Uncle Roger Work at Restaurant for a Day


  1. mrnigelng

    mrnigelngヶ月 前

    Don't worry, Uncle Roger explained to everyone that it's comedy skit! Uncle Roger big fan of Mei Mei restaurant, even though they don't use MSG. Go eat there when you can. It's in Borough Market in London! 😋 Collab with Auntie Hersha (egg fried rice lady) coming out next Sunday! Remember to subscribe and turn on notifications so you don't miss it! HAIYAAA



    I love ,everything you have ever said on this channel ,good job Uncle Roger 😂🤣,MSG for president 🇧🇿

  3. Trevor Roll

    Trevor Roll日 前

    Guessing all these customers are Uncle Rodgers friends

  4. choko choko

    choko choko日 前

    Hope you really didn't put spices on that guy's food and just tell him to act like there's a spices on it lmao

  5. Lelin Lalchan

    Lelin Lalchan2 日 前

    He is the mist raciest person on the world but in a good way

  6. Sara-Rachel Gauvin

    Sara-Rachel Gauvin3 日 前

    You see I'm allergic to peanuts and I would never go to Asian restaurant because I know you all use peanuts oil for almost everything 😂 I honestly don't want to suffocate to death it's no good death ! Imma get myself some peanuts and nuts food when Ill be on my cancer hospital bed! Spicy food make my mouth tingle like allergies so I can't make the difference between allergies and spicy effect, spicy food scary , I could eat spicy food and die at the same time without knowing 🤯🤯🤯😂

  7. kairoshin

    kairoshin50 秒 前

    30 grand for that stove? HAIYAAA

  8. Ai rikunori

    Ai rikunori3 分 前

    *Hmmmm... soo Tenndaahh*

  9. Maxmillian200HP

    Maxmillian200HP13 分 前

    If you need help affording rice, you're in a bad place in life.

  10. NovaDied

    NovaDied15 分 前

    I think he meant SCP-173 by peanut......

  11. Dylan de Jongh

    Dylan de Jongh17 分 前

    This the the best video ever!!!!

  12. Ambrose Leahy

    Ambrose Leahy29 分 前

    Looks like the Brits need to tighten it up a bit!!! I’m a white person and American, and I love spicy food and have zero allergies, not vegan, cook with msg, can cook rice, love garlic and onion, and would never leave my woman behind! (My mom would beat me if I did) Plus I’ve been training my wife to like spicy food! I’m proud of her, I made chicken noodle soup from scratch, and she knew there was cayenne in the soup from the color, not the taste! I’ve made headway!!! When we first met, she thought green bell peppers were spicy!

  13. Muse Doubler

    Muse Doubler31 分 前

    6:57 "You forgot your woman.." DYING HAHAAAHAAAH

  14. Michael Cagape

    Michael Cagape31 分 前

    just uncle roger riasting a vegan

  15. Jephte orthodox

    Jephte orthodox32 分 前

    So funny

  16. BlackKnife

    BlackKnife35 分 前

    he's mean but funny

  17. MR, who???

    MR, who???38 分 前

    I have a food for you aaah,rate me good good or I will haunt u dawn,saya punya nasi gowreng niii,ayo

  18. David Ng

    David Ng46 分 前

    "Uncle Roger think Malaysian food better" best compliment ever!

  19. Sweet Tee

    Sweet Tee54 分 前

    No MSG and Michelin star 🤣

  20. The Child Of The Corn

    The Child Of The Corn時間 前

    Holy jesus that black shirted haired woman face was priceless

  21. Chris Smith

    Chris Smith時間 前

    Uncle Roger Single handedly ruining a business

  22. Forrest Pump

    Forrest Pump時間 前

    The healthy soy band have msg i think

  23. MusicIsLegal

    MusicIsLegal時間 前

    So happy to see youre anti vegan, people need to learn how to eat properly and how to enjoy food.

  24. Hatma WN

    Hatma WN時間 前

    Paman ini ngeselin...😄🤣

  25. Loli King

    Loli King時間 前

    Bruh his a bad worker

  26. Elle Eleanor

    Elle Eleanor時間 前


  27. dee

    dee時間 前

    Chef 😊🙌🙌😻

  28. Akosua Fire

    Akosua Fire時間 前

    Omg! This guy is ROASTING these people TO THEIR face!! 😳😂😂😂

  29. Okka Setiawan

    Okka Setiawan2 時間 前

    Where Upin Ipin restaurant?

  30. brett stabler

    brett stabler2 時間 前

    Hahahahah omg

  31. DraculFury Gaming

    DraculFury Gaming2 時間 前

    Wtf is MSG

  32. Jon Lake

    Jon Lake2 時間 前

    Uncle Rodger speaks how I think

  33. Yuiskyi

    Yuiskyi3 時間 前

    Wonderful customer reception

  34. User Name

    User Name3 時間 前

    Seeing white people eat spicy food is my new fetish.

  35. User Name

    User Name3 時間 前

    They're reaction seems very real like they don't know there are being recorded on video. Did you hide the video camera? Was the camera person invisible holding an visible video camera? or are these all actors?

  36. Shey Yagyagen

    Shey Yagyagen3 時間 前

    You forgot your woman 😂😂😂

  37. BigFinFishing

    BigFinFishing3 時間 前

    5:19 no food for her, disrespect uncle roger

  38. The Lonely Normie

    The Lonely Normie3 時間 前

    This video is funny, but I couldn't imagine trying to order from him

  39. Creamii

    Creamii3 時間 前

    **moves to london** Uncle Roger heard knocking sounds on his door.

  40. C

    C3 時間 前

    The first white dude was such a loser LOL Couldn't handle the insults and a joke hahahahaha

  41. Mike Angulo

    Mike Angulo3 時間 前

    He should work at the weiners circle.

  42. China Austin

    China Austin4 時間 前

    He said “you forgot you woman” 😂

  43. Abraham Estrada

    Abraham Estrada4 時間 前

    Lmfao 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Uncle Roger is hilarious

  44. The big Cheese

    The big Cheese4 時間 前

    Uncle roger nearly kills a man leave good review or I find you

  45. Natanel Solomonov

    Natanel Solomonov4 時間 前

    Uncle Rodger should go on hot ones

  46. Ivan Gongora

    Ivan Gongora4 時間 前

    You can see that he actually tried flirting

  47. Alex Povolotski

    Alex Povolotski4 時間 前

    Crispy pork - yum!

  48. DDeathRaiderX

    DDeathRaiderX4 時間 前

    i put a trick on you!!!!!

  49. Jonesyboi

    Jonesyboi5 時間 前

    This was quality 😂😂

  50. Luna Kat

    Luna Kat5 時間 前

    "you forgot your woman" brahahahahahaha.... Brahahahahahaha

  51. Kinson Lau

    Kinson Lau5 時間 前


  52. Jessica Guzman Viegas

    Jessica Guzman Viegas5 時間 前


  53. kharnifex

    kharnifex5 時間 前

    I wonder if the sambal has msg

  54. JosIah Gaasszzzo

    JosIah Gaasszzzo6 時間 前

    "How you raise a family scared of peanuts? why you so weak" this guy's a real one 🤣🤣☠️☠️

  55. John Smith

    John Smith6 時間 前

    Uncle Roger employee of the month 😂



    Uncle Roger you need to do this again 😂

  57. Deathrule 14

    Deathrule 146 時間 前

    Asian people are definitely the stronger people in flavor

  58. J_laubster

    J_laubster7 時間 前

    just eat penut there is a hospital near by

  59. Adi Noegroho

    Adi Noegroho7 時間 前

    Uncle Roger doesn't know how to serve the costumers

  60. Jack Buchanan

    Jack Buchanan7 時間 前

    Uncle Roger needs to sign up for Hell’s Kitchen.

  61. torchsaleen

    torchsaleen7 時間 前

    “Vegetable taste like sad.” Lmfao 😂

  62. Felipe Corena

    Felipe Corena7 時間 前

    Uncle Roger gotta start cooking.

  63. KnivesR4foodnot4murder Idris

    KnivesR4foodnot4murder Idris7 時間 前

    Why is it ok for Uncle Roger to be racist? I know its a joke and its a very funny one at that.

  64. UltimateHibz

    UltimateHibz8 時間 前

    I think uncle Roger killed someone

  65. Jazz2k3

    Jazz2k38 時間 前

    that bluega whale tho

  66. mukerji anusha

    mukerji anusha8 時間 前

    The restaurant went out of business soon after

  67. pgame20

    pgame208 時間 前

    Uncle Roger's kinda right though. If you never train yourself you'll never love the spice. I didn't like anything spicier than your average buffalo wing until I lived with my Korean homie from college. I swear, the kid buys nothing but Nongshim Shin bowls. You get used to it 😂😂

  68. Kaiser Hui

    Kaiser Hui9 時間 前

    Instead of the customer complaining about the order its him complaining about the costumers orders,Legend😂😂

  69. knz 6

    knz 69 時間 前

    omgg 😭 Uncle Roger just do not care

  70. Guillermo Salgado Ortiz

    Guillermo Salgado Ortiz9 時間 前

    You should come to Mexico, lots of spicy food here you will love it!

  71. Kim Kim

    Kim Kim9 時間 前

    I feel like I’d be the only one that laughs at Uncle Rodger’s jokes cause it’s actually humorous

  72. EnderDude Gaming

    EnderDude Gaming9 時間 前

    We need Gordon Ramsay to react to this video

  73. Custom Animations

    Custom Animations9 時間 前

    this makes me wanna work at a restaurant as front desk

  74. russell_jake09

    russell_jake0910 時間 前

    Fucking hilarious🤣🤣🤣

  75. Zy Zzy

    Zy Zzy10 時間 前

    Singapore is starting a new Masterchef Singapore somebody make him a guest judge for a challenge or something! 😂😂😂

  76. Kev Tagg

    Kev Tagg10 時間 前

    You forgot your woman priceless.

  77. kholi Yon

    kholi Yon10 時間 前

    Uncle Roger is never satisfied😆

  78. me6664

    me666410 時間 前

    An lot of very south east English sounding people apparently coming from East Asia in this video...

  79. Lion Stories

    Lion Stories10 時間 前

    Savage 😆😅

  80. Steven Johnson

    Steven Johnson11 時間 前

    Doesn’t trust him with the chickens but trusts him with customers. Big mistake lmao

  81. Nothing Here

    Nothing Here11 時間 前

    I like potatoes

  82. GenFast _

    GenFast _11 時間 前

    5:17 HER FACE XD

  83. ImNotArchie

    ImNotArchie11 時間 前

    He should see the tai-pan

  84. Dzachary Dannish

    Dzachary Dannish12 時間 前

    5:13 poor lady just want her food😂

  85. Ranya Nadaraj

    Ranya Nadaraj12 時間 前

    Uncle Roger : ...think malaysian food better but- Me, as a Singaporean: lE gAsP

  86. watrgrl2

    watrgrl212 時間 前

    Oh no.. uncle Roger... those people didn’t know what hit them did they?

  87. Keegen Mak

    Keegen Mak12 時間 前

    Stop copying Singapore food I from Singapore already know they copyrights

  88. Sir Silly Billy

    Sir Silly Billy13 時間 前


  89. Ben Chiesa

    Ben Chiesa13 時間 前

    as someone who grew up in HK I don't go to restaurants where the uncles don't yell at me

  90. Furtix Games

    Furtix Games13 時間 前

    How much did u make uncle roger?

  91. Vaishak S

    Vaishak S13 時間 前

    That white guy was very over reating on spies 😵😵😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

  92. Raven 666

    Raven 66613 時間 前

    Those 4k unlikes are vegans

  93. Marcus Goh

    Marcus Goh13 時間 前

    This guys must have balls of steels saying all of the insults

  94. SJM

    SJM13 時間 前

    Uncle roger:im running out of money. JPreporter views:i got chu homie

  95. Baharsyah

    Baharsyah14 時間 前

    This is how to destroy your friend's business

  96. Frank Armilio

    Frank Armilio14 時間 前

    "don't need tonsil cut it off" 👍

  97. Antmite :3

    Antmite :314 時間 前


  98. Tim. Dk_

    Tim. Dk_14 時間 前

    How the fuck did they let him do that hahah

  99. Edward Ramirez

    Edward Ramirez14 時間 前

    Big man scared of peanut.. little brown nut

  100. Thristan Ermino

    Thristan Ermino14 時間 前

    He's like the next filthy frank but is far from being offensive as filthy frank ever was.

  101. Akif Gaming

    Akif Gaming14 時間 前

    Malaysian went uncle roger said 'Malaysian food is better': 👁👄👁

  102. Exotic Panda

    Exotic Panda14 時間 前

    Brooo thats so mean man

  103. Caleb Tiotanada

    Caleb Tiotanada14 時間 前

    7:10 notice how she didn't mention about him kicking a vegan out (joke).

  104. Muhammad Aziz

    Muhammad Aziz14 時間 前

    Uncle, you pick a fight with everyone. Duh...

  105. pro cyberbully

    pro cyberbully14 時間 前

    i cried laughing..