We Have a Secret To Tell You..


  1. Tacojoe

    Tacojoe10 時間 前

    Now I feel old

  2. Sean The Gamer123

    Sean The Gamer12311 時間 前

    OMG 😱 dan is getting a baby 👶

  3. Zac Gaming FC

    Zac Gaming FC12 時間 前

    Why i did not see this video I watch dantdm since 2013 till Now. I cried watching this video.

  4. Dishy OwO

    Dishy OwO12 時間 前

    I’ve been watching you since you started your channel and i’m so happy for you two :)

  5. ItsJustMe Sarah

    ItsJustMe Sarah12 時間 前

    My childhood has changed! i mean marriage, break ups, divorce... now children!!!

  6. Isaiah Valencis

    Isaiah Valencis13 時間 前

    THE 20S MY B DAY IM BLEESED and congrats dan

  7. Pogi Kc

    Pogi Kc13 時間 前

    Name your baby tem the emerald boat

  8. Lois loves Harry Potter

    Lois loves Harry Potter13 時間 前

    Who else thinks there going to be an amazing mother and father I wish the best of luck for both of you ❤️❤️❤️

  9. Fade RIZE

    Fade RIZE13 時間 前

    What’s the name

  10. Samuel Review plays

    Samuel Review plays14 時間 前


  11. Sophie cooper

    Sophie cooper14 時間 前

    Awwwwwww yay u will have the best life with them

  12. Fire Fang

    Fire Fang14 時間 前

    Congrats Dan!!!!!!!!!

  13. Brandi Pevey

    Brandi Pevey15 時間 前

    Congratulations to you

  14. Lorenzo 123

    Lorenzo 12315 時間 前


  15. red septiceye james o boy

    red septiceye james o boy16 時間 前

    When he is born

  16. red septiceye james o boy

    red septiceye james o boy16 時間 前

    Make a video of you and your baby playing minecraft hardcore

  17. Gamer Cod

    Gamer Cod16 時間 前

    Or trayarus

  18. Gamer Cod

    Gamer Cod16 時間 前

    Name him andy or craig or alan

  19. Biscuit Playz__

    Biscuit Playz__17 時間 前

    OMG congrats!!!

  20. Adriel 2007

    Adriel 200717 時間 前

    you guys had sex didnt you?

  21. Kam Lillie

    Kam Lillie17 時間 前

    I shall happy Dan have a son

  22. Kam Lillie

    Kam Lillie18 時間 前

    Why you need me baby

  23. Ricardo Milos

    Ricardo Milos18 時間 前

    my birthday is in January 20 and the baby will come out in January woah

  24. TheFunGurl KlaireClaire

    TheFunGurl KlaireClaire18 時間 前

    Now he will have more attention than us subscriber fans DAT KIDS LUUUCCKKYYY

  25. Sienna Rae

    Sienna Rae19 時間 前


  26. RJ Serapin Cac

    RJ Serapin Cac19 時間 前

    Congratz what are you gonna name him

  27. waysora

    waysora19 時間 前

    I saw the thumbnail and knew it! Congrats!

  28. Moongo156

    Moongo15619 時間 前

    I’m happy for dan I hope ya have a amazing life and amazing kid also Coming 2020

  29. Maria Lara

    Maria Lara20 時間 前


  30. Pikas Lit Gaming

    Pikas Lit Gaming20 時間 前

    i heard this from flamingo video but DanTDM went down the mineshaft with jen ;)

  31. DeDL0z ¿¿¿

    DeDL0z ¿¿¿21 時間 前


  32. Scotty Boi

    Scotty Boi22 時間 前

    Been watching for so long, and to hear this I’m going to cry

  33. Marvin Reyes

    Marvin Reyes22 時間 前

    In the video I made a song of just my comments and one said if Dan had a kid he will call it pug man

  34. i cant think of a name

    i cant think of a name23 時間 前

    Your kid is gonna be so proud of you when he starts looking back in your videos

  35. *-. SophiaDaPancake .-*

    *-. SophiaDaPancake .-*23 時間 前


  36. BuyRCSP Official

    BuyRCSP Official23 時間 前

    I though Bay Bay Dantdm January 2020 :) I Happy dantdm having a BB (bebe)

  37. Amanda valentine

    Amanda valentine23 時間 前

    I cant believe there having a baby. I really enjoyed him when I was young. Now hes going to be a dad. Congratulations

  38. Chris Creates

    Chris Creates日 前

    This is amazing

  39. Chris Creates

    Chris Creates日 前

    I can’t believe it

  40. Trina Lengel

    Trina Lengel日 前

    Omg so amazing

  41. Millie IsAnAvocado

    Millie IsAnAvocado日 前


  42. Galaxy wolf Potato

    Galaxy wolf Potato日 前

    Oh my God I’m so happy for y’all to even I was crying while watching this i’m so happy For y’all

  43. Your Mom

    Your Mom日 前

    NOooOooOoo does that mean no more Team TDM videos? D;

  44. NickTEM

    NickTEM日 前


  45. NickTEM

    NickTEM日 前


  46. GamingStar 34

    GamingStar 34日 前

    Good job

  47. safari.-.Blitz

    safari.-.Blitz日 前

    Uncle tray...

  48. nunya buisiness

    nunya buisiness日 前




    Wow what how have I only seen this or even knew about this video a month later

  50. Ross burgin fan club get him to 1k Yeet

    Ross burgin fan club get him to 1k Yeet日 前

    Congratulations Dan and Gem

  51. Melody Liao

    Melody Liao日 前

    *dan playing minecraft hardcore* -son crawls onto keyboard- “wOoOw.”

  52. Kingee

    Kingee日 前

    I cried and I love themmm😭❤️ I feel good. I'm an OG

  53. Charlotte Cleary

    Charlotte Cleary日 前

    the fact that i got advertised a pregnancy test at the beginning of this makes it so much better... congratulations you guys!!! 💜

  54. Soleyman ghasghae

    Soleyman ghasghae日 前

    (; (; (; (; (; (; (;🥶🥶🥶🥶🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳😱😱🤗🤗

  55. Cameron Baxter

    Cameron Baxter日 前

    to all the people that disliked you don’t have a heart

  56. Bgamerworld Yeah boi!

    Bgamerworld Yeah boi!日 前


  57. Energy Plays

    Energy Plays日 前

    1. Dan is having a baby as you know 2.Pewds got married to Marzia 3.Stampy got married 4. Pat and Jen broke up 5.Idshadowlady Got Married 6.Kubz Scouts is having a baby too... WHAT?

  58. gachaCake Stuff

    gachaCake Stuff日 前

    Awww I’m so happy for you guys I hope he grows up to be a healthy and strong boy

  59. Liz Vigil

    Liz Vigil日 前

    He's having a son

  60. Liz Vigil

    Liz Vigil日 前