"VIKINGS" | Most Epic Viking & Nordic Folk Music | Danheim



    HALLVARD時間 前

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  2. федор федоров

    федор федоров2 時間 前

    !!!! 👍👍👍🐉

  3. Juankaelta

    Juankaelta10 時間 前

    Energía a borbollones...

  4. VIDEOsverigeNU

    VIDEOsverigeNU10 時間 前

    Powerful !

  5. Veni Zur

    Veni Zur11 時間 前

    reading Vinland Saga with this as background music


    UNDER[G]ROUND15 時間 前

    кайф, пасиб

  7. Alirio Miguel Aranguren Medina

    Alirio Miguel Aranguren Medina日 前

    I steped aside while listening to this... Now I'm Bjorn Ironside.

  8. Yun

    Yun日 前

    I had a daughter , After i played this track in my house she turned into a nordic son named Björn

  9. Bane

    Bane日 前

    I listened to this before I conquered Gotham

  10. Sunrise Howl

    Sunrise Howl2 日 前

    the 2nd soundtrack hit rright into the heart

  11. der schreckliche sven

    der schreckliche sven2 日 前

    Hammergeile Mucke!!!!!!!

  12. Schlappe Maggus

    Schlappe Maggus2 日 前

    Legends say when you hear this in your car, your car will become a ship

  13. TheKings Kitchen

    TheKings Kitchen2 日 前

    yeaaah boi

  14. Pablo Escobar

    Pablo Escobar2 日 前

    No way this thing it s that awesome you will live 200 years for this thank's!!!!!!

  15. Jack Ace

    Jack Ace3 日 前

    I was playing this on full volume.The neighbour called the @t squad raided and burned his house down.

  16. Naail Hassan

    Naail Hassan3 日 前

    Fell asleep listening to this, woke up covered in blood with the decapitated head of a polar bear in one hand and gripping a battle axe in the other.

  17. Lorena Kadar

    Lorena Kadar3 日 前

    can you make this a spotify playlist please!

  18. Hard_Ars

    Hard_Ars3 日 前

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  19. ByJacob c

    ByJacob c3 日 前

    Here is the answer if u guys dont know where vikings came from.. found this in wikipedia.. Vikings were the Norse people from southern Scandinavia (in present-day Denmark, Norway and Sweden) who from the late 8th to late 11th centuries raided and traded from their Northern European homelands across wide areas of Europe, and explored westward to Iceland, Greenland, and Vinland.

  20. ByJacob c

    ByJacob c3 日 前

    90% Norwegian and 10% Danish

  21. Luan Beukes

    Luan Beukes4 日 前

    Wind blows to the left. Flames go to the right...only me?

  22. muhammad alli

    muhammad alli4 日 前

    i just showed this to my sister and now she is my brother

  23. VarinderSidhu ROMANS6

    VarinderSidhu ROMANS64 日 前

    And nowdays , they're raising theybies

  24. Dennis L.

    Dennis L.5 日 前

    Am I the only one who uses this as gym music

  25. Philippe SKURA-OCHAL

    Philippe SKURA-OCHAL5 日 前

    Through action, a Man becomes a Hero. Through death, a Hero becomes a Legend. Trough a time, a legend becomes a Myth. And by learning from the Myth, a Man takes Action

  26. Rocket bunny

    Rocket bunny5 日 前

    Ha ha lissing to this my walls started move my eyes whent into a trance. Don't if because I am tired or mind really loveing it. But I do spiritual energy is real and my pride still there


    RUBITRON6 日 前

    something has the last song that looks like "the last Mohican"

  28. Eric The Bro Bean!

    Eric The Bro Bean!6 日 前

    I cant be 100% scandinavian, considering i think viking history is incredibly boring and i dont want to go to no freaking valhalla..

  29. Danny James

    Danny James7 日 前

    Heard this music, all of a sudden I have an urge to get some defences and footmen outside my home in England.

  30. G M G

    G M G6 日 前

    Danny James then be ready for me to pillage your village

  31. Danny James

    Danny James6 日 前

    @G M G my 3% Anglo Blood is ready and my 2% Nordic blood is not. I am amidst a Civil War. lmfao

  32. G M G

    G M G6 日 前

    Danny James my 2% of Nordic blood be a coming for ya lol

  33. Muhammad Hafeez

    Muhammad Hafeez7 日 前

    listen to this at 1.3x speed

  34. Ghost

    Ghost7 日 前

    Ngl some of these got a nice touch with a bit of a groove

  35. Moshang Liang

    Moshang Liang7 日 前


  36. Ahmed Fouda

    Ahmed Fouda7 日 前

    I played this to my dick, and now it's Jormungandr

  37. Ahmed Fouda

    Ahmed Fouda8 日 前

    I don't have any snarkier remark than the before-mentioned, but I can confidently say I've been unknowingly looking for this music ever since 2008

  38. Володимир Дудник

    Володимир Дудник9 日 前


  39. Lorena Kadar

    Lorena Kadar9 日 前

    please make more playlists just like this one ive been listening to it for months over and over. feeds the soul to put up with anything that comes my way

  40. Logan W

    Logan W9 日 前

    I listen to this in the morning when I’m tired of the grind. Bang out some push-ups and pull-ups. Then attack the day.

  41. TomassPlayz

    TomassPlayz10 日 前

    I played this to a crusader, now he is a viking

  42. Misael lima canal 0800

    Misael lima canal 080010 日 前

    Training stile strong 💪💪

  43. Elena See

    Elena See10 日 前

    2 track super

  44. Manuel Ochoa

    Manuel Ochoa10 日 前

    What do vikings do? Do they work or do they walk?

  45. TribalHealer

    TribalHealer10 日 前

    My ancestors spirit flows through me, this resonates.

  46. István Pelyhe

    István Pelyhe11 日 前

    Fantastic. Thank you for music.

  47. Derim Devlet

    Derim Devlet11 日 前

    La İlahe İl Allah Muhammed Resulallah Ve Dini İslam Sala(t)u Selam Ecmain sünnet mi? içtihad mı? bidat mı? icma i ümmet mı? kıyas-ı fukaha mı? a.i. #özyeğin mi? | hızlı giden bisikletten kolay mı? zor mu? düşülür? Uç Bey Oğlu uç b

  48. Donari

    Donari11 日 前

    Nordic/viking music yet the girl in the picture is celtic but hey atleast you tried

  49. ikasoruk / Allermann

    ikasoruk / Allermann11 日 前

    it's nice to see that people appreciate the music my fellow dane produces, especially in the pagan/viking style. since i listen to this music in a intimate level cause of ancestory, i will say thank you for listening to our master piece of a creator Danheim

  50. Lady Dragonfly

    Lady Dragonfly11 日 前

    I love this music it is part of my heritage. I am German, Irish, Norse, Scottish, English and Cherokee Indian.

  51. Yassine Sayari

    Yassine Sayari11 日 前

    I listen to this while iam playing with sturgia in bannerlord

  52. Lex Ust

    Lex Ust12 日 前

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  53. Михаил Бенгин

    Михаил Бенгин12 日 前

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  54. FamilyDeflan

    FamilyDeflan12 日 前

    Tupe720 nutzt. ein lag switch und spielt mit M&T auf der PS4.

  55. Ben Garza

    Ben Garza13 日 前

    I went for a run. Ended up with a pet gator. the chieftain of the Seminole tribe. I now own florida

  56. AsùTEPUNG Ofisialé

    AsùTEPUNG Ofisialé13 日 前

    are vikings from india cuz this sounds like sum belly dancing music

  57. Mine Aver

    Mine Aver12 日 前

    Nice insult

  58. Josh Teague

    Josh Teague13 日 前

    Can someone translate the lyrics to English

  59. Mine Aver

    Mine Aver12 日 前

    If you are nordic u know what everything means :)

  60. Thaina Lima Ribeiro

    Thaina Lima Ribeiro13 日 前

    I'm in love with the Vikings stories, this song really makes me feel like I'm part of them! Besides these songs are great!

  61. Lorna Hunter

    Lorna Hunter14 日 前

    This is better workout music then actual workout music.

  62. JKlegend x069

    JKlegend x06914 日 前

    I heard this with my Daughter. Now i have a son

  63. Conrad Dickinson

    Conrad Dickinson14 日 前

    My dnd group used this as background music for our Nordic inspired campaign! The first song really got us into the groove of battle. Thank you so much for the music!

  64. Preston Menke

    Preston Menke14 日 前

    Man this was awesome to listen to while coding, except for ANGRBODA. I didn't care for that song, it was offsetting and distracting.


    THE VYKYNG14 日 前