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    Joy_Boy Theories2 年 前

    If you want the "This is the Grand Line" T Shirt, its right here ^^ Revujo outdid himself... teespring.com/es/new-this-is-the-grand-line#pid=2&cid=2122&sid=front

  2. laylowbcl

    laylowbcl2 年 前

    Joy_Boy Theories one thing I noticed in this chapter about Karasu is that it seems that his body itself is made of those crows like when he sent them out you can see his lower half disappear like maybe he can manipulate the number of crows at will like Doffy and his strings

  3. Frank Barrie

    Frank Barrie2 年 前

    Joy_Boy Theories kara-su ..... it's the same as the guy from yu yu hakusho on team toguro during the dark tournament that fights kurama..his name is also karasu (kara - su)

  4. Shadow Law

    Shadow Law2 年 前

    I don`t know if the attack on Reverie is the best, because there are many kingdoms that are already allied or in good terms with the strawhats, if they attack this will give the World Goverment the chance to kill all the kings that may oppose them + slaving Shirahosi as a weapon and put the blame on the "Evil" revolutionaries just like they tried to get rid of Moriah blamming the war

  5. Jonathan Jones

    Jonathan Jones2 年 前

    Joy_Boy Theories My colours of observation is tingling strong wbat do you tjink about this theroy ; belo betty might be luffys mother (as stated by oda, she already appeared once in a chapter). Aside from that, her ability strongly ressembles luffys character ( A trait that anyone can become allied with him) plus, she is the commanding officer of the EAST ARMY (Eastblue sounds good really).

  6. Karmic Lotus

    Karmic Lotus2 年 前

    I just had an idea. WHat if franky was to made completely robotic arms; one made of kairouseki (Kinda like Z from the movie) and he gave a devil fruit to his other arm. Since he would be eating the DF himself he wouldnt be affected by the kairouseki and he would drown in the sea. Opinions?

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    This is America.

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    Kaw -Raw-Sue

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    Thumbnail is amazing looool

  10. MittelZ

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    Could the Celestial Dragons really supply people with Devil Fruits, considering that we have seen how the reincarnation works on Punk Hazard? i suppose the Devil Fruit Tree if it exists up there might produce new fruits now and then, but once they are in circulation, the Celestial Dragons have no way of controlling that. So they could only pay in completely new Devil Fruits and I don´t think the Tree produces enough for that to be viable.

  11. TheAlefandTav

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    This is Mary Geoia eh, don't catch me slipping now, eh!

  12. johntheo95

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    Please can you stop with that overhaul thing already... First one was Karasu form yu-yu hakusho,kinda old manga so cant blame most people for not knowing it. But for the love of God do some reasearch first instead of throwing stupid shit around.Look it up. Google is like 0.2 secs away. Oda respects Togashi(who is also writting HxH ) so its not really rip off.The even made some join interviews that proves that. Plus the both yu-yu one and this one are really badass and Oda changed many things... This is One Piece not steal-any-char-you-can-get FairyTail.

  13. Luffy King

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    This is Marie-geoise

  14. Shadman

    Shadman2 年 前

    Karasu...... Overhaul, is that you?

  15. Meris Bihorac

    Meris Bihorac2 年 前

    I want to know why is Oda a pervert? lol Imean theres a lot of B**Bs in the anime...Big ones...But still lol

  16. jin charlie biazon

    jin charlie biazon2 年 前

    Bello betty looks like a female version of smoker..

  17. The Boy

    The Boy2 年 前

    Most of y’all don’t even know what that thumbnail is really parodying and I’m not talkin about childish gambino

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    That thumbnails so childish

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    omg just get to the point -.-

  20. Schuyler Anderson

    Schuyler Anderson2 年 前

    Manga spoiler buffer for BnA, but is related to OP ..... Karasu reminds me of Overhaul. Strictly in terms of power type and overall appearance. Now he's probably not even close in terms general versatility to overhaul. But Crow guy has the facemask, the general feathery look and can assemble and disassemble himself... but only in the form of crows. haha

  21. H Atschi

    H Atschi2 年 前

    i believe Shiriu of BB Crew will show up at reverie. look at the history of the sword Shiriu. always killing leaders and kings

  22. Memeing Guy

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    Big Mom is soo fat,trafalgar Law couldn't make room for her 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    Itachi is that you???😂😂😂

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    Zoro and Jack. The upcoming battle

  25. Realest List In The Room

    Realest List In The Room2 年 前

    hi joyboy, i have a theory for u, the will of D. ok hear me out. I think the people with the name D is the original citizens or family of the ancient kingdom. When the other 20kingdoms destroyed them, only few managed to escape. That's why they called the enemy of world government because of they know the truth of what happened to their ancestors during the void century, maybe by reading the poneglyphs (thats why the WG dont want anywant who can read poneglyphs to live), the D clan will feel betrayed with the WG and might unite to take actions against WG. tq

  26. Mohamed Abdullahi

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    Wow childish gambino lol

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    Great video

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    What did Nico Robin learn during the timeskip?

  29. langton mwanza

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    Thumbnail on fleek

  30. Ilikebats123

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    Why is Lindbergh the only Commander who knows how to wear a shirt.

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    dafuk is that gay picture?

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    Kosmos look up this is america

  33. J. S

    J. S2 年 前

    Karasu has a normal crow zoan devil fruit which is awakened and his awakening lets him to turn into a murder of crows and not just a singular crow

  34. Freigeist

    Freigeist2 年 前

    In the end the Reverie arc will last 100 Chapters 😂

  35. Ahmad Azri

    Ahmad Azri2 年 前

    The Cheer Cheer Fruit is said to bring out the latent power that lies within a person. Maybe in the future Bello Betty could be the one to bring out Luffy's awakening. Just a thought.

  36. SKITS_ 3D

    SKITS_ 3D2 年 前

    I am gonna claim this idea but Betty is NAMI'S MOM

  37. cebuanoguy

    cebuanoguy2 年 前

    Germa is kicked out of the world gov. Does that mean they will join the revolutionaries!?

  38. erostucko

    erostucko2 年 前

    I'm kind of hoping your theory of Kaido attacking the Reverie will come true, as this might give us the war that will make that War of the Greatest look cute. The WG, multiple Yonkos and the revolutionary army. It would be the fight of a century!

  39. Sulaiman Alomran

    Sulaiman Alomran2 年 前

    If we don't get to see the straw hats in reverie arc... it would be pretty cool for oda to make the straw hats the next cover story after orlumbus Like the grand fleets leader and it can be like between 6-8 chapters oda could make it something major... And then give us a few can request cover pages that would make our blood boil he then could play the straw hats cliff hanger in the cover story into the reverie's climax and swiftly go to wano..

  40. Rafael Gomez

    Rafael Gomez2 年 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="455">7:35</a> or league of legends character "Ziggs"

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    i liked the video so i liked the video

  42. Lucas Almeida Oliveira

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    Please, comment on the timeline posted from the library of ohara

  43. morning morality

    morning morality2 年 前

    Hey not sure if this is a theory or not but do you think commander in chief is related to the monkey family. It seems every monkey has a mark on their left eye. Luffy has a scar under his left eye Garp has a scar over his left eye and dragon has a tattoo around his left eye. Even sabo who is luffy step brother and kind of the unofficial son of dragon has a burnt mark on his eye, Ace is the only one who doesn’t have a mark but is also the only one who is not related to dragon. Kong also has a mark on his left eye

  44. krishna sai

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    Sickest thumbnail sported ever! Revujo, kudos!!

  45. Deus Pater

    Deus Pater2 年 前

    Why didnt you include pictures of the chapter as you were speaking about it? Even after reading it I was having trouble following along. Especially when youre describing the characters

  46. chrisferno

    chrisferno2 年 前

    JoyBoy just keep in mind the idea, declaring war and attacking someone are two different things. I believe the revolutionary army will declare their war against the celestial dragons in some dramatic fashion however will not actually attack. In might have been reading a mistranslation but i believe Sabo said “Declare war”. The commanders are probably gathering to help Dragon make the declaration and finalize the plans. It might be a bit too early for the revolutionaries to wage their war in the story. Plus if Wano is gonna happen this year i doubt a battle would occur unless Oda off-screens it which would be unacceptable by many in the community.Oda’s oldest nakama are smokescreens and misdirection lets stay alert.

  47. Javante Geter

    Javante Geter2 年 前

    Not saying your racist but as a white guy you shouldn’t have used that image, childish gambino was making a new age Jim Crow reference and to use it in this manner is inappropriate

  48. AnimeFrenzy103

    AnimeFrenzy1032 年 前

    I feel like the commanders are strong enough to actually go against the marines Admiral level like Fujitora when he fought Sabo. Fujitora was said by Doflamingo to be one of the strongest power that make up the marines, as well as Green Bull. And we seen how the fight was leading with Sabo vs. Fujitora when they wasn't at their fullest potential, especially Sabo not being used to the devil fruit.

  49. Richard Knowlton

    Richard Knowlton2 年 前

    Somebody hasn't watched YuYu Hakuso....

  50. necro mancer

    necro mancer2 年 前

    Can u make a theory why island of bridge is building for centuries? (The island Where robin is separated from her crew due to kuma)

  51. Parthasarathi Panda

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    love the thumbnail :D

  52. Fist of the Joeden empire.

    Fist of the Joeden empire.2 年 前

    lol just found out what that thumbnail is about best ever lol

  53. Jus Flyy

    Jus Flyy2 年 前

    Why does no-one ever talk about the fact that Luffy has the army of giants behind him that are literally like the strongest race in One Piece, along with the backing of his dad and the revolution army on top of his fleet and other strong alies making his argument for Yonko on Par with anyone elses if not greater?

  54. stephen garao

    stephen garao2 年 前

    Joyboy..im just curious..who did shanks replace as a yonko?shiki was beaten when shanks was still young..so who did he replace?

  55. three times

    three times2 年 前

    Nosebleed kun will go crazy, when he will see Bello Betty

  56. Timeturner

    Timeturner2 年 前

    As exciting as this is, it also means that the Reverie arc will be a lot longer than we were expecting. So much for Wano happening any time soon. xD

  57. Justinbrucelee

    Justinbrucelee2 年 前

    Dragon Gambino ftw!

  58. aziz mboob

    aziz mboob2 年 前

    Lol please tell me why “karasu” the north commander looks like “Overhaul” from My Hero Academia

  59. muskdeer

    muskdeer2 年 前

    I have a question about Boku no Hero Academia. I want ask you about U.A. entrance exam results. More specifically, how teachers desided who go to 1-A and who to 1-B classes. If we look into results of the exam, we see that: Shiozaki Ibara was on 4-th place, Kendo Itsuka was 5-th, Tetsutetsu was 8-th and Awase Yosetsu was 10-th. In manga we dont see №5 and №10 places. But Todoroki wasn't in top 10. So. mu question is: Why someone from top 10 wasn't end up in 1-A? P.S. Sorry for my bag english.

  60. Wagomu 1000

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    Or inspired because he is mouselike and his name is like Limburger cheese...

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    *99% came here to compliment the thumbnail*

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    I love the rabbit and "The Crow" commanders, haha.

  63. sixx allen

    sixx allen2 年 前

    MyThorey :Aokiji is trump card if he has leaved the navy to become a revolutionary army mEMBER(Was a key of revolutionary army escaping BB Fleet)And mAYBE Vegapunk is A double Agent who will unleash an army of Kuma against the WG (Still waiting for an explanation of the state of Kuma and what was his plan).

  64. KiiBoY AMV

    KiiBoY AMV2 年 前

    awesome thumbnail and vid Joy Boy!

  65. Karmic Lotus

    Karmic Lotus2 年 前

    I just had an idea. WHat if franky was to make completely robotic arms (Not cyborg like right now, so no human flesh attached); one made of kairouseki (Kinda like Z from the movie) and he gave a devil fruit to his other arm. Since he would be eating the DF himself he wouldnt be affected by the kairouseki and he would drown in the sea. Opinions?

  66. basanta dhamala

    basanta dhamala2 年 前

    Do a video on the implications of celestial gold. It intrigues me. Like, why not just gold? Coz I'm sure gold does exist in d one piece universe. So why this 'celestial ' gold. Or perhaps I'm trying to find something interesting where it does not exist. Meats pumped up about d whole "declaration of war" We will finally get to watch wether Dragon is worth his salt or not. His possible abilities. Plus I'm sure large scale mobilization of revolutionaries means prepping up for a face off on a massive scale. Damn.

  67. BeatFREAK13

    BeatFREAK132 年 前

    The "little crow mask" is a plague doctor mask which were worn in an attempt to not catch the plague. He does apparently have a speaker in his mask to allow himself to talk with the mask on though. Could just be for aesthetic purposes but it might have a deeper meaning to his character like MHA's Overhaul being obsessed with cleanliness which works perfectly with the plague doctor theme of his group.

  68. Dranzer Jetli

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    That picture font is hilarious lol dragon turned into a hilarious gun wielding guy lol

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    dafuq is dragon wearing?

  70. Tim Deviara

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    Wow, Joyboy! Your crow theory was confirmed. Awesome!

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    This is mariejois, lol

  72. Rundas1234

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    Belo Betty's power is similar to Luffy's....character. And i do think its weird that shes wearing sunglasses - maybe she looks a lot like luffy underneath?

  73. Rundas1234

    Rundas12342 年 前

    technically it'd be smoker-tashigi, not tashigi-smoker.

  74. PasOdMater

    PasOdMater2 年 前

    Sooo... is Oda trying to tell us that taxation is theft?

  75. Skrilla hoe

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    That thumbnail is gold

  76. The Admiral

    The Admiral2 年 前

    Belo Betty is luffy’s mom lmao

  77. Josiah Banks

    Josiah Banks2 年 前

    Karasu looks like the one piece equivalent of Overhaul from MHA

  78. muktadir hossain

    muktadir hossain2 年 前

    I think Blackbeard will somehow make it to reverie and much like ace will deliver sabo to the marine or the revolution army will be attacked by Greenbull or Fujitora .

  79. Faris ali

    Faris ali2 年 前

    What u think if the Commanders don't have DF what if there items have DF ? like Morley wep have a DF like Fork Fork DF and Belobetty Flag have the DF ,and Crow Coat have the Crow Crow DF. im sure the R army have Dr.Vegapunk in there side

  80. Soham Roy

    Soham Roy2 年 前

    But if the Revolutionary Army is successful in attacking the Reverie, why would Oda tell us about their plans before hand instead of having them appear all of a sudden with a huge explosion during the reverie which would be so much cooler?

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    *claps my hands*this guy is amazing

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    i ldint even watch the vid i just liked it because of the thumbnail

  83. Damn Lazymofos

    Damn Lazymofos2 年 前

    Rachet was exactly what i was thinking when i saw Lindbergh, if he can create weapons to aid DF users i also think he prolly has seastone based weapons too. maybe the lenses in the goggles they and Sabo wear do something more than just looks and Lindbergh made them. i dont think its a coincedence weve seen quite a few pairs of those among the Rev. ofc now with every potential Mink character we have to factor in if theyre trained in Su Long which is a whole new ball game. Overhaul's divorced alcoholic uncle looks boss. his DF is pretty confusing as far as class but maybe hes a special Paramecia like Goatakuri if hes not a Zoan. the being able to break apart reminds me of Moria's brick bat technique but i guess his can talk, or he talks through them? as much as i want him to be the Crow-Crow man who ate the Crow-Crow fruit idk if this guy is a Zoan. if he is though, that means there maybe a bug type Zoan like Shino (forgot his name?) from Naruto but Oda has prolly purposely avoided a swarm type Zoans so far because of this. Morley...well long as hes a 100% giant it helps because now we know for sure that giants can have DF abilities which opens up some crazy things once Elbaf rolls around. i really hope he does have one and this ability isnt related strictly to his weapons because we technically still dont know if Big Momu is a giant so ive been waiting for a pure giant to have a DF. i know its easy to assume he does based on the context of the chapter but remember this is a series where they have indestructible stones that have carvings on them and clouds you can build cities on. Left Betty Baello for last because shes the most obvious how instrumental she is. her fruit to me is the opposite of what conquerors Haki does to fodder. the real question is does it only work on fodder because if it doesnt she cohld turn the tide in any battle. the word latent makes me think it does work on only fodder but there a strong people who have latent abilities as well, such as a strong character that has never used 1 of the types of Haki, to me that would still be a latent ability. if her ability does work in terms of awakening Haki(s) or boosting Haki(s) its all over. maybe she could help Momo or Luffy if its applicable to the Voice of All Things type ability.

  84. chaparo1234567890

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    I don't really like the thumbnail.

  85. somebody ugly

    somebody ugly2 年 前

    how strong do yu think luffys conquerors haki is r

  86. Damnitguy

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    This chapter was amazing, we finally see some more members of the Revolutionary Army, Karasu is already my favoritw! He looks so incredibly deadly!! Can't wair for the next chapter and your videos 🖒