1. AgrippaKC’s Gun Time

    AgrippaKC’s Gun Time年 前

    doing an engine swap in my KZ1000p myself this winter. see you on the road

  2. Gian Santillan

    Gian Santillan年 前

    why does this video smell like whiskey and coffee

  3. Franky Alvarez

    Franky Alvarez年 前

    You will shoot up very quickly with your editing. This is like watching a movie.

  4. Kino C

    Kino C11 ヶ月 前

    its not his.

  5. Dana Muise

    Dana Muise2 年 前

    fuck that, move to California

  6. No To Jadziem!

    No To Jadziem!3 年 前

    So much work to do.