We Built the BEST Gaming Facility in the World! (MILLION DOLLAR TOUR)


  1. Saul Salinas

    Saul Salinas2 時間 前

    Multi million dollar facility but only has one basketball goal 😢

  2. Drew Rice

    Drew Rice2 時間 前

    6:38 when the band director walks in on the trombone sectional

  3. Darkthrone Fan

    Darkthrone Fan4 時間 前

    I m thinking how much the sponsors would give 100 thieves 🤔

  4. Simply Zerg

    Simply Zerg12 時間 前

    This has to be satirical, I smell the bs

  5. gabpro21

    gabpro2123 時間 前

    Bruh why this remind me of a GTA cutaway scene where they tell u about the business u just bought

  6. Section 9

    Section 9日 前

    Yassuo looks like he's wearing his dad's suit

  7. ARYA A

    ARYA A日 前

    6:14 MrSavages room

  8. Michael Sills

    Michael Sills日 前

    I hate the interior design of this palce

  9. T4 xXPembaXx

    T4 xXPembaXx日 前

    6:13 it’s MrSavage M

  10. Toadi

    Toadi日 前

    These guys copied Tipper Esports

  11. Carlos Allison

    Carlos Allison日 前

    Slime is a better nadeshot than nadeshot

  12. Taki Mysack

    Taki Mysack日 前

    Tipper esports lookin clean

  13. Munkush

    Munkush日 前

    what about food?

  14. Vegard 73hrs

    Vegard 73hrs日 前

    6:12 Is that MrSavage’s streaming room?

  15. Xeona

    Xeona日 前

    this is dope

  16. Lesley Floyd

    Lesley Floyd2 日 前

    Wasting money on Brooke

  17. YesbutNO

    YesbutNO2 日 前

    Why is everyone saying staged stuff and why was this nade’s idea? Oh yeah cus it’s his brand

  18. LagsterPrism

    LagsterPrism2 日 前

    i want to work for nadeshot now

  19. Unopa Mushango

    Unopa Mushango3 日 前

    Lacks diversity

  20. John Hurst

    John Hurst3 日 前

    This seems a little worse than the Misfits house lol

  21. Wesley Almanzar

    Wesley Almanzar3 日 前

    Why do I gotta bad feeling bout this brand/org?

  22. Md Abidur Rahman

    Md Abidur Rahman3 日 前

    its My dream place. I do streaming very normal configuration like GT 710 2GB. its cost 60$. so that's why its My dream place.

  23. Aman Aman

    Aman Aman3 日 前

    Imagine investing in dying games instead of stable money makers like sport games And imagine playing fortnite And no I don’t like a lot of sport games but they never die off

  24. Da Meglomaniac

    Da Meglomaniac3 日 前

    Built the best studio, have a horrible team

  25. Edouard caron

    Edouard caron3 日 前

    i just wish i had a pc ffs

  26. Dr watermelon

    Dr watermelon3 日 前

    Put a gym in there

  27. Chris Buzzell

    Chris Buzzell3 日 前

    Cringe fest



    Mega douche

  29. Turtle RL

    Turtle RL4 日 前

    They need a Rocket League team.

  30. Jolsn

    Jolsn4 日 前

    This video is every sponsors wet dream

  31. Give back me sausage roll because

    Give back me sausage roll because4 日 前

    What is this like some sort of sodo sopa.

  32. Jack Thorne

    Jack Thorne5 日 前

    This is fucking gross seriously

  33. Pokio

    Pokio5 日 前

    I would do ANYTHING to be apart of 100 Thieves

  34. TheGrapplingNinja

    TheGrapplingNinja5 日 前

    bts summit did a good parody

  35. Fuduwahluz

    Fuduwahluz3 日 前

    I honestly the thought the sponsor training rooms were a fun joke, but then this video dropped the Rocket Mortgage League of Legends Training Room ™ in the first 2 minutes

  36. Axel Schweis

    Axel Schweis5 日 前

    Best satire, or weardest flex

  37. Tr4pSss Gaming

    Tr4pSss Gaming5 日 前

    I was thinking this how about a dota 2 team on a banner of 💯 Thieves

  38. Dinero

    Dinero6 日 前

    Apex legends ? Can I be in the esports I’m one of the best

  39. HEXi LuCiFeR

    HEXi LuCiFeR6 日 前

    This is inspiring and depressing at the same time

  40. anonymous user

    anonymous user6 日 前

    Nice flex

  41. Corrxsivee

    Corrxsivee6 日 前

    He said u can’t image how many hot (dogs) I’m going to get u to the Chinese guy 😂

  42. Neil MacDonald

    Neil MacDonald6 日 前


  43. raffy gutless wimp

    raffy gutless wimp6 日 前

    Smash summit 9 sent me here

  44. Muffin Max

    Muffin Max6 日 前

    God Bless You Slime

  45. Hiếu Vũ Phùng Minh

    Hiếu Vũ Phùng Minh6 日 前

    not gonna lie 100thieves merchs are fire

  46. PokéPines

    PokéPines6 日 前

    better version :> jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-IHc03gESKoM.html

  47. FaFa Ralph

    FaFa Ralph6 日 前

    Who's here from the BTS parody video? 🤔

  48. Brady Peneton

    Brady Peneton2 日 前

    ragemini99 - BTS smash parody video

  49. ragemini99

    ragemini994 日 前

    What video?

  50. Cassie O

    Cassie O5 日 前

    It was so spot on LMAO

  51. even sexy guys go to jail

    even sexy guys go to jail6 日 前

    when the parody is more believable then the source material LOL

  52. PokéPines

    PokéPines6 日 前

    Lol me

  53. • IRONNIS •

    • IRONNIS •6 日 前

    Hey guys it's tipper gaming studio pog

  54. ReKzyyFN

    ReKzyyFN日 前

    No it’s mrsavages

  55. PokéPines

    PokéPines6 日 前


  56. Bobby Jones

    Bobby Jones7 日 前

    Where’s the ceiling tho

  57. Michael Mccoy

    Michael Mccoy7 日 前

    Nade is Hec's best student, not even his beloved Scump

  58. Michael Mccoy

    Michael Mccoy7 日 前

    HEC be like 🤔🤔

  59. ARK SS

    ARK SS7 日 前

    Nice work

  60. Rob Mason

    Rob Mason7 日 前

    Cringey nerds trying to act cool and successful, terrible acting

  61. K O

    K O7 日 前

    you should fire that guy... same exploooosion?! who does he think he is to talk back.... you’re Fired...go back to Same Explosion Studios 😂🤣

  62. Dan Martin

    Dan Martin7 日 前

    Does anyone actually think Nade is in charge? Hes just a shareholders pet, he probably owns less than 10 percent of the business

  63. brandon vorkapich

    brandon vorkapich7 日 前

    Free Hong Kong!

  64. Nirjal Khadka

    Nirjal Khadka8 日 前

    Where is pubg

  65. Fatilz

    Fatilz8 日 前

    5:39 lil huddy

  66. TenKay onnat

    TenKay onnat8 日 前

    why does the apparel designer talk just like Harrison Wells from the flash?

  67. Xtinct Divine

    Xtinct Divine8 日 前

    Damn wtf

  68. ericimi

    ericimi8 日 前

    Insane editing .