We Built A Paintball Arena In Our Backyard - FaZe Clan


  1. Gamer God

    Gamer God15 時間 前

    Nice squad choice

  2. Aiden Gael Arreola

    Aiden Gael Arreola16 時間 前

    Jarvis trick shot was so cool the front flip 😎

  3. Clxdz XB1

    Clxdz XB117 時間 前

    Can some people subscribe to me i will sub back

  4. Shok Tolibov

    Shok Tolibov日 前

    Bruh I want the jersey and shorts to come to my house already I already ordered it 😂

  5. Hudson Seekamp

    Hudson Seekamp日 前

    Let’s go juice world fan 999 forever

  6. Paxton Tran

    Paxton Tran日 前


  7. idelmy vazquez

    idelmy vazquez日 前

    lol he’s mad bc she’s with a other boy and she’s trying to hide it

  8. idelmy vazquez

    idelmy vazquez日 前

    And stop using that aimbot in paintball

  9. Infinite_ GameClips._

    Infinite_ GameClips._日 前

    So I'm crying rn when I saw the Jersey name

  10. Bulletzz

    Bulletzz日 前

    Bruh jarvis only hit it cuz he turned on his aimbot before he did the trickshot

  11. axspxect

    axspxect日 前

    I respect the juice wrld jumper

  12. DKx

    DKx日 前

    Last shot was so bait 😂

  13. monojit dhar

    monojit dhar日 前

    Most boaring face clan video

  14. touny rafanan

    touny rafanan日 前


  15. Bryce Mitchell

    Bryce Mitchell日 前

    Is jarvis’s whole life aimbot 😂😂

  16. Aiden R

    Aiden R日 前

    Just look at the size of that nogin 🤣

  17. K Barqadle

    K Barqadle日 前

    That was nuts

  18. Johnathon Caldwell

    Johnathon Caldwell2 日 前

    Does anyone else see banks chilling on the roof

  19. 1K SUBSCRIBERS BY 2021

    1K SUBSCRIBERS BY 2021日 前


  20. Scott Winter

    Scott Winter2 日 前

    Jarvis has aimbot

  21. Tomtom Banana

    Tomtom Banana2 日 前

    Yo Jarvis has aim not in real life to😂😂

  22. Oscar Villanueva

    Oscar Villanueva3 日 前

    She is chitinh on you

  23. Vxrzy-_ Playz

    Vxrzy-_ Playz3 日 前

    Jarvis Gets Aimbot 😂😔 and Orba Will Trickshot

  24. Koza fn

    Koza fn3 日 前

    The boys low key got Jarvis 😂😂

  25. xXRealCholoX x

    xXRealCholoX x3 日 前

    bruh this is hard to watch bc i watch actual paintball not along with playing paintball ball but i could take them out in prob 2 mins

  26. amir sheikholeslami

    amir sheikholeslami3 日 前

    Aim bot in real life at the end 🤣🤣🤣

  27. Henxuli 10:D

    Henxuli 10:D4 日 前

    where is mew??

  28. Nanifirmalino Francis

    Nanifirmalino Francis4 日 前

    Fack you faze clan fack you alll 😈😈😈😈

  29. Dylan Arnold

    Dylan Arnold4 日 前

    I love when Sommer said gang gang😂

  30. Emil Dldl

    Emil Dldl4 日 前


  31. ananda foster

    ananda foster4 日 前

    I’m serious you should add Julia have a war with eyebrows they been doing a lot of talking shit with about you guys

  32. ananda foster

    ananda foster4 日 前

    Talking shit so much

  33. ananda foster

    ananda foster4 日 前

    Have a war with the hype house fuck them up

  34. meXer

    meXer4 日 前

    ill sub to anyone that subs to me please im legit i love tiko and faze clan i need all the support that i can get and i want to share it with you please

  35. Oh Yeah Yeah 4 Life

    Oh Yeah Yeah 4 Life5 日 前


  36. Jen Graybill

    Jen Graybill5 日 前

    Yo orba I played your fortnite map and I love it your trickshot map I absolutely love it so I guess you can add me my epic is k4e0en please add me orba

  37. artin shahmoradi

    artin shahmoradi5 日 前


  38. Ram siakhel

    Ram siakhel5 日 前

    And my boy Nathan

  39. Ram siakhel

    Ram siakhel5 日 前

    Brah I want to be there bro

  40. M.S.K rob

    M.S.K rob5 日 前

    bruhh that shot didnt even hit in the first place

  41. jamie bruce

    jamie bruce5 日 前

    is Jarvis and sommer dating???

  42. Lil Quak

    Lil Quak5 日 前

    Juice wrld paintball suites?🔥🔥🔥 where do I find it

  43. Ernesto Castillo

    Ernesto Castillo6 日 前

    Any Speedball,hyperball,woodsball player would cringe at the way they aim and shoot

  44. blyp on 60fps

    blyp on 60fps6 日 前

    Jarvis trickshot was sooooo sick

  45. Piscala Gilbert

    Piscala Gilbert6 日 前

    how did jarvis do that o_o

  46. yael 18

    yael 186 日 前

    Jarvis aimbot

  47. Jesus Caballero

    Jesus Caballero6 日 前

    OMG jarvis has THE aimbot again

  48. Tristan Farhood

    Tristan Farhood6 日 前

    Jarvis playing with the off white shoes

  49. Tristan Farhood

    Tristan Farhood6 日 前

    The commentators on Jarvis 🤣🤣

  50. DeyLexMain De Deleon

    DeyLexMain De Deleon7 日 前

    Yo did anybody see the paint ball hit the guy

  51. victoria sindayen

    victoria sindayen7 日 前

    Jarvis use the aimbot in final round

  52. bluecrew dtl

    bluecrew dtl7 日 前

    Hi guys I am new but u guys suck u guys are so mean carter pranked u guys but not bad u guys destroyed his Lambo and you also spray-painted the pool with the Team Rae logo so and that is not nice I won’t subscribe because that was mean and tell faze rug I unsubscribed

  53. Opex_ arma

    Opex_ arma7 日 前

    Carington: is cheater always a cheater? Jarvis: Yes Soomer : ..........

  54. Kevin Le

    Kevin Le7 日 前

    So did you break up

  55. Evan Soto

    Evan Soto7 日 前

    Tell Jarvis to turn off his aimbot

  56. —- it’s ur main daddy

    —- it’s ur main daddy7 日 前

    nahh fuck all that i’m tryna see the paintball hit nikan on that trickshot

  57. Unliquid Zenith

    Unliquid Zenith7 日 前

    Here comes the pro Jarvis

  58. Mystic Drxpp

    Mystic Drxpp8 日 前

    The juice WRLD faze hoodie tho

  59. GhoSTz_ Slay3R09

    GhoSTz_ Slay3R098 日 前

    Did jarvis use aimbot in the tricksoht lol

  60. Jemie BøØ

    Jemie BøØ8 日 前

    I enjoy hearing the guys in the background talking.

  61. Mark Cullen

    Mark Cullen8 日 前

    Look at cizzorz lol 😝

  62. Lyz

    Lyz8 日 前

    This summer :) 1432 lindacrest dr, Beverly Hills