VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 9


  1. Fabian Keidies

    Fabian Keidies4 時間 前

    min 6:10 she sit down and her Hand dissapears, great cgi effects :P

  2. Eduard Manuel Ionescu

    Eduard Manuel Ionescu15 時間 前

    did u do "In the name of the king" jason statham (2007) ?

  3. CoolMatt0213

    CoolMatt0213日 前

    What in the world is a BTS!?

  4. Princewill Ifeanyi Onyejeni

    Princewill Ifeanyi Onyejeni日 前

    I swear to God that alita always get me of guard. She's so cute.

  5. joseph abady

    joseph abady日 前


  6. ChaffyCaesar80

    ChaffyCaesar802 日 前

    im taking a dump.

  7. Алиф Даль Мим

    Алиф Даль Мим2 日 前

    Alita is the best movie

  8. Daniel Eccleston

    Daniel Eccleston2 日 前

    9:19 this movie actually gave me nightmares when i was younger... *NIGHTMARES*

  9. Egido Val

    Egido Val3 日 前

    Sam Wren looks and sounds like Nick Rockefort from MDE xD

  10. SPAM TV

    SPAM TV3 日 前

    Please react to weathering with you

  11. SPAM TV

    SPAM TV3 日 前

    Please reat to weathering with you

  12. Alex

    Alex3 日 前

    I kinda disagree about Alita. I think they really nailed the cgi, I don’t even think she’s in the uncanny valley. She looks like her own unique thing while still being human enough for us to be emotionally attached to her.

  13. ryu ryu

    ryu ryu4 日 前

    its not real the eyes ruin everything about this movie

  14. Malachi Mansfield

    Malachi Mansfield4 日 前

    Can you do Blade Runner 2049 the dual lady sensual scene?

  15. NGorso1

    NGorso14 日 前

    What is 1:20 from?

  16. R U Sirius

    R U Sirius4 日 前

    I did not expect to hear eyelids called skin sleeves at 3 in the morning

  17. NoxxStar

    NoxxStar5 日 前

    1:16 NEP NEP


    ASTROVISION Media5 日 前

    Alita was so well done, it is very jarring at first. But then after the initial shock of it you accept her as a character within the world. Very cheesy anime movie that I had a fun time with.

  19. Matt Warriner

    Matt Warriner5 日 前

    I thought her eyes were huge too... Then I thought that the actress they used had massive eyes too... Made me think that maybe the eyes aren't actually that stupidly huge afterall XD

  20. elva136

    elva1362 日 前

    East indian women have huge eyes. I just thought they were normal TBH 😐

  21. HighLux Potato

    HighLux Potato5 日 前

    React to the 2018 Aquaman movie. In my opinion, it’s the best looking movie of 2018.

  22. High Overlord Snarffie Beagle

    High Overlord Snarffie Beagle6 日 前

    I ate a fruit.

  23. Matej Kyzek

    Matej Kyzek6 日 前

    Tbh Alita was my favourite movie so far... But it seems like producer said at the end "You know what, Im done for today..." and finished the story in 5 minutes... Such a disappointment that boosted and opened ending... :(

  24. Danni Freijs

    Danni Freijs6 日 前

    "eyes are the window to the soul" More like garage door to the soul

  25. Richard Silver

    Richard Silver6 日 前

    Loved seeing the Deus ex Machina segment!

  26. Mat Stuart

    Mat Stuart6 日 前

    hey spawn was part of my childhood. you take that back.

  27. Stefan Lagerstam

    Stefan Lagerstam7 日 前

    you have to compare watchmen to the new series! most shots have no glow at all. he just picks hes moments i guess.

  28. fedacheese0

    fedacheese07 日 前

    Alita battle angel is the Netflix adaptation of Dimension W..

  29. fedacheese0

    fedacheese07 日 前

    1:17 best part of the video. NEPTUNE!!!

  30. Juneao Alfred

    Juneao Alfred7 日 前

    people all over the internet try to make Alita eyes debated just like Sonic? what happen when Paramount try to made Sonic look like human and not like the Original?

  31. Cyanapse

    Cyanapse7 日 前


  32. Jinu Chang

    Jinu Chang7 日 前

    I want you to identify real and CGI ships in opening sequence of Star Trek Generations

  33. Zero The Assassin

    Zero The Assassin8 日 前

    In their creation they used a republic gunship

  34. Jeremy Vanpelt

    Jeremy Vanpelt8 日 前

    Here for Alita Battle Angel. Still waiting for my sequel.

  35. kenbe62

    kenbe628 日 前

    The hardest shot holding the picture.. She's a robot.. Why would she suffer from the imperfections resulting in movement of human hands?

  36. Sir Flop

    Sir Flop8 日 前

    all the movements for a robots standing seems wrong to me, machines dont move like humains, they are precise, that's why i could tell how the character was made for the movie. this seems wrong for me to have a machine moving like a humain while nothing is humain (tho in some movies they try to recrate humain but other things but facial expression moving like humain seems wrong to me)

  37. Boing Flip

    Boing Flip8 日 前

    Floor to ceiling windows to the soul in that case

  38. Sandip Chaudhari

    Sandip Chaudhari8 日 前

    vfx artist react on porn waiting for this title

  39. ThatIsSuperFunny

    ThatIsSuperFunny9 日 前

    React to the "Go West" by the Pet Shop Boys music video, if copyright allows.

  40. Skene Kittle

    Skene Kittle9 日 前

    What really tripped me out was the VFX of the opening montage of Hardcore Henry

  41. Cipher Hunter

    Cipher Hunter9 日 前

    Ready player one

  42. E. S. Rigby

    E. S. Rigby10 日 前

    I guess I see how some people get used to Alita's uncanny face, but even though the detail is beautiful I find the design choices really lacking. Everything is too smooth and her face fails to look consistently like tissue moving on top of a corresponding hard structure. In particular I think her too smooth eye area detracts from believability. If you look at real people with unusually huge eyes (eg Crouzon syndrome-- don't google that if you're squeamish), their eyelids are quite bulging and have much deeper bottom creases because of the extra surface area of the eye. It might not have looked so anime, but it would have been one of those points of reference for reality that people understand without knowing that they understand.

  43. E. S. Rigby

    E. S. Rigby2 日 前

    @elva136 That's fair :)

  44. elva136

    elva1362 日 前

    I think it was great TBH. Her expressions were very emotive and I could relate with her on a human level. Even shipped for her first kiss which is not normal seeing she is a CGI character but her scenes were very "human". I cant think of even one CGI character made till date that I could connect at a human level. They all just were CGI to me while her character came across more than just a robot.

  45. Suryaprakash M

    Suryaprakash M10 日 前

    Hey guys .. please put a video on Asgard ... Thor's home world from the Marvel cinematic universe.

  46. Sylvester Ashcroft

    Sylvester Ashcroft10 日 前

    Holy shit how did alita not get best actress, that acting is insane when you look at the rig she was wearing!

  47. Arkeym MS

    Arkeym MS10 日 前

    tbh i thought they made the eyes so big in purpose so that the viewer doesnt forget that its a cybord and not a human what ure watching , because the special effects are so good u tend to forget =o

  48. AdventureKitty101

    AdventureKitty10110 日 前

    Have they done a video on the found footage style film Chronicle yet? Amazing CGI in my opinion and I want to see them break it down. I would ask on Patreon but I don't have one.

  49. handsson

    handsson10 日 前

    With human eye size, the uncanny effect would simply be too strong. And so much more distracting. This design decision was practical.

  50. Orca_queen

    Orca_queen11 日 前

    sam and niko should do a redux of their 10th grade animation!

  51. GuzziHero

    GuzziHero11 日 前

    I'm sure a million people have said but Alita's eyes are oversized because she's from Mars. Further from the sun, lower light levels, bigger eyes. In the anime, only Martian characters have these large eyes, like in the movie.

  52. jacky balls

    jacky balls11 日 前

    You think this is bad you should react to african spider man

  53. Eric

    Eric11 日 前

    6:20 SPOILER

  54. JacksonKillroy

    JacksonKillroy11 日 前

    Sam's sense of humor is really clever. He just nonchalantly throws in a concept as ridiculous as an "eye budget" into his comment, but his delivery is so deadpan he almost sneaks it past you, your mind does a double take as you realize the absurdity, and only after that "wait what" moment is over do you realize it's a joke. It's so intense it makes Wren short-circuit.

  55. Trevin Dunton

    Trevin Dunton12 日 前

    You guys should do Godzilla king of the monsters

  56. Via

    Via12 日 前

    Her eyes are big for literally no reason, she had normal eyes in the manga comparatively to all the other characters.

  57. Don Parker

    Don Parker12 日 前

    How about checking out the movie "Autopsy"

  58. Deacon-Bastyon Duncan

    Deacon-Bastyon Duncan12 日 前

    Reason her eyes are larger is due to her being from Mars, further away from the Sun they needed bigger eyes and dilation to have the same effect as humans would on earth.

  59. Shambo Chatterjee

    Shambo Chatterjee12 日 前

    Amazon Obhijaan, pls comment on how they have done with the VFX in this Bengali movie

  60. eyin90

    eyin9012 日 前

    dunno if anyone actually answered. but Alita's eyes are big because. She's from Mars. Mars is farther from the sun, so she needs to have bigger eyes.

  61. Caleb Sciapiti

    Caleb Sciapiti12 日 前

    Torn Legacy!

  62. dasboot27

    dasboot2713 日 前

    I like the big eyes. Makes her look like a cat which makes sense because she moves like one too.

  63. jeffrey spinner

    jeffrey spinner13 日 前

    Every time Houdini FX turns me into a corner and the points won't let me out, I think of you guys, and just soldier on... 30 day render times! What confidence!