We Fooled the Internet w/ Fake Justin Bieber Burrito Photo


  1. Yes Theory

    Yes Theory年 前

    Gotcha, Internet 😉

  2. Salios

    Salios3 ヶ月 前


  3. Hope Cornell

    Hope Cornell4 ヶ月 前

    500th comment

  4. My name Jeff

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  5. XZePaX_Shogun

    XZePaX_Shogun5 ヶ月 前

    #500th reply

  6. cortezmauricio1989

    cortezmauricio19895 ヶ月 前

    Like they anybody can be famous lol media ppl are just dumb

  7. MemeTheif[USMC] RR

    MemeTheif[USMC] RR14 分 前

    How to humiliate a music star 101

  8. evetrix

    evetrix34 分 前

    holy shit

  9. Squid Animations

    Squid Animations40 分 前

    6:48 300 or 300k? Cuz i had way more than 300

  10. gabriel sebastian el hage zotelo

    gabriel sebastian el hage zotelo51 分 前

    Justin Bieber: helps a grandma Media: I sleep Justin Bieber: eats burrito sideways Media: If you're not offended you're not American.

  11. GoldenThings77

    GoldenThings7752 分 前

    rEnT A gRAnMa

  12. xOPZ FORZA

    xOPZ FORZA52 分 前

    Even on ESPN. lol

  13. ItsDaniela !

    ItsDaniela !時間 前

    Did Justin ever respond back ?

  14. Ema Skye

    Ema Skye時間 前

    The american internet is only really going crazy because burritos are so american

  15. VMF

    VMF2 時間 前

    3:31 did he said cha ching because she was asian?

  16. Myrou

    Myrou2 時間 前

    no are you dumb



    3 hours later FBI OPEN UP

  18. snoopydewkat #?

    snoopydewkat #?3 時間 前

    Them freaking out over 300 and then 2000 upvotes is weird.. i mean a few thousand upvotes is not hard at all to get

  19. M

    M3 時間 前

    This prank was harmless, the travis Scott prank , was not that guy was messing with real relationships

  20. M

    M3 時間 前

    I’m not offended, I’m British 😂

  21. Assassin Pies

    Assassin Pies3 時間 前

    9:35 nice

  22. Larrypint

    Larrypint3 時間 前

    Now imagine your daily US Fake News about Russia,Syria,Iran etc.

  23. Expert Gaming

    Expert Gaming4 時間 前

    I do put milk in before cereal..

  24. Aduritor

    Aduritor4 時間 前

    i just realized that they got hyped about 300 upvotes

  25. RangelArts

    RangelArts7 時間 前

    0:18 "if you are not offended you are not american"😑😑😑

  26. Annabel Ocon

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  27. Thomas Hooper

    Thomas Hooper9 時間 前

    What’s better this or the Ed Sheehan prank

  28. Conor stuatt

    Conor stuatt11 時間 前

    Well done

  29. Bobbycat GT

    Bobbycat GT11 時間 前

    Lol good one 😂😂😂


    ROMAN HRUTHIK11 時間 前

    Even the real ones fake anyway🤷‍♀

  31. WebbstR _

    WebbstR _13 時間 前

    300 upvotes? pfft

  32. Vicente_Tickle

    Vicente_Tickle15 時間 前

    Trump should use this as an ad and at the end it says fake news end

  33. YourBoy URB

    YourBoy URB17 時間 前

    The real Question is where was Justin Bieber while America was talking about him??????

  34. mike drop

    mike drop17 時間 前

    Fake Sheeran at The Ksi vs Logan fight was the bomb! 🔥

  35. mike drop

    mike drop15 時間 前

    @Caleb me too Caleb! That was the ultimate prank!

  36. Caleb

    Caleb16 時間 前

    thats the reason i came and watched this video

  37. demaah khaled

    demaah khaled18 時間 前

    how awkward would be if they actually meet jp 😂

  38. TehR3alNoob

    TehR3alNoob19 時間 前

    Video: comes out *media gets clowned*

  39. 7_k

    7_k19 時間 前

    “If your not offended your not American”

  40. QazyR

    QazyR5 時間 前

    7_k *you’re

  41. I found jimins Jams

    I found jimins Jams20 時間 前

    Both fake Justin and real Justin are from Canada

  42. Angel

    Angel20 時間 前

    If this doesn't prove fake news, nothing will.

  43. Vincent Pawliski

    Vincent Pawliski21 時間 前

    Very dangerous. Imagine how many fake news are out there that get's pushed to public via media. Also it's kinda sad wich "news" are important to the majority of us and how we deal with it and make a "scandal" out of it. There are so many other IMPORTANT things going on than a man eating a fvckin burrito sideways!

  44. Kgeddesballsout

    Kgeddesballsout21 時間 前

    0:16 no if your not offended than your not a fat ass

  45. QazyR

    QazyR5 時間 前

    Kgeddesballsout you’re*

  46. Rayana Geilani

    Rayana Geilani21 時間 前

    Ppl raging on how the news reporter said “ if ur not offended ur not American”. Bruh u realize it’s her job to say what they tell her to say. Blame the person who made that poor writer write an article on jb eating a burrito

  47. Truly Human

    Truly Human22 時間 前

    Plot twist: this is an advertisement for the Rent-A-Grandma web site

  48. Levlixx

    Levlixx22 時間 前

    I got 42k upvotes on r/memes

  49. Julianna Heikkinen

    Julianna Heikkinen22 時間 前

    What was Justin Bieber thinking of this the whole time? Was he just like, what the heck...

  50. ʂσɳυXσƚαƙυ

    ʂσɳυXσƚαƙυ23 時間 前

    Are we just gonna ignore the mad lad at 7:25 saying "So nobody can photoshop a dick in there for eating it the right way"

  51. Diego Murguia

    Diego Murguia23 時間 前

    People on the internet are dumb

  52. Four Cure

    Four Cure日 前

    This us the biggest fuck you to all the gullable people and news websites and channels out there hahahah😂😂😂😂

  53. Howtomakestuff

    Howtomakestuff日 前


  54. christian mendez pagan

    christian mendez pagan日 前

    Why is the first idea is about grandma's 🤣

  55. Anthony Kurosaki

    Anthony Kurosaki日 前

    This is dumb why are they so exited for work they never even got acknowledged for.

  56. Nikolaus Alfonso

    Nikolaus Alfonso日 前

    Not this year if you maake fake news and the real guy doesn't like it you also can be get sued for defamation of character

  57. 10,000 subscribers without any videos

    10,000 subscribers without any videos日 前

    we really need a better world

  58. Vinkel Gospoda

    Vinkel Gospoda日 前

    1 like 1 burito for Justin hahahahha pls like

  59. Anny Lym

    Anny Lym日 前

    I never eat a burrito so I never got this shit

  60. monya

    monya日 前


  61. Cold Served

    Cold Served日 前

    The brodcaster said “ If you are not offend, you are not American.” But burritos are from Mexico and not America so like..... Idk

  62. satvik keshtwal

    satvik keshtwal日 前

    He did it You did it you son of a b**

  63. Saif Khan

    Saif Khan日 前

    😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😏😏😏 amazing

  64. Deacon Spencer

    Deacon Spencer日 前

    Hey everyone eats a burrito differently

  65. blueshoe708

    blueshoe708日 前

    lol brad used to date Tana Mongeau

  66. Studio TL

    Studio TL日 前

    did he just say this photo is goin nigga viral? 10:29

  67. QazyR

    QazyR5 時間 前

    Studio TL no, he said mega

  68. Not Uploading Again

    Not Uploading Again日 前

    Lmao poor Justin

  69. Wassup GangGang

    Wassup GangGang日 前

    “if you’re not offended, you’re not american” keep your bullshit for yourself bitch

  70. Freon914

    Freon914日 前

    I know this is super late but plot twist they did this video after the viral photo just to fool us that they really the one's that did it.

  71. Smokey Bear

    Smokey Bear日 前

    “It’s at 284, had 80 upvotes half an hope ur ago”- this guy has no idea how reddit works lmao