1. Chasidy Blake

    Chasidy Blake56 分 前

    That’s highly dangerous you could go over the edge than where would you be? What about your family?? Just because you want a new toy Austin doesn’t mean you should get a jet ski that could cause fights with your beautiful wife or amazing children when they’re older or with Elle now. You’re gonna break the tiles in the pool which can become a danger for the kids and Catherine while they’re swimming if they didn’t notice a tile or more out of there spots. Catherine I totally agree with you on the fact that it is/will be dangerous and Austin you should’ve asked Catherine about it before you did it you’re gonna be one hella lucky guy if she doesn’t completely flip out on you or if she forgives you for what you’ve done. The neighbours are gonna get fed up with the jet ski and probably file complaints with the authorities or with you guys for the water coming down off of your property that can ruin whatever is on there property. Catherine good luck hope EVERYONE stays SAFE, since I found your guys channel I’ve watched every single video and this one is the most crazy and scariest one I’ve seen let alone the most ridiculous one. Love the new house guys.

  2. S Leigh

    S Leigh時間 前





  4. gaby lain

    gaby lain3 時間 前

    Im new i sub i love your vid follow me on insta gaby.lain

  5. gaby lain

    gaby lain3 時間 前

    A is austin alaïa C cahtrine E elle that stand for ace fam

  6. jose ruiz

    jose ruiz4 時間 前

    I do

  7. ᒪITTᒪE ᒪEᗰOᑎ

    ᒪITTᒪE ᒪEᗰOᑎ5 時間 前

    Are we just not gonna talk about how they ruined someone's property?

  8. Hgee Doh

    Hgee Doh5 時間 前

    I’m down to ride a jetski

  9. Yaselin RoachoVelasquez

    Yaselin RoachoVelasquez5 時間 前

    I love this family but at least apoligize for the damage

  10. Yaselin RoachoVelasquez

    Yaselin RoachoVelasquez5 時間 前

    I love this family but at least apoligize for the damage

  11. Jazmine L

    Jazmine L8 時間 前

    this comment section is so horrible ! they didn’t ruin property because it’s their property! & why can’t you just let them live life! stop being so negative and click off if it bothers you so much !!

  12. Elizabeth IDK

    Elizabeth IDK9 時間 前

    Just because you guys are rich doesn't mean you can do that when will you guys learn don't do stupid stuff damn do that somewhere else Jackie's are made just for the beach or the lake, not in the fucking pool you guys lost some brain cells

  13. Johanna ́s Dream

    Johanna ́s Dream9 時間 前

    7:18 There are safety walls... Calm down they are just ruining their own property.

  14. Savage Guy

    Savage Guy10 時間 前

    That’s dope

  15. Mortician Addams

    Mortician Addams11 時間 前

    You know, it really is too bad that your douchebag husband didn't accidentally go over the edge with the water. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  16. Grace Rosales

    Grace Rosales11 時間 前

    Were do yo live I can go right now

  17. Bribri World

    Bribri World12 時間 前

    Y’all need to chill tbh with u why did the people that made the house put the pool there if there’s going to be mud slides

  18. Kalina Lopez

    Kalina Lopez12 時間 前

    Props to the ACE family for not paying attention to all the haters 🤣

  19. •Cøøkies•

    •Cøøkies•12 時間 前

    Y'all are so fucking full of yourselves DESTROYING other people's property. So damn disrespectful!

  20. Colorado Padilla

    Colorado Padilla12 時間 前

    Is this guy for real?? This is some obnoxious ass Junior High shit frfr so card guy named Austin you really need to grow the f up and show your family a better example . I mean how old are you really for people to worship what you do has me question are polluted environment🤣🤣🤣🤣💀💀💀💀

  21. Paige Villarreal

    Paige Villarreal13 時間 前

    The video was good. Aaliyah was so cute in the little video and Elle❤ Keep up the good work ace family!!! I love your videos!)

  22. Brando Ageulin

    Brando Ageulin13 時間 前


  23. Mikiah Riley

    Mikiah Riley14 時間 前

    Alaia and Elle are so cute, sorry i can do the 2 dots with my key board.

  24. J Leah

    J Leah14 時間 前

    I love Catherine's hair cut so much

  25. Mia The Vlogger

    Mia The Vlogger15 時間 前

    u discusting ass people!! yall litterly have no respect!!!! ana yall are so immatureeee like act growp full adults on twitter and learn how to respect i aint a fan or a hater but this made me pissed,, poor uncule.

  26. Elma S

    Elma S15 時間 前

    They aren't ruining other properties there are things called walls in between houses😃

  27. Savage Guy

    Savage Guy10 時間 前

    Elma S they just hating on them

  28. Mimzi Lingden Gaming

    Mimzi Lingden Gaming22 時間 前

    Every one hate you

  29. Alain Chavez Vlogs

    Alain Chavez Vlogs日 前

    Poor Catherine, dealing with 3 kids 🤦

  30. Just A Noodle

    Just A Noodle日 前

    how does this have 353k likes and only 10k dislikes? because they just had to make this video their neighbors have to suffer with the consequences that belonged to the ace family

  31. Victora Alaniz

    Victora Alaniz日 前


  32. Amy Ahlquist

    Amy Ahlquist日 前

    I hope they are happy with their open marriage.

  33. Lord Brisus is the Sugar to my tea

    Lord Brisus is the Sugar to my tea日 前

    1.They Ruined someone else’s Property 2.They still have the Video up... If this is level of Disrespect I don’t know what is

  34. evelyn

    evelyn日 前

    y’all are disgusting clowns for supporting these people like r u seriously that brainwashed

  35. Brianna Beltran

    Brianna Beltran日 前

    I love you guys!!!

  36. Ben Turley

    Ben Turley日 前

    Austin needs his ass whooped. Hes a fucking clown

  37. Maria Mares

    Maria Mares日 前

    I feel bad for the neighbors

  38. Kissame Puryear

    Kissame Puryear日 前

    He doesn't give to shits about the neighbors below,if I was one of his neighbors and he did this I'm pressing charges tf

  39. Emily Rosales

    Emily Rosales日 前


  40. Emily Rosales

    Emily Rosales日 前

    I love how there’s a lot of ppl that liked this video hmmm or should I say they but their views💀

  41. Emily Rosales

    Emily Rosales日 前

    “Your dadda is a little crazy” more like INSANE. Why would destroy a man’s grape yard? Like take that jet ski to the ocean 💀💀💀poor man😭why?!!!! You are a disgrace

  42. Emily Rosales

    Emily Rosales日 前

    You literally have no respect 💀

  43. Teresa Gutierrez

    Teresa Gutierrez日 前

    I wanna ride the jetski bro

  44. My life As Cajmeire

    My life As Cajmeire日 前

    I’m doing a jetski

  45. Cynthia Lujan

    Cynthia Lujan日 前

    Beautiful swimming pool and love your hair Catherine

  46. Armando Aguilar

    Armando Aguilar日 前


  47. Contortion Girl 1

    Contortion Girl 1日 前

    Guys Austin and Catherine didn’t know that they were causing a mud slide don’t blame him He was making a video for us they didn’t know until after the video came out pls show respect , love you ACE family ❤️❤️

  48. Emily Rosales

    Emily Rosales日 前

    Contortion Girl 1 well they did. 💀💀💀 they are that deaf and stupid bc this poor man screamed “STOP” like tf

  49. Tieryn Ivey

    Tieryn Ivey日 前

    im down

  50. John Doe

    John Doe日 前

    These people are not humble at all . Seriously let’s just put a jet ski in a little ass pool and spin around in circles . How stupid

  51. John Doe

    John Doe日 前

    Damn she always have the kids while Austin is doing whatever the fuck he wants to 😂

  52. Angelina S.

    Angelina S.日 前

    Oh yeah.... just go on with your life, being reckless and not considering that you’re not the only family in the world and ruining people’s property



    Angelina S. PRAISE SIS, GO OFF SIS

  54. Jailee Taylor

    Jailee Taylor日 前

    I can't believe he did this

  55. Ismile Balie

    Ismile Balie日 前

    I'm down i really wanna come

  56. Michelle jenner

    Michelle jenner日 前

    You do realize they probably have it under control stop throwing so much shade u don’t know everything!!! If u don’t like it feel free to leave

  57. Kasey Calderon

    Kasey Calderon日 前

    Y’all are idiots

  58. Nicole Hates math

    Nicole Hates math2 日 前

    Y’all hear the man screaming stop? You guys made a mud slide and ruined that mans grapes that take a long time to grow already apologize to him and living your best life is not ruining other people’s things

  59. Latte Uni

    Latte Uni2 日 前


  60. Leslie Martinez

    Leslie Martinez2 日 前

    I hate how there's an ad every 3 minutes :(

  61. Lashonte Riley

    Lashonte Riley2 日 前

    It's so cool 😎😎💯💯💯💯

  62. Mireya Avila

    Mireya Avila2 日 前

    Y'all people got to chill down it's a video and if u ain't got some good to say shut up

  63. Savage Guy

    Savage Guy10 時間 前

    Mireya Avila they hating

  64. zAire hatter

    zAire hatter2 日 前

    Uh oh