VAN TOUR | Custom Built For Twins To Live In


  1. Caroline Latour

    Caroline Latour17 時間 前

    E: ”No flies in the van, that's why we got installation” Me: Hun, that's not what that does 😂

  2. Grace Hodge

    Grace Hodge3 日 前

    Kyle is a mood

  3. Mia Michelle

    Mia Michelle4 日 前

    Imagin how fun this would’ve been if they did this with the sister squad also I love yall❤️💕😍😘

  4. amber dibella

    amber dibella5 日 前


  5. Taylor Walsh

    Taylor Walsh5 日 前

    fun 😌

  6. mogomaa 3710

    mogomaa 37108 日 前

    Imagine being the camera man ...

  7. makenna deeth

    makenna deeth10 日 前

    if they ever go back on tour this would make a great tour bus :)

  8. Yaidelin Ochoa

    Yaidelin Ochoa11 日 前

    No way that’s a king size bed

  9. Champion The Bunny

    Champion The Bunny12 日 前

    Who is watching this in quarantine wishing they could travel?

  10. Golden Hawk 13

    Golden Hawk 1312 日 前

    Nobody: Literally no one: Not even a single soul: Me watching this for the second time: 5:49 “OMG I HAVE THE SAME TRASH CAN 🗑😳🤯”

  11. Mandisa Mncwabe

    Mandisa Mncwabe12 日 前

    The thumbnail is trippy af, it's like a mirror

  12. Omni Spark

    Omni Spark12 日 前

    So no bathroom ?

  13. Mehek Anand

    Mehek Anand13 日 前

    the way Grayson says 'sorry' to Ethan so sweetly my hearttt 8:31

  14. Lila Ellis

    Lila Ellis13 日 前

    the editing on this videoooo

  15. Yvonne MK

    Yvonne MK13 日 前

    This is toooo sickkk!!!👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

  16. Olivia Whittall

    Olivia Whittall16 日 前

    them: both look at the camera me: wHo TF DO I LOOK AT

  17. Emma Clark

    Emma Clark18 日 前

    Did it have an oven or a shower 🚿??????

  18. Cursed Zenitsu

    Cursed Zenitsu18 日 前

    Yo where's Nolan?

  19. esther

    esther18 日 前


  20. Marley Venturi

    Marley Venturi18 日 前

    no kitchen tho?

  21. vine yeehaw

    vine yeehaw19 日 前

    ik they won’t see this but these videos are containing more of them and their personalities together and individually and i love it

  22. Amelie Fs

    Amelie Fs19 日 前

    If the fridge is connected to one of the power outlets in the car, how does the fridge stay cold when the car is turned off?

  23. IDEK

    IDEK21 日 前

    This is how many times they said "Cozy" I I I V

  24. Jessica Tangney

    Jessica Tangney22 日 前

    whare are yo going to sleep?

  25. Jose Vargas

    Jose Vargas23 日 前

    That is what you call an adventure and learn from what you have and dont have and you mus have and not have or let go. Ha ha ha awesome dudes! God Bless

  26. nicole .

    nicole .23 日 前

    The Ethan side and Grayson side picture I’m dead lmao 7:37

  27. madilynn collins

    madilynn collins23 日 前


  28. Jahniah Marshall Official

    Jahniah Marshall Official23 日 前

    5:39 bruh lol

  29. Kenadie _ann.t

    Kenadie _ann.t24 日 前

    The whole time I was thinking were are they going to put food but then they showed it.. 😂

  30. Kelly Gonzalez

    Kelly Gonzalez24 日 前

    I love seeing the change from old videos to now. All this content is so good knowing that you guys love what you're doing now than those old videos that were just not 100% you.

  31. Anushka Chauhan

    Anushka Chauhan25 日 前

    No one : Literally no one : Not the alien they saw in their "cross country country " video : Not even that fly : Ethan in the previous video : Just give me like a MACHO man filter the end , blows air They're freakin' adorable 😭

  32. Hannah Crabtree

    Hannah Crabtreeヶ月 前

    Wait what abt going to the bathroom 😂

  33. Emmy_ Cheesecake

    Emmy_ Cheesecakeヶ月 前


  34. Chloe Sprigg

    Chloe Spriggヶ月 前

    Ethan: sits down. Grayson: ETHAN CAN YOU STOPPPPPP

  35. Erie Belle

    Erie Belleヶ月 前

    We love Queen Ethan.

  36. Gabo Fernandez

    Gabo Fernandezヶ月 前

    What about the bathroom?

  37. Erie Belle

    Erie Belleヶ月 前


  38. Joshua Woo

    Joshua Wooヶ月 前

    now i wanna go on a road trip with my bro

  39. Cristina Gonzalez

    Cristina Gonzalezヶ月 前

    “Big bear in Northern California” it’s like 2 hours east of LA 😭😂

  40. Layla Ibarra

    Layla Ibarraヶ月 前

    The ad said sign the card for trumps birthday it would mean a lot for his supporters to sign me: HELL NOOO

  41. skye fuel

    skye fuelヶ月 前

    I thought they were joking about the table is a bed part😂

  42. Kate LaBorde

    Kate LaBordeヶ月 前

    Bathroom=non existent😬

  43. Jair Yanavilca

    Jair Yanavilcaヶ月 前

    What a Van 💯💯

  44. Seren Madoc

    Seren Madocヶ月 前

    Am I the only one wondering how they go to the toilet??????

  45. Vanity Catastrophe

    Vanity Catastropheヶ月 前

    Best Identical twins

  46. Emmanuel Doummar

    Emmanuel Doummarヶ月 前

    I mean new intro

  47. Comfy Hxneh

    Comfy Hxnehヶ月 前

    I cracked my knee there when you guys were dancing while you were next to the song thingy (I’m bad at explaining things so sorry) edit:my knees hurt SO bad 1 like=1 prayer for my knee 😔

  48. Ruby Crump

    Ruby Crumpヶ月 前


  49. D . J . P

    D . J . Pヶ月 前

    Did u find your keys

  50. Richie

    Richieヶ月 前

    exactly passionate! You rock bros.

  51. Stephanie Lemus

    Stephanie Lemusヶ月 前

    Ethan: Jump off some cliffs and into some water Me: Where else would the cliff lead to?!🤣🤣

  52. Jerrica Goodwin

    Jerrica Goodwinヶ月 前

    How are you going to heat up your meals?

  53. Jocelyn Chaj Chaj

    Jocelyn Chaj Chajヶ月 前

    bruu i live in new jerseyyy!!!!

  54. tanoshitae *

    tanoshitae *ヶ月 前


  55. Patrick Morley

    Patrick Morleyヶ月 前

    who else kind thought that the first part of the video felt sponsored

  56. Phroigy

    Phroigyヶ月 前

    Did you guys build this or did someone get build this for you cause I kinda wanna get one-

  57. jazzlyn Shelley

    jazzlyn Shelleyヶ月 前

    anyone else wonder tf they didn’t blur the license plate out ??

  58. Gloria Panda

    Gloria Pandaヶ月 前

    So I am a little curious abt how they can shower or use a bathroom just me okay

  59. Emmy Ortiz

    Emmy Ortizヶ月 前

    i wonder how many tries it took them to do the intro-

  60. Selina Zhu

    Selina Zhuヶ月 前

    "Kinda sexy" - Ethan Dolan 2019 7:15

  61. Brute Star

    Brute Starヶ月 前

    Hold up how you cook

  62. Jasmine Raines

    Jasmine Rainesヶ月 前

    Lol 😂 they don’t like each other very much

  63. Ed 007

    Ed 007ヶ月 前

    Very nice job Grayson. But,Sorry guys , in a few years you will want a mobile home. Why? Because among all the amenities, it has a toilet and a shower that you can use while on the road. I started off as a teenager doing a lot of camping in a tent while out in the mountains. Once I purchased a mobile home , I never looked back. Too comfortable with all the luxuries. You can travel everywhere while living in your home. I know , I've been doing it for almost 40 years.

  64. Lily Martinez

    Lily Martinezヶ月 前


  65. Harkirat

    Harkiratヶ月 前

    property brothers 2.0

  66. Michaela Krafcikova

    Michaela Krafcikovaヶ月 前


  67. Genevieve Diemer

    Genevieve Diemerヶ月 前

    i live in nj too

  68. Ava Ferrell

    Ava Ferrellヶ月 前

    they forgot the sink and shower......

  69. Daniel Marticorena

    Daniel Marticorenaヶ月 前

    this video in a nutshell: heres storage for whatever we need on the road

  70. Kweencub

    Kweencubヶ月 前

    me: *watching this with my door open and my mum in the other room* “i can’t hear this” turns it up grayson:you can clos this if you want to have a REAL party in the back 😏 me: ffs 🤦‍♀️

  71. Briana Dahl

    Briana Dahl2 ヶ月 前

    I love this so much, I want one

  72. Justine Lancaster

    Justine Lancaster2 ヶ月 前

    damn they've had such glow-downs from this, 5 months ago, to now :(

  73. Ruby Reyes

    Ruby Reyes2 ヶ月 前

    that is so sick !!! I want one

  74. M.A.N. I.A.C

    M.A.N. I.A.C2 ヶ月 前

    7:15 "kinda...kinda sexy" 😂😂❤️

  75. Paige Deering

    Paige Deering2 ヶ月 前

    2:41 did anyone else think when grayson was looking at E it was oddly attractive or am i just weird?

  76. Mary Riccardi

    Mary Riccardi2 ヶ月 前

    I built a tiny home there so fun to make

  77. Elle Star

    Elle Star2 ヶ月 前

    What was that dancing ✌🏼🤣😂

  78. Elle Star

    Elle Star2 ヶ月 前

    I loved when Grayson was talking to the stuff😋

  79. Elle Star

    Elle Star2 ヶ月 前

    I love them but Ethan is serious and Grayson is like.......

  80. Nya Lawrence

    Nya Lawrence2 ヶ月 前

    yo, i use the same soap as them😂

  81. Ashley Sandford

    Ashley Sandford2 ヶ月 前

    :) (: :)