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  1. Ladylike

    Ladylike5 日 前

    Hey y’all!! For the next episode we will be doing Devin’s home state of GEORGIA! If you have a school we should look at, leave your suggestions here! -Kristin

  2. J.A. M.F

    J.A. M.F4 日 前

    You'll both be dead by 50 go to gym, learn real self respect

  3. Esme Nouvelle

    Esme Nouvelle4 日 前

    Is there any actual shame in the walk? Having a friend singing while walking with you isn't like being nude with a demented nun following you with a bell. Or like having to cross campus Sunday morning wearing the now wrinkled Saturday night outfit. Have I missed a crucial shame element? They just seem like they're having too much fun for work. I wanna be there!

  4. Jewellyana Gomez

    Jewellyana Gomez4 日 前

    These women look discusting

  5. Andrew Belt

    Andrew Belt4 日 前

    Ladylike you should do Missouri schools. And if you do do the fort Zumwalt district dress code!

  6. Vegas Hojnacki

    Vegas Hojnacki4 日 前

    artiefofartie yess

  7. Yutika MSP

    Yutika MSP時間 前

    my school dress code: Wear labelled uniform provided by your school and knees should covered by socks if they show and skirts must atleast above the knee (no high) tied up hair in a pony tail black lace up shoes that dont show any foot (including ankle) only studs (White or navy blue) no jackets tied around waists necklaces are no allowed unless they have a cross or jesus (i go a private religious school) no nailpolish hair tie must navy blue, yellow or black all hair accessories must be purchased from the school blazer must be at all time (execpt when tempreture go above 45 degrees celcius or 113 degrees fahernhiet) White knee high socks no other clothing allowed unless its a casual clothes day for that day you cant wear spegghti straps (idk how to spell) shorts that no mid thigh no crop tops no low cleavage a singlet must be worn under crop top(no belly showing) no ripped jeans no heels no skirts above mid thigh no nailpolish same jewelry rules apply Let me tell you the list go on and on

  8. FireNation11505 2018

    FireNation11505 2018時間 前

    At my school, your bottoms can’t be more than 5 inches above your knees

  9. Cora Long

    Cora Long時間 前

    do north creek high-school in Washington!!!! You'll love it

  10. Natalie Dacey

    Natalie Dacey2 時間 前

    Please do Skyline High School from Sammamish, Washington. I don't even what the dress code is, but it's not very enforced (at least it seems like that as some people wear some things that I don't think is appropriate but whatever).

  11. Katherine May Powell

    Katherine May Powell2 時間 前

    😂😂First off I live in SC and no one says ‘yee haw’ lmao also you should’ve done my high school. No jeans or t-shirts. Ugh

  12. Summer Brown

    Summer Brown2 時間 前

    Salish middle school -lacey Washington

  13. Mallory Sprague

    Mallory Sprague2 時間 前

    Haha I’m from sc and we definitely do not say “yee haw” also u should’ve don’t one from Greenville the most popular city in sc!! I live in Greenville so...

  14. Gracelyn Adams

    Gracelyn Adams2 時間 前

    Can you do dress codes from Michigan

  15. Gacha_ Mesmer

    Gacha_ Mesmer3 時間 前


  16. BiGgErMoOd

    BiGgErMoOd3 時間 前

    Why don't they dress code guys for their pants hanging down to their ankles?????? Whyyyyyyy????

  17. Delaney Jensen

    Delaney Jensen3 時間 前

    At my middle school, they duct tape the girls pants up if they’re even slightly above the knee. The will also duct tape your midriff up and force you to walk around like that all day. It ruins your jeans🙄

  18. Heather Allen

    Heather Allen3 時間 前

    I live in Aiken. The neck thing isn't a serious one enforced unless cleavage shows lmao

  19. Kazss

    Kazss4 時間 前

    18:04 : ohh you gotta little floor hair on your floor head Mike:worried look

  20. Skittles Mike and Nike’s

    Skittles Mike and Nike’s4 時間 前

    This is so funny😂 in Canada my Catholic school doesn’t even have a dress code

  21. Ava Leippi

    Ava Leippi4 時間 前

    You should do Canada BC dress codes

  22. Lindsey Burroughs

    Lindsey Burroughs4 時間 前

    Ayyy they did my friend’s school also yee yee SC

  23. Caroline Turner

    Caroline Turner4 時間 前

    What about us NC kids🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  24. Saira Mendoza

    Saira Mendoza4 時間 前

    Who’s Harry shrine is that @9:10 I NEED TO KNOW

  25. Stephanie King

    Stephanie King5 時間 前


  26. Stephanie King

    Stephanie King5 時間 前

    (I’m from S.C.)

  27. Faith grimes

    Faith grimes5 時間 前

    Fellow South Carolinians like this ❤️🤙🏼

  28. Faith grimes

    Faith grimes5 時間 前

    yee yee

  29. Lillie Hangen

    Lillie Hangen5 時間 前

    Yay I’m from Sumter South Carolina

  30. Chandré Friedman

    Chandré Friedman5 時間 前

    I wore a strict uniform, it was a boxy shirt that boys also wore, a skirt 2 inches from the knee, short socks folded over once and black mary janes. We could only wear school uniform pants in winter which were, surprise male trouser cuts. Sports uniform only if we were competing that day and had to leave during school time.

  31. Jordan Cook

    Jordan Cook5 時間 前

    I live in this state and actually play these schools in soccer! Ahaha

  32. Hailey Maczik

    Hailey Maczik6 時間 前

    Do Michigan pefferebly Roscommon

  33. x.princesa.x 17

    x.princesa.x 176 時間 前

    Please do Laporte high school or Clear falls high school

  34. Madison Griffis

    Madison Griffis6 時間 前

    Williamsport, Pennsylvania

  35. S&S girls101

    S&S girls1017 時間 前

    do michigan dress code!!

  36. Dayanara Gutierrez

    Dayanara Gutierrez7 時間 前

    do kansas!

  37. PixiOk

    PixiOk7 時間 前

    Oooo so close to my school same district but I always break dress code 😂😂also I have a horrible ‘ potty mouth’ so I keep getting iss for that😂😂

  38. Karina Hernandez

    Karina Hernandez7 時間 前

    Do Arizona and do middle school



    my schools dress code isn’t enforced 😂

  40. Mason Willoughby

    Mason Willoughby7 時間 前

    FYI but in South Carolina we don’t yeehaw. We say y’all and ain’t. I live their and I have never heard anyone say yeehaw in my entire life I have lived for my entire life

  41. Mason Willoughby

    Mason Willoughby7 時間 前

    *I have lived here for my entire life* FACTS

  42. iiGorgeousDevil xx

    iiGorgeousDevil xx7 時間 前

    I’m from South Carolina but I’m in elementary

  43. Cathleen Logan

    Cathleen Logan7 時間 前

    Bro I live in SC and this is so true

  44. Reagan Nelson

    Reagan Nelson7 時間 前

    Let's be honest... Summerville High School is the best!

  45. Miriam Hager

    Miriam Hager7 時間 前

    you guys should do middle school

  46. Mia Eschman

    Mia Eschman7 時間 前

    if y’all did my schools dress code all you would wear was khakis, black jeans, and polos

  47. Lea McClurg

    Lea McClurg7 時間 前

    Do a Missouri one. And Winona r-3 highschool/middleschool

  48. Ashlynn Williams

    Ashlynn Williams7 時間 前

    You guys should do one for southern California schools! Plzzzz!

  49. Ashlynn Williams

    Ashlynn Williams7 時間 前

    At my school it's basically no short shorts no crop tops you're good! And at the high school and going to I don't think there's a dress code!

  50. Olivia Herman

    Olivia Herman8 時間 前

    New York!!

  51. Rando Person

    Rando Person8 時間 前

    You should do Kentucky it’s craycray

  52. Kayla Joyner

    Kayla Joyner8 時間 前

    OMG CAN U PLZ DO A.I. Root middle school in Medina, Ohio. Like if ur a jake pauler ahahaha

  53. Ashley Flores

    Ashley Flores8 時間 前

    12:51 kristen's rant is so relate-able

  54. Eileen Falco

    Eileen Falco8 時間 前

    Was was she ridiculed for a little of her bra showing? Guys in high school’s pants were low and u could see their red Calvin Klein’s so...

  55. Leah S

    Leah S8 時間 前

    You should do Minnesota school dresscodes

  56. Tyson England

    Tyson England8 時間 前


  57. Lady Toast

    Lady Toast9 時間 前

    Does the principal look like MrBeast or is it just me?

  58. Ruby Milton

    Ruby Milton9 時間 前

    Can you PLEASE do Minnesota

  59. madison elizabeth

    madison elizabeth9 時間 前

    do pennsylvania highschools & include Ligonier Valley High School, our dress code is crazy

  60. Elyssa Hager

    Elyssa Hager9 時間 前

    You should do West Virginia schools dress code

  61. Emily Taylor

    Emily Taylor9 時間 前

    ...can you do the dress code for my workplace? because it's definitely more stringent than any of these schools...

  62. Laney Wafer

    Laney Wafer9 時間 前

    y'all should do Mississippi

  63. Kylee Mangrum

    Kylee Mangrum9 時間 前

    ayyy i live in south carolina!!

  64. Maddie Panics

    Maddie Panics9 時間 前

    I still say you should do Missouri, cause we are a conservative state.

  65. Gialeah Soto

    Gialeah Soto9 時間 前

    When your in high school and tell your parents you don’t have any cloths and that say “you have a full wardrobe” and you thing, FUCK dress codes and school #girl relatable

  66. Cas Aiden

    Cas Aiden9 時間 前

    Y’all should do sc again and do nation Ford high school

  67. Matix powell

    Matix powell9 時間 前


  68. Cameron Skreech

    Cameron Skreech10 時間 前

    Mike wazowski

  69. Tyler Joseph’s A Cowarda

    Tyler Joseph’s A Cowarda10 時間 前

    Yooo I got to Stratford high school

  70. briana ‘

    briana ‘10 時間 前

    i live in south carolina and we have to wear uniform ...

  71. Trinity Slate

    Trinity Slate10 時間 前

    You should do Louisiana, but there are some rules for hair also in certain schools

  72. Shelby

    Shelby10 時間 前

    You guys should totally to Virginia! A school is William Monroe High School. They are a part of the Greene County School District in Virginia

  73. Cota Cutie

    Cota Cutie10 時間 前

    do eastern lebanon county middle/high school in pennsylvania if u cant find the dress code online dm my insta- @the_one_that_got_away or dont you probably wont even read this :'(

  74. Faith ASMR                         / ASMR for life

    Faith ASMR / ASMR for life10 時間 前

    The 4 inch knee one christen cheated he does not know that you pulled it down

  75. Mia C

    Mia C10 時間 前

    I am 5/7 and in my first year of high school

  76. victoria hernandez

    victoria hernandez10 時間 前

    you should do one of these with jazzmyne lmaoo

  77. Stephanie Evans

    Stephanie Evans10 時間 前

    I know this is LadyLike, but can we begin to incorporate GENDER into this dress code debate. Rules for women are traditionally stricter than those for men.

  78. Maddi Jordan

    Maddi Jordan11 時間 前

    Yall should do follow south Carolina middle school dress codes and do AYNOR MIDDLE SCHOOL as one of the schools

  79. Abbey Noelle

    Abbey Noelle11 時間 前

    Do Cambridge or Milton High School from Milton Georgia!

  80. Florinda Lucero

    Florinda Lucero11 時間 前

    When are you going to call out the discrepancy between all these dress codes, and cheerleading uniforms?!?!

  81. Alyssa Langford

    Alyssa Langford11 時間 前

    Fish hooks are like the fish hooks that “redneck” guys put on the ends of their hats.

  82. Sa Rah

    Sa Rah11 時間 前

    Dress codes seem so unnecessary to me. I live in Germany and I can't think of a single school that has a dress code. When I was in school, everyone just wore whatever they wanted and it was fine, I never ever heard anyone make any inappropriate comments or anything like that. Like you just wear appropriate clothes, so maybe don't wear the shortest shorts you can find and maybe not the crop top that barely covers your boobs, but anything else is fine, tank tops, shorts, dresses etc aren't a problem at all. Like seriously what do american high schools think will happen if you show a little bit of your shoulder or a little too much of your thigh? :D

  83. Mia Guagliano

    Mia Guagliano11 時間 前

    I had to wear a uniform that had a dress code stricter than this.

  84. Lalalz 3014

    Lalalz 301412 時間 前

    In my school’s district in Indiana it says shirts must have sleeves and that no cleavage, lower back, or midriff can be showing but we would get in trouble for our shoulders showing in off the shoulder tops and stuff like that but it wasn’t in the dress code

  85. meow Herrera

    meow Herrera12 時間 前

    Joyce is the girl Keith did the "eating like Donald Trump" video with, right?

  86. Draco Lucius Malfoy

    Draco Lucius Malfoy12 時間 前

    3 years at my school and I break the dress code over half the year every year and I’ve never been dress coded

  87. Jaiviana Hall

    Jaiviana Hall12 時間 前

    Do Ohio Fairview Highschool

  88. Brittany Vicente

    Brittany Vicente12 時間 前

    ladylike, y’all should do Winder-Barrow High School in Winder, GA !! plz and thank you ladies :)))

  89. Graysen Olivia

    Graysen Olivia12 時間 前

    Yay more dress codes

  90. Rose Bomb Bella

    Rose Bomb Bella12 時間 前

    Cannot have cleavage Me:Girl what cleavage I'm flatter than most dudes

  91. •DailyGarbage• •﹏•

    •DailyGarbage• •﹏•12 時間 前

    NC pls

  92. Rose Bomb Bella

    Rose Bomb Bella12 時間 前

    Where did Kristen getting hat dress at the beginning cause gurl I see you slay

  93. Levi Magnuson

    Levi Magnuson12 時間 前

    joyce looks 6'7"

  94. Yasmine Ahmed

    Yasmine Ahmed13 時間 前


  95. Autumn Roma

    Autumn Roma13 時間 前

    I remember at Blythewood High we had to tuck in our shirts. I just wore a hoodie to hide everything.

  96. Gold Gymnasts

    Gold Gymnasts13 時間 前

    I can literally wear all those clothes in my elementary school

  97. Alex Evans

    Alex Evans13 時間 前

    I wish you guys would do dress codes in North Carolina high schools as soon as far as can be quite strict and very unfair towards girls especially bigger ones I was at my high school almost every single day every girl got in trouble for something going against the dress code which was so unfair even myself has gotten just headed as I'm a very tall person and have very long legs and shorts don't reach as far on me as others do.

  98. A.M magic

    A.M magic13 時間 前

    Gwinnett county high schools in Georgia dress code please

  99. Angelina Stokes

    Angelina Stokes13 時間 前

    Do Oklahoma, our conservative back water Christian state will leave you with like nothing

  100. Queen Cheila

    Queen Cheila14 時間 前

    You should do a Brockton one

  101. CapsFan#1 Stanly Cup Champs

    CapsFan#1 Stanly Cup Champs14 時間 前

    Do leesburg Virginia Plz I love you guys

  102. Morrigan Horner

    Morrigan Horner14 時間 前

    Can you please do North Carolina next I lived there and I hated the dress code there

  103. Lilybelle

    Lilybelle14 時間 前

    You have yee'd your last haw.

  104. Lauren Garcia

    Lauren Garcia14 時間 前

    You guys should do Laredo high school dress code and do harmony school

  105. C- Games

    C- Games14 時間 前

    You should do North Carolina

  106. Brighton Vlog's / DHMIC

    Brighton Vlog's / DHMIC14 時間 前

    mike reminds me of a rabbit XD

  107. Hay Hay

    Hay Hay14 時間 前

    Most dress codes target girls

  108. ash p.

    ash p.15 時間 前

    You guys should have someone act as the principal and make a dress code for the school of Buzzfeed. 🤔