We got into a bathtub full of Liquid Glass Thinking Putty!


  1. Vat19

    Vat193 年 前

    We agree that it would be awesome to fill a pool with Liquid Glass Putty. While we haven't done that, we have filled an entire pool with 10 MILLION Orbeez! It was crazy fun. jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-pjjO84p18sU.html

  2. Supa Kaleb Bros.

    Supa Kaleb Bros.2 ヶ月 前


  3. Yannick Cornelissen

    Yannick Cornelissen5 ヶ月 前

    Vat19 do that

  4. Daniel Budik

    Daniel Budik6 ヶ月 前

    500 replies now

  5. breakstuff2145

    breakstuff21457 ヶ月 前

    500 replies sub to me

  6. Teena Ormon

    Teena Ormon7 ヶ月 前


  7. Deadly Faster

    Deadly Faster14 時間 前

    I need to buy liquid glass thinking putty

  8. Noah's World Gamming unboxing and field trips

    Noah's World Gamming unboxing and field trips19 時間 前

    Woah he got buff

  9. Emmanuel Sanchez

    Emmanuel Sanchez日 前

    I thought you where GGG for a second and then I seen the channel name

  10. Yadira Hernandez

    Yadira Hernandez日 前

    I want one please

  11. Kross

    Kross日 前

    I wouldn’t mind having a giant drum of clear putty

  12. Dinca Nyk

    Dinca Nyk2 日 前

    0:35 it looks like a giant plastic bag

  13. prettykitty345

    prettykitty3453 日 前

    Lol with all those gamer girls out there selling their bath water I think Vat19 missed the opportunity to sell this exclusive liquid glass 🤣🤣🤣

  14. Olivia Johnson

    Olivia Johnson3 日 前

    Aww poor guy how did he forget to shave his armpits


    BAD GIRLY3 日 前

    Where does that putty goes to, sell?

  16. CryptoCoder 555

    CryptoCoder 5553 日 前

    They were being like Mark Rober.



    You should fill a hole Pool of liquid glass thinking putty and walk on it will look like if you walking on water but put one layer of water

  18. FokeyT26

    FokeyT264 日 前

    sticky water

  19. Jannie Truong

    Jannie Truong4 日 前

    When they took it out the bucket it looked like it was plastic

  20. That fire hat

    That fire hat5 日 前

    Rumor has it he still finds putty on him to this day

  21. fuzzy the ice dragon

    fuzzy the ice dragon7 日 前

    Make whole pool with it But i think its bad idea hard to get away, 😅

  22. Lovely Becca

    Lovely Becca7 日 前


  23. Gemma Ali

    Gemma Ali8 日 前

    I watched all your videos and I want MORE VAT19 VIDEOS because I’m bOrEd oF wAtChInG tHe sAmE vIdEoS eVeRy dAy

  24. BigPluto 2006

    BigPluto 20068 日 前

    Jesus Christ this just scares the fuck out of me. Looking at how hard he’s trying to escape the putty, I’m thinking you can easily drown and kill someone in this 😱

  25. Al Dusty

    Al Dusty9 日 前

    Every time I watch a put a video it makes me really sad because I know I can only afford putty that you buy at the suspicious grocery store in every town in the world you know the one I’m talking about

  26. ระพีพร สายแขก

    ระพีพร สายแขก9 日 前


  27. Roblox Lover

    Roblox Lover9 日 前

    Do you guys sell the Liquid Glass tail? 😂🤣

  28. songs Coupe

    songs Coupe10 日 前

    Hi hi hi

  29. Life with Kings

    Life with Kings10 日 前

    Imagine how diverse the cast is

  30. Ms FlimFlam

    Ms FlimFlam11 日 前

    He has a putty tail

  31. Ms FlimFlam

    Ms FlimFlam11 日 前

    Ohhhh mann!

  32. Keith Tam

    Keith Tam11 日 前

    Is Joey the one who go in the tub

  33. Yasminシ

    Yasminシ12 日 前

    Vat19 used to be my childhood 🥺

  34. Jake Grisdale

    Jake Grisdale11 日 前

    Yasminシ same

  35. Elle Taylor

    Elle Taylor13 日 前

    jamie should make a bath full of melled gummy

  36. Dogman games

    Dogman games14 日 前

    So this is why its out of stock

  37. Kaylea Westling

    Kaylea Westling14 日 前

    You got the best arm muscle s

  38. Finn Segers

    Finn Segers16 日 前

    Nice 6pack

  39. Susanne

    Susanne16 日 前

    was I the only one who first thought they meldet actual glass and told a dude to get in

  40. Charlie Vang

    Charlie Vang16 日 前

    Looks like plastic when y’all took it out

  41. Addy&vay

    Addy&vay17 日 前


  42. Nιƙσʅαʂ

    Nιƙσʅαʂ17 日 前

    Me: *forgets my child in tub* Also me: oops

  43. Crumbs of Chip

    Crumbs of Chip17 日 前

    Some of us came for *other reasons.* *Don't lie, I know you came here for that reason too.*

  44. Aoife Leonard

    Aoife Leonard17 日 前

    What do they do with the putty now ??

  45. Chanel E

    Chanel E17 日 前

    When that liquid glass was stuck on his armpits I felt that

  46. Chad DeVries

    Chad DeVries17 日 前

    Put a bunch of magnets in the bath tub and use magnetic putty

  47. Audrey Chen

    Audrey Chen17 日 前

    for a moment, I thought it said "Liquid ass" XD

  48. Luis Gonzales

    Luis Gonzales17 日 前

    I need a name and insta account STAT

  49. Meowstic Gsgsgsg

    Meowstic Gsgsgsg17 日 前

    His ancestors would’ve never guessed he would be doing this.

  50. Bruce Wayne

    Bruce Wayne17 日 前

    What happen if you mix liquid glass and water

  51. GalaxyPuppy 1011

    GalaxyPuppy 101117 日 前

    fuck my armpits 1:15

  52. Nathan Matthew Dupuy

    Nathan Matthew Dupuy18 日 前

    Title: *We* got into a bathtub of liquid glass putty Reality: *Joey* got into a bathtub of liquid glass putty

  53. Chloe Wang

    Chloe Wang18 日 前

    joey: might have to come outta here nude ladies: please do joey fans: 🤩🤩 coppa: *NO! NO!*

  54. da wierdo may kill u

    da wierdo may kill u18 日 前

    Dang his arms hair got *SNATCHED*

  55. Arnetts Fun Land

    Arnetts Fun Land18 日 前

    The first they put the putty in the tub it looks like a GIANT plastic bag (no offense)

  56. Baby_sway

    Baby_sway18 日 前

    You post this on my bday wow 😳

  57. Cynthia Delvalle0

    Cynthia Delvalle018 日 前

    I remember watching this years ago. 😭

  58. Shxhxhcxxhhx Foreit

    Shxhxhcxxhhx Foreit18 日 前

    It almost looks like plastic

  59. Wyatt Sieniarecki

    Wyatt Sieniarecki18 日 前

    Gamer girl bath putty

  60. kpopmochi

    kpopmochi19 日 前

    I just came from the title.

  61. sans

    sans19 日 前


  62. Alexis

    Alexis19 日 前

    But glass is alreadh liquid

  63. Just some Facts

    Just some Facts20 日 前

    This could probably the perfect way to display a dead body.

  64. Dango Dango

    Dango Dango17 日 前

    Just some Facts I thought the same thing 😅😂

  65. Humanity 6565

    Humanity 656520 日 前

    Bro really 37,500 dollars worth of f##cking think buddy,braaaa

  66. Summer Lessons 2016

    Summer Lessons 201620 日 前

    I feel like that would feel so weird! I would never do that! 🥶😱

  67. Antton Boi

    Antton Boi20 日 前