1. Yes Theory

    Yes Theory年 前

    Watch until the end for a little hidden message... :)

  2. Jillian Kenny

    Jillian Kenny17 日 前

    Yes Theory is there a video

  3. azhar shaikh

    azhar shaikhヶ月 前

    woaaah great plot twist

  4. Portgust Pezal

    Portgust Pezalヶ月 前

    So, is Honey the hidden message?

  5. tirken eowin

    tirken eowin2 ヶ月 前

    @Edona the donut!! !! good job, but i don't believe they just walked to saarbrücken... and even if they did, i think the question of the mystery is "what did they do that was illegal, while on the way to Saarbrücken?" furthermore, even if the mystery IS the question of how they got there, you do little to explain that... or give meaning to why and how knowing what highway they took solves any sort of mystery at all.

  6. Teun

    Teun2 ヶ月 前

    I still don't get it.. Anyone??

  7. Benjamin Ferrara

    Benjamin Ferrara11 時間 前


  8. Benjamin Ferrara

    Benjamin Ferrara11 時間 前

    Just go to Vatican City.

  9. eltiburon1983

    eltiburon198315 時間 前

    all you have to know is how to read the direction of your own shadows … how hard can it be :D .. bloody Generation iPhone...

  10. Damon Laud

    Damon Laud23 時間 前

    What you did was not Legal and you went to the wrong place

  11. Alexander Famous

    Alexander Famous日 前

    Bring a compass next time? xD

  12. Eita K

    Eita K日 前

    I wanna know how many steps they did

  13. Helen Reynolds

    Helen Reynolds日 前

    5:55 they're looking at a map lol !

  14. kisn pisn

    kisn pisn日 前

    rule for walking on the side of the street: walk on the left side. you see the cars coming at you

  15. Julia

    Julia2 日 前

    I think you should do this again but with a compass and challange yourselfs to do that in one day :3

  16. Mr Roblox

    Mr Roblox4 日 前

    GeoWizzard : Walking across a country in a straight line

  17. Maël Côté

    Maël Côté4 日 前

    10:46 never knew you talked french 🙃

  18. ella

    ella4 日 前

    Y’all could’ve at least brought a compass

  19. Vanatice

    Vanatice4 日 前

    theres a guy who did this in wales, but in a straight line. an exact straight line

  20. Michael Boggs

    Michael Boggs5 日 前

    You should of brought a compass

  21. greatingsfromoneofthesmallest butrichestcountries

    greatingsfromoneofthesmallest butrichestcountries5 日 前

    was hoping you would go to Echternach and not Remich haha

  22. Camille Gulfan

    Camille Gulfan5 日 前

    Is that a 4ocean bracelet Thomas is wearing?

  23. Bhargav Sharma

    Bhargav Sharma5 日 前

    Don't forget the little Liechestein ( I definitely spelled that wrong soz) Geography now peeps will get this joke

  24. Joud 23Bass

    Joud 23Bass6 日 前

    That country is gorgeous

  25. Amina Bellalem

    Amina Bellalem6 日 前

    okay but why was this everyone’s DofE

  26. computer testing

    computer testing7 日 前

    they couldve used the sun for east and west lol

  27. Gabriela Felix

    Gabriela Felix7 日 前

    sooo, i´m brazilian and i scremead when i saw that guy hahahah

  28. indiepunks

    indiepunks7 日 前

    yo what the fuck happened at the ending

  29. Onochie Anyanetu

    Onochie Anyanetu7 日 前

    Man ... I want friends like ya'll :/

  30. Sovjet Union

    Sovjet Union7 日 前

    you can walk at the shortest point of the netherlands only 6km

  31. Miles Vrentas

    Miles Vrentas8 日 前

    *laughs in tom davies*

  32. DP2050

    DP20509 日 前

    Weak guys...14 hours of walking is nothing....

  33. Wereig Cool

    Wereig Cool9 日 前

    Should have done Vatican city

  34. TheShalty Automatizations

    TheShalty Automatizations9 日 前

    please visit Czech Republic someday :)

  35. Marco Moeken

    Marco Moeken9 日 前

    And they still needed 2km

  36. Man Ransom

    Man Ransom9 日 前

    Shoulda brought a compass at least lol

  37. Xsauce

    Xsauce10 日 前

    how can they walk 14 hours and the sun didnt set ?

  38. Xsauce

    Xsauce10 日 前

    follow to sun to find east and west

  39. SC Guy

    SC Guy10 日 前

    Binge-watching like Netflix

  40. Lucas Meidinger

    Lucas Meidinger11 日 前

    It would probably be to easy to just look at the sun and go torwards where is rose.

  41. Birgitta Karen Jóhannesardóttir

    Birgitta Karen Jóhannesardóttir13 日 前

    Come to Iceland!! If you come I can show you the country

  42. Léo P.V

    Léo P.V13 日 前

    Never knew Matt has a decent french accent

  43. Håkon Mo Flataker

    Håkon Mo Flataker13 日 前

    lol, the purple brasserie at 5:30... I visited Luxembourg City in 2014. One of the days it was raining hard outside, and me and my mom decided to eat at that exact café... While eating, the awning outside snapped because of the rain. Fun to see that they still haven't fixed it... 😂

  44. Simon Grd

    Simon Grd14 日 前

    hey just saw you had the McGill button, do you plan to give a conference there about your journey? cheers

  45. Wandr17le

    Wandr17le16 日 前

    Matt, who did an Iron man, after walking 18km: *my legs are dead*

  46. Rashed Hijazi

    Rashed Hijazi16 日 前

    2:47 had me giggling

  47. Artūrs Čakars

    Artūrs Čakars17 日 前

    Guys, you just threw me an idea for one of my trips in 2020. Now adding this to my bucket list!

  48. Rechtsamwald

    Rechtsamwald19 日 前

    Maybe use the sun as orientation.. Just an idea

  49. Catfish Billy

    Catfish Billy19 日 前

    Luxembourg disrespected the U.K. they are dead to us

  50. AlphaCOOKIE3

    AlphaCOOKIE320 日 前



    LYNCHPYN20 日 前

    i want to do this!

  52. Mr T

    Mr T20 日 前

    Took me down memory lane . Did this almost 30 years ago . Then I did 12 more countries' . Miss being able to do this . Great channel fellas .

  53. Hedda Dybvadskog

    Hedda Dybvadskog21 日 前

    Tom Davis (youtuber who walked across Wales in a straight line): Am I a joke to you?

  54. Flenom

    Flenom22 日 前


  55. Flavia Silva

    Flavia Silva23 日 前


  56. Qertz

    Qertz23 日 前

    7:56 that's how they got to saarbrucken

  57. Jackson_ Hill13

    Jackson_ Hill1324 日 前

    Imagine the story these guys are going to tell the grandkids in 50 years.

  58. Sean Correa

    Sean Correa25 日 前

    It took matt less time to walk a country than to complete the iron man

  59. Isabel Vogel

    Isabel Vogel25 日 前

    i've always wanted to do that or get lost in a forest etc

  60. Nick Overstreet

    Nick Overstreet26 日 前

    How many languages does Matt know?

  61. XoxoITM

    XoxoITM26 日 前

    Then: our phones are off 8:30 mins into video Me: tf was he just holding right there

  62. FollowingJesus TV

    FollowingJesus TV27 日 前

    Why always Europe the channel is getting boring...everyone knows about Europe already....go to some super cool obscure place like you did with Tuvalu

  63. KellyRocks _15

    KellyRocks _1527 日 前

    I love how no one knew which way Germany was

  64. T1400 And 1

    T1400 And 128 日 前

    Some people will do just about Anything for a click

  65. Ima Karimah

    Ima Karimah29 日 前

    So you're doing what your great great grand parents used to do only you bring camera along with ya which hasn't existed long ago