We Broke Up.


  1. Maryam Yazeed

    Maryam Yazeed2 時間 前

    let me tell you something all of thing happened because you made yourself a Girl but you a boy you have to be strong and be a good strong boy👍👍😊

  2. Genevieve Baltazar

    Genevieve Baltazar14 時間 前

    If u love him, fight for him!

  3. Genevieve Baltazar

    Genevieve Baltazar14 時間 前

    So sad for u meym 😢

  4. Deanna Robinson

    Deanna Robinson16 時間 前

    Have u been to prison my Nigga got Hella tats

  5. Errin Aspinall

    Errin Aspinall16 時間 前

    You may miss nathan, but at least you have your cute Pomeranians

  6. pumpkinpie

    pumpkinpie18 時間 前

    Oh wow that's why you have 5 months later a new date? :/

  7. Rafaiel Games

    Rafaiel Games日 前

    He really needs to stop doing this Being a girl Be a man

  8. Abby McClister

    Abby McClister日 前

    Girl it’s ok I fell you my boyfriend broke up with me

  9. Denis James

    Denis James日 前

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  10. caroline fodale

    caroline fodale日 前

    I just got out of a 4 year relationship today and needed to come watch this. I feel a little better than I did 🤍

  11. Lauren Pruitt

    Lauren Pruitt日 前

    The jeffree vid that could ever make me smile 😀😀😀

  12. Lacey Peterson

    Lacey Peterson日 前


  13. SundownLPS

    SundownLPS日 前

    Me and my sister feel so bad for you...😭

  14. Aesthetic Foodie :3

    Aesthetic Foodie :32 日 前

    Sorry jeffree but I’m only focusing on the dogs.

  15. Daniel Berhanu

    Daniel Berhanu3 日 前

    i am lireally crying for real

  16. Amelia Blain

    Amelia Blain4 日 前

    I’m so sorry Jeffrey

  17. Blu Reyes-Saens

    Blu Reyes-Saens4 日 前

    OMG, I just totally bawled my eyes out. I've been putting off watching this video for a long time until now. I'm so very sad about this break up. I love you Jeffree, keep your head up.

  18. Éles Vazul Csaba

    Éles Vazul Csaba4 日 前

    Jeffree Star is very strong!

  19. Lim Doxel

    Lim Doxel4 日 前

    Owww, your dog is sad.

  20. Shay Stafford

    Shay Stafford4 日 前

    i'm calling BS on this

  21. blue bettas

    blue bettas4 日 前

    YOU DESERVE MOREEEEE take your time :)

  22. blue bettas

    blue bettas4 日 前

    we are here don't worry you deserve a lot more!!!

  23. Leah Daynes

    Leah Daynes4 日 前

    Wait hold up this was 8 months ago

  24. it'z me soft berri bun

    it'z me soft berri bun5 日 前

    It's ok jefree you'll find someone better

  25. no name

    no name5 日 前


  26. no name

    no name5 日 前


  27. Noah Gullett

    Noah Gullett5 日 前

    im against gay so hahaha

  28. Asher Te Knight

    Asher Te Knight5 日 前


  29. cookie monster

    cookie monster5 日 前

    Ya we just broke up so im just going to pose on my $10000000 bed with my 3 dogs.ya and I totally dont sound sarcastic Me:😴😴😴😴😴😴

  30. Aje Ramirez

    Aje Ramirez6 日 前

    Good for you , you fucking plastic.

  31. Rose Redmond

    Rose Redmond6 日 前

    I'm so glad your being open and real. But you dont owe us anything hun. That's something really tough and whatever you wanna keep private about your personal life, you should. Dont ever feel obligated to open up about things your not comfortable with. Glad you did though, whatever makes you thru it better.

  32. Florentz Lovely beatrice

    Florentz Lovely beatrice6 日 前


  33. Vanessa Kaulitz

    Vanessa Kaulitz6 日 前

    Nooooo Nate 😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔😔😔😔😔😔😔

  34. S P

    S P6 日 前

    Bro your dogs need to diet

  35. AWeliz

    AWeliz7 日 前

    *cries in gucci*

  36. Danica Luna-DiGiacomo

    Danica Luna-DiGiacomo7 日 前

    You are class act! Facts!

  37. Kelley B

    Kelley B7 日 前

    2020 is going to have corona stay inside please

  38. Leslyann Nieves

    Leslyann Nieves7 日 前

    i love you star

  39. Jonathan Grabban

    Jonathan Grabban7 日 前

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  40. xd Arctic870

    xd Arctic8708 日 前

    i dont feel bad one bit this is just a video he put up to have people feel sympathy for him😑

  41. Very Good Tea

    Very Good Tea9 日 前

    I don't feel bad for u anymore after all you've done love ur Pomeranians tho they're all so iconic

  42. xd Arctic870

    xd Arctic8708 日 前


  43. Tejveer Singh

    Tejveer Singh9 日 前

    You don’t need him you just focus on yourself your better then him

  44. Neishe McKenzie

    Neishe McKenzie9 日 前

    Why did y’all break up ?

  45. Elijah Moses

    Elijah Moses9 日 前

    I’m really late but baby are you okay like that hurt me

  46. Pineapple Pineconehead

    Pineapple Pineconehead9 日 前

    If he loved you even for your flaws then why did he leave you? XD

  47. Kimberly Kimmel

    Kimberly Kimmel9 日 前

    So I just found out that they broke up now I'm sad I miss them being together😭😭😭😭

  48. Adrian Lacasad

    Adrian Lacasad10 日 前

    Where is he getting all this money unlimited?

  49. Jlia

    Jlia10 日 前

    a soulmate that wasn’t meant to be.

  50. NewLeaf Lip Gloss

    NewLeaf Lip Gloss10 日 前

    jeffery; *cries* Her dogs: 👁👅👁

  51. Drew Yu_ey

    Drew Yu_ey10 日 前

    Listen to Selena Gomez song 😪

  52. ImAlolicon 1

    ImAlolicon 111 日 前

    How did i get here

  53. Vindy

    Vindy11 日 前

    Dont be gay

  54. Vindy

    Vindy8 日 前

    @xd Arctic870 butthurt

  55. xd Arctic870

    xd Arctic8708 日 前


  56. nitalbhuva

    nitalbhuva12 日 前

    My God, you are unique and beautiful in every way, it's amazing to see you, express your feelings, in few of your clips i watched, you touched my core, with, candid emotional expression.. your body tattoos bit unmatching to your refine makeup art skill session.. yet cool.. it's as if the screen of your conscious ness.. .... is filled with life and lure to the real.. so much experience and wealth of being.. i m glad to meet you here at the platform called www dot youtub dot com and like and cherish your every fillum.. peace and light to all Nital Bhuva

  57. Suzana Budimkic

    Suzana Budimkic13 日 前

    this is boring hes not sad fake cry check he naild it

  58. Massiel Martinez

    Massiel Martinez13 日 前

    You make me happy. 💘

  59. Flor Margarita Flores Jaques

    Flor Margarita Flores Jaques13 日 前

    Jefrey Im so sorry, you are a Great person, you have a lot of love in your heart, time is a Great healer. Love more your selfe be unique, be you.

  60. Isabelle Quines

    Isabelle Quines13 日 前

    Soul mates are important things and when your soul mates die it is devastating but knowing that they are still in the world and if you can keep a healthy relationship it feels like it never lost them

  61. Dalton Burnsworth

    Dalton Burnsworth13 日 前

    Wawwww I feel so bad 😭

  62. Stephanie DaleUrnezisSmith

    Stephanie DaleUrnezisSmith13 日 前


  63. Capybaraism

    Capybaraism14 日 前

    How did you get over your breakup with SHAROLAID?

  64. Nackendara Teslar

    Nackendara Teslar14 日 前

    Oh no...I'm just now finding out. I can hear the song playing over this of The Winner Takes It All by ABBA.

  65. candyh

    candyh15 日 前


  66. candyh

    candyh15 日 前

    Ha Lol.

  67. Alicia Hadden

    Alicia Hadden15 日 前

    Came here because I miss Jeffree with Nathan....for real....😥

  68. Helen Rosenburg

    Helen Rosenburg15 日 前

    Hey we love you Jeffrey and you stay strong because you are loved and so is Nathan

  69. gilad fadel

    gilad fadel15 日 前

    Jeffree is full of shit... Trisha after a break up: dead crying all over the kitchen floor, for hours. Cant breath normally for a single minute, praying to God with her 10 alter egos to take her out of her misery! Jeffree after a break up: relaxed, not a single tear on his cheeks, living and breathing money on his 10M dollar bed. Just Full of shit...

  70. sx_llie

    sx_llie16 日 前


  71. Yuni Darawati

    Yuni Darawati16 日 前

    This is is sad bit that ao much dog

  72. moniça Mçlean

    moniça Mçlean16 日 前

    I hate seeing Jeffree so heartbroken you there's plenty fish in the sea you will find another man Jeffree Star you'll find another man that I love you just the same

  73. MiaRebekah GillSu

    MiaRebekah GillSu16 日 前

    Don't worry Jeffree deep down inside he still loves you

  74. Heather McFarland

    Heather McFarland16 日 前

    2020 has been a monster of a year for everyone

  75. DR. exterminator

    DR. exterminator16 日 前

    Haha this videos funny

  76. Iamedo

    Iamedo16 日 前


  77. Fiona Mayorga

    Fiona Mayorga16 日 前

    Yeah 2020 “fresh start” that’s completely true. 2020 is a dumpster fire.

  78. Jason Melchior

    Jason Melchior17 日 前


  79. Jaime Mitten

    Jaime Mitten17 日 前

    I no exactly what your going through jeffree please no everyday your heart is in my heart I no how hard it can be my daughter passed away when she was 4 months old this month will be 12 years and 4 years ago my husband had an affair at the timing of her anniversary it's been one of the roughest roads for me I'm in counseling I finally got him in counseling I hope one day if you two are meant to be together you 2 can make it through it in the long run god bless you

  80. Jaime Mitten

    Jaime Mitten17 日 前

    My prayers I hope you guys can work things out

  81. kaycibaybeee

    kaycibaybeee17 日 前

    yea my ex broke up wit me too

  82. kaycibaybeee

    kaycibaybeee17 日 前

    you are my favorite makeup artist

  83. Mansi Narkar

    Mansi Narkar17 日 前

    Even the puppies look so sad 😞 😥

  84. Anna Cat

    Anna Cat18 日 前

    Yeah I’m really crying so sad who cares You care guys

  85. mahiru simp

    mahiru simp18 日 前


  86. Movies: Reviews and rankings by Reese

    Movies: Reviews and rankings by Reese18 日 前

    You deserved it. Nate made a great choice!

  87. Eiman Shakeeb

    Eiman Shakeeb14 日 前


  88. Movies: Reviews and rankings by Reese

    Movies: Reviews and rankings by Reese14 日 前

    candyh right you are

  89. candyh

    candyh15 日 前

    perfect choice.

  90. Sharon Ruiz

    Sharon Ruiz18 日 前

    Any hardcore Jeffree star fan know when they first started dating

  91. Desirée Hayles

    Desirée Hayles18 日 前


  92. Radio_Valentin- O-O

    Radio_Valentin- O-O19 日 前

    That So sad... But Always be Happy So you will Not Be sad And we All Love You...❤❤❤

  93. Kikyo ouma

    Kikyo ouma19 日 前

    This is so sad... i hope you are doing well❤❤❤

  94. Amin ramezani

    Amin ramezani19 日 前

    wish you heal and go on your life sweety 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  95. Oh, Snap! Tutorials

    Oh, Snap! Tutorials19 日 前

    The dog to the left knows something is wrong with you. He keeps looking at you.

  96. j.r. hann

    j.r. hann19 日 前

    You’re such a classy person! Keep being you.

  97. Simple ideas Radhika

    Simple ideas Radhika19 日 前

    More power to you....Love you..... from India....

  98. Poornaa Chakraborty

    Poornaa Chakraborty20 日 前

    i will always support you Jeffree . love you

  99. Bella Winiata

    Bella Winiata20 日 前

    Haha lol

  100. Regina Georgina

    Regina Georgina21 日 前

    It’s really sad that if this guy was his soulmate and loved him so much he would turn off his social media and put the damn phone and cameras down. That’s real life, like get over yourself Star! You are only getting older, share your life with your soulmate you aren’t going to marry the camera and phone.

  101. Natasha Ashmore

    Natasha Ashmore21 日 前

    A honest video is so refreshing it makes us remember when we're talking about these things everyone are real people with real feeling so so sad still xxx

  102. B R I

    B R I21 日 前

    This was 7 months ago 🤭💀💀

  103. LifeofMaxine

    LifeofMaxine21 日 前

    Girl don’t cry he ant wrath it

  104. Julie Phillips

    Julie Phillips21 日 前

    I cried with you. I know how you feel and you are so strong and absolutely gorgeous. Keep your head up and these people have nothing better to do with their lives than talk about others and try to profit off others misery.

  105. Beth Wainwright

    Beth Wainwright21 日 前

    I’ve sent you a dm on instagram with a lovely little message for you, sending love and healing ♥️

  106. FADO BZ

    FADO BZ21 日 前

    Leo and scorpio hmm 🤔