1. Tyler EatsMacas

    Tyler EatsMacas10 時間 前

    3:34 your welcome

  2. frick yeah

    frick yeah10 時間 前

    he had his haircut so nicely by Jeff, what a super cutie!

  3. R S

    R S10 時間 前

    The fact that Jason sleeps after eating flaming hot Cheetos with dust on his fingers makes me physically ill

  4. nolan jones

    nolan jones10 時間 前

    Alarm Clock bit is fake cause Jason said on views that he’ll never try hot Cheetos because it’ll ruin regular Cheetos for him

  5. Mallory T

    Mallory T10 時間 前

    Sad hoodie didn’t make the main channel vlog

  6. Enijah Daisey

    Enijah Daisey10 時間 前

    1:50 I immediately thought of that vine

  7. avillatoro 2398

    avillatoro 239810 時間 前

    I hate titles like this like no bitch, I didn’t wanna watch it anyways but I’m watching it Bc I don’t have anything else better to do Bc I have no life

  8. mehdi elbouari

    mehdi elbouari10 時間 前

    outro song?

  9. Rayane ray

    Rayane ray10 時間 前

    4:20 sorry but Scott did it first and it was better

  10. Rayane ray

    Rayane ray10 時間 前


  11. sarahbeauty94

    sarahbeauty9410 時間 前

    What separates the Vlog an acting? Pay 🤣🤣

  12. Your basic girl

    Your basic girl10 時間 前

    Nooooo your hair

  13. kylie head

    kylie head10 時間 前

    please checkout my youtube channel jpreporter.net/block-UCi_7ZmL-FJUYohFP2c48SoA

  14. Stove Appliance

    Stove Appliance10 時間 前

    Someone create a car with Jonas face on it

  15. just Michael

    just Michael10 時間 前

    Awesome show dude

  16. Lily McLachlan

    Lily McLachlan10 時間 前

    “What would you do if I fell out the window” 😂

  17. SemperFi 83

    SemperFi 8310 時間 前

    Every time I see anyone on David Dobrik's channel including David getting to interact with animals I can't help but think why? Those poor animals, I really hope they got tested for STD's after hanging out with the squad.

  18. Reb Eka

    Reb Eka10 時間 前

    Carly is a whole ass mood

  19. Vanessa Sanchez

    Vanessa Sanchez10 時間 前

    Absolutely love this video

  20. Dany Boueiz

    Dany Boueiz10 時間 前

    Can someone give me the name of the song that was played at the end of the vlog ?

  21. Narsaire Baez

    Narsaire Baez10 時間 前

    Did she really got a gum ball out of the machine and not pay 🤦‍♂️

  22. Jughead Stilinski

    Jughead Stilinski10 時間 前

    4:18 Scott did it first

  23. AlanOCE

    AlanOCE10 時間 前

    When you wake up a crackhead: 4:20

  24. Lils World

    Lils World10 時間 前

    david got a haircut👀

  25. Fun Fun

    Fun Fun10 時間 前

    who else thought that when the video started, it would be a seat-geek sponsorship

  26. Quamaine Williams

    Quamaine Williams10 時間 前

    I know I'm late but i dont think they sponsor by seek geek anymore lol

  27. Mr D1ZZ

    Mr D1ZZ10 時間 前

    We didn’t want you to see this #1 on trending

  28. Isaiah Carbone

    Isaiah Carbone10 時間 前

    When corina stole that gumball😂 I’m dead

  29. Bryant Tolentino

    Bryant Tolentino10 時間 前

    Alarm clocks remind of spongebob😂

  30. alacarteno

    alacarteno10 時間 前

    A HAIRCUT ????

  31. Jarri Mae

    Jarri Mae10 時間 前

    Now i know how they eat those gums on that machine 🤔

  32. Team Stratix

    Team Stratix11 時間 前

    First video above 4:20

  33. IDZ JIVO_

    IDZ JIVO_11 時間 前

    5:08 ah yes the old suck and snip

  34. Andrew Animatics

    Andrew Animatics11 時間 前

    Erin looks like David is giving him a blow at the end

  35. Steven kent

    Steven kent11 時間 前

    I like it

  36. Harambe

    Harambe11 時間 前

    Susie's laugh is contagious. 😂😂

  37. South Coast rc

    South Coast rc11 時間 前

    What is the name of the artist and song at the end? Please! 😊🤙🍻🇦🇺

  38. Hebah

    Hebah11 時間 前

    I’m happy you got a haircut

  39. BJ700

    BJ70011 時間 前

    That's Jopping!

  40. Drea Zipparo

    Drea Zipparo11 時間 前

    I need Davd's hat at the end 5:09 , anyone know where to get it?

  41. Giessle chen

    Giessle chen11 時間 前

    Woah carly is single

  42. Emerson Sims

    Emerson Sims11 時間 前

    David says, "WE DIDN'T WANT YOU TO SEE THIS!!!".....so he posts it on youtube....

  43. Chelsea Fiser

    Chelsea Fiser11 時間 前

    David should get curtains🤤🤤

  44. Maria Smith

    Maria Smith11 時間 前

    david casually get his deleted scenes on #1 on trending

  45. Samarth Lamba

    Samarth Lamba11 時間 前

    At 5:14 it looks like Erin is giving David road head. 😂

  46. nba2kgod

    nba2kgod11 時間 前

    David you’re number 1 in Australia

  47. Gabrielle Metcalfe

    Gabrielle Metcalfe11 時間 前

    The one video that isn’t four twenty or twenty one

  48. Strapgod 30

    Strapgod 3011 時間 前

    What happend to 👀🔑

  49. Young Uzumaki

    Young Uzumaki11 時間 前

    Am I the only one who likes David's hair long instead of short? 😂

  50. Ryan Connors

    Ryan Connors11 時間 前

    If you dint want us too see it *than why did you post it.*

  51. Michael 9 million

    Michael 9 million11 時間 前

    Idk why but the ending got me weak af!!😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀

  52. courtney carney

    courtney carney11 時間 前


  53. Steeve R

    Steeve R11 時間 前

    4:03 « I’d love that »

  54. Ryan Connors

    Ryan Connors11 時間 前

    *bro how is your SECOND channel trending #1*

  55. linh hoang

    linh hoang11 時間 前

    jonah vs chair please

  56. lily1poppi2

    lily1poppi211 時間 前

    3:41 corrina took a gumball out of the machine for who?

  57. AP7

    AP711 時間 前

    How is this stuff not main channel

  58. b g

    b g11 時間 前

    Scott did the alarm clock prank much better. just saying

  59. //Hungry Potato//

    //Hungry Potato//11 時間 前

    How does holding a baby monkey not fit in with the vlog? 😂😂😂😂

  60. Ramansh Wadhwa

    Ramansh Wadhwa11 時間 前

    I wanna date carly so baddddd

  61. Ashwin Nambiar

    Ashwin Nambiar11 時間 前

    The outro song?😛