[VICTON X ASTRO X PENTAGON - IDOL(OriginalSong by BTS)]#엠카운트다운 | M COUNTDOWN EP.698 | Mnet 210218 방송


  1. Ananya Mahajan

    Ananya Mahajan時間 前

    Soo proud to say this ' ASTRO shines everywhere ' 💜💜💜💜💜💜

  2. Ananya Mahajan

    Ananya Mahajan時間 前

    Sanha as the centre 🔥 dayuuuummmmmmmmm 😍💜

  3. Ananya Mahajan

    Ananya Mahajan時間 前

    Gawwwdddd SANHA , ROCKY & JINJIN are ruling this stage. 💜💜💜

  4. Fatima Kaneez

    Fatima Kaneez3 時間 前

    Am I the only one who thinks that subin looks a lil bit like V

  5. dkfhgk

    dkfhgk3 時間 前

    whoever made the decision the make rocky have vocal lines, thank you :DDD

  6. 조은비

    조은비4 時間 前

    3:00 안녕하세요 고음 지르시는 분이 펜타곤 메인댄서입니다... 노래 진짜 잘하죠???? 얘가 서보에요... 진짜 큡돌은... ㄹㅇ 다 짱짱 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  7. Ida Laila

    Ida Laila5 時間 前

    Woah collab

  8. Raniya Km

    Raniya Km6 時間 前

    The one who played j hope got j hope vibe and voice 😇😇

  9. Grashika Mundhra

    Grashika Mundhra3 時間 前

    Jinjin Astro's leader ,Main rapper , lead dancer , lyricist and composer. He did jhopes part.

  10. Raniya Km

    Raniya Km3 時間 前

    @dkfhgk oh... No problem. But he is talented 😃

  11. dkfhgk

    dkfhgk3 時間 前

    Thank you for appreciating him! That's jinjin, ASTROs leader, main rapper and part of the dance line ^^

  12. 깡다

    깡다7 時間 前

    키노선생님 춤선 미쳐🤦🏻

  13. Chaiya Tatatata

    Chaiya Tatatata7 時間 前

    As an ARMY, I admit that their covers are really amazing🔥🔥🔥

  14. 고샤루

    고샤루7 時間 前

    자몽형구는 전설이다ㅠ

  15. 고샤루

    고샤루7 時間 前

    키노 kino 봐라 저게 main dancer의 vocal이 맞냐ㅠㅠ 정wooseok 다리 이메다 삼십센치 급 ㅠㅠ

  16. agustserendipity

    agustserendipity8 時間 前

    can someone please tell me who the guy dressed in all black is?

  17. Minnnie02

    Minnnie026 時間 前

    Sejun from VICTON!💙

  18. Md Maaz Patel

    Md Maaz Patel8 時間 前

    Wooseok Nailed Suga's Verses! Respect!

  19. Lucia Galarreta

    Lucia Galarreta10 時間 前

    alguien que por favor me diga el que canto primero en que vanda de k pop esta plsss

  20. Minnnie02

    Minnnie0210 時間 前

    Subin de VICTON!💚

  21. Parkbyun Hana

    Parkbyun Hana10 時間 前

    Fairy ending Sanhaaa...


    JOU JAMZZZ13 時間 前

    WHos the guy in the black suit with black hair.......asking for a friend.....

  23. Minnnie02

    Minnnie0210 時間 前


  24. Morgana Nathália

    Morgana Nathália13 時間 前

    There's not enough comments about how good rocky looks do you see him at 2:05? The confidence? The hair? Rocky sir pls have mercy on my heart (ALSO EVERYONE CHECK OUT HIS COVER OF CHUNGHA BICYCLE)

  25. Tamar Akhalkatsi

    Tamar Akhalkatsi13 時間 前

    Guys who is that one 1:17 like damn 😳😳😳 you know what i am going to stan all this group xdd

  26. Minnnie02

    Minnnie0210 時間 前

    SEJUN of VICTON!💙 Please check them!💛

  27. K M

    K M15 時間 前

    Lyrics: you can't stop me loving myself Jimin: you can't stop me lobing myself Kino: you can't stop me laughing myself Isn't it cute?

  28. K M

    K M13 時間 前

    @moarmy :3 funny is a thing, cute is a whole other thing

  29. moarmy :3

    moarmy :314 時間 前

    Mocking their accents isn't funny

  30. •minsung•

    •minsung•15 時間 前


  31. Koreanworld01

    Koreanworld0115 時間 前

    My kino 사랑해 키노 💙

  32. JONADA cH

    JONADA cH15 時間 前

    Kinoooo kinnnggg

  33. constanza galindo

    constanza galindo16 時間 前

    weon arte ameeee

  34. Brenda Ulloa

    Brenda Ulloa16 時間 前

    Como que a la parte de Nam le falto algo, no se sintio algo

  35. Minnnie02

    Minnnie0215 時間 前

    Porque SUBIN no es rapero en VICTON! Ni idea porque no le pusieron a rocky ,que si es rapero Subin quedaba como Jin Rocky como namjoon

  36. SimpleGirl

    SimpleGirl16 時間 前

    Aroha here lol

  37. bhavana sharma

    bhavana sharma17 時間 前

    Rocky ❤️ Sanha ❤️ jinjin

  38. Aung Pyae Sone

    Aung Pyae Sone17 時間 前

    I'm ARMY and I want to know the name of the boy with pink hair His voice is just so sweet omfg I almost yell ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Pls tell me that guy's name

  39. Aeye

    Aeye16 時間 前

    I think its Kino from Pentagon. Though his hair is Light Orange. Main dancer, vocal, second youngest.

  40. arden !

    arden !17 時間 前

    Can you tell me the timestamp? 😊

  41. Dark Lady

    Dark Lady18 時間 前


  42. Arohaa 1

    Arohaa 118 時間 前

    Jinjin yr smile and rapping is soo good. U slayed it soo proud of u leadernim

  43. Leysi Melisa Cayo Laime

    Leysi Melisa Cayo Laime18 時間 前

    Kino and Wooseok king's ✨

  44. Nihal Bahhar

    Nihal Bahhar19 時間 前

    Me trying too sing the part of jhope : Jinjin : nooo waaayy 🌚🌚🌚🌝🌝🌝🌝🌚🌚😭😭😭😭😭💔💔

  45. Gabriela alvarez

    Gabriela alvarez19 時間 前

    es normal que me guste mas esta versión que la original jajaja

  46. Giselle Marlene Trujillo Rocha

    Giselle Marlene Trujillo Rocha19 時間 前

    Pueden decirme quién es el chico todo de negro

  47. Minnnie02

    Minnnie0218 時間 前

    Es SEJUN de VICTON!💙

  48. Rósellicious

    Rósellicious19 時間 前

    Gosh JinJin literally sounds like Hobi. He gives off the same energy and vibes like Hobi 😭👏👏

  49. 로하

    로하19 時間 前

    흥산하 윤해라 ㅠㅠ

  50. BTS Fan Jimin Jin V Fan

    BTS Fan Jimin Jin V Fan20 時間 前

    You are Not BTS😑

  51. H3art L!f3lin3

    H3art L!f3lin3時間 前

    Duh??? It says cover 🤦‍♂️

  52. Ludfi Isnaini

    Ludfi Isnaini10 時間 前

    But u r toxic

  53. Aeye

    Aeye19 時間 前

    They are Pentagon, Astro and Viction doing a cover which is clearly stated in the title

  54. Syifa official

    Syifa official20 時間 前

    Kan dia lagi ngecover jubaedahhh

  55. BTS Fan Jimin Jin V Fan

    BTS Fan Jimin Jin V Fan20 時間 前

    No dis Dance dis its BTS Dance no no no no

  56. Paula G

    Paula G20 時間 前

    They did AMAZING! So proud

  57. Harshita Challa

    Harshita Challa21 時間 前

    Why ain't no one talking about subin😭

  58. bucin jake

    bucin jake21 時間 前

    Subin did very well!💗

  59. nnh ijmmjjj

    nnh ijmmjjj21 時間 前


  60. nnh ijmmjjj

    nnh ijmmjjj21 時間 前

    Bts is cool ,.

  61. valdete alves

    valdete alves21 時間 前

    Meu Deus ✨que orgulho ✨ que🔝 responsábilidade 🔝os Kpop Victon 💙💛 ✨ Kpop Astro ✨ Kpop PENTAGON 👏 Bravo 👏🎶👏🎶💗💜 BST ARMY 💜 Ammmmo 💗 Galeras é muito SHOW 👏 muito emocionante 💙💜 💛 Meninas💄💅👠 eles estão de parabéns 👏🔝💯🔝💯🔝💯🔝💯🔝💯🔝💯🔝👏💗🤗😘🇧🇷

  62. tatjana_jae

    tatjana_jae23 時間 前

    Pentagon, Victon and Astro, can we please have this version on Spotify? It's soooo good 😍

  63. Rose Ace

    Rose Ace23 時間 前

    Sejun and Subin 🔥😎♥️

  64. Suzette1122

    Suzette1122日 前

    MAN you could really see them panting at the end. Great Job guys !!

  65. Malaika Imtiaz

    Malaika Imtiaz日 前

    They really slayed it

  66. Kayla Haidar

    Kayla Haidar日 前

    I like who cover Hobi n suga part.. They r so good.. 😭

  67. Grashika Mundhra

    Grashika Mundhra14 時間 前

    Jinjin Astro's leader ,Main rapper , lead dancer , lyricist and composer. He did jhopes part.

  68. Aroha 4ever

    Aroha 4ever日 前

    The one covering Hobi's part is Jinjin, ASTRO'S Leader, Main Rapper and Lead Dancer :>

  69. arden !

    arden !日 前

    The one doing SUGA's verses is Wooseok, PENTAGON's maknae, main rapper and one of their lyricists and producers! Thank you for watching the cover 💜

  70. Saras Kurniasih

    Saras Kurniasih日 前


  71. nurfarah kth

    nurfarah kth日 前

    This is soooo good omg!!! Jinjin, Sanha, Sejun, Subin, Rocky, Wooseok and Kino!!! Everyone is doing so well but i have to mention Jinjin rlly slayed Jhope part, and props to Kino, that Jimin part at the bridge, very satisfying. I didnt expect Subin to cover RM's part and he did so well. And Wooseok too with Suga's part, he executed the rap so well. Everyone really did so well TT

  72. Min sou mia

    Min sou mia日 前

    What a pride to be an ARMY 🥺💜 and an AROHA too 💜 I purple you ✨💜

  73. Leizel Cardona

    Leizel Cardona日 前


  74. Intan Alia

    Intan Alia日 前

    Baby wooseokkkk

  75. Aroha 4ever

    Aroha 4ever日 前

    Everyone slayed this cover Damn!! Ngl, I watched this cover for like the 100000th time and I still can't get over this. I'm an ASTRO fan but I have fell in love with VICTON and PENTAGON 💖💖 CONCLUSION : Stan All these three talented groups 💖💖

  76. 아이리스

    아이리스日 前


  77. eiyzaa 96

    eiyzaa 96日 前

    they can really make a group ❤

  78. keydel Romero

    keydel Romero日 前

    Mi bias de Pentagon Wooseok canto la parte de mí bias de BTS Suga... Aaaaaaahhh!! Que hermoso les salió!!


    STAN FROMIS_9日 前

    It’s a good day to be an ALICEARMYAROHA!! 🥺🥺

  80. Verendai lol

    Verendai lol日 前

    Is this Jinjin at 1:32?

  81. Verendai lol

    Verendai lol14 時間 前

    @Aroha 4ever Ok thank you so much

  82. Aroha 4ever

    Aroha 4ever日 前

    Yes he's Jinjin, ASTRO'S Leader, Main Rapper and Lead Dancer :>

  83. 23.Saldaña Gonzalez Jennyfer Ariacna

    23.Saldaña Gonzalez Jennyfer Ariacna日 前

    Me encanto se súper rifaron ..!

  84. sᴏʟ

    sᴏʟ日 前

    le pusieron toda la onda quedo re bien

  85. sᴏʟ

    sᴏʟ日 前

    okey but sejun black hair >>>>

  86. sᴏʟ

    sᴏʟ日 前

    okey pero mis chicos de victon la rompieron se merecen el mundo

  87. Chris Sylla

    Chris Sylla日 前

    see these talented humans being is damn stand, singing, dancing in front of you! stand them !

  88. Amelia

    Amelia日 前

    anyone here simping for jinjin please go watch his mad max live performance.....you're welcome

  89. soobiverted

    soobiverted日 前


  90. 지수

    지수日 前

    진우야 민혁아 산하야 ㅠㅠ💜💜💜💜

  91. V Stay

    V Stay日 前

    No mamen, esto es reciente????

  92. arden !

    arden !18 時間 前

    @V Stay No hay problema 😊

  93. V Stay

    V Stay18 時間 前

    @arden ! No lo sabía! Gracias

  94. arden !

    arden !日 前

    Sí, es de apenas hace una semana 😊

  95. Yeo Ana

    Yeo Ana日 前

    I hate this song - but I like Victon, Astro ans SPECIALLY PENTAGON not to LOVE this colab ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  96. 에스파는 나야 둘이 될 수 없쒕

    에스파는 나야 둘이 될 수 없쒕日 前

    홉이 오빠 파트 하시는 분은 정말 잘 어울려요!! 다들 잘 하시는데 비슷한 건 저분인 거 같아요!

  97. Joycelyn Cai

    Joycelyn Cai18 時間 前

    그 오빠는 아스트로 진진입니다! 칭찬해주셔서 감사합니다!!! ^^

  98. Ariadna Castro

    Ariadna Castro日 前

    they did an excellent job doing this presentation 💕❤️☺️☺️☺️☺️

  99. Alvina Horas

    Alvina Horas日 前


  100. Emanuelle Sousa

    Emanuelle Sousa日 前

    Wooseok did such a great job,really liked it. He's one of my favorite rappers ♡

  101. Athfin Rindi

    Athfin Rindi日 前


  102. babysjuh

    babysjuh日 前

    "F*ck you, my child it's completaly really fine" Me crying because i love Subin and Sejun:😔😔😔✊✊✊✊

  103. Ashley k

    Ashley k日 前

    I'm not a big fan of Pentagon or Victon But daammm they slayed!!! Been an astro fan since the beginning and dammnnn. JinJin Visual is slaying and his voice fits so well and is so powerful (probs can guess who my bias is). Rocky also damn visuals and VOCALS Like omyy i knew he can sing but mostly does rap but he owned it! Dancing i do not even have to say anything always perfection and Sanha 2000 gang!! Visuals, voice, dance and whole vibe on point!! All the others also so well done great voices, visuals, energy and dance Absolutly loved it!!!

  104. Selene Song

    Selene Song日 前


  105. luizy cho

    luizy cho日 前

    Daily reminder to STAN VICTON, check WHAT I SAID and FLIP A COIN special video on Victon yt channel :D

  106. Munise Hüsna ÖZTÜRK

    Munise Hüsna ÖZTÜRK日 前

    Bu tarihin unutulmaz sayfalarına adını yazdırdı millet! TANRIM!

  107. CNala

    CNala日 前

    If someone knows who the orangehead guy is, let me know please

  108. Tulip Kara

    Tulip Kara20 時間 前

    Hi, if you want to know more hot side of him you can check dr Bebe, The Black Hall. And the spiciest of all is when he did cover dance of Chris Brown - No Guidance

  109. arden !

    arden !日 前

    @CNala You definitely won't regret getting into them at all! Feel free to dm me on twitter (@pentagon_twt) if you'd like me to help you get to know them better 😊

  110. CNala

    CNala日 前

    @arden ! i already know and LOVE this song🥺 I'm a multi-stan, im just not into Pentagon so much, so I cant recognise their faces yet.. but I think I will stan these guys too ty 💜

  111. arden !

    arden !日 前

    @CNala No need to thank me at all! Feel free to check out PENTAGON's latest comeback, 'Daisy' 💜

  112. CNala

    CNala日 前

    @arden ! thank u for your reply ^^💜

  113. Carl OP

    Carl OP日 前


  114. Maryum Khan

    Maryum Khan日 前


  115. Mint Hekj

    Mint Hekj日 前


  116. Mesoon Fatima

    Mesoon Fatima日 前

    my multifan heart is so happy rn

  117. prisca lola

    prisca lola日 前

    I like the one that did hobis part and the one that did kookie’s part

  118. Grashika Mundhra

    Grashika Mundhra日 前

    Jinjin Astro's leader ,Main rapper , lead dancer , lyricist and composer. He did jhopes part.

  119. Joylyn

    Joylyn日 前

    ASTRO's Rocky did Jin's part.

  120. Joylyn

    Joylyn日 前

    They are Jinjin and Yoon Sanha of ASTRO.

  121. ellis panda

    ellis panda日 前

    I came here for Victon ❤ to be honest they are seriously underrated and that is really sad .... I literally saw Subin in thumbnail and I clicked (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤.....

  122. marialex

    marialex日 前

    Armys loved it

  123. prisca lola

    prisca lola日 前


  124. bhiru s

    bhiru s日 前

    After the webdrama from dingo I fall in love with viction and pentagon, fighting 🔥

  125. bhiru s

    bhiru s日 前

    Seeing Woseok and Subin together on stage after the cute webdrama. Please more collab 😍❤

  126. _ღJesiica Veraღ_

    _ღJesiica Veraღ_日 前

    No gente cantan igual a los bts ahaahahaha

  127. lyn mendoza

    lyn mendoza日 前

    I think i like more their version of this song and the choreo

  128. Fatima M

    Fatima M日 前


  129. green l

    green l日 前

    Kino I love you so much

  130. green l

    green l日 前

    Wooseok I love you so much

  131. Grace Aurora

    Grace Aurora日 前

    Which group is the one with the orange hair from?

  132. Aeye

    Aeye日 前

    Kino is also song producer. His songs are Violet, Spring Snow, Happiness and some others

  133. Shaxzoda Ravshanovna

    Shaxzoda Ravshanovna日 前

    He is Kino Pentagon’s main dancer, sub-vocal, sub-repper and face of the group💜

  134. Montserrat Morales Rangel

    Montserrat Morales Rangel日 前

    Quedó mamalon verdad de dios

  135. Fàtímá Àhméd

    Fàtímá Àhméd日 前

    jinjin was perfect seriously... Rocky's vocals for the first time ever..yoon sanha as a centre ... STAN ASTRO.....🙏🤍

  136. Kader Girgin

    Kader Girgin日 前

    0:18, 1:11 SUBIN= VICTON 0:49, 1:56 SEJUN= VICTON 0:25, 1:33 JINJIN= ASTRO 1:28, 2:56 ROCKY= ASTRO 0:02, 1:49 SANHA= ASTRO 0:32, 1:40 WOOSEOK= PENTAGON 0:57, 2:50 KINO= PENTAGON