Updated House Tour! Being SINGLE and Quarantined


  1. Jaz C. Crawford

    Jaz C. Crawford8 時間 前

    And is Nathan acting up? Don’t try Jeffree Lynn. Thank you!!

  2. Explorer Weave

    Explorer Weave8 時間 前

    I think it wasn't Christian who filmed this, since Chris has been really more interactive with Jeffree and Jeffree would ask Chris what he thinks about some things but he didn't in here and the cameraman was quiet the whole time and Chris has a family (I think he's from another country or so Idk but I remember Jeffree saying Chris has to FLY to film with him in certain locations) The cameraman is prob one of his house staffs or friends with no particular experience so we should be just glad jeffree filmed this to entertain us. Hats off to whoever the camera person was, your efforts are appreciated.

  3. John Doe

    John Doe8 時間 前

    Where can i buy that mask? I want one for reals. I need one for myself and my mom and dad. 👍

  4. Zephyr

    Zephyr8 時間 前

    He is the ugliest man I have ever seen

  5. julie dropulic

    julie dropulic8 時間 前

    Pleeeeeeeease do a makeup collection video!!!!

  6. SladeModz

    SladeModz8 時間 前

    Jeffree, would you do a new full face tutorial of the current way you do your makeup? I just recently started makeup and really enjoy the way you currently do your makeup!!!

  7. michelle clauson

    michelle clauson8 時間 前

    This has been so hard with job loss plus I have ptsd and anxiety I feel really depressed about the future hopefully there is a light at the end of the tunnel living pay check to pay check as it was sometimes you don’t know where the next is going to come from especially being a single mother but watching your videos I can smile for a sec love your energy and kindness

  8. Amy Fisher

    Amy Fisher8 時間 前

    I love your energy Jeffree! Keep doing you

  9. Jaz C. Crawford

    Jaz C. Crawford8 時間 前

    That camera Queen needs to keep up

  10. Josh Makai

    Josh Makai8 時間 前

    I’m single no one cares about me 🥺

  11. Jami Simmons

    Jami Simmons8 時間 前

    Nobody: Jeffree: *sprays blunt with Lysol*

  12. Pallama

    Pallama8 時間 前

    It made me annoyed how Jeffree kept everyone away for six feet, then I realized that it might be for a joke and that those people probably got out. At least he’s being mindful for his health since he is a high risk person.

  13. Samantha T

    Samantha T8 時間 前

    Definitely struggling a lot right now. But this video made me smile. 💜

  14. 310 WEST

    310 WEST8 時間 前

    People dying and your bragging bout wasting money on wallpaper

  15. Ace Ofhearts907

    Ace Ofhearts9078 時間 前

    We all should be working to make others smile the way weed and Redbull make Jeffree smile! 😂🤣 (Mamma Star, FYI the weed shops in Alaska are open, since you know it's an essential business, if you're up for a trip once the Stay Home order is lifted lol!)

  16. Zephyr

    Zephyr8 時間 前

    How do you delete another channel

  17. Ard Buzz

    Ard Buzz8 時間 前

    Baru 9 jam lalu di upload dan sudah 3.9 juta kali di tonton, gila 🔥

  18. Paola O.

    Paola O.8 時間 前

    Camera dude no good

  19. Max Pearson

    Max Pearson8 時間 前

    No no nooooooo, do a car video !!!!

  20. Nikol Haynes

    Nikol Haynes8 時間 前

    Please do a few make up tutorials using your palletes. I would love to see your skills with your brand!

  21. Dragon Legion

    Dragon Legion8 時間 前

    Your amazing Jeffree we love you 🤗

  22. Awesomess Gacha

    Awesomess Gacha8 時間 前

    Is lysol edible?

  23. Rachel Brown

    Rachel Brown8 時間 前

    I was thinking about how funny it would be for him to spray his fries too and then 2 sec later he does... we know jeffree well

  24. Izzy Dizzy

    Izzy Dizzy8 時間 前

    Ok so we’re walking into the living room of my bedroom”- ..same

  25. Kylie Crawford

    Kylie Crawford8 時間 前

    I’m really glad that he addressed the car issue. People were wondering

  26. Carrie Perez

    Carrie Perez8 時間 前

    I loved the house tour🌸 I loved hearing your thoughts 💜 keep sharing

  27. LovelyKyla

    LovelyKyla8 時間 前

    Jeffree is such a sweetie to his staff. I'm on quarantine and don't know if I will have a job after this is all done (just temporary laid off) but I'm not getting paid and am really scared. I had to apply for EI and I don't know still if I will get it and I live on my own and pay my own bills. it's so fucken crazy and I hope everyone stays safe. Thank you, Jeffree for being you and cheering me in these dark times 💕

  28. aisha0000000000 0000000000

    aisha0000000000 00000000008 時間 前

    Stay safe jeffree

  29. Bobbie25RB

    Bobbie25RB8 時間 前

    With all the drama going on ,your just to much anymore lol

  30. Dr. Shon TV

    Dr. Shon TV8 時間 前

    Quarantine Bench 😱

  31. Mary Joy Aquino

    Mary Joy Aquino8 時間 前

    Does Jeffree know that her hair really looks like Zenitsu's of KnY? 😂

  32. Mrs Mimi H

    Mrs Mimi H8 時間 前

    We love you Jeffrey. Be safe and know there is someone praying for you in my house. (Big Hug)

  33. Crystal Rosalie Saskatchewan

    Crystal Rosalie Saskatchewan8 時間 前

    Can I move in with you lol l love ya

  34. Hollistar0608

    Hollistar06088 時間 前

    You know Face Mask won’t protect you from getting sick.

  35. Jessica Bartz

    Jessica Bartz8 時間 前

    Living room of my bedroom

  36. Sesumii

    Sesumii8 時間 前

    Seeing that Jeffree is also going through a lot mentally truly made me feel less alone in my own mental health struggles right now. :/ Really thinking of everyone who’s going through it and rooting for you.

  37. Susanne Mitchell

    Susanne Mitchell8 時間 前

    Love your videos

  38. Infinity

    Infinity8 時間 前

    Hanging out with all those people is really irresponsible

  39. Savannah

    Savannah8 時間 前

    I feel like his snapchat was over dramatic. I was expecting more drama. Not that I'm mad I can respect his privacy for sure but dont hype it up then not deliver

  40. Perla Flores

    Perla Flores8 時間 前

    Did he just spray his fry with lysol I-

  41. Be good if not Be good at it

    Be good if not Be good at it8 時間 前

    Your fucking bed is the size of my little sisters room. Damn son that’s a lot of space. You’d wake up lost in your own bed

  42. Fyodor Does Edits

    Fyodor Does Edits8 時間 前

    His hair is goals omgmggmgm

  43. JJ Jones

    JJ Jones8 時間 前

    Sending good vibes to Jeffree ⭐️

  44. kerajen hindman

    kerajen hindman8 時間 前

    so im confused, you said it was a mutual breakup but at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1303">21:43</a> it seems like maybe it wasnt? someone below said they think nate tried to sue jefferee and im not sure whats going on and i understand you cant talk about it, but im just confused.

  45. Ashley

    Ashley8 時間 前

    Jeffrey you really a bad ass bitch!!! Keep being you ❤️

  46. Lexi Cadzow

    Lexi Cadzow8 時間 前

    Do ur dogs ever get lost?💀

  47. C. Bright

    C. Bright8 時間 前

    Just imagine small salons that only employ about 10 people. In my state, those businesses were forced to shut down today.

  48. MarkersTheDino

    MarkersTheDino8 時間 前

    The garage looks like something from GTA

  49. celina mercado

    celina mercado8 時間 前

    I died when he sprayed Lysol on the fries. Omfg

  50. Toni McHugo

    Toni McHugo8 時間 前

    I am in LOVE with the chandeliers that he's getting rid of. I really hope they go to a good home 😍😍

  51. Lily Guin

    Lily Guin8 時間 前

    bro imagine if you were Jeffree stars sister-

  52. jennifer rios

    jennifer rios8 時間 前

    Please let me work for you JEFFREEE

  53. Westley Adams

    Westley Adams8 時間 前

    Jeffrey my heart goes out to you with the whole break up.... love you

  54. Orianna Bliss

    Orianna Bliss8 時間 前

    We love u :)

  55. Laura E

    Laura E8 時間 前

    Jeffree what your dog does with their hips/feet is called splooting

  56. Grace Erika Garcia

    Grace Erika Garcia8 時間 前

    Jeffree is such a fkin MOOD!! 😩💖💖💖💖

  57. Caz Flo

    Caz Flo8 時間 前

    I just need toilet paper 😩

  58. Charlie Tuu

    Charlie Tuu8 時間 前

    I feel so poor

  59. hiddenbeautybytash

    hiddenbeautybytash8 時間 前

    Any small youtubers wanting to grow? Subscribe to my channel I record makeup videos, challenges, hairstyles etc I’ll subscribe back 💓

  60. Rich the little kid

    Rich the little kid8 時間 前

    Make a big Vault

  61. Hannah Buechner

    Hannah Buechner8 時間 前

    Ok but I wanna see tattoo diaries part 3

  62. Apple MilkTea

    Apple MilkTea8 時間 前

    Camera man needs to show the things Jeffree mentions please :/

  63. Tracy Vanderwarker

    Tracy Vanderwarker8 時間 前

    Jeffre get a English bulldog

  64. Tracy Vanderwarker

    Tracy Vanderwarker8 時間 前


  65. Nicole Botting

    Nicole Botting8 時間 前

    I lost my job due to coronavirus, but watching your videos is making my days brighter. Thank you

  66. Tiffany dfskajflkjansdf

    Tiffany dfskajflkjansdf8 時間 前

    What did he spray on his french fry?? Lysol?? Orr...

  67. Abby Mueller

    Abby Mueller8 時間 前

    How is DaVinci that cute all the time??

  68. Last seen -

    Last seen -8 時間 前

    No point social distancing or self quarantine when you wear shoes on the bed 😫

  69. Chad Spar91

    Chad Spar918 時間 前

    Anyone else who would be showing this I would think is just a bougie, unlikeable, show off... Jeffree deserves this though! He is one of the most selfless people, and he’s worked so hard for all of this. OPULENCE! YOU OWN EVERYTHING!

  70. Ammy

    Ammy8 時間 前

    Bad people don't deserve Jeffree's kindness and friendship. Honestly.

  71. Lisa L

    Lisa L8 時間 前

    #1 trending!!!!!

  72. Meren Fire

    Meren Fire8 時間 前

    Being pregnant Im so scared right now......... I just want my baby to stay Healthy its all I want....... Stay safe EVERYONE and to all my pregnant women stay strong

  73. Melissa Neal

    Melissa Neal8 時間 前

    Lol....Jeffrey sprayed that french fry🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  74. Jesseca Heady

    Jesseca Heady8 時間 前

    Jeffree should start dating Garrett

  75. Kyky 11

    Kyky 118 時間 前

    “No I don’t mean orgy’s” Jeffery, look at that bed. We arnt stupid.

  76. Kayla Thompsen

    Kayla Thompsen8 時間 前

    Jeffree - I appreciate you keeping it real and empathizing with what everyone is going through right now. 2020 has been a shit show for sure and, in this, there’s still lessons to help us grow. Keep treating your employees well and being authentic. I admire who you are!

  77. Clara McGee

    Clara McGee8 時間 前

    did jeffree- did she spray lysol on his straw?

  78. Not Susan

    Not Susan8 時間 前

    Anyone see the girls on TikTok that owned this house before Jeffree? 😭😭

  79. MrMak2121

    MrMak21218 時間 前

    Am I the only one that feels jealous that he is rich but yet understands he deserves it and when he shows something he does it not to show off and be cocky but more like showing us because he is like a friend to us? Really look up to him, I hope one day I can also be successful like him.

  80. Anna Paik

    Anna Paik8 時間 前

    This just shows that it doesn't matter how wealthy or famous you are, everyone is human and has problems that they have to deal with. I'm just appreciative of Jeffree's constant professionalism even during the hard times.

  81. Kayla Baker

    Kayla Baker8 時間 前

    Man I fucking love Jeffree always so real!! Hope he stays safe during this scary time ❤️ all the love. Me and my family are having a very hard time financially because of all this but you bring light! We adore u