1. Ayeitzmackkk

    Ayeitzmackkk18 時間 前

    How’d they ruin the neighbours land tho ?? I’m confused

  2. Felipe Ramirez

    Felipe Ramirez日 前

    She was so happy



    I love you ace fam

  4. Keith_ Kelleher

    Keith_ Kelleher日 前

    I’d come down

  5. Keith_ Kelleher

    Keith_ Kelleher日 前

    He’s right you only have one life

  6. Gee Baas

    Gee Baas日 前

    That is so so scary

  7. Leporshia Palmer

    Leporshia Palmer日 前


  8. Samantha Metcalf

    Samantha Metcalf日 前

    Is it me or can I hear someone shouting s STOP😡😡

  9. Nigel castillo

    Nigel castillo2 日 前

    I like your hair

  10. Alyssa Thompson

    Alyssa Thompson2 日 前

    is it bora bora

  11. Alyssa Thompson

    Alyssa Thompson2 日 前

    your so right catherine since austin was going to ride a juski

  12. Mikayla Ibbotson

    Mikayla Ibbotson2 日 前

    I would come and ride the jet ski

  13. Grace Gaskins

    Grace Gaskins2 日 前

    That leaks very bad chemicals and gas into the pool and could hurt the girls

  14. Maahir Charles

    Maahir Charles2 日 前

    That is cool what Austin did

  15. Fernanda Ceja jimenez

    Fernanda Ceja jimenez2 日 前

    Guys for everyone saying that there running the stuff for the neighbors it’s an infinitely pool and it’s has another “pool” on the whole outside side.

  16. Fernanda Ceja jimenez

    Fernanda Ceja jimenez2 日 前

    Ik it’s 2020 Buh I’m watching most of there vids again not all Buh most and watch the vid before this one.

  17. Maldina Oliver

    Maldina Oliver2 日 前


  18. isela mora

    isela mora3 日 前

    AUSTIN you are disrespectful to your wife why do you not listen to her

  19. Michelle Cordeiro

    Michelle Cordeiro3 日 前

    I'm not down to ride no dam jet ski

  20. Michelle Cordeiro

    Michelle Cordeiro3 日 前

    These mother fucker thinks his cool . Throwing water all over the place. That's a dam shame

  21. Michelle Cordeiro

    Michelle Cordeiro3 日 前

    Austin is funking crazy. What the hell is wrong with him .

  22. bigsexyred1985

    bigsexyred19853 日 前

    I agree with Catherine

  23. bigsexyred1985

    bigsexyred19853 日 前


  24. bigsexyred1985

    bigsexyred19853 日 前

    I love the gurl closet



    Omg I feel bad for the neighbors

  26. Adolfo Lopez

    Adolfo Lopez4 日 前


  27. Alejandra Gomez

    Alejandra Gomez4 日 前

    I love

  28. Cara Geiselman

    Cara Geiselman4 日 前

    That's amazing

  29. Leena Lopez

    Leena Lopez4 日 前

    It's disrespectful to do to your pool

  30. Amanda Frantz

    Amanda Frantz5 日 前

    We are down

  31. Sydney Atkinson

    Sydney Atkinson6 日 前

    Everyone needs to just mind there business if it was gonna hurt his neighbors he wouldn't have done it.

  32. Sydney Atkinson

    Sydney Atkinson6 日 前

    Where did u get the containers.?

  33. Lucian Mikaele

    Lucian Mikaele6 日 前

    Only 1 life people

  34. Alvin Webster

    Alvin Webster6 日 前

    So cool

  35. Anaya Ahmed

    Anaya Ahmed7 日 前

    So many people are dieing for water and your doing that

  36. Lil. lina

    Lil. lina7 日 前

    I heard somebody yell stop 😥😓😶

  37. James Stuart

    James Stuart7 日 前

    I'm down to ride ur jet ski in ur pool

  38. 2020 Rosario

    2020 Rosario7 日 前

    He is cucry

  39. EthianoRonaldo

    EthianoRonaldo7 日 前

    i would love to come ride that fuckin jet ski wit u austin

  40. EthianoRonaldo

    EthianoRonaldo7 日 前

    fuck what the neighbours think its there crib and austin can do what he wants

  41. Barbara Davis

    Barbara Davis7 日 前

    It is

  42. Barbara Davis

    Barbara Davis7 日 前

    I love it 😘❤️💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙❤️😍😍❤️😍❤️

  43. Maria Miranda

    Maria Miranda7 日 前

    Love your beautiful family so much!💗🥺

  44. Lauren Gambino

    Lauren Gambino7 日 前

    Love you

  45. john bodygaurd

    john bodygaurd7 日 前

    When catherine grabs alaia was so cute she was smiling

  46. Waliyah Gabru

    Waliyah Gabru8 日 前

    Bora bora

  47. Zpeckx

    Zpeckx8 日 前

    I like the way that you organized The closet of a Lias and her other sister and please can you guys give me a shout out because I have not even gotten gotten a shout out please

  48. Isabela Cardenas

    Isabela Cardenas8 日 前

    you you

  49. Rey Rivera

    Rey Rivera8 日 前

    Yes 100

  50. playandrepeat

    playandrepeat8 日 前

    Honestly, who would fuck this douchebag? I can't believe you had THREE children with him. He wouldn't get anywhere near me.

  51. playandrepeat

    playandrepeat8 日 前

    You people are horrible.

  52. Sarah Weber

    Sarah Weber8 日 前

    I love giddy up the song that you made

  53. Janaijah Williams

    Janaijah Williams8 日 前

    I am down

  54. Tiffany Tiff Tiff

    Tiffany Tiff Tiff9 日 前

    The beach

  55. Tiffany Tiff Tiff

    Tiffany Tiff Tiff9 日 前

    Hey ace family

  56. javin noel

    javin noel9 日 前

    Yes I could and you look like my cousin and he just like you

  57. Phil Cain

    Phil Cain9 日 前

    It's a good job they have drains at the bottom

  58. benita solomon

    benita solomon9 日 前

    What was u thinking

  59. Faith Ndambuki

    Faith Ndambuki9 日 前

    That is insane

  60. Leah Gavin

    Leah Gavin9 日 前

    Alaia looks so alike to Austin

  61. Corina Gonzalez

    Corina Gonzalez9 日 前

    this is crazy

  62. Natalie Orozco

    Natalie Orozco9 日 前

    Can everyone just mind their businesses and their drama because it's their problem and now one asked for your opinion about it if they are having problems let them it's none of your business stop hating not trying to defend him or you guys or anything because Austin might have cheated and done stuff and you guys thinking he's manipulating Catherine... FOR REAL keep opinions to yourself it isn't gonna do yourself any better is it! how would you like it if you were making videos and everyone commenting shit and stuff to you and hate comments no one wants that God doesn't want hate. I know that you guys are thinking he was cheating, destroying someone's property is ok or him being whatever, yeah I agree that is not right thing to do, so ok leave it not my problem or whatever I am happy for their third baby really .He may be a bad human in real life, not love between Catherine and Austin or just fame and money, we'll leave it. JEEZ SOCIAL MEDIA IS HORRIBLE WHAG HAS SATIN DONE TO OUR WORLD

  63. Josh Munoz

    Josh Munoz9 日 前

    6:27 like look how much water their dropping