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  2. Kadie Duddy

    Kadie Duddy5 時間 前

    Big baby

  3. Vincent Dunkerley

    Vincent Dunkerley22 時間 前


  4. Lolen Man Di

    Lolen Man Di日 前


  5. Cirielle Rodrigez

    Cirielle Rodrigez日 前

    I read ESV TOO!! 💥

  6. Matthew Walden

    Matthew Walden日 前

    Tanner is a Jake Paul Lookalike

  7. illuminate_Raids

    illuminate_Raids2 日 前

    Big baby

  8. OfficialGamingSamy!

    OfficialGamingSamy!2 日 前

    Did anyone else notice that at 1:11 tanner sounded like peter griffin or is it just me?

  9. Random Stuff

    Random Stuff3 日 前

    big baby

  10. Wolfie SilverMoon

    Wolfie SilverMoon3 日 前

    To all the fellow dog owners I'm sorry for this video.

  11. Bannanakiller5

    Bannanakiller54 日 前

    ok buddy 6:17

  12. Kalli Munroe

    Kalli Munroe5 日 前

    Big baby

  13. Renae Stone

    Renae Stone5 日 前

    No more weapon videos you can't get the names of the knives righ lol

  14. DD-flu Carpediem

    DD-flu Carpediem6 日 前

    Rip headphones user😂🤣



    Big Baby

  16. Ark boy

    Ark boy7 日 前

    Big baby😂😂

  17. Hector guerra

    Hector guerra8 日 前

    Big baby wa wa wa

  18. JR JayBird

    JR JayBird9 日 前

    Video gets 600k likes all of them dress up and play with baby toys while talking like babies

  19. Rhiannon Camp

    Rhiannon Camp9 日 前

    NIV version

  20. Kaitlyn Johnson

    Kaitlyn Johnson9 日 前

    Ha old😝😝😝 im only 8

  21. Kaitlyn Johnson

    Kaitlyn Johnson9 日 前


  22. Bølt TheFolfsky

    Bølt TheFolfsky10 日 前

    It’s like Mathis gets the thing stuck in his mouth and when he breathes or talks he makes a loud squeaking noise 🤣

  23. Mario Romero

    Mario Romero10 日 前

    Matthias you were big baby

  24. Mario Romero

    Mario Romero10 日 前

    Big baby big big baby big baby big big baby big baby big big baby big baby big baby big big baby

  25. Savannah Gieseman

    Savannah Gieseman10 日 前

    You guys should do a mega nope we’re there is a button we’re it makes a boo sound if you press it

  26. Hayden Crass

    Hayden Crass10 日 前

    My google hom in my rom heard matt say hey googlee whats 7x6 and answered

  27. Claire Cumming

    Claire Cumming11 日 前

    The squeaky noise sounds like voice used for sweep character from snooty and sweep

  28. With Milly

    With Milly11 日 前

    Big baby

  29. Dootskie H

    Dootskie H11 日 前

    It stands for Tanner family friendly 😂

  30. Admiral C. Johnson

    Admiral C. Johnson11 日 前

    when they said: "hey google, what's 7x6" My Google Home Hub: The answer is 42

  31. Alex Bilvin

    Alex Bilvin12 日 前

    I pick. OR

  32. abagail kwiatkowski

    abagail kwiatkowski13 日 前

    My dog was freaking out from the balloon planes think it was a toy for him he kept looking for the noise

  33. Daniel Ibarra

    Daniel Ibarra14 日 前

    big baby

  34. Chuka Chuka

    Chuka Chuka14 日 前




    Big baby

  36. the channel you least expect

    the channel you least expect14 日 前

    Big baby BIG not little BIG

  37. Ahmed Sakr

    Ahmed Sakr15 日 前

    18:30 im a muslim sooooooooo.......Quran

  38. No Signal

    No Signal15 日 前


  39. justin daisy

    justin daisy15 日 前

    this got really weird with the bible....

  40. Me me

    Me me16 日 前

    A bible is not something to laugh about

  41. BEAST1592

    BEAST159216 日 前

    so funny

  42. OliveOliver

    OliveOliver16 日 前

    Add shipping too haha

  43. Brenna Fisher

    Brenna Fisher16 日 前

    My school reads new King James Version but I read English standards version

  44. Recording Gamer -

    Recording Gamer -16 日 前

    I heard if you press and hold the like button it will show you a like menu 😳

  45. My Life

    My Life17 日 前

    No one: Literally no one: Tanner: A ranger bible 17:41

  46. koolkay 38

    koolkay 3817 日 前

    Big baby🤱🏼

  47. Magma Gamer

    Magma Gamer17 日 前

    2020 gang?

  48. Mylissa Marshall

    Mylissa Marshall17 日 前

    Big Baby

  49. Aleksandar Buhtev

    Aleksandar Buhtev19 日 前

    Michael,Tanner and Matt are like kids and Liz is there mom.

  50. Mia Cowley

    Mia Cowley19 日 前

    i love tanners shirt lol

  51. Pieter Gelton

    Pieter Gelton19 日 前


  52. May The Fox

    May The Fox19 日 前

    "big baby wah wah wah"

  53. Lethal-SavTheKiller

    Lethal-SavTheKiller19 日 前


  54. Luitzen Evenhuis

    Luitzen Evenhuis20 日 前

    You cant watch this without laughing xD

  55. Neko Abbie the killer

    Neko Abbie the killer20 日 前

    Big Baby

  56. Samantha Redline

    Samantha Redline20 日 前

    Matthias: it doesn't even hurt Liz: I love it.

  57. Samantha Redline

    Samantha Redline20 日 前

    8:45 the chain on Tanners head makes him look like a hippie

  58. dominique woods

    dominique woods20 日 前

    OMG I just got a Google assistant and so when you say OK Google it responds to that so when Matt said ok Google it responded

  59. ArtVerse4623 B

    ArtVerse4623 B20 日 前

    Getting wish as an add on this video- WTF

  60. dark_wolf 123

    dark_wolf 12321 日 前

    When you said ok Google my phone turned on Google 😂😂