We Broke Up.


  1. Tatum Segner

    Tatum Segner2 時間 前

    Ty for all the likes on my last comment


    MARCO PLAYZ2 時間 前

    People that say Nathan is a Golddigger, this vid is proof he isn’t

  3. Jianna Perez

    Jianna Perez3 時間 前

    I’m so sorry that happened to you

  4. anandamc

    anandamc4 時間 前

    So that's the thing I don't understand about breakups, if you two love and miss each other so much, why couldn't you just sit down and talk and figure things out? Why break up? Don't get it. I only consider breaking up with someone if they cheat on me, or disrespect me in any other way.... probably why I always get broken up with and not the other way around, but if you love someone, and things are bad but are manageable, why not talk it through? Especially with so much going on in each other's lives. More than now they need each other's support. I really don't get it

  5. Megan Quintal

    Megan Quintal4 時間 前

    This was such an amazing video! Jeffree kept it together SO well and was so sweet when talking about his ex.. not many people are mature enough to do that. Stay strong, you're too beautiful to be sad! 🖤

  6. Kate

    Kate4 時間 前


  7. Lori Fusher

    Lori Fusher4 時間 前

    I dont think I have ever witnessed someone speak of a other with so much LOVE.... XOXOXO

  8. Sam Richey

    Sam Richey5 時間 前

    I just got broken up with today. I am just now realising he was my only friend and the only person I surrounded myself with. I have no one to fall back on and I feel very very alone. Jeffree is honestly getting me through it and helping ease the pain. I love watching the great energy and confidence and humor. Thank you for everything, your influence means a lot more than just makeup.

  9. Steph Steph

    Steph Steph5 時間 前

    I haven’t been a fan for long but damn I feel sad for them. I really hope they find them selves honestly.

  10. Sahlah Muenda

    Sahlah Muenda7 時間 前

    We love how Jeffreestar is the on JPreporterr who can actually talk about their relationship like that says something ❤️

  11. Stephanie shubert

    Stephanie shubert7 時間 前

    Jeffree this is so sweet but so sad. You are an amazing person. I haven’t watched you long but I have fell so in love with your ideas since then, @bloodlust pallets looks fucking amazing I don’t have the money to get it tomorrow so it’ll prolly be a while until I get it because it’ll sell out quick and then I will have to wait for a restock and so on but I love your make up. That’s what really got my attention, was using your makeup and it being like no else. I loved watching you a Nate and I just hope you can heal and keep going girl. YOU ARE SO AMAZEING YOU DESEVE NOTHING LESS THEN THE BEST.

  12. evey krushensky

    evey krushensky7 時間 前

    all i have to say is☹️🥺😢

  13. ladyorange66

    ladyorange668 時間 前

    So sorry

  14. Alex

    Alex8 時間 前

    Your soul is too bright and unique for love to not find you

  15. hayley 2019

    hayley 20198 時間 前

    I think jeffree need a break go on holiday with like Shane and some other friends and don't film it or post photos take a proper break and have fun

  16. Krista Last

    Krista Last8 時間 前

    I Am so sorry really

  17. Charlotte Dashwood

    Charlotte Dashwood8 時間 前

    Ah ye poor divil. I'm sorry to hear that. Stay strong sweetheart.

  18. Kayla Willey

    Kayla Willey10 時間 前

    i think i cried more then he did. they were perfect together and nathan i give him everything for being with him when he had nothing, goes to show he really loved him. true love will never die, they will be together again, i can feel it.

  19. Don K

    Don K10 時間 前

    Tragic time will heal your wounds god bless I will head back to Sightseeing Sally

  20. Allison Fonner

    Allison Fonner10 時間 前

    My heart goes out to you! It took alot of guts to come out with this video! You deserve the best love!

  21. Jessica Stockbridge

    Jessica Stockbridge12 時間 前

    I got your back girl

  22. مروان ماهر

    مروان ماهر14 時間 前


  23. sura life

    sura life15 時間 前

    This was the most sad minutes of my day 😭💔

  24. Mr. Boring

    Mr. Boring16 時間 前

    What?! I thought this was some stupid clickbait! I'm so heartbroken, you guys were my fav couple! Stay strong sweetie, you deserve the best!

  25. Hot n’ spicy Tea

    Hot n’ spicy Tea17 時間 前

    I love how open Jeffree was instead of hate to spread drama Jeffree you did the perfect speech we will help you get through it ❤️

  26. Sara Maddison

    Sara Maddison18 時間 前

    Stay strong gurl luve you! You’re awesome keep going :D! I can’t get over it! Luve you gurl

  27. Raygun Sayre

    Raygun Sayre18 時間 前

    I would have left to.

  28. SMH

    SMH18 時間 前

    That cute little doggie on the pillow looks like it thoroughly understands what his mom is going through and sad for her. Nathan might come back if you get rid of that hideous pink bed he was forced to sleep in. 🤧💔

  29. Emily Fagerberg

    Emily Fagerberg20 時間 前

    Wait I’m so confused about y they broke up

  30. manar yassir

    manar yassir20 時間 前

    Ik I'm really late but I was really shocked and I wanna say how when he was talking I wanted to hug him soo badly and may God be with the family of those 2 amazing supporters and we r never gonna forget nathan we love u Jeffrey star ❤

  31. Christopher E Sampoll

    Christopher E Sampoll20 時間 前

    I feel like it's a very mature thing to do! To address everything and to decide to keep each other in their own lives and to admit that they love each other even if they are no longer in love for whatever reason True Love Never Dies it just evolves! You either had it or you didn't! And they did! All my best wishes and love to all of you! We are hear for you and wish you both & your families a speedy recovery! With Love Always Chris!

  32. The LOLY’s

    The LOLY’s23 時間 前

    Well I guess she can date that old guy from Walmart now.

  33. Present. Lana

    Present. Lana日 前

    5 years is a good run. my song : verse one is my first love Joe (2yr), 2nd verse 2nd love Jen (4 yrs she was love of my lifes)3rd verse Relationship with self. Best with the healing, with loves that stay friends it's really the best. My ex & i would be married (& divorced) but it wasn't legal then. Take Care

  34. Layani McGrady

    Layani McGrady日 前

    I send my prayers for you guys stay strong and know that you guys will figure it out in the end because true love always finds it’s way back. Love you 😍 and stay true.

  35. Miguelina Garcia

    Miguelina Garcia日 前

    LETS GO JEFFREY 💪 We are here ☺️

  36. lhnean insideOut

    lhnean insideOut日 前

    we wuv ya.

  37. Alex Diaz

    Alex Diaz日 前

    How did they break up

  38. jadasterback

    jadasterback日 前

    Brb crying..

  39. Amelia Del Regno

    Amelia Del Regno日 前

    He better get his fing ass up and come kiss you AND HE BETTER NIT BE SENDING DI**k pics to people I swear to fucking god Jeffrey

  40. The Key

    The Key日 前

    Man I feel bad for my boo? Like everything is falling apart at once💔 I know the feeling because this was me around the same exact time he filmed this video......

  41. Mya Buenacruz

    Mya Buenacruz日 前

    *Nathan and I

  42. Alyssa time

    Alyssa time日 前

    Ik this is sopost to be sad but we miss him already but... U KNOW WHAT U CAN DO NOW Think about the good in this god dose this for a reson we promise

  43. Alyssa time

    Alyssa time日 前

    Get with garret😂 unless you don't whant to u do u lol



    Hurting is hurting: there is no good or bad reason to judge what is going on here. Sweetie, you have my support and my arms are wide opened to embrace you in a mama hug!



    I can't take this video seriously cause of that darn dog. Lol. 😂😂😂 1:48

  46. Exit Gaming channel

    Exit Gaming channel日 前

    He used u simple as that

  47. beagles for life

    beagles for life日 前

    sorry, we love you and what you do continue doing what you do

  48. Lily Bonin

    Lily Bonin日 前

    You can really tell this is real Becuase Jeffree is in his Pjamas and still in bed but I feel so bad love you, you will get through it

  49. Lily Bonin

    Lily Bonin日 前

    Ya on Tiktok I have seen things were it’s like really mean it’s like (Jeffree) I’m done with you. (Nate) But imma be broke. And I commented That’s so rude just let them live there life but love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  50. mik

    mik日 前

    Be strong honey 💛

  51. Zulkifli Amin

    Zulkifli Amin日 前

    Love u from Indonesia....

  52. Ashlee Hallman

    Ashlee Hallman日 前

    I am so very sorry... I have so much to say but I know how hard it can be to even read these... I am praying for you!

  53. SassyQ87

    SassyQ87日 前

    But why? :( you’re both so in love with each other :(

  54. looking out

    looking out日 前

    Bozo the racist clown👿

  55. Esaias Moore

    Esaias Moore日 前

    He met me when I had nothing . This is why I loved their relationship because they cared about each other a lot. 🤍

  56. Swihart Squad!

    Swihart Squad!日 前

    I am so sorry I will pray for you all the time stay tough ❤️

  57. Cosmic Moonstar

    Cosmic Moonstar日 前

    This is some bad tea sweetie T-T

  58. Lukasz Mikula

    Lukasz Mikula日 前

    wtf is this ?

  59. Itsa Secret

    Itsa Secret日 前

    I’m so sorry hon, for both you and Nate. I can completely understand, and people may say your just a normal person well there was a moment just a very brief moment in my life that I was in the media. It was in a good way for me and for my family, with that being said a lot of people that didn’t know me twisted everything I did for the good. And I really just wanted it all to go away! I can’t imagine what the pressure you feel to get up and explain to make videos and feel you owe the world an explanation for living your life normally. You have so many people that love you, but I know that there are people that talk a lot of crap. Hon I know you don’t know any one of us, but I would love to sit and just chat. Someone who doesn’t know you on a personal level, and doesn’t want anything at all. You are one of the best and realist people I have ever seen on the net. If in the least take whatever time you need for Jeffrie Lynn and fuck the rest of the world, you are the most important person in your world. Never forget that, you have to make that so. I’m so so so sorry Mrs Lynn I wish I could give you a big sis hug and tell you it’s going to be ok. I’m here if you need me never forget that.

  60. Purnima Karki

    Purnima Karki日 前

    You deserve the best jeffree❤️ dont be sad we all love you so much