1. sonny wright

    sonny wrightヶ月 前

    Someone please adopt me my family is rude

  2. unleasheth

    unleashethヶ月 前

    Ye fockin squeerando

  3. Dean Prendergast

    Dean Prendergastヶ月 前

    How do people have that new parachute trailing smoke in warzone?

  4. Console Kings

    Console Kingsヶ月 前

    This guy is blind😂😂

  5. max harrington

    max harringtonヶ月 前

    Who else noticed the 50 cals reticle is worng

  6. exe

    exeヶ月 前

    1:40 they were showing off the new weapon

  7. MiloNZ1

    MiloNZ1ヶ月 前

    This breakdown is epic! Great job Benny!! plus it cracked me up that your brain picked up that poor game play at 10:18 No trophy- you always spot good and bad plays

  8. Kamran Hussain

    Kamran Hussainヶ月 前

    In the next season it will say warzone crossed all the limits

  9. SamRK

    SamRKヶ月 前

    this guy sounds like dantdm

  10. Roguegamer 101

    Roguegamer 101ヶ月 前

    I thought the sniper in stadium was the rumored R700 50 cal

  11. Russ Crabb

    Russ Crabbヶ月 前

    Holy shit is that real

  12. Koda James

    Koda Jamesヶ月 前

    Everytime you asked if it's the an94 I'm pretty sure it was

  13. Koda James

    Koda Jamesヶ月 前

    Who is roze and isn't she a bad gal

  14. The Motodude

    The Motodudeヶ月 前

    I just wish they’d get rid of cross play for Xbox and pc

  15. Dwight Licorish

    Dwight Licorishヶ月 前

    Hope we get tanks and heli's with mounted mini guns!!! S5 hype!!!!!

  16. rylie clarke

    rylie clarkeヶ月 前


  17. Team Avalanche Gaming

    Team Avalanche Gamingヶ月 前

    @BennyCentral the hat is off, the hair is unleashed and brilliant. Love it.....Oh yeah, good video too.

  18. j0hn j0hn

    j0hn j0hnヶ月 前

    they should make it possible to put shield turrets on top of cars like trophy systems, they are useless otherwise.

  19. Kevin Diaz

    Kevin Diazヶ月 前

    There is a team of 5 in the trailer

  20. Curtis Charlton

    Curtis Charltonヶ月 前

    @bennycentral real world tactical is the new operator his name is tony

  21. Roman Kisseljov

    Roman Kisseljovヶ月 前

    I feel like smashing through glass at free fall speed...broken neck?

  22. Roman Kisseljov

    Roman Kisseljovヶ月 前

    5:00 completely missed the new weapon there

  23. Trinoriax3_Lavengard_Cosplay

    Trinoriax3_Lavengard_Cosplayヶ月 前

    10:22 "Shoulda been using the trophy" doesn't work for that bazooka lol so lol

  24. Williams Family

    Williams Familyヶ月 前

    Hey Benny I found a new secret in warzone like bunker 11 I will show u Inc me in afternoon some day my name is JoshingArc44404 I promise plz

  25. Hot Cheeto Bob

    Hot Cheeto Bobヶ月 前

    The assassination illuminations were the same the skins were the same some of the operators were the same just saying I like how he’s like oh that’s new or this is new but most of the stuff is the same

  26. Reedo321

    Reedo321ヶ月 前

    Benny if you freeze frame the quad going over the train there's defo a red c4 like object on the under side of it. Hmm.



    When you Said to play those maps to learn angles for warzone... Great idea!

  28. Jack Ryan Yambao

    Jack Ryan Yambaoヶ月 前

    We could have destroyed stadium with one c4 way before

  29. Northern light

    Northern lightヶ月 前

    Thought they would add more map changes for warzone multiplayer does not interest me, will be cool though.

  30. EvolutionGaz

    EvolutionGazヶ月 前

    Can't wait this is going to be epic

  31. NEATO_YT

    NEATO_YTヶ月 前

    warzone: Season 5 is out !!!!!! My ps4 storage: Bravo Six we're going dark

  32. Sam Weir

    Sam Weirヶ月 前

    Downvoted simply because you told me I wasn't subscribed :)

  33. anas hammad

    anas hammadヶ月 前

    Season of skins 🌚🌚🌚

  34. sami hussainツ

    sami hussainツヶ月 前

    rip everyone's storage

  35. Dreadfo Monk

    Dreadfo Monkヶ月 前

    This is gonna be off the heezy

  36. DJ Brimi

    DJ Brimiヶ月 前

    Could this man be Soap?

  37. Cvassasino And Nate for short

    Cvassasino And Nate for shortヶ月 前

    I just noticed all this stuff is going to wipe out all my games for the update

  38. Iktan Jimenez

    Iktan Jimenezヶ月 前

    There will be a new sniper new smg new ar

  39. Iktan Jimenez

    Iktan Jimenezヶ月 前

    It's a R700

  40. Dempsey935

    Dempsey935ヶ月 前

    Midis from fortnite comfirmed

  41. Matas4062

    Matas4062ヶ月 前

    I think it looks like a fat soap mc tarvish the new operator that is

  42. SR1

    SR1ヶ月 前

    Who else noticed that the an-94 barrel retracts when your fire from it 😂


    DPTAZZZヶ月 前

    would have liked to see the map grow a bit, especially out past "farmland, lumberyard and prison". anything. old nuclear power plant, coal mine, strip mine, minefield from WWII..??? and nothing on bunkers, or codes... new mini mini SMG (? ) Roze has ( see when she is running on stadium rooftop)... another pee pee shooter good for 10M and then couldnt down a pigeon past that ? we got enough of those already.


    DPTAZZZヶ月 前

    waiting to see half the lobby on the train... half the lobby in Stadium..................

  45. PSY_ Nix

    PSY_ Nixヶ月 前

    LoL benny missed the smg

  46. The Republic of Dave

    The Republic of Daveヶ月 前

    So for Australia it’s basically like August 6th right?

  47. Marquee Shift

    Marquee Shiftヶ月 前

    ---Pros--- New places opened up New weapons New operators New animations ---Cons--- New hard drive New bandwidth New credit card Higher update size from now on Console meltdown

  48. FNbrsnipes

    FNbrsnipesヶ月 前

    100% that is the an

  49. Stojkomilojko

    Stojkomilojkoヶ月 前

    Welcome to Apex of Duty

  50. Dedicated Servers

    Dedicated Serversヶ月 前

    The new weapon is actually an msg I think you can see it when she is running just before she blows up the stadium

  51. Fliplap

    Fliplapヶ月 前

    I was only able to see the AN-49....

  52. Josip Broz Tito

    Josip Broz Titoヶ月 前

    Can you play thet new maps without buying modern warfare

  53. Aaren

    Aarenヶ月 前

    When are u doing claw method tutorial?

  54. Idris Shafiai

    Idris Shafiaiヶ月 前

    that gold mask guy looks like fornite skin battle pass season 2 I guess?

  55. ImTheDripGod

    ImTheDripGodヶ月 前

    Who’s Ready for level 1s to spam with tanks?

  56. Erik Doose

    Erik Dooseヶ月 前

    Roze has the new SMG when running on the roof of stadium 0:08

  57. Tyler Davis

    Tyler Davisヶ月 前

    The other new weapon I an SMG and its earlier in the trailer you missed it it's called the apc9

  58. Tyler Davis

    Tyler Davisヶ月 前

    Somebody get this man an Ali-A intro BUM DUM BUM BUM BUM DA NA NA NA NA

  59. Dominik Mazur

    Dominik Mazurヶ月 前

    If you know where the oil rig is from ur an OG


    NAVELKATTEN 2.0ヶ月 前

    8:24 that is not badass that looks like a fortnite skin and not like a badass military skin

  61. QSquad

    QSquadヶ月 前

    hmm where have i seen a train before

  62. GRAYTER1

    GRAYTER1ヶ月 前

    1:11 Loot crates on train = it's going to most likely be a functioning piece to every match now..imagine not being able to get out of storm because a train is passing and in your way..already notice jumps/ramps near the train tracks the other day..

  63. Arctic Tomi

    Arctic Tomiヶ月 前

    Benny can you make a video explaining monitor settings

  64. ShadowGamer

    ShadowGamerヶ月 前

    Damn skin looks like fortnite copy

  65. Ben Elliott

    Ben Elliottヶ月 前

    Tony Sentmanat is his name or Real World Tactical on ig. You probably know by now but there you go 😅

  66. Ben Elliott

    Ben Elliottヶ月 前


  67. _ graviti_

    _ graviti_ヶ月 前

    There was a tank covered by a mat thing on the train btw

  68. sniperbuddy krex

    sniperbuddy krexヶ月 前


  69. shottah

    shottahヶ月 前

    check out my latest video RACIST TRASHTLAKERS get destroyed in a 2v3 and help me out please

  70. Jodi Hulland

    Jodi Hullandヶ月 前

    Great. Real down Benny and a top video as usual mate.. It’s going to be interesting as people would flock to superstore etc so it will probably mean easier loots elsewhere to get that $10k loadout quicker. Nevertheless, it’s looking like an epic season👍👍

  71. Jacklfc1892 Live

    Jacklfc1892 Liveヶ月 前

    I hope the Fennec gets a Buff and a nerf plus 50 round drum mag or 60 round and hopefully the fal Fully automatic conversion comes btw great content!

  72. Matt Parkin

    Matt Parkinヶ月 前

    I can't be the only one who completely turns off at the idea of these brightly coloured operators? They just make you look more visible and more like a 12 year old

  73. Matt Parkin

    Matt Parkinヶ月 前

    @Big barny Butt your own operator skin you troglodyte

  74. Big barny Butt

    Big barny Buttヶ月 前

    Matt Parkin what "see my own skin" what the hell are u talking about

  75. Matt Parkin

    Matt Parkinヶ月 前

    @Big barny Butt you don't even see your own skin man

  76. Big barny Butt

    Big barny Buttヶ月 前

    Matt Parkin well people want cool looking skins and not plain ugly bullshit

  77. Call of Duty SouthAfrica exterminator

    Call of Duty SouthAfrica exterminatorヶ月 前

    COD Warzone vs COD Battle Royale..Lets do this..im looking for that dude thats sepose to be the best sniper on warzone come try your luck on mobile so you can get your ass kicked.🤣

  78. M

    Mヶ月 前

    I’m subscribe because of your voice! It’s amazing

  79. subhalakshmi rama

    subhalakshmi ramaヶ月 前


  80. HotRod

    HotRodヶ月 前

    a great location idea would be construction site or any other shorter name for that

  81. Fat Max

    Fat Maxヶ月 前

    BENNY you forgot the tank on the train not sure if it has any importance but STILL

  82. Matt Cシ

    Matt Cシヶ月 前

    Imagine the campers in stadium

  83. Drew Casper

    Drew Casperヶ月 前

    The ar that Marcus had in every clip was the an-94, same model as the leaked one

  84. Andrew Edmund

    Andrew Edmundヶ月 前

    The other new weapon is another SMG. It's in this trailer as the one that looks like the Fennec.

  85. Alex Estrada

    Alex Estradaヶ月 前

    Gold Mask guy is to similar to Midas character in Fortnite. Feels like COD copied the skin.

  86. triancirc

    triancircヶ月 前

    Benny heya

  87. Kris Rob

    Kris Robヶ月 前

    Soap better just get his ass to verdansk in season 6

  88. Kris Rob

    Kris Robヶ月 前

    Why do I feel I’m gonna die to gas because that train

  89. savyas69

    savyas69ヶ月 前

    Meh not enough of a map change for me to come back.

  90. Darkmare

    Darkmareヶ月 前

    7:58 new blue camo on heli

  91. Ultimate Gamer

    Ultimate Gamerヶ月 前

    The operator looks like dave bautista

  92. im hungry

    im hungryヶ月 前

    He sounds like the love child of DanTDM and Ali-A

  93. Harleyk31

    Harleyk31ヶ月 前

    7:54 why does that sign in the background remind me of that little food shop on terminal

  94. Corben Davan

    Corben Davanヶ月 前

    Overall this is so great, but whats with the fortnite skin?

  95. Kyle Garrett

    Kyle Garrettヶ月 前

    #nerf FAL its so anncoz evèyone uses them off the floor and its a 3 shot if u land headshots

  96. Julien Hodges

    Julien Hodgesヶ月 前

    @Kyle Garrett i agree it should be nerved but not the damage but the range or accuracy

  97. Kyle Garrett

    Kyle Garrettヶ月 前

    @Julien Hodges not a lot though it shouted be like a 3 shot headshot gun but i do like the gun but its just a but to powerful but thats my opinion

  98. Julien Hodges

    Julien Hodgesヶ月 前

    ur bad if you think the FAL should be nerfed

  99. blackjesusyt

    blackjesusytヶ月 前

    What if the train gets in your way of going inside the circle

  100. Tobyyy

    Tobyyyヶ月 前

    Loving the videos Benny! Any advice on how to get noticed and grow as a youtuber? I’m uploading daily Warzone videos because of you and would like any advice you can give me, keep up the great content bro🔥

  101. Big Boss

    Big Bossヶ月 前

    I hope more seasons come to the game

  102. Dwight Allen

    Dwight Allenヶ月 前

    Lord M.B 36 smh I need to go to game stop

  103. Aa Ron

    Aa Ronヶ月 前

    I swear if the don’t change the map I’m not playing I’m bored of it now

  104. fatlinnd rexhepi

    fatlinnd rexhepiヶ月 前

    Rose holding a new smg at the top of the stadium which looks to be the mp9 from cs go

  105. MrDuckAlmighty

    MrDuckAlmightyヶ月 前

    how long will the season last before all the hackers break it

  106. Jürgen Würgen

    Jürgen Würgenヶ月 前

    Guys I’m cryijng the day the season comes out I drive away to Greece

  107. Big barny Butt

    Big barny Buttヶ月 前

    Jürgen Würgen damn that sucks

  108. ApOllO __

    ApOllO __ヶ月 前

    Dang i was right about the roof