We Get Roasted By A Dating Coach


  1. Courtney Miller

    Courtney Miller5 ヶ月 前

    One day I'll find MY main course :/

  2. Devyn Ticknor

    Devyn Ticknor13 時間 前

    @Kaylee Bosserman all three of us have the same birthday. how radical

  3. singersteph33193

    singersteph331932 日 前

    Bloo57999 that was fantastic. I actually heard the voice.

  4. Achal Mehra

    Achal Mehra18 日 前

    You already have the main course. You are just not willing to take a bite.

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    JESSA L KERNS25 日 前

    Courtney Miller I love you so much your are my favorite JPreporterr

  7. Cody Winchester96

    Cody Winchester9615 時間 前

    What a virgo

  8. Christus und Blitz

    Christus und Blitz日 前

    I need a Shayne in my live

  9. ForFun Gaming

    ForFun Gaming3 日 前

    8:41 courtney jealous mode activated

  10. Turtle Derp1123

    Turtle Derp11234 日 前

    Dude shaynes lucky I got a fish

  11. Alexia Lipman

    Alexia Lipman5 日 前

    8:40 : courtney's sarcastic gasp was actually sincere as she died a little inside when seeing the coach give a flirty nudge to shayne

  12. BOT licious

    BOT licious6 日 前

    Shayne didnt know u were a virgo

  13. Wyatt Mills

    Wyatt Mills7 日 前

    Hey I ride horses and have horses but I where sandals

  14. GooblysGaming

    GooblysGaming7 日 前

    I have ridden horses a bunch of time in Vans... Not sure she knows what she's talking about, other than giving her own personal opinion, and not anything else.

  15. Brennan Vega

    Brennan Vega7 日 前

    3:36 I don’t like that it feels like shayne is talking to me (my name is Brennan)

  16. Vincent Dolente

    Vincent Dolente7 日 前

    Bumble is a sexist dating app

  17. Purple Wolfy

    Purple Wolfy9 日 前

    I'm a virgo and that hurt 😢

  18. Elias Berkenfield

    Elias Berkenfield9 日 前


  19. WWolf Gacha

    WWolf Gacha9 日 前

    Yes!! I’m a Gemini like Courtney!! June 7th baby!!

  20. Justin

    Justin10 日 前

    Florida is the best place for a first date

  21. Crisps1

    Crisps111 日 前

    i thought it said dating couch

  22. ally

    ally12 日 前

    i have the same birthday at courtney ^-^

  23. Frxst

    Frxst14 日 前

    courtney you have the same birthday as me

  24. C. Randolph Anderson

    C. Randolph Anderson16 日 前

    This is why astrology is self-confirming bull-crap. 8:35 If you read your horoscope and it says that you are going to connect with a Virgo, then you set your Bumble to only show you profiles of Virgos, OF COURSE YOU ARE GOING TO CONNECT WITH A VIRGO, what did you think was going to happen?

  25. Kazi Shafin

    Kazi Shafin17 日 前

    Making this shit too complicated I easily found my life on there.

  26. Bailey Boo

    Bailey Boo18 日 前

    Omg my birthday is June 7th 😂 AHHH

  27. Sparkle Potato in Japan

    Sparkle Potato in Japan19 日 前

    If I'd seen those banana pictures of Shayne I would have definitely swiped right lmao

  28. Brian David

    Brian David20 日 前

    LoL 🤣 Hey I'm Brian and I would Love that Job 😁😁😁

  29. Dylan Donigan

    Dylan Donigan20 日 前

    I was born on June 12 also a Gemini

  30. Kassidy Jae

    Kassidy Jae20 日 前

    Wait, is liking John Denver not cool? What the heck? Impeccable music taste, Shayne!

  31. Caleb M. F

    Caleb M. F20 日 前

    Gemini here too !

  32. Gbomb31

    Gbomb3121 日 前

    LOL editor savage bruh 5:58

  33. Jay Manuel

    Jay Manuel21 日 前

    Yay for Gemini’s!!! Mines also June 8th :D

  34. Suzie 55

    Suzie 5523 日 前

    I hated when she cut courteny off. She was just busy talking to shayne not even caring about courteny. Not gonna lie I wanted to punch her for not even having manners and the fact that poor courteny didn't even continue is just xD

  35. Jeevi Y

    Jeevi Y24 日 前

    OMG!! I have the same bd as u!! June 19!!

  36. XxTatumwolfity xX

    XxTatumwolfity xX24 日 前

    I'd date shayne . He seems really goofy and sweet 😄

  37. Rycki R

    Rycki R24 日 前

    astrology is dumb ngl lol but personality types are. Infp gang lol

  38. Mckayla Robar

    Mckayla Robar25 日 前

    I'm aTuarus

  39. Amy Finch

    Amy Finch25 日 前

    Gemini's are two faced

  40. ana parker

    ana parker25 日 前

    Texas check 😁

  41. Anthony Roberts

    Anthony Roberts25 日 前

    Why do Americans have coaches for literally everything?

  42. Joanie Double U

    Joanie Double U25 日 前

    Florida is a place lmaoooo

  43. Daniel Akers

    Daniel Akers25 日 前

    Im a gemini tooooo 🕴

  44. Hathor Hall

    Hathor Hall25 日 前

    OmG I’m A GemINi ToO aNd mY BirTHdaY iS JunE 9th ToOo!

  45. Miranda_ dutchfry

    Miranda_ dutchfry26 日 前

    dear shourtney shippers, here's something that'll make your day, recently, on her Instagram story, Courtney tried a filter that was "the zodiac sign of your true love is?" or something like that, and she got Virgo, Shayne is a Virgo. Enjoy. Love, random commenter

  46. Gacha_Lunar_ Kitty

    Gacha_Lunar_ Kitty26 日 前

    Gemini June 2nd baby

  47. TheRealTone

    TheRealTone26 日 前

    Blond girl hypes blond girl

  48. Raiden-_-304

    Raiden-_-30427 日 前

    Ayy I’m a Virgo too lol

  49. Mr Content

    Mr Content28 日 前

    Soooo the bumble girls a slut.

  50. Omdodecha.

    Omdodecha.28 日 前


  51. King Jackson123

    King Jackson12329 日 前

    Finally someone that thinks astrology is shit

  52. leokozy

    leokozy29 日 前

    I have a bumble... No responses... Not shocked

  53. Wyatt Mills

    Wyatt Millsヶ月 前

    I do have horses and I where socks and Sandals

  54. Weelle We

    Weelle Weヶ月 前

    My Bio Would be That I'm A Single Guy Looking To Settle Down And And Have Family If The Girl I Have True Feelings For Her

  55. CactusHatt81

    CactusHatt81ヶ月 前

    The bumble girl definitely wants shane

  56. SoyPetTurtle

    SoyPetTurtleヶ月 前

    Shayne is my HUSBAND. gawd.🙏

  57. Dean Vance

    Dean Vanceヶ月 前


  58. Daily Dose Of Phoenix

    Daily Dose Of Phoenixヶ月 前

    Me and Courtney have the same birthday 😁😁😁

  59. COMIXamples

    COMIXamplesヶ月 前

    That Bumble seem to be flirting with the pointy nose dude and the other girl kinda feels out of place now.

  60. Pax Arias

    Pax Ariasヶ月 前

    Cute girl tells you that she set her profile up to search for a Virgo and really she set you up to hit it back. You totally failed man!

  61. Hannah Phillips

    Hannah Phillipsヶ月 前

    duuuuude, imma virgo

  62. Kaitlyn Drake

    Kaitlyn Drakeヶ月 前

    I’m a Gemini 29th May!!

  63. Alaina Tamra

    Alaina Tamraヶ月 前

    And I’m watching this I found out Courtney and I have the same birthday!!! Can we share a birthday party 😭

  64. squattingheads

    squattingheadsヶ月 前

    As a boring normal dude, this is depressing

  65. Joel Mitchell

    Joel Mitchellヶ月 前

    I’m not gay, but man, Shayne is literally the greatest person on the earth 😂😂