We Fooled the Internet w/ Fake Justin Bieber Burrito Photo


  1. Conor Castle

    Conor Castle26 日 前

    THANKS so much guys for pulling me into this. One year later and I'm still completely unemployable for publicly lying to the news. But hey at least the world thought for a split second that Justin Bieber ate a burrito sideways. Totally. Worth. It. 😆

  2. Sunil Singh

    Sunil Singh6 日 前

    Bro we feel for you bro

  3. Vincent Zhang

    Vincent Zhang11 日 前

    I like how the video was posted a video and you commented 2 weeks ago

  4. Remcoms

    Remcoms13 日 前

    I still wonder what Justin Beiber thought when he saw the news about it lol

  5. Tracks

    Tracks14 日 前

    Conor Castle hey I’m a big fan

  6. Michael corcoran

    Michael corcoran16 日 前

    Are u Irish

  7. The Twat

    The Twat2 時間 前

    Brad's life would be amazing without doing nothing.

  8. Noah 8975

    Noah 89755 時間 前

    No way!!!

  9. TheAviral Shrivastava

    TheAviral Shrivastava7 時間 前

    Justin Bieber chilling at his home be like:- *WHEN THE FUCK I ATE THAT BURITO* 😶

  10. Wofa’s Harmony

    Wofa’s Harmony12 時間 前


  11. XaNaX

    XaNaX12 時間 前

    Yo let’s make the whole USA confused by a famous guy eating a burrito the wrong way

  12. Le Elijah

    Le Elijah19 時間 前

    Like f

  13. Xolfu

    Xolfu21 時間 前

    How to get famous in 2018: take a picture of fake Justin Bieber eating something wrong

  14. Johnny Viper

    Johnny Viper日 前

    I remember unfollowing JB for this.

  15. Roman Venica

    Roman Venica日 前

    You can't trust media

  16. JosephHD

    JosephHD日 前

    Imagine that they also tricked the world by making us think corona virus was real and they killed a lot of people for a yt video

  17. Mando

    Mando2 日 前

    Plot twist: Justin Bieber really eats his burritos that way.

  18. ATA 2012

    ATA 20122 日 前

    This shows how fuckin stupid journalism is

  19. dicc hed

    dicc hed2 日 前

    My question is where the fuck was Justin when this was going on

  20. Haz wizZRblx

    Haz wizZRblx2 日 前

    Can these news guys stfu

  21. Gergely Rózsahegyi

    Gergely Rózsahegyi2 日 前

    These guys: WE GOT 30K UPVOTE D Me with my 78k upvoted post: ok...

  22. I'll just go shall I

    I'll just go shall I2 日 前

    This is gold

  23. Mia Toonz

    Mia Toonz2 日 前

    This would’ve been a good tiktok trend

  24. TheNewOne inTown00917

    TheNewOne inTown009172 日 前

    What a legend..

  25. Benja Castro

    Benja Castro2 日 前

    Wooow :0

  26. Luka Popovic

    Luka Popovic3 日 前

    Would have been a good April fools joke :/

  27. Positive Music

    Positive Music3 日 前


  28. Positive Music

    Positive Music3 日 前


  29. Pulicane

    Pulicane3 日 前

    *Time to fool the media hahahahaha!*

  30. FPS Zer0

    FPS Zer03 日 前

    Again Identity fraud on steroids

  31. RelativelyRelated64 •

    RelativelyRelated64 •3 日 前

    He looks more like Kurt Cobain to me

  32. King Kong

    King Kong4 日 前

    Yes theory fake Justin Bieber Josh pieters fake Ed Sheeran Me fake Donald trump

  33. Ax R

    Ax R4 日 前

    I feel so bad for the real justin but its funny



    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="15">0:15</a> wtf since when is a burrito American 💀 anyone else just heard the pendejadas im hearin?

  35. MemeCracker

    MemeCracker4 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="542">9:02</a> Why does he look like Putin

  36. CarsWithCus

    CarsWithCus5 日 前

    So I have these two photos of a friend that I think is a great base for a meme, literally made everyone laugh after showing them the two pictures, how can I get the photo to trend and have it become an iconic meme?

  37. Donut Z

    Donut Z5 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="231">3:51</a> *rents a grandma like a boss*

  38. iron helm studios

    iron helm studios5 日 前

    I can’t believe that the world was so uninteresting, they made a big deal about a pop star eating a burrito wrong.

  39. MiMicz

    MiMicz6 日 前

    Your doomed!

  40. Rise and Reborn

    Rise and Reborn6 日 前

    The Only person more Surpirsed by this was Justin Bieber Himself

  41. Anik ahmed

    Anik ahmed7 日 前

    that's a fake video.....

  42. clinta varghese

    clinta varghese7 日 前

    Just wondering, what was your motivation to do an identity theft and why particularly Justin?

  43. Mundu Ki Rana

    Mundu Ki Rana7 日 前


  44. Grass Block With 1,000 Subscribers

    Grass Block With 1,000 Subscribers7 日 前

    I love their excitement while making this lol

  45. AEpicGamer

    AEpicGamer7 日 前

    this video should be named people getting excited over internet points

  46. d u h s t y

    d u h s t y7 日 前

    Plot twist: it was justin the whole time

  47. BloodyR3ap3r

    BloodyR3ap3r8 日 前

    People are stupid they don’t think they automatically think its real

  48. Colorful Comics Productions

    Colorful Comics Productions8 日 前

    You can rent a grandma??!!

  49. Lich King

    Lich King8 日 前

    nobody talking about the comments at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="445">7:25</a>

  50. Hyper Monkey

    Hyper Monkey9 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="430">7:10</a> 💀☠️😂

  51. bluelongsleeve

    bluelongsleeve9 日 前

    I wonder what Justin is thinking this entire time lmfao

  52. Karim George

    Karim George9 日 前

    Am I the only person that never knew about this (Justin eating the burrito sideways)

  53. sarah

    sarah9 日 前

    On the e news post, you guys failed to realize that the TOP comment was from MINDY KALING

  54. petar blazevic

    petar blazevic9 日 前

    imagine if justin commented on this vid

  55. Rider Kecil

    Rider Kecil10 日 前

    You guys makes an idea to Justin that 'yummy' song come from

  56. Kimchi S

    Kimchi S10 日 前

    Totally missed the whole thing here in Europe. Quite funny.

  57. Uraqt Dela Cruz

    Uraqt Dela Cruz10 日 前

    Pure Evil..

  58. Blood Haven Studios

    Blood Haven Studios10 日 前

    This shows how nosy the internet could be sometimes.

  59. Hani Tablet

    Hani Tablet11 日 前

    Connor has got a lot of interviews because of this viral burrito

  60. Emma Brooke

    Emma Brooke11 日 前

    😂 anyone going to notice that she said if you don't eat a burrito your not American? 😬

  61. Stimulated Cokkie

    Stimulated Cokkie11 日 前

    Reporter: "if youre not offended you are not amaerican" Me: Burritos are from Mexico how is it american?

  62. Dude1736

    Dude17364 日 前

    Alright smart ass

  63. Koea Terira

    Koea Terira6 日 前

    @Sumito yeah, they are 🤣🤣

  64. Sumito

    Sumito6 日 前

    Burritos aren't Mexican.

  65. Santiago Tan

    Santiago Tan8 日 前

    They're talking about the way how Americans eat the thing. :)

  66. Patrick Dimisca

    Patrick Dimisca11 日 前

    i just wanna say news reporters i eat diffrent too

  67. u dont sub u gæ

    u dont sub u gæ11 日 前

    It’s just a burrito

  68. prodigy gamer

    prodigy gamer11 日 前

    I know this isn't real but people are famous hungry do they pay for the f****** burrito no imma eat that shitt how I want

  69. mito

    mito12 日 前

    wait thats not how you eat a burrto

  70. AestheticallyHaven 375

    AestheticallyHaven 37512 日 前

    Imagine how justin thought when he saw this

  71. sandesh choudhary

    sandesh choudhary13 日 前

    W. O. W.

  72. The Gaming Lounge

    The Gaming Lounge13 日 前


  73. HiImStef

    HiImStef13 日 前

    If you're not offended you're not American XD. The person that said that has mental issues

  74. Teleblack

    Teleblack13 日 前


  75. CoolDude500

    CoolDude50013 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="583">9:43</a> frickin CHIPOTLE RESPONDED?

  76. Mark Larder

    Mark Larder14 日 前

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  77. Lord grim

    Lord grim14 日 前

    This video makes me subscribe

  78. E C

    E C14 日 前

    Rent a grandma tf😂

  79. Naana Bhai

    Naana Bhai15 日 前

    This is boring, I hate jb

  80. Tania Martinez

    Tania Martinez13 日 前

    Naana Bhai why did u click on it then?

  81. Alex Tran

    Alex Tran15 日 前

    Imagine being the real Justin Bieber


    SEBURARY M15 日 前

    who getting wix ads

  83. Shaurya Sen

    Shaurya Sen15 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="429">7:09</a> .. judged on how they react to 3000 likes on their post i wanna see how they reacted to getting one million likes on this youtube video

  84. f i i r e

    f i i r e15 日 前

    hi :) i came here from beast

  85. Coco The Pug

    Coco The Pug15 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="431">7:11</a> to <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="434">7:14</a> - Matt please don't kill Thomas.

  86. Jaden Martin

    Jaden Martin15 日 前

    Lol so worth it even if I’m Canadian

  87. Black Saber __

    Black Saber __15 日 前


  88. Aaron Choi

    Aaron Choi15 日 前

    A friend that looks like Justin + memers = big boi memes

  89. Nice Nice

    Nice Nice16 日 前

    It's amazing what people can freak out over. Smh

  90. Mercedes Desreuisseau

    Mercedes Desreuisseau16 日 前

    Well Justin Bieber's look alike, looks better then the actual JB 🤷‍♀️ holllllaaaaa 😂😂🤘