US Navy confirms UFO videos are the real deal


  1. Daniel Aco

    Daniel Aco4 時間 前

    There probes on a mission

  2. Tamala Catty

    Tamala Catty7 時間 前

    legit just a bird of prey i swear to god their cameras are 1 pixel by 1

  3. nik pan

    nik pan分 前

    But it has no wings

  4. Archived 16

    Archived 1613 時間 前


  5. Join Us Through The Rainbow

    Join Us Through The Rainbow17 時間 前

    I knew they were real. I have seen them. Plus it is totally ridiculously stupid and selfish to think that we are the only living things out there in the vastness of the universe.


    DRAW DAILY · DxD19 時間 前

    Strange how they come out and admit this the same month as the coronavirus comes out. Hmmm.👽💉

  7. yousha zaidi

    yousha zaidi日 前

    Man I don't know why but after being denied about the existence of aliens for decades, I feel like they are joking with us.

  8. moonbxcon

    moonbxcon日 前

  9. Daniel

    Daniel日 前

    cnn the fake news

  10. Samuel Crow

    Samuel Crow日 前

    I usually try to think of anythink else stuff like this could be if it's not aliens, but i got nothin. Do you guys have any ideas?

  11. JonaaYt

    JonaaYt日 前

    Lol, it's Rick.

  12. Noxious

    Noxious日 前

    unfortunately aliens only exist in US

  13. Wendy Teo

    Wendy Teo日 前

    You know, at this point, I wouldn't be surprised if the aliens pull a Dr Stone on us.

  14. aidan gibbons

    aidan gibbons2 日 前

    More grainy crap footage..shadows and dark spots..oh let's jump to must be aliens and spaceships..just ridiculous..grow up..

  15. Sameer

    Sameer2 日 前

    i wouldn't be surprised if aliens are among us. I mean, look at the miracle of life. If life can't be explained, then who knows what else there is out there to be discovered. We've literally only discovered 4% of the visible universe. The other 96%, we don't have a clue. All in all, its important to have an open mind.

  16. Kay Martin

    Kay Martin2 日 前

    Time to leave the planet if you ask me. Who's coming? Don't want to be an alien slave.

  17. Jai Hind

    Jai Hind2 日 前

    Those re big drones .. videos re not clear

  18. Michael J Thomas Jr

    Michael J Thomas Jr2 日 前

    People are so caught up in the Coronavirus shit... Meanwhile, this is released Something that should change the perspectives of all people on earth


    MEME LORD2 日 前

    alien:Lets visit earth.....NOPE

  20. sale tone

    sale tone2 日 前

    Thats another country doing some shit

  21. Agus S

    Agus S3 日 前

    The Ultimate Truth about the Pentagon

  22. Micha Hartzell

    Micha Hartzell3 日 前

    uh.. Anyone notice the military camera says "SLAVE" on the right side..? WHAT MEAN?

  23. ian de blaere

    ian de blaere3 日 前

    And still... and still some people who believe that we are alone. 😔 even with tons of evidence (not just that video). I think those people live in a fantasy movie or something. Its like not believing that the evolution ever existed. All those evidence...

  24. Divine Blood

    Divine Blood2 日 前

    @ian de blaere youre too dumb. Show me an alien and i;ii believe you. Theres 0 evidence or CLEAR footage of such a thing. Lol.

  25. Divine Blood

    Divine Blood2 日 前

    @ian de blaere Nah we arent alone. There are the angels, ghosts, and satan followers. All of which cannot be seen by human eye unless they transform into an animal/object/human being. No other thing such as aliens exists, all of that is fan-made.

  26. ian de blaere

    ian de blaere2 日 前

    @Divine Blood i think you don't searched even for 1 min for information. Educate yourself. You really think we are alone in a universe as big you can't even imagine? Haha seriouse? 😂 it says A LOT about yourself hahaha 😂😂

  27. Divine Blood

    Divine Blood2 日 前

    @ian de blaere They, dont, exist. Its all bs just like the video you sent me lmao. Imagine being that dumb.

  28. Divine Blood

    Divine Blood2 日 前

    @ian de blaere See? you believe in retarded stuff. That was a two-winged airplane leaving off fireworks, heres the proof.

  29. kifayattt

    kifayattt3 日 前

    those aliens must be laughing at us who doesnt have any tech like them

  30. King Of Bel

    King Of Bel4 日 前

    Call me when actual fucking alien creatures show up. This UFO spaceships in blurry recordings got old like 20 years ago.

  31. jose mclean

    jose mclean4 日 前

    Aliens are here for their school tour dont disturb them.

  32. digi 83

    digi 834 日 前

    call them what you want but its all the same

  33. Gael Jiménez

    Gael Jiménez4 日 前

    This videos are crazy, I had always thought that they were real but now this confirms it what a time to be alive

  34. Divine Blood

    Divine Blood3 日 前

    its fake sadly, or show me a clear footage. This UFO spaceships in blurry recordings got old like 20 years ago.

  35. Freddy Soriano

    Freddy Soriano4 日 前

    So your telling me out of all the planets we’ve visited we’ve never seen aliens f*ck the government this big bs but I get it after all look at what’s happening now I bet this same thing would happen with aliens 🤦🏻‍♂️

  36. MRPT

    MRPT4 日 前

    This Alien is Iced Out

  37. Nawww

    Nawww4 日 前

    Trump finna be like fake news

  38. Dr.Kool-aid

    Dr.Kool-aid5 日 前

    Bill's channel be like "stop right there criminal scum."

  39. Alien

    Alien5 日 前

    God damn it fam i wanted to get McDonald’s 🙄🤦🏻‍♂️

  40. Nova Gille

    Nova Gille5 日 前

    Nobody cared about this because 2020 is already fucked up but if this would have been last year everyone would go crazy about this

  41. Mac ops

    Mac ops5 日 前

    UAP's Got It👌

  42. Kylo Ren

    Kylo Ren5 日 前

    My stupid friend wants aliens to be real

  43. Space Bro

    Space Bro5 日 前

    "Earth is closed today-"

  44. B230 Gamar

    B230 Gamar6 日 前

    I wonder what kind of memes they have... Interesting stuff right there

  45. kill me plz

    kill me plz6 日 前

    they knew about it way longer ago that's why trump sent solders into space why would he send armed solders into space for fun?

  46. ً

    ً6 日 前

    Imagine shooting the thing down and start a war with aliens

  47. Elizabeth Delaa

    Elizabeth Delaa6 日 前

    May 2020 , The purge it’s started , a dirty Pig 🐷 Police killed an Inocent Men Called George Floyd , and it was the final discrimination fact we all can tolerate 🤬🔥🔥🔥 From the Goverment ! So USA 🇺🇸 it’s on fire 🔥 😱😱😱God bless America ! And take care of civilian ☹️!

  48. Dhruv

    Dhruv6 日 前 This is for real fuck

  49. Micha Hartzell

    Micha Hartzell3 日 前

    trippy bro.

  50. inox1ck

    inox1ck6 日 前

    ʔɣʒ ʕιʕડે ħʁʃ Or in earthling: yes we are real

  51. Goku 1080 Ti

    Goku 1080 Ti6 日 前

    People freak out about a virus with a relatively low mortality rate. Now I understand why the full disclosure can’t happen, the toilet paper supply will end.

  52. Goku 1080 Ti

    Goku 1080 Ti4 日 前

    Scavor TheSpaceCowboy you alright?

  53. Scavor TheSpaceCowboy

    Scavor TheSpaceCowboy5 日 前

    Ebola go zoom zoom haah canada Anonymous go brrr brrr

  54. Kapri

    Kapri6 日 前

    Whites should be worried... flying saucers represent vindication for the ill treatment of blacks.It would be best to give reparations to help heal the ill effects the u.s has caused.

  55. Muhd Yan

    Muhd Yan6 日 前

    Damn 2020 really aint it....

  56. Daniel Deleon

    Daniel Deleon7 日 前


  57. ICY Veins Productions

    ICY Veins Productions7 日 前

    Aliens: chill,we just tyna visit the earth,why they're recording us?



    They needed the approval of the aliens before they make it public.

  59. Gone Fishing

    Gone Fishing7 日 前

    Wow Anderson Cooper reporting actual news?

  60. Simon's Home Videos

    Simon's Home Videos7 日 前

    The aliens dropped coronavirus and then flew away

  61. Simon's Home Videos

    Simon's Home Videos7 日 前

    Just want to say us Martians will never be returning to your planet earth anymore!

  62. michel castro

    michel castro8 日 前

    They are little metal gears using stealth technology. There lots of them in different sizes. Behold.


    OUABOU ALI8 日 前

    the aerial phenomena observed in the videos remain characterized as ‘unidentified’. This is the first time the Pentagon has publicly confirmed the authenticity of UFO footage. It should have been a momentous announcement, but it seems to have barely moved the needle on the UFO controversy. Why? there are no aliens never were never will be. TESLA was talking about airborne, heat-emitting objects with no visible wings, fuselage or exhaust, performing aerodynamically in ways that no known aircraft can achieve. we actually have leaking pictures of the original design made by TESLA . Google it my friends. peace

  64. Laura Nunez

    Laura Nunez8 日 前

    Anyone come from tik tok?

  65. [SNPR]ant_turd87

    [SNPR]ant_turd879 日 前

    aliens are real, intelligent, unimaginable

  66. Bass Coast.

    Bass Coast.9 日 前

    its a bird

  67. Micha Hartzell

    Micha Hartzell3 日 前

    i fucking knew it

  68. Jake Bryant

    Jake Bryant9 日 前

    Can they invade us already so I can get off this planet

  69. k. kadohara

    k. kadohara9 日 前

    extraterrestrial bug!?😀

  70. V4 Rider

    V4 Rider10 日 前

    Watch recent UFO caught on video in Houston Texas

  71. Martin Ramsdale

    Martin Ramsdale10 日 前

    MAY 2020 If you put out the hand of friendship via a space mission and you then get a response don't be rude on the part of the entire human race and ignore them, its time accept the fact to acknowledge them who ever they may be, and where ever they have come from don't you agree?

  72. Eta Carinae

    Eta Carinae10 日 前

    I can't stop to have the feeling that it is not a real object. It looks like an reflection. Sorry to temper the buzz

  73. Eta Carinae

    Eta Carinae日 前

    @V KMaybe I am not so smart, but at least i have manners. Something you obviously lack.

  74. V K

    V K日 前

    The object was captured by their instruments smart ass it wasn’t a reflection, you really think US would go out confirming UFO is real with just something they saw? They captured it going through thousands of feet in seconds which no aircraft can’t do and you can’t catch a reflection on instruments. You are probably not very smart

  75. Zoë Zamora

    Zoë Zamora10 日 前

    I 👏 am 👏 done 👏

  76. Richard B

    Richard B10 日 前

    We don't need an alien from space invasion to push the new world order. We already have the planneddemic.

  77. Subhankar Paul

    Subhankar Paul10 日 前

    I know the alien language if one day u face aliens just say: O....O....O...O O...O...O....O O...O...O O...O...O

  78. Jasmine Lona

    Jasmine Lona10 日 前


  79. Cindy Channel

    Cindy Channel11 日 前


  80. Taylor Austin

    Taylor Austin11 日 前

    GuYs iTs juSt ThE milLinNeum fAlcOn😂

  81. zarif sykes

    zarif sykes11 日 前

    - I love to believe what's unknown

  82. A crazy cat Animations

    A crazy cat Animations11 日 前

    Fucken millet🤔

  83. roy bakri

    roy bakri11 日 前

    This video is real but the alien are fake.

  84. riefky Hadi

    riefky Hadi11 日 前

    I think its tony stark

  85. Leonardo Alberto Larios

    Leonardo Alberto Larios11 日 前

    It was the same government.

  86. DvdBluRayDude

    DvdBluRayDude12 日 前

    Swamp Gas!

  87. My Favorite YouTube Channel

    My Favorite YouTube Channel12 日 前

    What if the aliens shapeshift into every day objects? That's why we don't see them. Like an alien could have shapeshifted into a bookshelf in a book store and is just staring at people the whole time people pass the book shelf......

  88. normalan lik

    normalan lik12 日 前

    Why tf is no one talking bout this

  89. Ajay Bhandari

    Ajay Bhandari12 日 前

    What a 🛸 🛸 ufo

  90. Ajay Bhandari

    Ajay Bhandari12 日 前

    What a 👽👽

  91. C C S G

    C C S G12 日 前

    They were sending us a message.

  92. kenneth hughes

    kenneth hughes12 日 前

    this is for the CCP to know what we have and how far we are ahead

  93. JobJuneEchavarria

    JobJuneEchavarria13 日 前

    Come join us and share UFO and aliens related content on Facebook!

  94. camzjergui

    camzjergui13 日 前

    Cool. I'll take a nap now. Wake me up when they actually start to invade us, ye?

  95. cybernako088

    cybernako08811 日 前

    you got bills to pay and mouths to feed I get it.........we will wake you up when your life is threatened.

  96. Daniel Parra

    Daniel Parra13 日 前

    Satan is Behind All the UFO Agenda ,,,, I Believe Its Satan Confusing us and Decieving Mankind

  97. Dr Karl Pagan

    Dr Karl Pagan12 日 前

    I am a demon and you will PAY FOR THAT.