We Get Roasted By A Dating Coach


  1. Courtney Miller

    Courtney Millerヶ月 前

    One day I'll find MY main course :/

  2. Sam C

    Sam C日 前

    Sweet potato fries! The main course of sides!

  3. Click on my channel

    Click on my channel2 日 前

    Cough cough Courtney Topp

  4. Kjordan Garlitz

    Kjordan Garlitz3 日 前

    But you already have one. If you catch my drift 😏

  5. Conker8291

    Conker82914 日 前

    And his name is Shayne Topp

  6. Zander Field

    Zander Field4 日 前

    I want to have your babies Courtney. Please, I'll make them pretty.

  7. Olivia Nunya

    Olivia Nunya時間 前

    Omg moving to Texas forever

  8. Natalie Kerr

    Natalie Kerr8 時間 前

    Why don't you guys go out lol👍

  9. Julia Urbańska

    Julia Urbańska14 時間 前

    Are they together ??

  10. Jeremy Samwell

    Jeremy Samwell2 日 前

    She is born 1 day before me

  11. RynGrci SL

    RynGrci SL3 日 前

    Shane better have spit game to her or I’ll be let down

  12. Tayla Hurt

    Tayla Hurt3 日 前

    I share a birthday with Courtney Miller but mine is 19th of June 2006 I share one with a famous person. I feel so lucky

  13. DayTheGamerGirl

    DayTheGamerGirl2 日 前

    Tayla Hurt mines 6/10/06

  14. Iron Kyan

    Iron Kyan4 日 前

    I ship Shayne and the Bumble girl.

  15. Emmy Pup

    Emmy Pup4 日 前

    _“Looking for the Pam to my Joey”_

  16. Emmy Pup

    Emmy Pup4 日 前

    Shayne looks like a ten year old horse girl in that picture

  17. John Walden

    John Walden4 日 前

    Courtney does some serious manspreading

  18. Clayton Walker

    Clayton Walker6 日 前

    I live in Florida and...that’s fair

  19. Isabella Bonvie

    Isabella Bonvie6 日 前

    Virgos baby!! September 15

  20. LordKalte

    LordKalte6 日 前

    Hey Bumble, you want to make zodiac an thing but my sign, Ophiuchus, isn't even there. WTF?!

  21. Michelle Ferrara

    Michelle Ferrara6 日 前

    My birthday is also June 8th. That’s cool.

  22. Ryan Cass

    Ryan Cass6 日 前

    Courtney: hope Comedy Video ain’t on there cause that’s where I get weird.. Me: Courtney’s comedy is why I love her..

  23. AnimeAyla

    AnimeAyla6 日 前

    I just looked up there zodiac signs

  24. Zachary Ortopan

    Zachary Ortopan7 日 前

    NGL Shayne is freaking hawt AF I know I would totally pick him on a dating site ;3


    ANYSWEAT YT7 日 前

    Shayne and courtney date

  26. Slojo

    Slojo7 日 前

    Courtney, we share a birthday!!!!!

  27. Harshita Dang

    Harshita Dang7 日 前

    Oo my bdays on Courtneys

  28. karina ramirez

    karina ramirez7 日 前

    Looking for my future .... no im serious cuz i cant see or find it

  29. Guillermina Avila

    Guillermina Avila8 日 前

    both y all hoooooooooot so you can do it

  30. Snorré H

    Snorré H8 日 前

    I think Shane has a crush on Samantha, wdyt?😉😉😉

  31. du da

    du da8 日 前

    wtf why are u guys in dating apps if u have each other

  32. yael concepcion

    yael concepcion8 日 前

    Did you know that Shane is in a episode of sam and cat the one that cat was trapped in a magic box

  33. spoiler boy

    spoiler boy6 日 前

    Remember when he was in an Icarly episode

  34. Sebastien Dupuis

    Sebastien Dupuis9 日 前

    An online dating coach....... 2019 in a nutshell lol can't even believe such a thing exists. Miss bumble likes to "meet" or "date" a lot of new people. Shayne's profile felt more real, that's all i have to say, fake/superficial profiles that you think about for hours like, should i say this or that, or should i wear these on my picture, will i have enough likes and physical approval from perfect strangers...... To me, a dating app is usually a sign of insecurity a LOT of girls use these to boost their ego, to feel beautiful, anyway.

  35. UmmmPerfect

    UmmmPerfect10 日 前

    Courtney and Shayne should date

  36. Becca Rosematter48

    Becca Rosematter4811 日 前

    June 9th

  37. Free Running Iceland

    Free Running Iceland11 日 前

    Holy shit she has the same birthday 8:25

  38. BBautista10-_-

    BBautista10-_-12 日 前

    Im a Gemini

  39. Richard Bernaldo

    Richard Bernaldo12 日 前

    Shayne don’t worry I’m a Virgo to

  40. Hail TayLord

    Hail TayLord12 日 前

    You guys need to get Damien on this show 😂😂

  41. Jacqueline Gibbs

    Jacqueline Gibbs12 日 前

    Low key shipping Shane and the bumble chick.....


    ASSASSINS13 日 前

    She sound like a more advanced Courtney

  43. Karina Nguyen

    Karina Nguyen13 日 前

    Ima Virgo ;P August 23

  44. kirstin gracee

    kirstin gracee13 日 前

    literally i need a shayne

  45. Mariah Gonzalez

    Mariah Gonzalez13 日 前

    One thought, if Online Dating doesn't work, actually try to meet people in the real world as well. As awkward as that might be, it works.

  46. Mariah Gonzalez

    Mariah Gonzalez13 日 前

    Shane : "Look at that, Main course 4:22"

  47. sensationalnana

    sensationalnana13 日 前

    courtney is so cute 🥺🥺

  48. Joshua Indal

    Joshua Indal14 日 前

    I think that Shane and Courtney should start dating

  49. jayjay api

    jayjay api14 日 前

    Just date each other

  50. The Mitts

    The Mitts14 日 前

    I'm a Gemini too, June 6

  51. Marianna V

    Marianna V14 日 前

    8:14 at least you’re not a weighing scales!!

  52. Louis Zaidman

    Louis Zaidman14 日 前

    Hello my name is Raymond day, and welcome to paraside

  53. Naruto Uzumaki

    Naruto Uzumaki15 日 前

    Courtney was totally manspreading about 90% of the vid

  54. Courtney Skillman

    Courtney Skillman15 日 前

    "Freakin Virgos"....I feel personally attacked 😅

  55. LibbyGrace Fry

    LibbyGrace Fry15 日 前


  56. Dennis Kun

    Dennis Kun15 日 前

    So, shayne, how's the date going with the Bumble girl? She definitely dig your jokes though

  57. michael bell

    michael bell15 日 前

    sadly florida is a place..

  58. EpicCouchTime

    EpicCouchTime15 日 前

    Courtney man spreading like a champ.

  59. Mr. Opinions

    Mr. Opinions15 日 前

    Fish net gay :D

  60. SquishyTurtle 456

    SquishyTurtle 45616 日 前

    Cortney and shayne should go with eachother

  61. Holli Siemonsma

    Holli Siemonsma16 日 前

    I completely agree with Shayne’s view on astrology. I’m a Leo and I’m the exact opposite of all of the “Leo traits”

  62. Sydney Hoffman

    Sydney Hoffman16 日 前

    I’m a Virgo ♍️

  63. apoc warrior

    apoc warrior16 日 前

    Shayne and Courtney should get together

  64. AntMan

    AntMan17 日 前

    practice date with each other for a day, whoever gives the other person the best date wins

  65. Fire Gacha oof

    Fire Gacha oof17 日 前

    Is anyone a Pisces???? Anyone??? 😦

  66. Ace Diamonds

    Ace Diamonds17 日 前

    i would go on a group date with courtney and her sisters.

  67. Judith Curiel

    Judith Curiel17 日 前

    omg my sister birthday is June 8 and my other is June 19 omg what a coincidence