Unboxing 100 MIL YouTube AWARD!!


  1. my life

    my life15 分 前

    I have 30 s'abonner in my channel I am so happy my life will change soon maybe🌹😍

  2. Jonha Mathew

    Jonha Mathew時間 前

    I hate the fact this is 720p

  3. Baki Hanma

    Baki Hanma時間 前

    Me: Watching Wholesome pewdiepie vid Ad: *i can handle this*

  4. Llama Stopmotions

    Llama Stopmotions2 時間 前

    I remember this like it was yesterday

  5. Modi G.K Tricks

    Modi G.K Tricks2 時間 前


  6. Zt Re

    Zt Re2 時間 前

    Plus sydsidial ay me

  7. Flying Hawlucha

    Flying Hawlucha2 時間 前

    Now the case belongs to jack sucks at life

  8. ツBLOCK

    ツBLOCK2 時間 前

    YOU killnig t-series NOOBS GG man 😉

  9. Jennie star

    Jennie star2 時間 前

    يلا سلام الله يرزقني مثله -انا قاتشويه-

  10. Jennie star

    Jennie star2 時間 前

    يلا سلام الله يرزقني مثله -انا قاتشويه-

  11. Jennie star

    Jennie star2 時間 前

    يلا سلام الله يرزقني مثله -انا قاتشويه-

  12. Jennie star

    Jennie star2 時間 前

    يلا سلام الله يرزقني مثله -انا قاتشويه-

  13. حمودي الملكي

    حمودي الملكي2 時間 前

    اكو عرب بلطياره

  14. EddL

    EddL3 時間 前

    This man has 100 million subs and cant even get a 1080p camera

  15. جوبلز 〆

    جوبلز 〆3 時間 前

    pewdipei king

  16. blu

    blu3 時間 前

    Next stop 1 billion

  17. Geovanni Ramos

    Geovanni Ramos3 時間 前

    How did the 50 Million playbutton video get more views than the 100 million playbutton video

  18. RIP Dontai

    RIP Dontai4 時間 前

    Why does this feel like a father talking about his successful son

  19. 1duelzito1

    1duelzito14 時間 前

    JPreporter já tá puto com PewDiePie, porque toda hora tem q fazer placa nova pra ele

  20. Tanmay Sahu

    Tanmay Sahu4 時間 前

    I can’t believe it’s been 1 year since he hit 100 mil


    FURKAN GAMER4 時間 前


  22. Ali efe BAL

    Ali efe BAL4 時間 前

    Bravo maşallah

  23. عبدالرحمن

    عبدالرحمن4 時間 前


  24. EclipseStrange

    EclipseStrange5 時間 前

    who ever disliked u better be aware when ur sleeping

  25. Matheus 0903

    Matheus 09035 時間 前


  26. nooters

    nooters5 時間 前

    this man's rig from 2010 is better than my current

  27. Sandra Bollen-Hughes

    Sandra Bollen-Hughes6 時間 前

    please stop swearing

  28. Sofia Cortez

    Sofia Cortez7 時間 前

    pewdiepie is the first utuber

  29. mohhamdd ALIRAQE

    mohhamdd ALIRAQE7 時間 前

    Anchallah 150 million

  30. Sarthak Rawat

    Sarthak Rawat7 時間 前

    I mine all day I mine all night But I don't get a single block of an iron all time😭😭😭

  31. SNAKE《game》

    SNAKE《game》7 時間 前


  32. binod tharu

    binod tharu8 時間 前


  33. Anthony Henrique

    Anthony Henrique8 時間 前

    você só sabe copiar o Felipe neto

  34. الشايب &

    الشايب &8 時間 前

    اذا فيه عرب يحط لايك

  35. Dood

    Dood8 時間 前

    Its almost a year

  36. Absar Aslam

    Absar Aslam8 時間 前

    After this video, this mane right here started making lame videos

  37. Matheus e Gbriela

    Matheus e Gbriela8 時間 前

    Pewdiepie bota legenda em portugues por favor eu te ajudei a chegar nesse ponto entao bota lejenda

  38. Nurhayati Yati

    Nurhayati Yati9 時間 前


  39. يوميات تحشيش عمار و فاضل

    يوميات تحشيش عمار و فاضل9 時間 前

    مكو عرقي

  40. MegaCookieMan

    MegaCookieMan9 時間 前

    I was 12 when I started watching PewDiePie. *Now I'm 9*

  41. Sindhu Roy

    Sindhu Roy9 時間 前

    Jump to 9:00...

  42. Rachid Mousafir

    Rachid Mousafir10 時間 前


  43. Emine Kılınç

    Emine Kılınç10 時間 前


  44. Riki Tea

    Riki Tea11 時間 前


  45. Soul_Stealer489 YT

    Soul_Stealer489 YT11 時間 前

    Help pewdiepie get back to number 1

  46. brahim rezgui

    brahim rezgui11 時間 前

    I hope that t series Wont pass pewdiepie in subscribers

  47. قرش فاكتوري

    قرش فاكتوري11 時間 前

    I judt found this in recommended after 11 mounth...

  48. Кренк Wot Blitz Enot B tanki

    Кренк Wot Blitz Enot B tanki12 時間 前

    Я русская 🖖❤

  49. 3rd GEN SKILLS

    3rd GEN SKILLS12 時間 前

    I wish one day I'll be getting 1M subscribers 💔👎🏼😔

  50. matt in paris

    matt in paris13 時間 前

    He doesn't even get as many views as his subs

  51. Daksh Dubey

    Daksh Dubey13 時間 前


  52. Jhilkar Tv

    Jhilkar Tv13 時間 前

    Just WOW! I’m inspired by watching this! =) 100M+++ Subs exists! =)


    KILLER FF14 時間 前

    Quien más habla español xd?


    ASHURA KING14 時間 前

    Is this the Guiness Book Of World Record ? He's so Awesome . I hope someday 😁🤗

  55. Sajid bahi

    Sajid bahi14 時間 前

    Sajid bahi

  56. Cadence Elizabeth

    Cadence Elizabeth14 時間 前

    i don't like piwdiepie don't hate

  57. Mini Google Channel

    Mini Google Channel15 時間 前

    Honestly who came to the comments for channel promotion 😂😂 Even I came for that So please you support my channel 🥺😊🙏🙏

  58. John mark Tumbaga

    John mark Tumbaga15 時間 前



    DDL OFICIAL15 時間 前

    Bg give alok

  60. Samantha Mykalia

    Samantha Mykalia15 時間 前


  61. Matheus Gomes da Silva

    Matheus Gomes da Silva16 時間 前

    Famoso fã número 1 do Maycon Küster

  62. Felipe Valdebenito

    Felipe Valdebenito17 時間 前

    Eres grande te tengo en mi corazon pewdiepie

  63. Oscar Quiroz

    Oscar Quiroz17 時間 前

    Aqui esta el comentario en español que estas buscando

  64. plz bring me to 1000 subscribers thank u for u time

    plz bring me to 1000 subscribers thank u for u time18 時間 前

    Hwo did u get 100mil in 10 years? U channel is really unique

  65. sub me and you wont get coronavirus

    sub me and you wont get coronavirus19 時間 前


  66. Royal._. Lion

    Royal._. Lion19 時間 前

    8:14 **When you get knocked out**

  67. Riri mazrouei

    Riri mazrouei19 時間 前


  68. Riri mazrouei

    Riri mazrouei19 時間 前


  69. Riri mazrouei

    Riri mazrouei19 時間 前


  70. kiki lu

    kiki lu20 時間 前

    i actually remember watching this back then lol 😂 and the grudge game haha

  71. Mr Meast

    Mr Meast20 時間 前

    Remember ththat bowl cut from 50 mil

  72. Pri Suárez

    Pri Suárez21 時間 前

    It's kinda sad that the 50 million subscribers was better

  73. good vibes

    good vibes21 時間 前

    I'm glad t series won

  74. MortaKhi

    MortaKhi19 時間 前

    What a actual loser you are

  75. florence arevalo

    florence arevalo22 時間 前

    The brofist :')

  76. лорд снимал

    лорд снимал22 時間 前

    отведе кто РУССКИЙ

  77. MaX epic video

    MaX epic video22 時間 前

    What u would do when yt ban u?

  78. Soumak Barman

    Soumak Barman23 時間 前


  79. Itachi comoga

    Itachi comoga日 前

    Time to get to 1billion subscribers c:

  80. مازن الجهني

    مازن الجهني日 前


  81. SEBELUM Tamat 2020 2OOO SUBSCRIBE blhke?

    SEBELUM Tamat 2020 2OOO SUBSCRIBE blhke?日 前

    First channel for me. And NOW Me SUBSCRIBE you Pewdp👍🏻

  82. Naju Deedar

    Naju Deedar日 前

    I will always remember the brofist 👊😢

  83. مؤمل نسر

    مؤمل نسر日 前

    Your follower from Iraq

  84. Luiz Sousa

    Luiz Sousa日 前

    Tem algum brasileiro vendo isso

  85. Noice Tiger

    Noice Tiger日 前

    My man got sponsored during a historical moment

  86. Noice Tiger

    Noice Tiger日 前


  87. 4000 Suscriber With No Video Challenge

    4000 Suscriber With No Video Challenge日 前


  88. patricia Gomes

    patricia Gomes日 前

    Porque você copia o Felipe Neto ?



    Give a like if you like pewdiepai

  90. مصطفى {GX}

    مصطفى {GX}日 前

    الي من العرب لايك

  91. Cos miC

    Cos miC日 前

    Lol, when a JPreporterr owns 5 countries

  92. Tube Gamer z145

    Tube Gamer z145日 前


  93. Rama Edumula

    Rama Edumula日 前

    At 1:58 PewDiePie has background search of me.beast outro. Did anyone else notice...

  94. Yudi Fira

    Yudi Fira日 前

    Wow data so coolll

  95. Can yo get 5k subscribers before 31 August.

    Can yo get 5k subscribers before 31 August.日 前

    Fact=we can't breathe while smiling. 😊❤i just want to see you smiling.❤😊 (Read my name)😊god bless you

  96. Санжар Ниязулы

    Санжар Ниязулы日 前

    Можно лайк что бы американцы подумали что здесь что то умное написона=?

  97. Hangar Mohmand

    Hangar Mohmand日 前


  98. Dio Cardo

    Dio Cardo日 前

    SHUT up he was in JPreporter for 10 years

  99. I T A C H I X

    I T A C H I X日 前


  100. Raphael alonzo Razon

    Raphael alonzo Razon日 前

    Ah the most historical moment ever on youtube

  101. DiamondUnicornPlayz

    DiamondUnicornPlayz日 前

    One day, he will have all 7 billion people in the world subscribed to him

  102. 중2

    중2日 前