looks like an indian version of Nev from Catfish

  30. Vishal Choudhary

    Vishal Choudhary9 日 前

    So much joy in single video

  31. gyandeep patnaik

    gyandeep patnaik10 日 前

    1:00 will Smith has not taken the tags off from his shoes. 🙏

  32. Alice Nolan

    Alice Nolan11 日 前

    This is the most underrated channel of all time

  33. shaktishaker

    shaktishaker12 日 前

    I challenge u guys to come drink ayahuasca with me

  34. Norma Suarez

    Norma Suarez12 日 前

    Am a new subscriber and I love your content, you guys are awesome.

  35. cattleNhay (aka Eggman)

    cattleNhay (aka Eggman)12 日 前

    I once went to the Grand Canyon...after a long drive getting there, I went to the rim and looked around: it was quite grand.

  36. Allie Kitaguchi

    Allie Kitaguchi13 日 前

    that shot at 12:41 is a God shot

  37. ᄏᄏᄏiamdidaybels

    ᄏᄏᄏiamdidaybels13 日 前

    Respect to these guys! Just felt like watching this again. ❤️

  38. Abhay Prabhakar

    Abhay Prabhakar13 日 前


  39. Jello Slayer

    Jello Slayer13 日 前

    Who’s the cry baby

  40. Beata

    Beata15 日 前

    Ammar is so happy

  41. Arthur Guedes

    Arthur Guedes15 日 前

    12:30 i thought he hitted the ground

  42. Swallow Beast

    Swallow Beast16 日 前

    As will said carlton still has a lot of growing to do

  43. zayed bin sabit

    zayed bin sabit16 日 前

    Best thing i ever seen😍😍😍😍😍

  44. Saranya Duangtean

    Saranya Duangtean17 日 前

    Dude that is crazy, live in Budapest

  45. Ryan Herrera

    Ryan Herrera17 日 前

    i need the song that plays at 7:30, when will is doing his speech!!

  46. RDX OP

    RDX OP17 日 前

    Plot twist: *Will Smith rolls the youtube rewind*

  47. Amy O'Brien

    Amy O'Brien18 日 前

    Was that Carlton?!

  48. Ilham Mayendra

    Ilham Mayendra18 日 前

    watching thomas literally cry and scared for ammar's life makes me speechless... this type of friendship is gold...

  49. Berdia kamarauli

    Berdia kamarauli19 日 前

    Ahaaa it’s rewind time

  50. F M Sowgat Hossain

    F M Sowgat Hossain19 日 前

    You guys have no idea how you are helping me! Guys, Thank you so much. Keep pushing every wall and help people like me to believe in a new drive. Kudos!

  51. Epic Gaming08

    Epic Gaming0819 日 前

    Who would put a thumbs down on this video

  52. T Weiss

    T Weiss19 日 前

    For Kobe 😭

  53. Hagios Residence

    Hagios Residence19 日 前


  54. Pure3k

    Pure3k20 日 前

    recommended after kobe bryants death

  55. marshmelo

    marshmelo20 日 前

    You guys are an amazing inspiration, I'm so happy I found you💖

  56. soledad siqueiros

    soledad siqueiros20 日 前

    the way that they are standing next to each other at 15:39 reminded me of the Powerpuff girls lol

  57. Dylan Khanbabian

    Dylan Khanbabian22 日 前

    my birthday is also on September 25

  58. Dovyeon

    Dovyeon22 日 前

    This was the first Yes Theory video I saw

  59. Miguel Lozano Melero

    Miguel Lozano Melero23 日 前

    I just discover your channel today guys. Your videos are truly inspiring and what I see until now changes my point of view, I hope I can maintain the good vibes and change my life and how I see it, I suppose I will start do the 100 sweet days challenge to start with xD Thanks for the hope :)

  60. Sports Are life

    Sports Are life23 日 前

    12:29 I thought it broke y'all playing with meeee😭😭😭

  61. yohenba luwangcha

    yohenba luwangcha23 日 前

    Happiness & tears in Thomas & Matt's eyes while Ammar facing the challenge put d video to another level..

  62. arun pandey

    arun pandey24 日 前

    12:30 my heart stoped for a second😳🤭

  63. ʙʀᴇᴀᴅ ʙᴏɪ

    ʙʀᴇᴀᴅ ʙᴏɪ25 日 前

    As said before, *NO* clickbait 👌

  64. Raymond Mobile

    Raymond Mobile25 日 前

    Ah that hot, ah that real hot

  65. Beate Schneider

    Beate Schneider25 日 前

    This got me in fucking tears, I truly love your message guys 🤞🏻

  66. Oh Hello

    Oh Hello26 日 前

    12:28 Who else thing he hit the ground for a second?